SCORM 1.2 vs SCORM 2004 – which is better?


or SCORM 2004 – which makes more sense for you? and SCORM 2004 still enjoy better support as a way of ensuring standardized communication between online courses and their corresponding Learning Management System. vs SCORM 2004 – which is better? scorm 2004


SCORM 1.2 vs SCORM 2004 – which is better?


or SCORM 2004 – which makes more sense for you? and SCORM 2004 still enjoy better support as a way of ensuring standardized communication between online courses and their corresponding Learning Management System. vs SCORM 2004 – which is better? scorm 2004


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Why SCORM 2004 failed & what that means for Tin Can


“SCORM 2004 is dying (if not already dead!).” 10 years after the initial release of SCORM 2004 [1] [2]. Sign #2: There is no certification process for tools and packages for the latest SCORM 2004 4 th edition. In essence, SCORM 2004 always lived in the shadow of SCORM 1.2.


Why SCORM Compliance is Absolutely Essential for any Best-In-Class LMS


The main benefit of SCORM is the interoperability between eLearning software products. The most recent version, SCORM 2004, provides three major advantages over previous versions: It allows the instructor to see if a learner completed a course before awarding a pass/fail grade.


How Taking Baby Steps Can Lead to Giant Success in e-Learning

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Taking baby steps to achieve giant success in elearning The most difficult part of starting a project is making that crucial "first step.” Especially in elearning where the market is flooded with too many choices for authoring tools, software, and learning management systems, it is so easy for any project lead to get lost in the maze. Topics this issue: 1. Taking baby steps to achieve giant success in elearning 2. Featured slideshow: "Readiness to Study" 3.

Controlitis: How to Avoid this Debilitating Trainer's Disease

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Avoid misuse of software such as PowerPoint, Flash or Robodemo programs that do not allow the elearner to interact by jumping forward or backward, stopping the presentation exactly, or sensing how long the presentation segment will last. Topics this issue: 1. Loosen up control to muscle up e-learning effectiveness 2. Featured slideshow: "Four Components of Content" 3. e-Learning Project Costing 1. Loosen up control to muscle up e-learning effectiveness?

Creative Interactive Ideas

Take an e-Learning Break

A fresh approach to e-learning E-learning is a great way to train employees, inform customers about new products and services, or demonstrate new software or other types of technology. If done properly, e-learning can be an exciting and engaging way to provide an interactive experience to customers, students, or users. We bring fresh thinking and innovation to deliver effective solutions whether it is a small rapid e-learning project or large custom e-learning development.

Designing Effective Graphics For e-Learning Programs

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Converting Content is Tough: It is tougher than software development 1. Converting Content is Tough: It is tougher than software development In the Blended e-Learning Workshop you will learn how to choose and mix the right media to enliven your e-learning content.To Topics this issue: 1. Designing Effective Graphics For e-Learning Programs 2. Featured Slideshow: "Multimedia” 3.

Top 10 Free and Open Source eLearning Projects to Watch for 2012


Fedena - The best way to manage your school or college Fedena is a multipurpose school/campus management software which is used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide for all administration and management related activities. All with no software to install.

Second Wave of e-Learning - Basic and Simple Ways to Engage Learners in e-Learning

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Tired of the first-generation products where focus was on software, developers are now paying more attention on how to make e-learning more engaging. Topics this issue: 1. Simple and effective ways to make e-learning engaging 2. Featured Slideshow: "Boring e-Learning Programs: Something is Lost” 3. Over 50 engaging interactive exercises, games, simulation, etc.

How Much Information Do You Need Anyway?

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At Microsoft's CEO Summit in May, the software giant's own CEO, Steve Ballmer, spoke passionately about the importance of having "digital dashboards": real-time desktop displays of key performance indicators (KPIs) that show critical business ratios such as profit per sales employee per week, customer satisfaction in dispute resolution and the status of outstanding issues with major suppliers. If You Build It, Will They Come?

Best of the Best: Content Authoring Tools

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To give you an example, the free version is ADL SCORM 2004 certified (many commercial paid ones are not). For my Mac OS fans, a screen recording software that is 100% geared to the Mac OS space is Telestream’s ScreenFlow. authoring tools Awards content authoring tool e-learning craig weiss e-learning software elearninfo247 elearning rapid content authoring toolsWhile traditionally best of the best are announced in December, I decided why wait.

Free e-Learning books


162 Tips and Tricks for Working with e-Learning Tools - eLearning Guild The eLearning Guild asked members for their favorite tips for using software for the creation of e-Learning.

Free and Open Source Text to Speech Tools for e-Learning


Uses the worlds best text to speech (TTS) software. No software to download or install. Google has integrated eSpeak, an open source software speech synthesizer for English and other languages, in its online translation service Google Translate.

