Workplace Trends from 2004…Still Trending

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One dusty cover that caught my eye was the January 2004 issue of Training + Development Magazine from ASTD, with this headline: 8 Trends You Need to Know NOW. Here’s a peek at the eight trends from 2004. --1-- This portion of the article spoke to the need to evaluate the effectiveness of training, so we can show how it contributes to organizational results and produces a return on investment. By Shelley A. Gable.

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Why SCORM 2004 failed & what that means for Tin Can


“SCORM 2004 is dying (if not already dead!).” 10 years after the initial release of SCORM 2004 [1] [2]. Sign #2: There is no certification process for tools and packages for the latest SCORM 2004 4 th edition. In essence, SCORM 2004 always lived in the shadow of SCORM 1.2.


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Creative Interactive Ideas

Take an e-Learning Break

We bring fresh thinking and innovation to deliver effective solutions whether it is a small rapid e-learning project or large custom e-learning development. A fresh approach to e-learning E-learning is a great way to train employees, inform customers about new products and services, or demonstrate new software or other types of technology. If done properly, e-learning can be an exciting and engaging way to provide an interactive experience to customers, students, or users.

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Designing Effective Graphics For e-Learning Programs

Vignettes Learning

Designing Effective Graphics For e-Learning Programs 2. Designing Effective Graphics For e-Learning Programs Many trainers and designers copy free canned graphics, and slap them into e-learning programs. It is impossible to create an effectively communicative image based on a fuzzy concept. Test effectiveness Finally, how would you know if an image delivers the results? Topics this issue: 1. Featured Slideshow: "Multimedia” 3.

Agile Microlearning Explained

Personalized training is a powerful and effective approach that assesses an individual’s. organizations—even though it was much more effective than. techniques, deliver an extremely effective adaptive microlearning solution. described by the spacing effect).

CLO Dashboard Puts Learning Executives in the Driver's Seat

Big Dog, Little Dog

CLO Dashboard is built on a corporate performance management framework and is tailored to the learning industry with predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) including learning efficiency, learning effectiveness, compliance and readiness. CLO Dashboard, a strategic reporting and decision-making system for chief learning officers, learning managers and executives, has is now in Beta production by Zeroed-In Technologies announces its flagship product.

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Controlitis: How to Avoid this Debilitating Trainer's Disease

Vignettes Learning

Loosen up control to muscle up e-learning effectiveness 2. Loosen up control to muscle up e-learning effectiveness? Topics this issue: 1. Featured slideshow: "Four Components of Content" 3. e-Learning Project Costing 1. Because instructors ultimately control the flow of e-learning information, many of them develop a debilitating disease: "Control-itis."

In e-Learning, Is Content King?

Vignettes Learning

Other, more effective, e-teachers recognize that their online students are much more likely to learn information that equip them to perform their job functions. Topics this issue: 1. In e-Learning, Is Content King? Featured vignette: "Let 'Em Digest More Than They Want or Need" 3. Costing e-Learning Projects 1. In e-Learning, Is Content King? Just as some elementary school teachers considered Albert Einstein a mathematical dunce, others gave up early on the language skills of Winston S.

Which is More Compelling to the Learners: Facts or Stories?

Vignettes Learning

That is why the classroom trainers keep the training interesting, alive and engaging by effectively using stories and organics. Topics this issue: 1. Which is more compelling to the learners: facts or stories? Featured Vignette: "Control Freakszzzzz” 3. Over 10 examples of simulation, case studies and story-telling e-learning 3. lessons are presented 1. Which is more compelling to the learners: facts or stories?

Second Wave of e-Learning - Basic and Simple Ways to Engage Learners in e-Learning

Vignettes Learning

Simple and effective ways to make e-learning engaging 2. But even before you spend time, effort and money on high interactivity or multimedia, there are basic ways you can make your program engaging with basic, simple and effective methods. Topics this issue: 1. Featured Slideshow: "Boring e-Learning Programs: Something is Lost” 3. Over 50 engaging interactive exercises, games, simulation, etc.

Why SCORM Compliance is Absolutely Essential for any Best-In-Class LMS


Why SCORM Compliance is Absolutely Essential for Competitive, Market-Leading LMS Performance and Effectiveness. and 2004 compliant – launch your free trial platform in just a few clicks and see how it can easily upload, read and report on all your SCORM-based learning objects.


Let’s get rid of the instructional designers!

E-Learning Provocateur

Carr-Chellman & Savoy (2004) provide a broad overview of user design. According to Carr-Chellman & Savoy (2004), traditional instructional design methodologies disenfranchise the user from the design process. 2004).

Everything you need to know about SCORM

Lambda Solutions

eLearning Learning Management System SCORM SCORM 2004 SCORM compliance SCORM compliant courses SCORM compliant elearning courses In our webinar last week we recognized that the majority of attendees came to learn more about SCORM compliance.


Six Years of Innovative and Effective eLearning

Upside Learning

We celebrated our 6th Anniversary on 7th April, 2010, and I realized that Upside Learning had come a long way since its inception in early 2004. We started this company with a passion for delivering innovative and effective learning solutions and I think we have achieved that to some extent.

California Sexual Harassment Compliance – Are You Up To Date? (AB1825 + AB2053 + SB396)


In September 2004, Governor Arnold Schwarznegger signed into effect AB1825, an assembly bill which created requirements around sexual harassment training for Californian employers and employees. Recently, we published an article detailing ‘What Californian Businesses Need to Know About AB1825’ which goes over the nuts and bolts of the requirements. In essence, employers and companies with […]. The post California Sexual Harassment Compliance – Are You Up To Date?

