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I read it weekly on various sites and postings. I’m still searching their site for the Ocean Magazine Widget Winner of 85 – People’s Choice! To find out if a vendor is in the top 50 LMS rankings (either from 2014 or this year 2015), look for the award icon on their web site. You have to look at the whole entity and not just the skin they initially show you – via the demo or on their web site or even in their sandbox. Meet my friend, the RFP.

RFP 79

Top 10 Association LMS Features – 2020 Edition

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Prior to 2020, many associations relied heavily on in-person tradeshows, seminars and on-site training because they were historically popular offerings for both the association and the member.


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Trials – Learning Systems

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In the early 2000’s right up to about 2012, trials were common in the learning system market. In the good ol’ days vendors listed trials on their web sites OR if you liked what you saw in the demo, you asked them via the phone or e-mail for a trial. With the web sites, the usual approach was your name, company, and e-mail address and then they sent you either a login/password with a sitename.vendorlms.com or right into sitename.lmsvendor.com and off and running.

When your LMS BFF is no longer

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If you are a vendor you are likely to see it too often and it appears when the “potential customer” sends you a RFP without ever talking to you prior to. . Or they send the RFP after a discussion, but before seeing the product. Nowadays it is easy to just send off that RFP without doing any due diligence. I mean you may look at their web site (vendor) or you may not. Again, if you are using Windows 2000 – might be time for an upgrade.

RFP 65

Talented Learning’s Greatest Hits: 2017 Edition

Talented Learning

Aaron Olney, VP Sales and Marketing at eLogic Learning teamed up with me to share our best advice, based on what we’ve learned from a combined 40 years, 2000+ sales opportunities and $100,000,000-worth of selling and buying LMS solutions. #1 Together with our growing directory of LMS profiles , our in-depth LMS Reviews are the core of our site. When and how to use an RFP (or not).

Types of Learning Systems

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In the mid 2000’s these were the upstarts. Basically you are buying a platform that consists of API apps which enables you to push training or have training/learning in your CMS, or digital publishing platform or on Slack or on some social site and so forth. . Depending on the content provider, you may take the content within the LXP or be bounced out to take the content on the provider’s site. Let me ask you an honest question. What is your personality type?

Latest E-Learning News and Notes

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Nearly on the dustbin in the late 2000’s, the resurgence is here. They assume a web site or attending a trade show is all they need. I will be posting this week, some new and updated files including an updated LMS directory, updated RFP template. . Well late fall is in the air, unless you are in the southern hemisphere which in that case, spring is in the air.

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LMS Potluck

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The book will be available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and other sites, including my business site. The book goes on sale the first week of October and will be an ebook only. As a bonus – buyers will receive my newest LMS RFP template (not available to others at this time), and access into a special site off the blog, with some very cool stuff. For those around in 2000, they did. .

#29 to #11 Learning Systems for 2019

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But for those of us during those frenzy days of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, once a darling, can easily fade. Great, if I was a web site for SEO, ehh, not so much for learning. #15 In my LMS RFP template, Cornerstone LS scored a perfect 100 in the machine learning category, as well as mobile, including built-in scan for badges – but it requires the Tribridge Attendance Integration Module (AIM). For those who want my LMS RFP template, find it here.