An Introduction to LTI


The LTI standard was first released in 2010 replacing the outdated Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standard. Released in 2000, SCORM required the tool or application to be saved in a static downloadable package (.zip

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eLearning: Attention, Attention!

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"  In my  eLearning 101: Introduction to eLearning  class, I discuss learner attention span and refer often to the domestic goldfish. "   According to the article, "Microsoft found that since the year 2000 (or about when the mobile revolution began) the average attention span dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds."


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Online Learning and Self-Determination Theory

B Online Learning

Motivation is the energising force that initiates and sustains behaviour and is valuable because it produces results (Ryan and Deci, 2000). Generally, motivation is split into two types, firstly intrinsic motivation which Ryan & Deci (2000) define as: doing of an activity for its inherent satisfactions rather than for some separable consequences. References. 2000) The “what ” and “why ” of goal pursuits: human needs and the self-determination of behaviour.

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What is the Importance of SCORM Compliant LMS?


From its conception in the year 2000, SCORM or Shareable Content Object Reference Model holds the utmost importance in enterprises that embrace technology-led learning.


Abstract of Study Related to Storytelling

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s (2000) found that narrative texts were easier to read than. References: Graesser, A. 2000). Here is an interesting research abstract about using storytelling or narrative in instruction. Opening The Knowledge Guru with a story. Abstract. Glonek, K. L., & King, P. 2014). Listening to Narratives: An Experimental Examination of Storytelling in the Classroom. International Journal Of Listening, 28(1), 32-46. doi:10.1080/10904018.2014.861302.

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"Hey ya'll": Informal Language is the way to go in E-Learning

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In Ruth Clark's book " e-Learning and the Science of Instruction " she discussed a study by Moreno and Mayer, 2000 that compared a formally worded course with one that was more informally worded. References: Beck, I., 2000). There is research evidence to indicate that informal language in an e-learning module is more effective than formal language.

Virtual Classrooms: More Than a Trend


For instance, a study by Innosight Institute has shown that in the year 2000 there were roughly 45,000 K-12 education programs indicating that their students engaged in some form of elearning. References: elearning mlearning online learning Virtual classrooms, be it through elearning or some other remote teaching mechanism, are gaining in popularity every year.

Xyleme Announces Majority Recapitalization with Software Growth Equity Fund


The company is a market leading content management and creation lifecycle platform for Global 2000 organizations across every major industry vertical. The Bow River Capital platforms focus on the lower middle market across a geographic area referred to as Bow River Capital Rodeo Region.

CSU Resources

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BOOKS: REFERENCES: (Challenge) Jones, B., 14: 215–235, 2000. Here are some resources you may find helpful from the workshop. When you are in the classroom or teaching online, you may want to find new and interesting ways to engage students. Here is a course titled How to Increase Learner Engagement which provides ten great ideas for breaking away from the lecture and working toward engaging students on a meaningful level. How to Increase Learner Engagement by Karl Kapp.

Learning Suite: The past of learning systems

Learning Pool

In the year 2000, all the parts that made up the e-learning market began to fall in place, providing a set of complementary and interlinked applications that could be thought of, and were described in marketing literature, as a “suite.”

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Create Autonomy in Gamification and Other Learning Environments

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Autonomy refers to the initiative and freedom a person experiences when engaged in an activity in the absence of external pressure with respect to his or her personal goals (Ryan & Deci 2000). References. 2000). When thinking about creating a gamification experience (or any learning experience), allow and encourage the learner to make meaningful and consequential choices.

Grow Your Negotiating Capabilities Using eLearning

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According to 2014-2016 Docebo eLearning market trends and forecast report, the eLearning industry has grown by 900% since 2000. Click on some of the negotiation resources, read, and if you are satisfied, subscribe to or follow the insightful resources for future reference. Are you aspiring to become an expert negotiator? With adequate negotiation skills, you’re more likely to achieve what you want without hurting your relationships or chances of success.

How to Best Train the Gen Y

Origin Learning

The generation born around the year 2000, Gen Z as we call it almost does not believe in reading books in their paperback editions. The workforce of any organization today is teeming with the millennial generation that is, Gen Y which came of age around the year 2000. This could be a section of an e-learning course, a specific chapter within a reference work or a brief video by an industry veteran.


