Top 4 Problems with Diversity Training and How to Fix Them


There is also the issue of lawsuits as more employees seek justice in discrimination suits that cost companies millions of dollars every year. There are a few ideas to incorporate diversity as a central part of your training program without singling it out as “diversity training.”.

New White Paper: Training In Troubled Times

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During slowdowns or recessions, most organizations look for ways to cut costs. Cost cutting exercises during a recession often involve changes to organizational processes and tasks. During economic downturns, L&D programs have to compete for budgets.

Digital natives — how to design and deliver training that clicks


Digital natives belong to the 20th century and the term was coined by education consultant Marc Prensky in his 2001 article entitled Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. So that was in 2001. Natives of Barbados are called Barbadians and are of a mixed descent (Afro-Caribbean).

What Could Be the #1 Enemy of Good Instructional Design?


All of us have heard the statistics about the amount of actual knowledge that gets implemented back on the job from a training program. Most researchers have estimated that only ten percent or less actually transfers.

How Important is the Design Phase?


How important is the Design Phase in producing a high quality online training (eLearning, wbt, cbt) program? If you do not complete the Design Phase the right way, you will end up with cost-overruns of re-work, redefining the project scope, and lots of stress. .

Do you need an Integrity Officer?

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The car company had programmed software inside the TDI (turbocharged direct injection) diesel engine models to trick the emissions testing devices. The scandal cost the company billions of dollars and the loss of their reputation.

Interview with an Expert Series: Associate Executive Director, Myke Kudlas

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I first took an interest in eLearning in 2001, but became more involved in 2003, when I was the Program Director for the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Radiography Program. This takes a lot of coordination with subject matter experts, but it is a lot less costly and time-consuming than creating new courses from scratch on the same schedule.

Is this thing on? Tips for measuring course effectiveness and return on investment

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Level 4 evaluation measures the final results (such as improved productivity) that were accomplished because of the training program. Two of these goals are to reduce support costs and to increase employee effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Cost Items. 2001).

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The New Face of Apprenticeships

CLO Magazine

574 – Leveraging and Energizing America’s Apprenticeship Programs Act, a bill which would allow employers to claim a tax credit for participating in qualified apprenticeship programs. Employers benefit from the program in a variety of ways.

Moving to the Virtual Classroom: A Trainer’s Roadmap to Success with Cindy Huggett #ASTDTK12

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She’s been doing virtual classroom since 2001. She wrote the book: Virtual Training Basics Two types of virtual training: webinar vs. classroom One def of virtual training: “an online synchronous instructor led class with participants in dispersed locations, that uses a virtual classroom software program” vILT (virtual instructor led) Step #1: Clarify definitions and expectations. Don’t spend 20 mins introducing the program – get them in right from the start.

Reduce Risk of Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure with Comprehensive Employee Training


Effective in 2001, the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act revised the Standard to require use of safer needle devices. Employee training program. You must provide training free of cost to your employees that meets OSHA standards. Worried about bloodborne disease? Working in a high-risk environment? Get the knowledge you need to lower your bloodborne pathogen exposure risks with our tips and training! What are bloodborne pathogens?

The Enterprise Learning Ecosystem Demystified: Part I

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” He was speaking of controlling a large enterprise network with a small amount of programming. Today, all software is expected to have or expose an application programming interface (API).

Sheila Jagannathan: Teaching the World

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But over her career they have blossomed, and Jagannathan, now lead learning specialist and program manager of World Bank’s Open Learning Campus, or OLC, has been active in this evolution.

Employee Empowerment – The What, The Why and The How


Back in 2001 the company’s sales had declined to the extent that a takeover seemed imminent. Related Article: Finding the Best Tool for Your Talent Development Program. Let’s begin by playing a quick word association game.

Tomorrow’s Too Late by Jay Cross

Marcia Conner

With the exception of a reference to VCRs, and Jay’s hallmark cottage-industry sketches, the piece seems as timely to me today as it did back in 2001. How do you fix a computer or program a VCR?” “Ask

How Sleep Affects Performance?—?And What Companies Can Do

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Lack of sleep and fatigue contribute to both performance deficits and bottom-line costs for companies. But the cost of lack of sleep is too important for companies to ignore given the direct negative effects it has on safety, accidents, performance, employee engagement and health.