ID and e-Learning Links (6/9/14)

Experiencing eLearning

5 elements of an effective story. The article and research are from 2004, and I expect these ratios have gone down in the last 10 years. Lectures Aren’t Just Boring, They’re Ineffective, Too, Study Finds | Science/AAAS | News. Break up lectures every 10 minutes with active teaching techniques to improve student outcomes. tags: instructionaldesign highered research. Flipping the conversation at ElNet Workplace Learning Congress | Explorations in learning.

Learning Styles and E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

This post is going to be somewhat different than in the past, specifically a result of the argument of the effectiveness of learning styles and if they even exist. A PowerPoint is not an effective means of e-learning, although one person told me what did a PPT have to do with any of this?

5 Ways Informal Learning Gets Learners Engaged and Excited


These figures are in stark contrast to those from 2004 when 88% of learning activity was formal with only 12% informal. Want to learn more about why informal learning is one of the most effective ways to enhance employee engagement and drive organizational performance?

Sexual Harassment Training: A Guide To California AB 1825 Compliance


In 2004, California mandated that all persons in a management position supervising more than 50 employees be required to take a sexual harassment course (AB-1825) to provide training in proper workplace behavior. What is AB 1825 and who needs to comply with it?

Extreme Times

Clark Quinn

In 2004, I co-wrote a chapter with Eileen Clegg for Marcia Conner & James G. And so, trying to be effective at scale at distance is a different issue. They looked at their supply chain partners and assisted them in becoming more effective and efficient.

Moodle Journal - Untitled Article

Moodle Journal

2004). Exploring the effects of constructivist teaching on students’ attitudes and performance.

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MadCap Flare: Plenty of Style

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

This also has two side effects.   Neil Perlin  is MadCap-Certified for Flare and Mimic, and is a long-time consultant, troubleshooter, and trainer for the tool, going back to MadCap’s founding in 2004. by Neil Perlin.

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Choosing the Best Articulate Storyline and Studio SCORM Publish Settings


What effect will this have on reporting in your LMS? or 2004? For lessons that include a quiz, we recommend that you publish in SCORM 2004. and SCORM 2004 Run Time Environment documentation (SCORM 1.2: and SCORM 2004: Section


What Is SCORM and Why Is It Important?


Enhanced effectiveness in content quality and delivery. SCORM 2004. Of course, SCORM 2004 offers more capabilities in this regard than the earlier versions of the model.


#CoronaVirus, class closures and communication

Learning with e's

One meta-study database (established in 2004) shows that online learning (when done effectively) is at least as effective, if not more effective than traditional courses.

Tin Can API Adoption is Slow at Best


It would kind of be like me asking Best Buy for a computer built in 2004. But the reality is that your elearning modules are less effective by leveraging a protocol that is nearly a decade old. Tin Can (Experience) API has been known in the industry for quite some time, and version 1.0

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TinCan Demystified


engine and more than 16 months for the SCORM 2004 / 4 edition. A nice side-effect of the messaging system is that any enabled device or program can send Tin Can API statements (mobile phones, simulations, games, real world activities etc.). Do you remember what SCORM’s 2004 sequencing was? In SCORM 2004, the sequencing is completely dynamic; the sequencing implementation identifies the next activity based on both Tracking Model and Sequencing Definition Model of activities.

Engagement: A Critical Element in Learning and Gamification

Kapp Notes

If you want to have effective learning engagement, in gamification or any type of learning, you need to consider carefully how to grab and hold the learner’s attention. 2011) A meta-analytic examination of the instructional effectiveness of computer-based simulation games.

Our Top Tips for Learning from Home


From time and task management apps like Airtable to video apps like Zoom , and collaborative content creation tools like Plexie, there are no shortage of ways technology can help you learn from home more effectively." . – Learning from Home' Tips from Our Experts.

Daily Bookmarks 04/26/2008

Experiencing eLearning

In 2004, a study showed (like this one) that with a little instruction kids easily understood the difference between texting and writing. And, in 2006, a study showed that students showed no ill effects from widespread text and IM messaging 2008space -. Collected student work published in an online journal–poetry, stories, animation, photos, and more. tags: education , writing , multimedia , web2.0 , k-12. Techdirt: Txt Spk In Schools Not A Big Deal - Annotated.

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Web-Based Authoring Tools for Scalable eLearning Development: The Time Has Come

Web Courseworks

Truly scalable development requires an authoring tool capable of effectively leveraging the collective skill and expertise of large, dispersed teams. 2004. · xAPI. · AICC. · LMS, Inc. and 2004. · PDF. · PENS.

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How Fantasy Elements Improve the Learning Experience

Bottom-Line Performance

Parker & Lepper , 1992; Asgari & Kaufman , 2004; Habgood , Ainsworth , & Benford , 2005). Fantasy checks out as an effective approach for teaching children, but what about adult learning?

Do you eat burgers? Do you meet online?

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

My first experiences of working online was working with John Smith from Learning Alliances in 2004. To introduce innovative ways of communication to improve effectiveness and collaboration in organzation need a number of people at least who see what is possible (who can eat the burger!).

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INTERACTION HIGHLIGHT: Adding Hotspots to Your Online Modules


Tip- You can change a hotspot’s color or effect to make it easier to see while you’re working in Storyline. Adding interactions to your e-learning modules is a great way to keep users engaged and interested while reviewing your content.

Gaming in Corporate Training: Asset or Liability for Employees?


These statistics support the idea that individuals of varying ages—not just those Millennials born between 1982 and 2004—enjoy gaming. First and foremost, gaming is effective in training because it adds elements of fun to dry topics, while at the same time promoting true learning.