AlliedBarton’s Bill Whitmore: A Higher Calling for Security

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Bill Whitmore, AlliedBarton’s president and CEO, sees it as his duty to prepare the company’s security officers, most of whom have only a high school education, for lifelong careers. It’s not often that you hear a CEO refer to employee training and development as “a higher calling,” but that’s how Bill Whitmore, the head of AlliedBarton Security Services, sees his company’s mission to produce top-flight security officers.

What is SCORM? xAPI? TinCan? AICC? A review of the LMS acronyms

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It’s also tough to make a decision on what eLearning publishing standard will suit the needs of your organization and there’s a lot to consider, including legacy requirements and LMS compatibility, so sometimes it’s not a simple as just choosing the newest offering on the market. VS 2004.


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Meet 50 Northwestern alumni behind some of Chicago’s top startups


He holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Kellogg in 1995. James (Jamie) Crouthamel founded Performics in 1998 and lead the company as its president and CEO until it was sold to DoubleClick in 2004. She received her MBA from Kellogg in 2001, with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Marketing and Strategy. Ellis is a Kellogg alum with a degree in Analytical Consulting, Finance and Marketing. Brad Morehead: LiveWatch Security.

Best Ways to Convert Your PDF Files to XML


There are multiple tools available in the market both for Mac and Windows users that allow for the easy conversion of PDF files to XML format. To be able to view the converted documents, users need to have Office 2004.

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xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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My job was to help author SCORM 2004, focusing on how to develop content that would work in SCORM systems. As early as 2004, you could find demonstrations by the Korean Education and Research Information Service (KERIS) of SCORM running on COMPAQ PDAs. was so popular and so adopted that people weren’t even bothering with SCORM 2004. The name issue is confusing to the industry and the market for adoption. My next questions are related to privacy and security.

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Congratulations to the finalists of the 2016 Moxie Awards!


Next step: storming the $50 billion+ SaaS CRM market. DRIVIN sources, acquires, delivers, and markets used-cars for dealer partners through data and technology — saving time and increasing profitability. Growing to 80 employees in 10 months, DRIVIN is now in five markets across the U.S. BookedOut technology has disrupted a dated experiential marketing business model. Edovo turns incarceration into motivation, while enhancing facility operations and security.

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Top 5 LMSs for 2017

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Technical and Security? Technical and Security. Now, if you have been around since 2004 and have 30 clients that is another story – but regardless, it is not a factor in my assessment. . Sorry, Charlie, traditional is a marketing term and besides that, ExpertusOne is not your Dad’s Oldsmobile (you knew, I had to toss that in there). One of the first vendors to offer the ask an expert as a feature, and by far one of the coolest systems on the market.

Online Academy Helps to Keep Lectures Where They Belong: Out of.

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This YouTube-based learning environment was founded in 2004 by former Boston hedge-fund manager Salman Khan, and today contains more than 2,200 lectures on more than 100 topics (mostly math related).

Kineo Insights Webinar: The Truth About Open Source – a conversation with Sakai’s Executive Director

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37%) Total cost of ownership (32%) Difficulty to maintain (68%) Lack of security/quality control (53%) Poll #4: Who is the audience for your training? In the open source world, these projects tend to be friendlier than Google vs. Microsoft :) Sakai started in 2004 – collaboration of universities (Michigan, Indiana, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley). – Primary market is higher ed, k-12. If there aren’t a lot of reported bugs and security concerns – that should give you great comfort.

Growth Accelerates CellCast Solution Innovations

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And as with any measurable change in market direction, this new-found momentum comes with advantages and challenges alike. But the bigger the enterprise, the more apt these customers are to want ( even demand ) more sophisticated features and service offerings to ensure their mobile initiatives are scalable, secure and standards-based. and 2004 content packages played on mobile devices in BOTH online AND offline modes using our new CellCast mSCORM Player.

LMS Review: Litmos

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With 4 million active users, this LMS is mature, proven, secure and continuingly evolving to address market requirements. Cloud SaaS in SOC Type 2 Highly Secure Environment. 2004, AICC, xAPI. See More Vendors in our LMS Directory. The Litmos LMS is a modern, pure cloud-based LMS designed for small and medium organizations with straightforward learning management technology needs.

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Create More Income, Impact, and Influence for Your Online Courses and Personal Brand with Professional Self-Made YouTuber Sean Cannell


The best way to market to people is by helping them solve problems when they come to you in their time of need. Know, like, and trust are the three major pillars of marketing and sales. If you can position yourself to help them out when they are looking for those solutions, then you have a great position to build that relationship and the know factor of marketing. He is a marketing person. I think YouTube is a brilliant place to focus your marketing efforts on.

LMS/LCMS Social Media & Side Notes

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″ was coined in 2004. Hosting does offer very tight and safe security, and access is via the internet, even if you go through your VPN (Virtual Private Network ). If you are not using some form of social networking or micro-blogging and using it frequently (on a daily basis at a minimum), then how can you pitch and market it to your end users, showing the value and benefits it offers them?

LCMS 40 and Trend Lines

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The information you see is “real-time” Our data is the latest, and thus the fresh – just like a farmers market. SCORM 2004 3rd edition, xAPI). Security. Systems represent all markets – from small business to global enterprise. I know folks think well it has been around for a couple of decades, but I can state that the size of the market is expanding considerably year to year, with no slow down. . Heyo!

5 Tips to Prepare Your Storyline Course for Your LMS

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and 2004. The key difference between the two versions is course sequencing, it was added to 2004 version. AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Committee) was one of the earliest eLearning standards to be widely adopted, but has struggled to stay up to date with the constantly-evolving eLearning market, so it isn’t as prevalent as the other standards. Supports secure HTTPS data transfers. August. As the kids go back to school, our thoughts are turned to learning.