Make 2020 a People-Centric Year


The most obvious solution to upping employee retention, then, is creating more effective training and development programs,” the article’s author states. rose to 35 percent in 2019—the highest level since Gallup began tracking the information in 2000.

The 8-second attention span; or, I'm fine if goldfish are more patient than millennials


The report warned us that the average attention span has dropped from 12 to 8 seconds since about the year 2000, and is likely caused by the exponential increase in use of digital media.

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Learning Styles and E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

This post is going to be somewhat different than in the past, specifically a result of the argument of the effectiveness of learning styles and if they even exist. When I noted this week’s topic on LinkedIn (i.e. No offense to LinkedIn, but I really do not care about clicks.

PODCAST 104: Embracing Authenticity to Connect and Drive Revenue with Shari Levitin

Sales Hacker Training

We talk about how to make sure that your training and coaching is effective, the value of authenticity, and what is (or isn’t) coachable. It’s a really great conversation about how to make sure that training and coaching really sticks and is effective.

Are simulations changing the role for Learning & Development

Your Training Edge

Business simulations change the learning and development in the following ways: It impacts employees in a more dynamic, effective and engaging way than conventional methods such as lecturing or reading. 2000). Learn more about Bryant at LinkedIn:

MOOCs: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We’re Headed

Your Training Edge

The paying students at the university received credit for the course, and about 2000 additional students participated for free but not for credit. For these programs, MOOCs have the potential to deliver the necessary training effectively and at huge cost savings.

LMS for School Executives Associations

Association eLearning

State associations around the country are scrambling to coordinate seminars and workshops to educate school executives on everything from leadership development to educator effectiveness. Share this on LinkedIn.

LMS for Marketing Associations

Association eLearning

Marketing professionals understand that they must continue to develop their skills and maintain competencies in several key areas to remain effective and competitive. Digitec Interactive, the developers of the powerful Knowledge Direct suite of software for rapid e-Learning, has been involved in association e-Learning since 2000, developing learning for organizations including The Direct Marketing Association , The Australian Direct Marketing Association , and others.

Teaching Leadership to Gen Y


28% of managerial positions in the United States are already held by Gen Ys, those born between 1980s – 2000, also known as Millennials (Bersin). They have had the tools—games, texting, email, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn—from an early age and for them, it’s second nature to connect across an entire organization. In my experience, Gen Y are not afraid to step up and take on responsibility. They possess a ‘can do attitude’ and are great team players.

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The 15+7 Best Webinar Platforms: Comparison Guide for 2020


Such tools help to decrease the distance between your people – employees, partners, and your target audience and make business processes easier and more effective. It sends webinar invites on social media – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Top 10 Association LMS Features – 2020 Edition

Talented Learning

Credly or LinkedIn integration is a good way for learners to store and display their credits and achievements in a universally portable format. Well yes, there are all enhanced feature sets in an association LMS, but I’m already at 2000 words and will have to cover them in another post.

The Alchemy Lab – Day 1 Recap

Ashley Chiasson

There was a virus in the Sims the occurred in April of 2000 – if you didn’t clean your guinea pig’s cage, put your hand in the cage and got bitten, you would get the disease and could die.

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eLearning in Australia


I have been in the elearning and VET sector training world since 2000 when I was engaged by Southbank Institute of TAFE in their Engineering faculty. Content that is interactive, cost effective and future proofed.

PODCAST 109: Forget Checkboxes and Focus on Asking Better Questions with Patrik Svanström

Sales Hacker Training

The questions a company or a sales team needs to answer in order to build an effective, adapted, and scalable go-to-market motion. The questions a company or a sales team needs to answer in order to build an effective, adapted, and scalable go-to-market motion [11:23]. That was 2000.



Its product suite includes Lectora – the world’s leading e-Learning software used by over 60% of the Global 2000 companies. Eric: Video-based training is an effective and clear way to demonstrate complicated processes or technologies to your learners.

Talented Learning: Greatest Hits of 2015

Talented Learning

8 LinkedIn Outfoxes Many with Acquisition. LinkedIn now sells learning content and certifications to 400 million captured users, generating tens of millions in revenue and it is disrupting the markets for workforce development, MOOCs and LMS software.