Bricks & Clicks

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A key reason -- they wildly underestimated the cost and difficulty of delivering quality E-courses. His strong case focused attention on learning strategies over any particular medium." -- from Allison Rossett and Kendra Sheldon (2001). Beyond the Podium (2001) pp.

Imaging Learning for Efficiency: Learning Conversation with Victoria Baxter

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I quickly enrolled myself in an AIM ‘Train the Trainer’ program, which turned my life upside down. Victoria : Ricoh has been deploying e-learning since the early 2000s and that largely began in Europe where they started building some product training programs and deploying them to their sales people. In Asia Pacific, we started deploying e-learning in 2001.

Tomorrow’s Too Late by Jay Cross

Marcia Conner

With the exception of a reference to VCRs, and Jay’s hallmark cottage-industry sketches, the piece seems as timely to me today as it did back in 2001. How do you fix a computer or program a VCR?” “Ask

Tomorrow’s Too Late by Jay Cross

Marcia Conner

With the exception of a reference to VCRs, and Jay’s hallmark cottage-industry sketches, the piece seems as timely to me today as it did back in 2001. How do you fix a computer or program a VCR?” “Ask

Tomorrow’s Too Late by Jay Cross

Marcia Conner

With the exception of a reference to VCRs, and Jay’s hallmark cottage-industry sketches, the piece seems as timely to me today as it did back in 2001. How do you fix a computer or program a VCR?” “Ask

The State of E-Learning in the Medical Device Industry


The use of online solutions that are viable means that costs can be reduced and the results of sharing information effectively can be vastly improved with added quickness and effectiveness. Viability and Cost-Saving in Distinct Areas. Creating Effective Training Programs.

Online Learning in Education

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75% of institutions report that the economic downturn has increased the demand of online programs/courses (Sloan Consortium – survey based on 2,500 institutions). By 2015, Marketdata predicts that 37% of all post-secondary enrollments will be in online programs. OpenCourseWare, from MIT, started in 2001 and now includes nearly 2,100 MIT courses which have been used by more than 100M people. Especially, when we are talking about online programs and courses.

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2014


WhatsApp - Escape costly text messages with your overseas colleagues with this group-messaging app. Reward Summit - Reward Summit tracks your credit card rewards programs so you never miss out on another dollar again. touristeye - Guidebooks are so 2001.

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How to Train Your Customers

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” The Business Case for Training Customers Companies take different approaches to training customers or business partners, but Leh said employers looking to train external audiences generally have one of four goals: trimming the time or cost for launching products, reducing dependence on help desks, building brand awareness and generating revenue. ” Werner, which makes ladders and climbing products, offers free online training programs to its customers.

Backward Planning - Identifying Business Impacts

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Further, our performance must be aimed at worthwhile results — Brinkerhoff and Apking (2001). We spend an enormous amount of time on designing and implementing our learning programs, but often fail to explain to our customers exactly how it impacts the organization.

30 years of personal computing

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Launch of Visicalc, the first spreadsheet program. Low-cost ISDN made available to consumers. 2001: M/S launches XBox. The latest edition of Personal Computer World (PCW) magazine includes an interesting review of the key events and changes that have occurred in the thirty years since its first publication.

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Interview on


We make use of several aspects of eXtreme programming regarding development and testing procedures. The initial development of eFront started at late 2001.

The 70:20:10 Model – Today, Tomorrow & Beyond


Charles: When I joined Reuters (as it was then) in 2001, the various training departments were primarily focused on designing and delivering classroom training. That trend is continuing as more and more learning professionals and L&D departments realise that they need to act to increase the value they can add to their organisations and, at the same time, do it without increased budget (or at lower cost).

People-Centered Learning: An Interview With Judee Humburg

Marcia Conner

In 2001 she granted me an interview for a now defunct magazine. They usually keep the learner within the confines of their program instead of helping them see so much more and bring together what hasn’t been brought together before.

Top Posts from August - Augmented Reality - Social Learning

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Evaluating Non-Formal Learning Programs – Table of Links - The E-Learning Curve , August 5, 2010 To wrap up this series of posts on the E-Learning Curve Blog, here is the complete table of links to each post in the series ‘Evaluating Non-Formal Learning.’ ’ Evaluating Non-Formal Learning Programs – Table of Links is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog.

Rethinking conferences

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Some of the certificate programs conducted before conferences strike me as low-grade diploma mills. Response 24 Diversity of participants, not too big, space for a social program but no programming of the social program.