Recommended Reading Summary: A Chapter from “How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School”

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It was written in 2000 but it contains some great foundational information. The current methods we use to deliver learning have been shaped by research within the field of education, as well as related fields. Using new teaching methods will help instructors connect with those who were once considered “difficult” students. New teaching methods will also provide a deeper knowledge of complex subjects to the majority of learners.

Grow Your Negotiating Capabilities Using eLearning

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For many years, traditional learning has been an effective training tool. However, thanks to technology, new methods of learning, which have proven to be more effective or cost less, are now available. Simulate Negotiations to Develop Effectiveness and Confidence.

Microlearning: What is it? And What Benefits does it Offer?


With the average attention span in North America dropping from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2015 , the demand for shorter, more engaging training is higher than ever! Microlearning can be achieved using a number of different delivery methods.

Virtual Classrooms: More Than a Trend


What was once common place in the business world via webinars and other virtual training methods is now becoming prevalent in education. The entire context of the “classroom” is different, so shouldn’t the methods of content delivery be modified as well?

Opioids and the American Workforce: Evidence Based Study

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A recent Cleveland Fed study looks much closer at the average around the nation for rates of opioid prescriptions given between 2000 to 2016. According to Mark Schweitzer, Cleveland Fed senior vice president, “What we see is substantial effects for prime-age men and women.”

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It’s effective from a learning perspective and really engages students. 1996) Intrinsic motivation and the process of learning: Beneficial effects of contextualization, personalization and choice. 2005) Application of the testing and spacing effects to name learning.

Gamification: Why It’s Good


One research company, Gartner, predicts that by 2015 more than 70% of 2000 different global organizations they track will be using at least one form of gamification in their business practices. The basic points and badges method will always be relevant. However, new technologies, applications, and APIs will bring about new methods for effective gamification across a large variety industries.

Spaced Retrieval, Retrieval Practice, and Knowledge Guru: What Research Tells Us

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2] When combined with Spaced Retrieval the effect is multiplied. Ideally, the time between the learning events is greater than 24 hours, but shorter times have also been found to be effective. Retrieval practice (testing) effect. Applied Cognitive Psychology 14: 215–235, 2000.

Converting Traditional Multiple Choice Questions to Scenario-Based Questions

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One method to revise the question is to add a scenario to introduce the choices. Will they be more effective at offering accommodations if they can memorize this date?

5 Things You Should Know About E-learning

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But with changes in employee preferences of how and when to learn, eLearning is growing as a viable and necessary method of training. Since 2000, most organizations, schools, and universities have started adopting web technologies to support traditional training materials and documentation.

Big Ways Microlearning Helps Employees


Research shows that the average adult’s attention span today is 8 seconds—down from 12 seconds in 2000. How can we effectively train when singular focus is so rare? This innovative learning strategy allows employers to relay smaller chunks of information that are more digestible and cost-effective. This new method has benefitted countless teams across the country: just think what microlearning could do for yours!

That’s not my style: Learning preferences and instructional design

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As a general statement, then, we can say that a learning style is a set of dispositions or preferred methods of learning. They also bring their own preferred methods of learning. 2000). Student learning styles adaptation method based on teaching strategies and electronic media.

Technology’s Role in Leadership Development

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The shift has been particularly effective at teaching technical skills. Technology-based methods accounted for 37 percent of formal learning hours in 2012, according to a report from the American Society for Training & Development. That’s a nearly 21 percent increase from 2000, when technology-based learning methods accounted for 16 percent of formal learning hours.

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Instructional Design and Rapid Prototyping: Rising from the Ashes of ADDIE

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With Rapid Prototyping, the steps are crunched together to reduce the amount of time needed to develop training or a product (Jones & Richey, 2000). As one cycle proves effective and usable, the next cycle begins, based upon the best-practices of the previous cycle, and so on. The rapid prototype creates an early iteration loop that provides valuable feedback on technical issues, creative treatment, and effectiveness of instruction.


Think xAPI is Next-Generation SCORM? Think Again

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And although that difference may seem like subtle semantics, it can have a huge effect on reporting. Yes, some methods divorced training content from the LMS, proper. Back in 2000, JavaScript was the only programming language used to create training content in web page format.


Subscription learning: Because repetition is the mother of learning


The results were that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 — or around the time the mobile revolution began — to eight seconds. This method works daily, every few days or weekly.

The (Not So) Curious case of Corporate eLearning


Reduced Training Costs – Studies show that online trainings are generally more cost effective than the traditional training media. It can help you re-design trainings effectively. Factors like immediate feedback and self paced learning can also contribute to increased effectiveness.

5 Ways To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Microlearning

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In recent years, however, microlearning has become popular due to it being an incredibly effective way of learning, retaining and applying new knowledge. In other words, how the modern learner cannot handle subject-heavy teaching methods. Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) comprise almost half of the global workforce today and will comprise 75% of the total global workforce by 2025.

