Designing Effective Graphics For e-Learning Programs

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Designing Effective Graphics For e-Learning Programs 2. Designing Effective Graphics For e-Learning Programs Many trainers and designers copy free canned graphics, and slap them into e-learning programs. Unfortunately, too often e-learning programs are void of stories and are largely factual. Do it yourself, or on the cheap, and your images predictably will fall short of the impact they could add to your e-learning program. Topics this issue: 1.

Successfully Selling e-Learning Programs To Top Management

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If the "Blind Swordsman" were to successfully sell e-learning programs to top management 2. If the "Blind Swordsman" were to successfully sell e-learning programs to top management Gaining management approval for an e-learning program takes the skills of the Blind Swordsman-the Japanese movie hero who, though sightless, proves that he can handle his weapon. Topics this issue: 1. Featured Simulation: "Millionaire Game" 3.

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e-Learning: In Search of a Better Definition

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Simulations, document repositories and publishing programs. In a recent new article, IBM tackles learning in the workplace (Nov 8, 2004), Victor Jeurissen, global practice leader for IBM Management Development Solutions, defines e-learning as, "the use of innovative technologies and learning models to transform the way individuals and organisations acquire new skills and access knowledge."

eLearning Methodology

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Through the use of Flash , html forms , and PowerPoint , one can also develop programs that allow one to interact. In Search of a Better Definition discusses the meaning of e-learning; while The Growth of eLearning discusses the four fuels of elearning: Technology (means). Learning Methodology (means). Acquire new skills and knowledge (consequence). Access information (consequence). The first means and main delivery mechanism of elearning, technology , was also discussed in the last post.

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How To Googlelize e-Learning Programs And Increase Its Repeat Value

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Googlelize e-Learning Programs for Repeat Value 2. Googlelize e-Learning Programs for Repeat Value We love Google for the way it helps us search tons of information to retrieve just the bytes we need, and for the way it helps us do this in a flash. Wouldn't it be neat if we add a "Search Function" in our e-learning programs? Alternatively, one can also search by program, topic, type of content, etc. Click "Programs" on top Navigation bar to repeat the process.

The Growth of eLearning

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Much of the elearning programs developed today are text-based adaptations due to the extra bandwidth required to carry multimedia programs. In a recent blog, I wrote how elearning has the two aspects of means & consequence that uses innovative technologies and learning models (the means) to transform the way individuals and organizations acquire new skills and knowledge and access information (the consequence).

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E-Learning Ecosystems: The Future of Learning Technology

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If e-learning is truly to provide greater access to education and support educational programs that reflect broader strategic business goals, many believe that the e-learning industry must take the time now to learn key lessons from its early adopters An ecosystem is an ecological community that, together with its environment, functions as a unit.

Lost in Translation

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Although this article, Lost in Translation , from CIO magazine is about outsourcing, it has plenty of lessons for the succeful transfer of knowlege within an organization The successful transfer of knowledge to an offshore vendor everything from programming expertise to what users expect from a system can make or break a project. "Total knowledge transfer is impossible, in large part because knowledge is geographically sensitive."

Certifiably Trained

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The process of creating a certification program can be laborious, and not all companies take this route New article from Training magazine: Certifiably Trained. Every company knowsâ€"or should knowâ€"that its human capital really is capital. Employees generate revenue when they deliver services properly or information correctly. Training is the obvious strategy that most companies employ to make sure that happens, but sometimes that's just not good enough.

The iPod and What We Can Adapt in e-Learning

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Apple's CEO Steve Jobs preaches that the iPod is revolutionalizing the way people listen to music and audio books (Newsweek, July 26, 2004). The Search Function as a Coaching Tool In the Blended e-Learning Workshop you will learn how technology impacts e-learning programs. Topics this issue: 1. The iPod and what we can adapt in e-Learning 2. Featured slideshow: "Interactivity" 3. Using the best media mix for your e-learning project 1. The iPod and e-Learning: What can we adapt?

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How Taking Baby Steps Can Lead to Giant Success in e-Learning

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If you don't have an LMS yet, no problem, you can always publish your elearning program in a website or intranet. In the same way that huge trees grow from tiny seeds, most elearning programs begin with baby steps. Topics this issue: 1. Taking baby steps to achieve giant success in elearning 2. Featured slideshow: "Readiness to Study" 3. The Blended e-Learning Workshop: Your first step to elearning success 1.

In e-Learning, Is Content King?

