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I just returned from a two week-long business visit to Australia this Sunday, not my first visit to the country but definitely the one where I sensed that the local eLearning industry is gaining momentum. between 2004 & 2009 and 12.8% There’s a noticeably growing inclination towards outsourcing especially custom elearning development services. We’ve been serving the Australian market for more than four years now.

Comparing Video Hosting, Transcribing, and Captioning Tools


Founded over a decade ago, using a Small Business Innovation Research grant provided by the U.S Quick turnaround options available for transcription, ranging from 8-hours to 3 business days. Founded by a group of filmmakers in 2004, Vimeo is a more “specialty” video content hosting and dissemination platform compared to YouTube, since their focus is on the content and not monetization. Pros: Affordable outsourcing solution.

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HR Staffs, Budgets Saw Modest Rebound in 2012

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and 1 HR staff per 100 employees from 1996 to 2004. Outsourcing is a well-established aspect of doing business in HR. Roughly 69 percent of human resource professionals outsourced at least one activity or program in 2012, little changed from reports for the past several years. Employee assistance plans and retirement planning programs remain common targets for outsourcing. Quality and track record are primary determinants of vendor selection for outsourcing.

The CLO’s Critical Role: Nine Areas for Action

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This From the Vault article was published in December 2004 on CLOmedia.com. The previous Business Intelligence column presented an instrument designed to assess the extent to which the CLO and the learning enterprise add value to the organization. This strategy involves a significant use of outsourcing, offshoring, temporary contract employees and sometimes hiring fully competent individuals so that no additional training and development is needed.

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eLearning Thought Leaders: Eric Bort of Clearly Trained

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This interview, perhaps more than any other we’ve done, will appeal to small business owners or those who are thinking about striking out on their own. EB: elearning is a broad area – and I’m pretty sure there’s room for everyone to get into this business.

Brain Drain: The "Perfect Storm" of Unfilled IT Jobs

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from 2005 (an all time high) 79 percent of IT workers work in IT-reliant companies (health care and financial services, industries enabled by IT but not focused on IT) From 2000 to 2004, the number of incoming US undergraduates planning to major in Computer Science dropped by 60%.

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Dated best practices

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This appeared on SRI-Business Consulting’s Learning on Demand page in April 2004. internal and external participants in complex business processes and. for fast, measurable, business impact. Assess learning outsourcing options. off-the-shelf content and custom content to match the business. Treat LMS systems for business. Source: SRI Consulting Business. ELEARNING BEST PRACTICES SUMMARY.

Learning During Times of Growth

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when it acquired Union Planters in early 2004. The business goals of the merger depended in part on reducing time to proficiency for the workforce and improving overall organizational performance while holding down costs. Over the past 13 years the company has purchased about 70 businesses, and all but four have been outside the United States. That means understanding the business, but also understanding the culture.”.

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This e-Book will help you make a broad, fundamental connection between learning, e-Learning, and your organizations mission, business objectives, and the bottom line.

Disruptive Technologies and the Future of Learning & Development

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The way I look at it, the way the definition goes, is anything that forces you to rethink or transfer the way you do business. And so that forces the industry to change, either to rethink how they would do their business or it would force you to go out of business in the case of Blockbuster. So that’s what disruptive technology does, fundamentally changing how you go about conducting your business as usual.

Back to the Future

The Learning Circuits

As I understood the post, the purpose was to start a dialogue, to try and build a business case and discover a migration path from what Sam called "Snake Oil” - training that had been proven NOT to work - to new approaches that DO work (e.g.

Future Trends in e-Learning

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Videogames can be a powerful way to instill real-world skills," says Geoffrey James in Business 2.0. According to the "ASTD 2004 State of the Industry Report," technology-delivered learning has increased each year since 1999. Projections for 2004 indicate a 5.8 What business strategies is my company undertaking this year? Trend #2: e-Learning will be tightly integrated with mission-critical business processes. Trend #3: ROI will focus on business impact.