4 Online Tools to Help Your Small Business Thrive


The only two pieces of criteria for selection were that the companies and their tool had to: a) belong to Gen Z (founded after 2004) and b) be used by the OpenSesame team. Will you be using Gmail, Shutterstock, and Google Drive repeatedly throughout the day?

How To Googlelize e-Learning Programs And Increase Its Repeat Value

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Googlelize e-Learning Programs for Repeat Value We love Google for the way it helps us search tons of information to retrieve just the bytes we need, and for the way it helps us do this in a flash. Just like in Google, the search can be done through the use of a "key word". Help and Guide, Coaching A Search Function makes it easier for you to provide coaching and mentoring. Topics this issue: 1. Googlelize e-Learning Programs for Repeat Value 2.

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14 Incredible Informal & Social Learning Quotes


THE QUOTE: “ Informal learning is enhanced when humans participate in interactive experiences.” – Allen (2004; Birchfield et al. Before you can help your organization become social, you need to “walk the social talk” yourself.” – Jane Hart (Founder, Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies ). “ Virtually everything new seems to come from the 20 percent of their time engineers here are expected to spend on side projects.” – Eric Schmidt (Ex-CEO, Google Inc.).

Facebook for e-Learning


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 11/07/2010 Facebook for e-Learning Facebook objective is " to help you connect and share with the people in your life ". I hope that this helps.

How Can You Use Interactive Videos For Microlearning-Based Training

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In this article, I will showcase how the use of interactive videos can help you craft rich media, high impact microlearning-based training. Most millennials prefer to learn through videos and this is established by the fact that YouTube is the highest content search service used after Google.

Top 8 FREE Open Source LMSs

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Have either in the offering itself or via 3rd party sites – tutorials, books, whatever to help people build the platform. In one long breath features include course management, certificates, calender, forums, role management on admin side, authoring tool, assessment, news/announcements, video gallery, surveys, e-commerce, messaging, chat, LDAP and CAS integration, SCORM 2004 and search bar. Google Classroom is not a LMS, despite is PR pitch.

Your Brain on Learning

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In the University of Arizona’s Eller Executive Education program, the initiatives and programs designed to help corporate leaders address pressing business problems are created with an eye toward how the brain works, said Joe Carella, the program’s assistant dean.

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Elearning applications


This is why I created the following list with the Top 10 open source e-Learning projects for 2011 that will help you implement a low cost e-Learning solution. The project is hosted at Google Code.

Profile of a learning architect: Peter Butler

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Just like YouTube we use peer ratings to help users determine what’s good to watch.” He also knows that many of the problems which cause customers to call in for help could be resolved easily if learning content was made more available to them.

Is it time to replace SCORM? A Look at Emerging Learning Technologies

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The last SCORM version was in 2004! This includes everything from an enlightening Googling session or sharing a podcast to conversations on the LMS messageboards. This is where the Learning Record Store (LRS) helps.

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Buzzword: Micro-learning


As a term, “micro-learning” has been around since about 2004, when it was put forward in a PhD thesis by Gerhard Gassler. Examples include: A lesson of the week on the back of the toilet door (as done at Google).

Low Cost LMSs – Yes, u can find one for under 10K

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Training – more and more of these systems provide tutorials online and help guides. The site is in Swedish, but you can change the language by selecting country flags or by using Google Translate. Feature set includes SCORM 2004, chat, assessment tool among others. If a streamlined system with the standard features are what you are seeking then my top 15 list will help you along the way.

An Overview of HTML5

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Between 2000 and 2004, growth of high bandwidth connections resulted in increased user demand for applications driven by technologies like Flash and AJAX. first started to emerge in 2004 and later it was labeled HTML5 in 2007. In 2010 with the help of major technology companies like Apple and Google, HTML5 support grew dramatically as web browser manufacturers started to support parts of the standard. We hope you found this post helpful. by Jonathan Shoaf.

Free e-Learning books


Whether you currently teach online or you are thinking about doing it in the future, we are here to help you sort through this process and we hope that this handbook might help you along the way. That's a terrific list; enormously helpful.

Comparing Video Hosting, Transcribing, and Captioning Tools


As for captioning videos, many DIY tools and paid services are available to help you make your video content more accessible. A community-focused translation service, Amara helps users from around the world to work together to translate videos into multiple languages.

Sponge UK founder wins Venus Award

Sponge UK

Pasterfield set up Sponge UK in 2004. The business, based at Plymouth Science Park, creates custom-made online training for global organisations including GlaxoSmithKline, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Tesco, Google and the United Nations.

e-Learning Glossaries


In the glossary you will find a collection of terms and their definitions to help you "speak" e-learning. ► June (2) eFront Contests Course-instances on eFront 3.6.3 ► May (2) eFront Wins Learning Technology Award E front v3.7 - architecture ► April (3) Interview on lms-selection.com Exclusive offers for eFront facebook fans ADL accepts eFront as SCORM 2004 adopter ► March (2) eFront sites to check out 10 tips for using eFront Search This Blog Loading.

