Microsoft Word: To Track or Not to Track Changes

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by Jennie Ruby Track Changes in Microsoft Word is an indispensible tool for editing, but it is not the best tool for the job in every editorial situation. You may find that both tiny details and big-picture edits cause you-and your reviewers-to want less tracking, not more. Deleting the space with Track Changes turned on will create a mark that looks like this: Power-Point. Making the change without tracking it is a good idea.

Writing & Grammar: Ways to Deal With Tracked Changes Aversion

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In my classes on editing with Word, I hear one complaint more than any other: "The people whose writing I am reviewing do not know how to use tracked changes." " "My boss hates tracked changes." " IconLogic reader Lia Scott adds, "Those who do attempt to use the online tracking often have difficulty following it--resulting in many double words, extra spaces and formatting issues. by Jennie Ruby.

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A good one for elearning startups is Moodle, a hugely popular open-source LMS created by educator Martin Dougiamas in 2003 and constantly developed and refined by a global network of software engineers and educators.

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Writing & Grammar: Where Did My Name Go?

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He had carefully followed the procedure for protecting the document for tracked changes, and he had sent it to four people. In Word 2003, that function is found under Tools > Options > User Information. Some of his reviewers were working in Word 2003. Was it possible that changing the screen colors for tracked changes to something other than "By Author" had somehow erased the identifying information? We were, however, on the right track now.

Turbo Charge Scheduled Events in Your Learning Management System by Using Tags

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If your organization delivers a large number of scheduled events, it might be tough for learners to keep track of what’s available and what might fit into their daily schedules.

Microsoft Word: Customize the Status Bar

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When you are using Track Changes in MS Word, sometimes you need to turn the tracking off for a second to make some minor correction "off the record" and then quickly turn the tracking back on. But after a trip to the Home tab, or the Insert tab, or elsewhere to make an untracked correction, you have to return to the Review tab to turn Track Changes back on. Among them is TRK , a shortcut for turning Track Changes on and off. by Jennie Ruby.

Gamification: Why It’s Good


Coined in 2003, the term “gamification” did not take off in usage until about four years ago. The use of badges, points, tracking, leaderboards, incentives, leveling, status ranks, and rewards are all different aspects that can be employed as part of gamification. One research company, Gartner, predicts that by 2015 more than 70% of 2000 different global organizations they track will be using at least one form of gamification in their business practices.

Can I add a SCORM player to my SaaS platform?

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When a user uploads an eLearning-standard based course into your platform, Engine offloads all of the importing, launching and tracking of a learner’s progress through that course. SCORM 2003 (2nd, 3rd and 4th Editions), xAPI, cmi5 and AICC. Like Rustici Engine, SCORM Cloud can help your platform import, launch and track standards-based content.


Writing & Grammar: Checklists, Part III

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I'm tracking multiple such projects across three to nine months at a time, so marking each step is crucial. by Jennie Ruby. This week I am featuring two different kinds of checklists from readers. One kind is a planning checklist with slots for recording the date each task is done.

Turbo Charge Scheduled Events in Your Learning Management System by Using Tags

Absorb LMS

If your organization delivers a large number of scheduled events, it might be tough for learners to keep track of what’s available and what might fit into their daily schedules.

Turbo Charge Scheduled Events in Your Learning Management System by Using Tags

Absorb LMS

If your organization delivers a large number of scheduled events, it might be tough for learners to keep track of what’s available and what might fit into their daily schedules.

DiscoverLink Honors Loyal Customers with 2018 Client Appreciation Awards


Golden Corral: DiscoverLink’s longest client, Golden Corral has been a loyal customer since January 2003. At DiscoverLink’s client conference, LinkUp, co-founders John Poulos and Jeff Tenut recognized two of their longstanding clients with Customer Loyalty Awards.

Writing & Grammar: A Brief History of Editing

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I still meet editors who have never tracked a change or typed a comment in Word. I still hear this complaint now about Word's tracked changes, but when the alternative is some people's handwriting, the underlines, strikethroughs and balloons suddenly look a little better. One of the last problems to be solved in tracked changes was how to mark text that was moved. Up through Word 2003, moved text appeared as deleted in one place and inserted in another.

7 Things About eLearning Your CEO/Executive Director Wants to Know

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We all have a boss and even our best ideas require an explanation, so before you get an LMS, start designing courses, and tracking learner progress, you’ll need to get his or her approval. You’ve decided that it’s time to move your courses online.

What is Influencing the Future of L&D?


L&D leaders can learn much from the example set by their counterparts in marketing, who track everything that can be tracked and then adapt their behaviour continually to improve performance. Her work is based on 25+ years of practical experience looking at learning innovation for business advantage, backed by her independent research with over 3,500 organisations and thousands of learners since 2003.

Nine Amazing Online Learning Facts

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A survey by the BBC in 2003 revealed that micro online learning modules can improve understanding, retention, and application levels by at least 30%. The number of companies using e-learning is increasing with each passing day.

Writing & Grammar: Editing in the Cloud

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You send your document to multiple recipients and ask them to review it using Track Changes. For this kind of review, each of your reviewers must have a compatible version of Word and have a basic knowledge of how to use Track Changes.  What is good about this kind of review is that the document stays in Word, rather than being converted to PDF, and Word's Track Changes feature is absolutely the best for tracking precise changes to text. by Jennie Ruby.