Starbucks Founder Says This is the Most Undervalued Characteristic of Leadership


Schultz ran the company from 1987 to 2000, navigating global expansion and growth while maintaining the core values and culture that made Starbucks such a special place to get a cup of coffee. Free Welder Leader Profile Assessment Through our work and research around what effective managers do differently, we have uncovered the best managers simultaneously use high levels of love and discipline. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Preference of E-Learning – Structured or not?

eLearning 24-7

And for the longest time, folks in the corporate space saw blended as the most effective way to present content, knowledge and information. And there is plenty of insight showing that anytime, anywhere learning that is non-linear is more effective that following an agenda, point by point, ILT. . I for one, was and still am a true believer that anything in e-learning can be done better and more effectively than anything with instructor-led training. Trends are funny.

3 Reasons Why You Need To Get On Board With Video

KZO Innovations

From introductions to transitions, supplementing with video increases effects of all your communication efforts. Before starting OneMob, he spent 8 years at, where you built and grew the AppExchange from an idea to 2000 apps. Companies like Cisco, LinkedIn, ReMAX, Sacramento Kings and more use OneMob to engage with their customers in a more personal and effective way. We just loved this blog post!



How do you educate your clients about the most effective approaches to learning? The remedy is to look to how we use devices to make ourselves more effective. Use Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Plus, and LinkedIn. ABOUT CLARK QUINN (Learning Technology Strategist): Clark Quinn, Ph.D.,

Wanted – Instructional Designer

eLearning 24-7

On a recent post on LinkedIn, I talked about SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and why they should not be the people creating your course/content. I self taught myself Instructional Design back in 2000. Another post I just saw on LinkedIn talked about ID folks who needed to have LMS admin skill sets, as though what the people doing the hiring really wanted was a jack of all trades person, thus saving them money from hiring two people. Talent.

Clark Quinn – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


How do you educate your clients about the most effective approaches to learning? The remedy is to look to how we use devices to make ourselves more effective. Learnnovators: You were involved in the design and development of an intelligently adaptive learning system as early as the year 2000. Use Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Plus, and LinkedIn. ABOUT CLARK QUINN (Learning Technology Strategist): Clark Quinn, Ph.D.,

Profile of a modern learner in 2018 [infographic]


According to LinkedIn 2018 Workplace Learning Report , 94% of employees would stay at a company if it invested in their career development. Collaboration and knowledge sharing takes silver, and is probably no surprise as learning from and with others is natural, and highly effective.

Questioning social media

Clive on Learning

After recreating my online social network ( largely based on blogs from early 2000) in Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Quora, G+ was a chore. It's hard enough as it is to keep up with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Through their academic salaries, regular bloggers such as George Siemens and Stephen Downes are effectively paid to blog.

Eric Schuermann – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Its product suite includes Lectora – the world’s leading e-Learning software used by over 60% of the Global 2000 companies. We are able to more truly capture the learning experience, which gives e-Learning developers and L&D experts the feedback they need to know what works and what doesn’t, and to continue to upgrade and enhance online training content to be as effective as possible.

21st Century L&D Skills

Performance Learning Productivity

I was recently involved in a discussion about 21st Century learning skills in one of the LinkedIn Groups. If we're to believe the experts rather than the man-in the-street, the 21stCentury started on 1st January 2001 rather than on 1st January 2000.

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What Can You Expect in 2013?

CLO Magazine

” Foster collaborative learning: Thanks to Facebook (800 million users), LinkedIn (130 million) and Twitter (150 million), people can communicate with each other in real-time, all the time. Eyewear manufacturer and retailer Luxottica has an on-boarding portal to facilitate transparency and functionality to not only attract top talent, but to immerse them once hired, said Matt Austin, the company’s vice president of talent and organizational effectiveness.

Top 10 LMS/LCMS Trends and Forecasts

eLearning 24-7

Equally horrible, is that some companies are still using old versions of IE or an outdated computer system with Windows 2000 on it. That said, some big dogs have focused and thus created products geared towards the plus 1,000 or 5,000 employees that their solution does not offer the necessary features and capabilities to penetrate effectively into the market. Linkedin tied into Twitter is an example of APIs. Linkedin averages a new user per second.


Hot List - April 1, 2009 to April 11, 2009

Tony Karrer

in Technology, Innovation and Education, where she studied how new media and emerging technologies can be used to effectively educate children. In a discussion with a LinkedIn connection, the topic of a quicker way to complete an effective performance analysis came up. Everybody knows about network effects: the value of a network increases exponentially with the addition of each new node.

Something is Going on Down there in the LMS Market

eLearning 24-7

In the case of a well known LMS vendor for example, their system came up on Avant, but when I went to play a course, their course player screen failed to work effectively and the course window did not look as it should, in comparison to some of the other better known browsers. SCORM 2000 will work. These sites include, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, various Linkedin Groups, Linkedin.