Keys to e-Learning Motivation


Self-paced learning has become a dominant form of corporate instruction, as more Global 2000 companies incorporate elearning into their training curriculum each year. It’s well known that there are many different types of learners in this world, which means one type of method of instruction won’t work for all. They can serve as an effective tool to evaluate workers’ retention of information. We are living in a time of a learning revolution.

10 eLearning buzzwords you need to know!


Karl Kapp, author of The Gamification of Learning and Instruction: Game-Based Methods and Strategies for Training and Education , defines it as the use of game-based mechanics, aesthetics and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, promote learning and solve problems.

Berlin, here I come

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Every year, ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN attracts over 2000 participants from 100 countries worldwide, making it the most comprehensive annual meeting place for technology-supported learning and training professionals. Share what you have learned using specific techniques and methods.

Top 12 Books Every L&D Manager Needs to Read!

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The Gamification of Learning and Instruction: Game-Based Methods and Strategies for Training and Education’. As chairman of the Learning Technologies Conference since 2000, Donald Taylor has seen his fair share of successful and unsuccessful learning technologies implementations.

What is so Great about eLearning? What Senior Executives Need to Know to Stay Competitive in a Changing World


eLearning has sprouted from this (r)evolution and has been gaining traction in both classrooms and boardrooms (with a 900% growth since 2000, according to Shift ). Cost-effective. eLearning is cost-effective for many reasons. More effective learning medium.

Material Handling Safety

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Most back safety training programs teach methods that are impractical and slow which most often leads to employees reverting to the dangerous back lift. Powerlift® offers methods which keep employees safe without slowing production.

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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Global mobile data traffic grew 69 percent in 2014 and was nearly 30 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000. With the increasing trend towards mobile learning, is also an increasing speculation and awareness about how to make it more effective.

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Engaging Millennials Through mLearning

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Millennials or Generation Y are people born between 1982 and 2000. mLearning can be effectively utilized to offer formal training as well as point-in-need support, albeit in bite-sizes of 3 to 5 minutes. Studies have shown that videos are more effective in delivering knowledge-based training. A recent study by Wainhouse Research (WR) showed that 90% of the 1,800 surveyed employees felt on-demand videos were effective for communicating work- and task-related information.

MOOCs in Workplace Learning - Part 2: Designing a MOOC

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MOOCs may possibly herald a more agile and mobile working & learning methods, global collaboration and a changing relationship with knowledge. Coping with content and lots of information is a part of seamless learning because the capacity to do so affects effective learning.”

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Accelerate Your Online Course Success Rate With Gamification


Either they fail to optimize conversions, or are unable to create an effective sales funnel. However, when gamification is included, learning turns out to be more effective and useful. “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”. Dale Carnegie.

Three Ways to Use Animation In eLearning


The history of animation in learning surprisingly dates back over 2000 years, most notably with Chinese and Indonesian shadow puppets, used to entertain and instruct through parables, fables, and cautionary tales.

Gamification in ACTION


By 2014, more than 70% of global 2000 organizations will have at least one ‘gamified’ application.” – Gartner. A wonderful (Prezi) presentation on how ‘ Effective Gamification Improves Learning ’.

The DevLearn eLearning Rockstar Stage Reveal

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Games deliver lots of actionable data to measure effectiveness, both individually and through group learning, showing gaps and areas to optimize for a continuous cycle of improvement. The different methods of responsive design. How using templates can increase your effectiveness.

Research Article: Success factors for serious games to enhance learning: a systematic review

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This article examines existing academic literature from 2000 to 2015, extracting shared serious game success factors that have had an encouraging impact on gameful learning experiences. Recently, I was doing some work for a peer-reviewed article and came across this interesting piece.

Interview With Karl Kapp on Games and Learning

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In that role, Karl helps government, corporate and non-profit organizations leverage learning technologies to positively impact employee productivity and organizational profitability through the effective use of learning.

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3 Key Concepts That Will Help You Understand Learning in the Digital Age

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These three "gogies" of effective online learning will help you get a clearer picture. Heutagogy , a concept developed in 2000 by Stewart Hase, refers to the study of self-determined learning. While effective heutagogy has roots in androgogy, it doesn''t just refer to learning itself.

MOOCs In Workplace Learning – Part 2: Designing a MOOC


MOOCs may possibly herald a more agile and mobile working & learning methods, global collaboration and a changing relationship with knowledge. Coping with content and lots of information is a part of seamless learning because the capacity to do so affects effective learning.”.

Lurking and loafing

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The reasons why people freeload were investigated in a series of experiments by Latane, Williams and Harkins (1979) who described the effects of what they termed 'social loafing'. Could a similar effect be observed in online discussion or wiki groups?

Reporting Flavors: CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts – And how they use Dashboard Reports

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The learning platform built using the Adobe Captivate Prime LMS is deployed across the USA and Canada with over 2000 franchise partners and employees enrolled. CARSTAR – About & Mission.