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e-Learning trainers and program developers who stress "total content" at the expense of "functional information" risk producing trainees who have mastered neither. If that is a problem in your elearning programs, consider: Making elearning easy by providing search tools that help e-students quickly find the content most useful to them. Topics this issue: 1. In e-Learning, Is Content King? Featured vignette: "Let 'Em Digest More Than They Want or Need" 3.

Controlitis: How to Avoid this Debilitating Trainer's Disease

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Avoid misuse of software such as PowerPoint, Flash or Robodemo programs that do not allow the elearner to interact by jumping forward or backward, stopping the presentation exactly, or sensing how long the presentation segment will last. Topics this issue: 1. Loosen up control to muscle up e-learning effectiveness 2. Featured slideshow: "Four Components of Content" 3. e-Learning Project Costing 1. Loosen up control to muscle up e-learning effectiveness?

Which is More Compelling to the Learners: Facts or Stories?

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It is easy to transfer the mechanics to e-learning programs because they are usually found in written manuals and documents. The result is a disaster - boring and uninspiring e-learning programs. So what is the crux of creating compelling e-learning programs? Topics this issue: 1. Which is more compelling to the learners: facts or stories? Featured Vignette: "Control Freakszzzzz” 3. Over 10 examples of simulation, case studies and story-telling e-learning 3.

Second Wave of e-Learning - Basic and Simple Ways to Engage Learners in e-Learning

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Featured Slideshow: "Boring e-Learning Programs: Something is Lost” 3. Second wave of e-learning - basic and simple ways to engage learners in e-learnings The second wave of e-learning programs is now starting to surface in businesses. But even before you spend time, effort and money on high interactivity or multimedia, there are basic ways you can make your program engaging with basic, simple and effective methods. Topics this issue: 1.

Chunking Content for e-Learning Delivery: Does it really work?

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Consider these ideas when you convert paper-based or classroom-based programs into an e-learning format: The shorter, the better Your paper or classroom-based content is usually linear or in sequenced format. If you transfer them as is into an e-learning format, your program ends up as a long series of pages online. eLearners will quit your program. Topics this issue: 1. Valuable tips in chunking content for e-learning delivery 2.

SCORM: What is it?

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and SCORM 2004. 2004 also has several editions, but we’re going to skip that). as a DVD and 2004 as a Blu-ray. is older than 2004, but it’s still widely used. 2004 has more special features, but unless you’re specifically interested in them you can probably get by using 1.2. some read 2004, and others can handle both. To stay away from tech talk, let’s say that most eLearning programs have “with SCORM” and “without SCORM” options. and 2004.


How To Audit Training Programs: Reduce for a Greater ROI

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Companies have extensive investments in Training Programs and that content is depreciating at a staggering rate. Training programs become unusable, irrelevant, or outdated if they are not properly managed and maintained. The value of outdated workplace training programs can be maximized by reducing the amount of extraneous content, reusing instructionally sound content, and recycling content with an eye towards improving and modernizing its design. 2004).

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How To Audit Training Programs: Reduce for a Greater ROI

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Companies have extensive investments in Training Programs and that content is depreciating at a staggering rate. Training programs become unusable, irrelevant, or outdated if they are not properly managed and maintained. The value of outdated workplace training programs can be maximized by reducing the amount of extraneous content, reusing instructionally sound content, and recycling content with an eye towards improving and modernizing its design. 2004).

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Microlearning: Examples and Benefits

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That’s not because it’s new—in fact, we’ve been creating microlearning content since 2004. What’s happening is that people are realizing the benefits of microlearning as more and more companies are incorporating it into their training programs.

Auto-Play Audio with Google Chrome

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I’ve found a “work around” with using a transparent button and program it to play the audio…for whatever reason, this works. Adobe Captivate Q&As Question audio LMS question scorm 2004I learned that Google has changed its browser so audio doesn’t auto-play. Has anybody figured out a way around this? Please keep in mind that I’m an amateur developer ).

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How to Be CyberSmart in a COVID-19 World


October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month , established in 2004 as a broad effort to help all Americans stay safer and more secure online. This year’s theme is: “Do Your Part. BeCyberSmart.”.

ADDIE Must Die!