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References. [1] 2000) Designing web-based training. The Advantages of Interactivity. There are many advantages of having learners interact with the subject matter they are learning. Studies, as well as common sense, indicate that interactivity helps the learner retain information as well as increasing the learner’s willingness to spend time with the material.

eCombat: Lessons from the Interactive Battlefields of Afghanistan

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In October 2000, Military Technical Report 1107 entitled “Applying Collaborative and e-Learning Tools to Military Distance Learning: A Research Framework by Curtis J. Read my related blog: Learning Facts and Foundational Knowledge with Stories Reference : Army’s First Interactive iPad Book Lets You Finger-Swipe Through Afghanistan by Spencer Ackerman Applying Collaborative and e-Learning Tools to Military Distance Learning: A Research Framework Curtis J. Our Belief.

Did you know?

eLearning 24-7

Why do vendors go “learning suite” but offer the buy what you need know, often referred to as “tailored”? I learn something every week. I’m sure many of you do as well. Just as many of you, okay more than enough, pick up various factoids.

Are we taking into account the culture surrounding our students?

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We know from a variety of research (Delpit, 1995; Gay, 2000; Nieto, 2004: Villegas & Lucas, 2002) that successful schools place their students' cultures at the center of their missions and curriculum. References: Delpit, L. 2000). Historical periods are often named for the influence of technology on the period.

What Is SCORM and Why Is It Important?


SCORM stands for “Shareable Content Object Reference Model.” Since its launch in January 2000, SCORM has come packaged in 3 basic versions: SCORM 1.1. Data exchange is often referred to as Run-Time communication.


Simulations in e-Learning: The power of experiential learning


Source: William Horton, 2000). The learners could also take print-outs of layouts that they mastered and refer to them as per need. With evolving technologies, the need for high-end e-learning is also on a continuous rise. The corporate world has seen and experienced the success of traditional e-learning and now want more. Not just in terms of delivering knowledge but the inclusion of the elements of interactivity and motivation for learners.

JavaScript Tricks for Articulate Storyline 3/360

eLearning Brothers

In the demo , I refer to it as the “fancy toggle.”. css(“background”, “white”)}, 2000). For years I have been playing with JavaScript hacks solutions for Storyline. The biggest drawback to most of them was that they wouldn’t work with the Flash version of the course. But now, one of the cool things about Articulate Storyline 3 and 360 is the option to publish only for HTML5. This opens the door to all kinds of stuff.

Learning Styles and E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

No one mentioned e-learning which was part of the reference, specifically related to retention. Gardner in 2000, said there was little evidence for his theory to be true, and again in 2004. As a result, may of the studies I found were back in the early 2000’s or late 90’s.

The ongoing work of learning standards


After initial efforts in 1993, and bursts of energy circa 2000 and again in 2004, we’re seeing a new resurgence of activity and interest. They wanted a standard, took a plausible set of standards from the work, and called it the Standard Courseware Object Reference Model (SCORM). At the dawn of the video recording age, a battle raged about the best standard to use: VHS or Betamax. In it, Sony came out with a better standard, but kept it to themselves.

How to break bad habits with Intellezy


Refer them to Intellezy to help them STOP performing skills from the early 2000’s! It is broken down into micro-lessons, so you can just quickly reference what was taught and go back to it when you need to refresh your memory in just a couple of minutes. by Pamela Dumont, Channel Partner Manager. Habits can be good or bad, and I am one to have a fair amount of bad habits.

70:20:10 Primer

Charles Jennings

70:20:10 is a reference model or framework that helps organisations extend their focus on learning and development beyond the classroom and course-based eLearning to build more resilient workforces and create cultures of continuous learning. I have often been asked to explain the fundamentals of 70:20:10 as a strategic framework quickly and simply. I wrote the one-page ‘primer’ below to serve that immediate purpose. Please feel free to use it for any no-commercial purposes.

How Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction Can Make Your Online Courses Better


A 2015 study by Microsoft shows that the current average attention span of humans is only 8 seconds, compared to 12 seconds in 2000. Course designers must aid learners in accomplishing this objective by incorporating various support materials and desk reference guides, so their learning doesn’t end abruptly when the course is over. For example: Provide printable reference guides, downloadable templates, and job aids.

LMS or LXP – Confused?

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Playlists (some refer to them as channels). Other user-generated – This is where you Learner – subscribe -vendors refer to it as “following” – to another end-user’s playlist of content. . I built an LMS in 2000 (never do that), and it was for our customer training. Machine Learning – Sometimes referred by vendors as AI.

