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MOOCs In Workplace Learning – Part 2: Designing a MOOC


Coping with content and lots of information is a part of seamless learning because the capacity to do so affects effective learning.”. These require adept facilitation, good design and effective content creation and curation.

Standard deviation

Learning with e's

Distractions in the workplace are common. As Curtis (2004) writes, the digital age has introduced a spatial shift where we are explicitly and implicitly connected to each other as never before. 2004) Distraction: Being Human in the Digital Age.

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Tested to distraction

Learning with e's

This is a scheme that failed and was withdrawn in 2004, but is now being proposed again. The side effects of over-testing are that children become victims of the scramble to be best in the league tables. Everyone is distracted from the business of learning by the need to 'perform'.

Lost in the crowd?

Learning with e's

In his book 2004 ' Distraction ', author Mark Curtis argued that our sense of self - or personal identity - can become confused or challenged when we habitually use digital technology. Also, do we really find ourselves forced into performing multiple identities against our will?

Nine Training Alternatives to ‘Correct’ and ‘Incorrect’


Even though it seems futile, this is one of the most common types of feedback we use in e-learning courses to respond to user actions and answers. If possible, allow for more interactivity so learners can try out the simulated software a bit to better understand how to perform a task.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Instructional Designers: Do You Have a Degree in ID?

Learning Visions

in instructional design in 2004. In many cases great instructional designers follow the instructional design process instinctively and the degree simply adds a common language to what they are already doing. Together, we could be a very interesting and effective team. Professionally, I see myself as a combination teacher, information gatherer, technical writer, creative writer, and advocate for the learner. Bob Mosher: Performance Support and Learning at th.