NOTE (October, 2012): I first posted this piece in 2004. At the time I was looking at educational theories and methods that had been developed in the early 1970′s that rather mysteriously became the de facto standard for developing educational programs. I saw two major problems. The first is obvious. The way we learned back [.]. Education Future of education instructional design Learning Social Learning


Clive Shepherd – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


He was recognised for his Outstanding Contribution to the Training Industry at the World of Learning Conference in 2004 and for four years was Chairman of the eLearning Network. According to you, the many theories such as learning styles, MBTI, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), 70-20-10, etc., ABOUT CLIVE SHEPHERD (Founding Director – The More Than Blended Learning Company): Clive Shepherd is a consultant learning technologist.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Flash: Embedding Video in the Experience

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The more robust codec (compared with mx 2004) has been used extensively in sites like ABC, NBC, and The New York Time to name a few. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Thursday, June 15, 2006 Flash: Embedding Video in the Experience I really like how they did this. The acting is lame, but the interface is tres cool. Talk about "embedding video in the experience".

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Learner Engagement: Behavioral, Cognitive, & Affective

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I adapted this from a coding scheme developed by Baker et al (2004), as cited in Baker et al (2010). The version in Baker et al (2010) refers to a specific educational software program for students; I made this more general to elearning. We’re all looking to improve our “learner engagement,” right? But what exactly do we mean by “engagement”? In elearning, we often focus on clicks and interaction. That’s part of behavioral engagement.

Difference between SCORM and AICC; benefits


Unlike AICC that makes use of HACP, SCORM utilizes the mix of a data model and an application program interface (API) to make interactions between e-learning courses and learning management systems possible. and SCORM 2004. Also, you might be needing prior knowledge of programming.


The Future of Leadership Development in the Digital Age

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What do we hold on to from our past programs? did not even exist in 2004! Traditional leadership development programs may not adequately prepare our leaders for the future. We must consider that traditional leadership development programs may not adequately prepare our future leaders to be successful in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business climate.

The eLearning Guild Celebrates 100 Online Forums! by Jennifer Neibert

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Since 2004, The eLearning Guild has produced Online Forums focused on the newest tools, strategies, and trends in eLearning. After eight years of consistently high-quality programs, the Guild will produce its 100th Online Forum in December 2012. Make plans now to join the celebration and take part in this historic event! Emerging Topics Professional Development Training Strategies Virtual Classrooms

The Missing Metric: Why the Learning Industry Doesn’t Track ROI


When I ask the question of how they measure the success of their programs, ROI (Return on Investment) are three letters that are not often heard. This technology was built to manage and measure the delivery of learning programs across the organization and it does this job very well. As a 2004 technology, the LMS helps companies capture completion and user engagement data but not much else. Do executives expect every employee to be a manager who enters the leadership program?

Creating Captivate Courses from Multiple Merged Microlearning Modules

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C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAdobeAdobe Multi SCO Packager 2017MultiSCOPackager.exe). When you fire off the program, the following dialog appears: You can choose from 3 different templates: Multiple SCOs, Simple Remediation or Pre-test or Post-test Rollup. or 2004). The second and third options force you to use SCORM 2004. E Pluribus Unum, the motto of the United States.

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What is SCORM? xAPI? TinCan? AICC? A review of the LMS acronyms

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became the default technical standard to deliver eLearning via an LMS and was superseded by SCORM 2004 which is the current version. VS 2004. Status Separation: SCORM 2004 adds support for marking individual lessons by completion status and success status adding more flexibility. The latest version of SCORM (SCORM 2004, 4th edition) was released in March 2009, so it’s been over 10 years since it was last updated, and this shows in some areas: No Offline Learning Support.


5 Ways Informal Learning Gets Learners Engaged and Excited


These figures are in stark contrast to those from 2004 when 88% of learning activity was formal with only 12% informal. Organizations must embrace social and informal learning while providing the technology necessary to ensure this process is as seamless as possible to make sure their Gen Z employees buy in to their learning programs. . Informal learning encourages learning in the flow of work – here are 5 ways to help you make it happen.

Game-Based Learning Impacts Youth Behavior/Attitudes

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The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has been supporting youth health education programs through their Children’s Health Education Center (CHEC) for the past twelve years. In 2004 the Center started the program to focus their efforts on reaching youth, educators, and parents via the Internet. Watch a video of one teacher's experience with the program.

SCORM vs xAPI: The Right Choice For Your e-learning


Hopefully, you should find reasons to choose one that merits the requirements for your learning program. and SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd and 4th version), used for packaging content and exchanging data. SCORM 2004 enables instructors to track passes or fails, completion rates, time spent, and single scores. That means you need no programming knowledge before you can develop your online training course. However, it might not be the perfect solution for your learning program.

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