Our 2019 Round-Up


What we discovered in 2019 The workforce has and is fundamentally changing. And Gen Z , born between 1995 - 2001, is not far behind them. The end of the year is a time of reflection. And there’s certainly a lot to reflect on at EduMe HQ - it’s been a busy year!

The Answer to Automation Is Learning

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In fact, Deloitte’s 2019 Global Millennial Survey showed that millennials and Gen Z listed a “lack of learning and development opportunities” as the third reason they would leave a job. Change is coming to the U.S. workforce and in many cases is already here.

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The Docebo Discovery Lab: Embracing Continuous Learning Ourselves


In 2001, these pioneers pooled the common traits of the methodologies they had experimented with in previous years, giving rise to the Manifesto for Agile Software Development , a document that would go down in history, setting the new principles of software development.

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Clark Quinn

We actually got it up and running, and while it evaporated in 2001 (as did the organization we worked for), it’s legacy served me in several other projects. I was talking with my lass, and reminiscing about a few things. And, it occurs to me, that I may not have mentioned them all.

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Opioids and the American Workforce: Evidence Based Study

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This study shows that prescription opioids accounted for 44% of the decreased national participation in men’s labor force from 2001 to 2015. Unfortunately, the United States has been affected by the opioid crisis in numerous ways.

Study 130

From Print to Digital: The Advantages of eLearning in Higher Education

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Meanwhile, the incoming class of college freshmen were born in 2000 or 2001. Did you know that the college class of 2020 is full of students born in 1999? That means that these current and future college students are part of Generation Z.

Podcast 26: How to Extend Learning Content Availability – With Troy Gorostiza

Talented Learning

And I’ve remained focused on that space since 2001. WELCOME TO EPISODE 26 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW! To learn more about this podcast series or to see the full collection of episodes visit The Talented Learning Show main page.

Do you need an Integrity Officer?

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The Enron scandal took place in 2001, and it led to the chiefs being convicted of fraud, conspiracy, bank fraud, and insider trading charges.). Just about any CEO will say that their business has a strong commitment to operating with integrity.

Excellence in Community Service

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Since 2001, SweetRush has been helping businesses create custom online training and e-learning solutions that help drive talent engagement and success. Strategy 2019 LIP Providers Excellence in Community Service LIP 2019 Awards

6 Thoughts about Engagement in eLearning


2001 ). When it comes to learning, the term “engagement” is never far away. Since we often refer to it, we might think that it is clearly defined and that its mechanisms are well understood, which is not the case.

Matching Military Veterans With Business Veterans

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percent in 2019, the lowest it has been since 2001, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics Report. “When I heard about this particular program, there was only one answer. It was a definite,” said Mike Dutter, RVP of Enterprise Sales for U.S.

ID and eLearning Links 10/29/19

Experiencing eLearning

I’m co-presenting a webinar with Swapna Reddy of Origin Learning on scenario-based learning on November 7, 2019, at 11 AM EST. Register for the free webinar.

SCORM and SuccessFactor LMS

Adobe Captivate

is the best standard” One would think the 2004 version was more up to date than the 2001 version (1.2). Captivate Version: 2019. My ID team and our LMS management team have gone back and forth on an issue involving the courses we are loading to the LMS.


Instructional Design Model


Bloom’s taxonomy , proposed by Benjamin Bloom in 1956, was revised and modified by Anderson and Krathwohl in 2001 and referred to as ‘Revised Taxonomy.’

Podcast 31: Inside Open Source Learning Systems – With eThink CEO Brian Carlson

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But with Moodle specifically, it started in Australia when Martin Dougiamas was working on his graduate thesis project in late 2001. WELCOME TO EPISODE 31 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW.

Why soft skills training games are important for your organization?


Houghton & Proscio, 2001; Moin & Biswal, 2012; Office of Disability Employment Policy, 2010).

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Podcast: Selecting Association Software – With Chad Stewart of SmartThoughts

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In fact, I originally offered implementation, training and support when I founded SmartThoughts in 2001. WELCOME TO EPISODE 21 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW! To learn more about this podcast series or to see the full collection of episodes visit The Talented Learning Show main page.

Top 4 Problems with Diversity Training and How to Fix Them


A 2001 study by Lori Robb and Dennis Doverspike found men who watched a video on sexual harassment had more negative attitudes toward women afterwards than before they watched the video. Diversity is a buzzword that seems to be everywhere these days.

Forecasts for 2020

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For 2019, written in 2018, close to 95% accurate (as of today). . I stopped using an RFP, in 2001 when I would buy systems. I love forecasts.

How Important is the Design Phase?


She founded Design2Train in 2001 and is based in The Woodlands, TX. How important is the Design Phase in producing a high quality online training (eLearning, wbt, cbt) program? The Design Phase is critical. .

Tasked with eLearning?


She founded Design2Train in 2001 and is based in The Woodlands, TX. Are you a NON-training professional tasked with delivering an eLearning project? It’s a trend we are observing all too often these days.

Applying The Basics Of Bloom’s Taxonomy In e-learning


However, it got revised in 2001 to meet the modern approach of learning. One of the approaches to delivering the right training is by applying Bloom’s taxonomy in e-learning. Bloom’s taxonomy is an old concept that has been in existence since 1956 purposely for traditional classroom training. One of the roles of Bloom’s Taxonomy in e-learning is to deliver a course learning objective.

What Virtual Assistants Can Do For Course Creators with Expert VA Trainer Kathy Goughenour


So around 2001 she quit her job and started working as a virtual assistant for real estate agents. I didn’t even know, this was back in 2001 when nobody knew [crosstalk].

4 Tips on Implementing Microlearning

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Dwyer (2001), in the journal of the Staff and Educational Development Association, references brain research in suggesting that a learner’s ability to sustain attention is affected by the variations of the neurotransmitters in the brain that regulate attention.

Easy to Use, Easy to Love: Adobe Captivate Prime is Ideal for Enterprise Training

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is old, like 2001 old. The enterprise LMS market is saturated with options. In G2’s latest assessment of “ Corporate LMS Software ” providers, 45 platforms were considered. With so many companies competing in the same sector, you’d imagine that trainers would be able to use any platform and be set. Right? The truth is not so simple. Enterprise training continues to present trainers difficulties that many find exhausting.

The New Face of Apprenticeships

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The apprenticeship model also received a big boost under President Obama, who in 2014, set a goal to double the number of apprenticeships between 2014 and 2019.