How Important is the Design Phase?


How important is the Design Phase in producing a high quality online training (eLearning, wbt, cbt) program? The Project Plan is created for your senior management as an overview and budgeting tool. Expect the Design Phase to be about 20% of the entire project budget.

New White Paper: Training In Troubled Times

Upside Learning

Learning and Development (L&D) budgets are often among the first to experience cuts, as organizations tend to focus on ‘core’ production areas. If L&D budgets are slashed, how will employees be trained to work effectively and efficiently as per these changes?

Ruth Clark: eLearning and the Science of Instruction: A 10 Year Retrospection

Learning Visions

Multimedia principles – basically the same Growth in scenario based In 2001 = about 11% of delivery media was elearning; in 2009 to 36% – gradual decrease in instructor led. e.g., – in a scenario program now ask “why is it important to verbally recap the doctor’s questions about contra indicators?”…) Tests can be work-related projects that demonstrate quality. how to use Excel to create a budget – to determine how well they could apply what they’ve learned in a different setting.)

How Praxair Grooms Tech Talent for Business Roles

CLO Magazine

’s CEO Dennis Reilley took over in 2001, bringing an outsider’s perspective and experience in the energy and chemicals industries. These products use short presentations, team breakouts and a computer program to standardize team input.

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Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2014


You Need a Budget - Money management has never looked so good. Reward Summit - Reward Summit tracks your credit card rewards programs so you never miss out on another dollar again. touristeye - Guidebooks are so 2001. We are big fans of online tools here at OpenSesame.

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Online Learning in Education

eLearning 24-7

75% of institutions report that the economic downturn has increased the demand of online programs/courses (Sloan Consortium – survey based on 2,500 institutions). By 2015, Marketdata predicts that 37% of all post-secondary enrollments will be in online programs. OpenCourseWare, from MIT, started in 2001 and now includes nearly 2,100 MIT courses which have been used by more than 100M people. Especially, when we are talking about online programs and courses.

Rethinking conferences

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Some of the certificate programs conducted before conferences strike me as low-grade diploma mills. Response 24 Diversity of participants, not too big, space for a social program but no programming of the social program.