Writing & Grammar: Do I Italicize the Comma After an Italic Word?

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Here some examples illustrating the problem:   TO: FROM: SUBJECT:   How to Set Tracking Options : You can adjust the space between words by setting your tracking options.      About the Author:   Jennie Ruby is a veteran IconLogic trainer and author with titles such as "Editing with Word 2003 and Acrobat 7" and " Editing with MS Word 2007 " to her credit. by Jennie Ruby.

LMS Conversation with Tracy Continues

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Tracy - you actually have the beginnings of some use cases when you say: I really would just love something that is going to track our staff education (outside the organization), something to help with booking the internal courses, and something to launch and better yet marked the annoying core curriculum (still marking the paper ones from June). And, your description of the process to get the LMS starting in 2003 will resonate with MANY (if not most) people in our field

Networked noughties 2003-2005

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The first of the 'giants' was launched in August of 2003. Just a couple of months later in October 2003, Mark Zuckerberg launched a small scale service for his friends and colleagues called Facemash at Harvard University.

Why Blended Learning Is Really Just Blended Training


In 2003, the American Society for Training and Development identified blended learning as one of its Top 10 trends to emerge in the knowledge-delivery industry. The challenge for most trainers is that these resources aren’t “approved,” and can’t be tracked and reported on by an LMS.

Part One: How We Decide to Do Work

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Since we started working with standards in 2003, we’ve been active within the community and try to build software that spares customers having to deal with the standards. A couple of days ago, I wrote about the state of ADL and Rustici Software’s take on it.

Laura Overton: Are today’s L&D leaders sticking to the familiar?

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Since 2003, we’ve been tracking the extent to which our aspirations for an agile, flexible, technology enabled approach to learning have been met.

Pecha Kucha

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In preparation for the New Era of Corporate Learning track at Online Educa Berlin , my friend Heike Philp prepared this delightful, six-minute video about Pecha Kucha.

August Topic: Learning Management Systems

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According to PC Magazine , an LMS administers instructor-led and e-learning courses and keeps track of student progress. The most common include: Tracking regulatory compliance. Tracking course satisfaction and feedback. As TD’s Kodak case study from 2003 reveals, implementing a new LMS is challenging and you may not need all of the bells and whistles you think you want. As Jenn first told you in July , Lessons on Learning has a whole new format.

Expectations About Higher Ed Online Courses -- Take a Step Back?

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That is how Inside Higher Ed begins the story about Grade Change: Tracking Online Education in the United States 2013 a new report by the Babson Survey Research Group. The percent of academic leaders rating the learning outcomes in online education as the same or superior to those as in face-to-face instruction, grew from 57% in 2003 to 74% in 2013.

How to hide the playbar in Captivate 4 using Actions « Steve Howard’s eLearning Blog

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Essential on those twisty American tracks. :-D Home About Steve Howard’s eLearning ++ Blog Thoughts, news, observations from a guy working in eLearning and obsessed by tech Feeds: Posts Comments How to hide the playbar in Captivate 4 using Actions January 25, 2009 by stevehoward999 Information about using the new actions and variables features in Captivate 4 is a little sparse right now.

Can we jumpstart new tech usage?

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Around 2003, immersive learning environments were emerging (one of my former bosses went to work for a company). spatial models or settings, such as refineries where you wanted track flows), and where social would also be critical (e.g. It’s a well-known phenomena that new technologies get used in the same ways as old technologies until their new capabilities emerge. And this is understandable, if a little disappointing. The question is, can we do better?

Human 2.0

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A computer was then able to track Warwick as he moved around the university campus, and allowed him to open doors, turn on lights, and operate computers without touching them. 2003) Natural Born Cyborgs: Minds, Technologies and the Future of Human Intelligence. Post human.

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Laura Overton – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


We started our research programme in 2003, and since then we’ve seen a lot of change in the field of L&D. ABOUT LAURA OVERTON (MD, Towards Maturity).

What's really ready for prime time in corporate learning?


They can now report back to LMSs as well, so you can track. They’ve been on the radar since Google purchased Pyra back in 2003! It’s easy, with all the buzz around new technologies, to get excited about the possibilities.

E-Learning Authoring Tools Characterized

The E-Learning Curve

In 2003 Bill and Katherine Horton ( E-learning Tools and Technologies , p.278) further refined this description and categorized the different types of tools into five domains of application (see Table 1) based upon the output that the tools are used to generate. 2003).

Would you recommend your L&D department?

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How can we put this train back on the track? Fred Reichheld, The One Number You Need to Grow, Harvard Business Review, December 2003). Reichheld and his peers tracked more than 10,000 Net Promoter Scores at 400 companies. Capturing L&D metrics too often entails asking the wrong people the wrong questions at the wrong time. Line leaders are a CLO’s most important customers. They judge the trade-offs in spending that determine L&D’s fate in the budget process.

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The Business of Development

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From 2003 to 2014, Schlueter helped Dunkin’ Brands — which comprises Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins — transition from a private to a public company, revamping its franchisee training program and redesigning Dunkin’ University.

Presentation Tips from 21 Experts


I like how at the Presentation Summit, “Build” and “Design” are two separate tracks; they need to be kept a little more separate sometimes. The bold, centered slide titles I see in more than half the decks that cross my desk are so 2003.