Train franchisees with engaging, cloud-based tools


As a franchisor, there are many responsibilities that fall on you. The most important, which sets the foundation for a successful franchise, is training. Without the proper guidance, you cannot expect your franchisees to help grow your business in the way that you envision.

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Improve the training experience with self-directed learning


When it comes to learning, asking questions and getting answers, people don't waste any time getting to the bottom of things. We pull out our devices and perform a quick search. Seconds is all it takes, and we get what we're looking for.

5 Ways to take your training quiz to the next level


Employee Engagement

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To build your own LMS or buy one?


Sure, creating your own LMS from scratch used to be the go-to move for large enterprises. But, is it really worth it in this technology-driven age? Creating your own LMS from scratch used to be the go-to move for many large enterprises.

[Webinar] The New Formula for Customer Onboarding

When it comes to customer onboarding, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but that shouldn’t stop you from forming an effective onboarding strategy. Register for this free webinar with Adam Avramescu of Checkr, and Linda Schwaber-Cohen of Skilljar to learn about the key business characteristics to evaluate before building great customer education offerings.

Create a better employee learning experience


What's an LMS without employee engagement? An expensive piece of software serving as a digital file cabinet crammed full of information about your organization. Sure, things may be organized and easy to find, but are people actually using the resources they have at hand?

Gamification: Gimmick or game changer?


Gartner defines gamification as “ the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. ”. Employee Engagement

Equip your learning platform with the best training content


Finding the right e-learning platform for your organization is important. But, then you have to take things a step further. Your LMS, LEP, or other training platform needs top-notch training content. The content you choose to provide your employees is the lifeblood of your training program. So, you better choose wisely. There are several different options to explore when it comes to training content, some of which can actually dictate the type of e-learning platform you choose.

How to increase engagement with faster feedback


How do you know if your organization is successful? How do you gauge if your customers are happy? How do you evaluate performance? You pull data, you ask questions, and you set goals. This process happens often throughout the year to make sure your business stays on track and your customers are engaged. So, why is it when it comes to your employees, they only get that type of feedback and attention once a year?

The buzz around learning engagement platforms


Employee Engagement

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

A well-designed learning curriculum develops and nurtures skills needed to achieve organizational and business goals with the most effective and engaging set of experiences. This ebook outlines 5 critical steps to develop learning solutions that will help you achieve the most ambitious objectives.

The Future of Learning According to an Industry Insider


Have you been paying close attention to the world around you? It’s rapidly changing. Technology is leading us down a road untraveled into a new industrial age, and with it comes new challenges. For the modern business, it’s crucial to be armed with the right tools in order to keep up. That’s why we exist. To make sure your business and your employees have what they need in order to stay in stride with the changing world. It’s for this reason, we take learning seriously.

The secret to sales engagement lies in better retail training


Employee training is hard. But, it's vital. Especially in retail. Some companies see training as time-consuming and an unnecessary investment that can drain the budget. Retail managers feel the pain that comes with operating in an industry that is notorious for high turnover rates. Employees whip in and out as fast as the carousel door will let them, tying up so much time in the hiring and training process. To say quality retail training is highly important is an understatement.

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Why corporate training programs are ditching LMS


Corporate learning has fundamentally changed, and it’s killing Learning Management Systems. That’s a good thing. People have a hunger for learning like never before. We’re working in an era where machines, automation and artificial intelligence have the ability to outshine our human talents and compete for our jobs. That does not have to be a scary thing. It just initiates a change in how we respond and react – beginning with how we learn.

Turn sales associates into brand champions


Once your product hits the store shelf, you start playing the trust game, where you trust the front line sales associates will do their best to represent your products and your brand to the customer. The problem is, your products are sitting on a shelf next to rows of competing products. They’re all being represented by the same associates who often lack the knowledge and motivation to sell your brand over another. That’s where brand advocates come in.

Agile Microlearning Explained

Learner engagement and retention doesn’t have to be a mystery. Cognitive science theories already supply the answers. Learn how OttoLearn packages them into a single platform you can use to deliver microlearning based reinforcement training, and go beyond completions to focus on outcomes.

5 Takeaways from an Employee Engagement Pro


“Employee engagement” may be a common buzzword these days. But, true experts on the topic seem to be few and far between. Josh Bersin is one we watch closely. He knows what he's talking about. Sometimes, we find ourselves tweaking our platform to make sure we're aligning with the trends he's seeing in the market. Because when our product meets the real needs of real people, that's when we know we're winning. Bersin has a lot of great things to share.

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The smoke and mirrors around your employee incentive programs


Organizations discovered a long time ago that a little recognition can make a big impact. Offering up employee incentives for a job well done is proven to increase productivity, engagement, retention, and overall improve the health of the company. From an employee of the month program to incentives for completing employee training, you would be hard-pressed to find an organization that doesn't offer up some type of rewards. What may be more difficult is finding one that does it well.

5 Ways to engage your mobile workforce


There is no better way to communicate and collaborate with a group of people than by being in the same room. But, the era of companies operating under the same roof is slipping quickly out of view as more enterprises embrace mobile, remote workforces. According to a recent Gallup article, 43% of employees work remotely at least part of the time. Plus, these workers want flexible work environments and the ability to choose their own hours.

How to write the perfect training quiz


You can serve up the best content in the world through your training program, but without proper means of gauging your employees' retention, your efforts will fall short. Quizzes can be a powerful tool to re-enforce knowledge and challenge your learners. Give your training a purpose by incorporating the perfect quiz. Here’s how: Keep them short No one likes long, arduous tests. Keep negative feelings at bay by keeping your quizzes between three and five questions long.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Knowing what you need from an eLearning authoring tool can be hard, especially when there are so many options on the market. gomo’s new ebook aims to save you time and hassle by identifying 12 must-have authoring tool features.