Top 5 e-Learning books for beginners


10 Reasons Why Raptivity is a Must Have Tool


SCORM 2004, AICC and JavaScript. education software eLearning eLearning Course Creation Toolkit eLearning Software eLearning tools Interaction Templates raptivity

eLearning Standards—What They Are and Why They Matter


The aircraft industry has always had a high need for training and certification, and prior to 1988, this led to a variety of incompatible and closed system training programs that had unique hardware and software requirements.

Even Better eLearning Authoring Software with New Easygenerator Release!


In this blog we will give you an overview off some of the new elearning authoring software functionalities. New eLearning Authoring Software Functionalities. and SCORM 2004 published courses. The post Even Better eLearning Authoring Software with New Easygenerator Release! We have a new version of easygenerator released, it is rolled out to all free edition instances and all subscription instances in the past weeks to enable you to create even better eLearning courses.

Why yesterday’s skills and development strategies aren’t enough to survive today’s digital transformation

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Many organizations, in an effort to join the race toward digital transformation, have chosen to train their staff members to use software. mastery of the relevant software to hold a videoconference), the functional and behavioral skills required would certainly be different.

The Best Feature in Articulate Studio 13


Somewhat unusual among software these days, Articulate opted to wait four years before their next version. Beyond all the glitz and glamour of the software, it all comes down to one thing: reporting. In the past, this meant SCORM 2004 (and version 1.2

Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning


eFront News from the e-learning frontier 10/17/2010 Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning As an e-Learning consultant I always was fun of open source software. Tags: elearning education opensource software tools

A Conversation with Yury Uskov of iSpring

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Yury has a master’s degree in software engineering, and has been teaching computer programming at the Mari State Technical University for over 17 years. He dedicates his time and resources to developing world-class software skills for children, youth and mature professionals.

Expectations From eLearning Authoring Tools

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2004, AICC). Related posts: Rapid Authoring Tools For Creating mLearning Rapid Authoring – Freeform Vs Template Based Rapid eLearning Through Software Simulations And Screencasts.

xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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My job was to help author SCORM 2004, focusing on how to develop content that would work in SCORM systems. Project Tin Can” was the name Rustici Software came up with to describe the work ADL contracted them to do. Tin Can” is a trademarked name owned by Rustici Software.

ADL 96

Flash Is Dead! Long Live Flash for E-Learning!

ATD Learning Technologies

Since then, I’ve programmed and built using Flash 3,4, 5, MX, MX 2004, 8, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2014 and now CC 2015. The.swf file, the exported Flash object that plays in the Flash player in your browser, has been my friend for a long time.

Consider Rapid E-learning to Custom Online Training Module in Minimum Time

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The term rapid e-learning originated in 2004, from a report by Bersin and Associates. On the one hand, it refers to the software and process used to create eLearning content and courses quickly, and on the other to learning delivered in short, quick electronic-based modules.

eLearning in the Workplace


Based on a popular survey ICT Test Bed technological maturity model, authors Underwood & Dillon (2004) revealed six distinct types of e-learners in the work-place: The Novice: These learners know very little about eLearning.

4 Tips to Boost User Experience (UX) Design for eLearning


Seems like the standards for UX respond to the changing interface size and device-to-software compatibility. 2004). A lot has been researched, said, done and written about improving user experience (UX) when interacting with a given interface.

10 Great Moments in eLearning History

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The Macintosh, with its free HyperCard program, also helped a generation of tech-savvy teachers make their own software and tutorials for students. Commercial software companies were quick to develop computer-based educational materials and learning games as well.

Top 8 FREE Open Source LMSs

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Everyone loves free, especially with software. Free software should be in a class by itself, because it often rumbles into three areas: 100% free with no watermarks, limited features/capabilities. In one long breath features include course management, certificates, calender, forums, role management on admin side, authoring tool, assessment, news/announcements, video gallery, surveys, e-commerce, messaging, chat, LDAP and CAS integration, SCORM 2004 and search bar.

Storyline, Captivate, Lectora – An Evaluation Checklist of 3 Rapid Authoring Tools

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The eLearning Guild has come out with a report that lists the most desired features in rapid e-learning authoring software. Can create simple software simulations. Can create complex software simulations. Track in SCORM 2004.

Is it time to replace SCORM? A Look at Emerging Learning Technologies

Growth Engineering

It solved the eLearning dilemma of its age – software incompatibility. SCORM solved this headache by providing a standard software specification that worked across all learning technology. The last SCORM version was in 2004!

Important Features of an Ideal Rapid Authoring Tool

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The eLearning Guild had come up with a report 1 that lists the most desired features in rapid e-learning courseware authoring software. Adding software simulations. According to The eLearning Guild, a few features that the users of tools wanted in the software are: Easy user support.