LMS Review: Litmos

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There is an adequate help area with useful articles covering most of the functionality. Litmos also integrates a “ WalkMe ” onboarding utility that helps LMS administrators sequentially move through common tasks to learn how they work. 2004, AICC, xAPI. We can help!

eLearning Cyclops: Signs of Being in e-Learning Hell #eLearningHell

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Signs you are in e-learning hell (as a designer/developer): The Help Desk calls and tells you they are receiving too many calls regarding your course and the _ (pop-up blocker, Flash Player and/or LMS sign-on). Here's one I always enjoy: Help Desk Agent: "Everyone at (location) cannot login to the LMS." Thanks for your help." ” with the next Help Desk call I get. Are You Playing e-Learning/LMS Help-desk? eLearning Cyclops.

The most updated and popular E-Learning Blogs


Update 11/24/2010: suggested by alearning ) Pinched Head Blog by Rick Maranta & Nancy Woinoski In this blog, you will find short articles and tutorials that will help you understand a little more about the world of eLearning. Update 11/23/2010: suggested by Nancy Woinoski ) Rapid e-Learning Blog by Tom Kuhlmann The Rapid E-Learning Blog shares practical tips and tricks to help you become a rapid e-learning pro.

Meet 50 Northwestern alumni behind some of Chicago’s top startups


Polymathic helps build software for entrepreneurs who might not have the resources to hire on a full team. James (Jamie) Crouthamel founded Performics in 1998 and lead the company as its president and CEO until it was sold to DoubleClick in 2004.

Not Your Father’s ROI

Jay Cross

Look at Google and Cisco. On paper, Google’s net worth was about $30 billion at the end of 2008. Stock market investors value Google at $125 billion. Unpacking them can help us understand how to begin to assess ROII.

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5 things you (perhaps) don't know about eFront


For more info and additional options on this tool check: [link] 3) You can integrate eFront with Facebook, Wordpress, Joomla, LDAP or Amember Either through our Social layer, or through the help of our users community, eFront can be integrated with a variety of other systems.

Understanding Web 2.0

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Hint: it was not to exchange music and books for credit card information) It was created to help people share information. in 1999, followed by Tim O'Reilly in 2004, and then the 2006 Time magazine article Person of the Year - "You". in a clear way that helps to define what Web 2.0 One example of this is Woozer which combines Google Maps and Weather.com technologies to give 10 day forecasts from all over the world. We hope you found this post helpful.

Agile Design: An Ethos for Creating Learning Platforms

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software by doing it and helping others do it. learning processes by doing it and helping others do it. Use Exemplary Performers and/or Subject Matter Experts to help identify the complexity of the environment. Turner (2004). Retrieved Oct 22, 2009: Google Books

eLearning Topics

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I still maintain that it's helpful to keep an eye on these things. When you look at the keywords on the left you see things like: Social Learning (356) Social Media (411) Twitter (725) Google Wave (22) Camtasia (76) Adobe Captivate (71) Social Network (460) Now, the content set in this case are highly skewed towards innovators as compared to the topic sets being used by my past analysis (training conferences).

Wise crowds and stupid mobs

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and social networking tools, and specifically, the wisdom of crowds, as we have long understood, defines why web services such as Wikipedia and Google Search have become to popular and accurate over the last few years.

Kineo Insights Webinar: The Truth About Open Source – a conversation with Sakai’s Executive Director

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In the open source world, these projects tend to be friendlier than Google vs. Microsoft :) Sakai started in 2004 – collaboration of universities (Michigan, Indiana, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley). – At Sakai – all of the 200 institutions help determine what the future of Sakai is going to be. Today as part of the Kineo Insights webinar series – a conversation on open source.

APIs and Mashups r ur new ABCs for E-Learning

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Google code is open source code, so you can manipulate. Google. Cliqset -social web service that helps users share and discover content and discuss it with other users. Search for restaurants in Google and Google Maps shows up with the various restaurants on the map. Uses Google Docs. appeared in 2004? If you want to take a peek into the future, then you should look no further than APIs and what they bring to the table.

Introducing the SCORM Cloud

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Essentially, your course content sits out on the cloud (much like your Google Docs or your Flickr pictures), and SCORM Cloud lets you deliver it wherever you want. SCORM Cloud tracks and records the same things SCORM 2004 (or 1.2 I’d recommend that you check out the SCORM Cloud if you’re feeling overly constrained by your LMS; it will help you break out of the traditional eLearning model and take advantage of some of the new 2.0

Interview on lms-selection.com


At the beginning of 2004 the development of our SCORM module began. At mid 2007 we decided that it was time to open eFronts source and let other people contribute to the system - this strategic shift helped us improve the quality of the product and make it known to the learning community.

From version 3.6 to version 3.6.6


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I hate it when that happens…lessons in language translation

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Sometimes, if the text is not English but there’s a cool diagram or something I want more information on, I’ll attempt to use Google’s translation service. Sometimes it’s helpful and sometimes not so much. For learning practitioners, it’s a good lesson in using an expert to help you accurately translate text and concepts. Association for Educational Communications and Technology, 2004.

Daniel Pink and Framing the Task

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So I finally got around to listening to the Daniel Pink TED talk on Motivation — it had been lingering in my google reader for a while. There are methods out there, like job aids, that can help with this quite a bit. 2004). I had the same reaction that I’ve had to Daniel Pink in the past, which is that he starts strong, but gets soft as he goes along (I’m following along with A, then I see how it leads to B, then C, then – wait!

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Here at ASTD.first session reviews.Ruth Clark and Tony Karrer.

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