Battling the employee training time excuse


Time — we all want more of it and there's never enough of it, especially when it comes to investing in yourself and your employees. According to industry expert Josh Bersin, employees spend one percent of their workweek on training and development. That equates to just 24 minutes a week. And, more often than not, that time spent learning isn't consecutive. It happens in short bursts, it's interrupted, and it's spaced throughout the week.

How events can boost your learning strategy


While communication, collaboration and education should be continuous, events are like short boot camps that can foster a lot of progress in a short amount of time. Face-to-face interaction is optimal, but bringing your dispersed communities together under one roof is not always possible. That’s why Zunos has created a platform to manage in-person and virtual events from beginning to end.

Communicate Knowledge


Employee training programs are a dime a dozen. Knowledge communication is rare and valuable. Before you map out a training program, consider the idea of communicating knowledge. Instead of training for short-term outcomes, design a program that revolves around knowledge communication and prepares your people for long-term success. Traditional training programs push new employees through mandated processes that lead to information overload without any context.

Why end user design matters in the digital age


Organizations that want to hire the best and keep the best, have to take their training and development programs seriously. Employees expect it from their employers. Simply providing information and running basic training programs does not cut it any longer. Your program must match the modern era. If you don’t prioritize program design and the learner experience, your employees will have a hard time trusting that the information you share is relevant and valuable.

How to Use Customer Training Data to Make Better Business Decisions

You may think customer training is crucial to the success of your organization, but do you have the data to prove it? Download the guide now, and learn how to prove the value of your customer training programs.

5 tactics to kick your corporate training up a notch


Traditional corporate training programs traditionally come in a few different forms: boring, ineffective, or non-existent. With modern employees frequently valuing learning and development opportunities over a higher paid salary, this is not the time to skimp on corporate training. If your employees describe their training experience with phrases like “Sink or swim” or “Thrown to the wolves” or “What training program?” You're likely starting from scratch. That's okay.

Why you should say goodbye to your traditional LMS for good


Corporate learning has fundamentally changed, and it’s killing traditional Learning Management Systems. That’s a good thing. People have a need to learn and develop like never before. We’re working in an era where machines, automation and artificial intelligence have the ability to outshine some of our human talents and compete for our jobs. That doesn't have to be as scary as it sounds. It just initiates a change in how we respond and react – beginning with how we learn.

How millennials in leadership are shaking up L & D


Millennials are old news. When the first of this generation hit the workforce almost 15 years ago, most of them were using a Hotmail email address. They browsed the web on Internet Explorer and were just beginning to fill out their MySpace profiles. YouTube hadn’t launched yet, no one had laid eyes on an iPhone, and people were just beginning to use “Google” as a verb. Fast forward to 2018: Millennials are in leadership.

Get better results from your corporate learning program


Business impact and ROI are the top two results organizational leaders want out of their learning and development programs. ccording to LinkedIn , only 8% and 4% respectively report seeing those results. Sound like a problem you're familiar with? Organizations are treating modern learning and development programs like band-aids. They buy programs and invest a little time in execution in hopes of a quick fix, but these programs aren’t sticking. The reason?

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State of the Front-Line Manager

It's no secret that front-line managers are essential to your organization's success. They form the base of your leadership development funnel and, most likely, account for over half of all your organization's leaders. Improving how front-line managers perform yields mouthwatering increases in how individual contributors perform.

8 signs your employees are engaged at work


Everyone is buzzing about “employee engagement.” Businesses are faced with this task of keeping their people interested and motivated in the workplace, but often don't know how to gauge whether or not their engagement efforts are actually working. Measuring engagement isn't a science. But here are eight signs your employees are. actually engaged. They prioritize learning and development. Highly engaged people will look for ways to invest their own time in learning and development.

Microlearning, what is it? And how does it work?


“Traditional” workplaces have undergone a rapid evolution process in very recent history. Employers and employees alike are finding themselves in a state of constant change. The risks of not keeping up with those changes are large and looming. For businesses, using a microlearning platform for training and education is one of the best ways to stay relevant in the constantly evolving workplace.

LMS for small business


Small business are often resource-strapped. Strapped for time, strapped for talent, strapped for cash. When a business is strapped, its people get scrappy. They live in a world where each employee wears a stack of hats. Each hat becomes both a badge of honor, and a burden to bear. There is one very big problem with tall hat stacks. Eventually, they fall over. That's why small businesses cannot afford to go without learning and development. They absolutely.

The one thing your sales training is missing


Training and motivating are loaded words. Traditional sales training is often outdated, boring and ineffective. Motivating sales teams to show up and be their best day after day takes time, energy and creativity from managers. Neither are easy tasks when your organization lacks the proper tools to train and motivate your sales teams

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Best Practices for Launching an External LMS

When launching a new platform to deliver customer and partner training, there are a few key items to keep in mind. The best and simplest way to stay organized during this process is to follow the tried-and-true practices outlined in this eBook.

What you didn't know about gamified learning


Gamification in education is not a new fad, or a fleeting phase. If you’ve ever collected stamps on a punch card for free coffee, or cared about a step goal given to you by a fitness counter, then gamification has worked on you. Although it has been around for years, some business leaders are still leery on the positive results a gamified learning program can drive. Here are five truths about gamification that may persuade you to gamify your workplace if you're still on the bubble.