The Rise of the Digitals

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People who use technology too frequently and have a high adoption rate for the latest technology are referred to as “Digitals”. In 2000 the percentage recorded was 44.1%, and in 2010 it was as much as 77.3%. We are living in an age of technology where electronic devices have become an integral part of anyone’s life. As technology is improving, there is a rise in Digitals. Defining Digitals. Digitals are people of all age groups, males or females and can be from any country.

Who Owns “Microlearning?” The Learners Do. Not Grovo.

Vignettes Learning

Its core principles, practices and methods have been "owned" and implemented by numerous professionals globally even in early 2000. In many instances in this book, I referred to the definitions and applications of Micro-learning, Microlearning, Micro-Content, Micro-Context, Micro-Coaching and many other applications of Microlearning. Grovo, Inc. founded 2010) has trademarked the term “Microlearning”, reported by Chief Learning Officer.

Grovo 58

Spaced Retrieval, Retrieval Practice, and Knowledge Guru: What Research Tells Us

Knowledge Guru

References cited. [1] 2000) Untangling the benefits of multiple study opportunities and repeated testing for cued recall. Applied Cognitive Psychology 14: 215–235, 2000. Knowledge Guru’s game engine is designed to tap into two powerful and empirically supported instructional strategies—Retrieval Practice and Spaced Retrieval. Retrieval Practice requires learners to recall information rather than simply re-read or re-listen to it.

That’s not my style: Learning preferences and instructional design

Obsidian Learning

While IQ tests remove individuals from their natural learning environments and have them do unfamiliar, isolated tasks, Gardner suggested that intelligence is more closely related to the capacity for “solving problems and…fashioning products in a context-rich and naturalistic setting” (Armstrong, 2000, p. A ninth intelligence, Existential (the ability to deal with large, universal questions of meaning) has also been proposed (Armstrong, 2000; Gardner, 2004). References.

Funny HR Stats


The number of resumes posted online or sent via email has risen from 22% in 2000 to 90% in 2014. If your email address sounds like any of the following, it may be time to register a new one: Sexual reference – example:, or worse. Drinking/drug reference – example: Posted by Mary Ann Skrivanko on June 20, 2015 in Fun Facts , H. The world of HR is filled with plenty of fun and interesting stories, facts and statistics.

Theories for the digital age: Connectivism

Learning with 'e's

Much of this learning is informal, (Commentators such as Cofer (2000), Cross (2006) and Dobbs (2000) place the proportion of informal learning at around 70%) and is also generally location independent. References Cross, J. 2000) Informal Workplace Learning. 2000) Simple Moments of Learning. Learning in the industrialised world can now be contextualised within a largely technological landscape, where the use of digital media is assuming increasing importance.

Innovative E-Learning Solution Providers in 2019

Use of IETMs for Navy Air Force Defence

We have evolved as the best content supplier and could win the confidence of 2000 Schools in the first year. Digital Teacher English Lab is a stand-alone and self-learning modern Language Lab that follows the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and Cambridge English Teaching Framework. Empowering Classrooms with Digital Technology. By leveraging technology, the world is moving quickly towards adopting innovative methods in teaching.

Top 5 Benefits of SCORM in eLearning


Yes, we are referring to eLearning, which is not confined to the ocean of words but is drawn from a number of skills involved like instructional design, education, visual design, presentations, storytelling, project management, and much more. A part of it can be attributed to the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) , which integrates eLearning content with various Learning Management Systems. Learning is more effective when it is active rather than passive.


Motivation: a driving force for learning engagement


In a nutshell, it can be said that intrinsic motivational factors are specific to the individual, that they relate to his or her perception of self and of the situation, to the pleasure and satisfaction he or she derives from an activity, while extrinsic motivational factors refer to the learning context, to the means that can encourage him or her to achieve a goal.

LMS is not dead (again)


Wait again, I’m not referring to your favorite HRIS, rather the LMS. . In fact, the statement of more coming in than leaving is directly referring to learning management systems. Go back to early 2000’s to 2010 or so, and there were way more LCMSs than exist today. Yep, in 2000. We did it, back in 2000 to zero in more on those who wanted short bytes of learning, via online. It’s dead. . No, wait, it’s dying. No, the articles say that it is dead.

Training Requirements For Employees


Ethics and compliance training in the workplace refers to educating employees on the company’s policies and laws and regulations that apply to the specific workplace. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000 is the first federal law to address trafficking in persons.