Is Attention Important in Learning?

The Learning Circuits

Dan Russell, a researcher at IBM's Almaden Research Center, turns off the instant notification of e-mail and only looks at e-mail 2X a day and has cut the time he spends with e-mail in half. IBM also is looking at solutions to manage scheduling for the next version of Lotus Workplace, part of IBM's collection of software that rivals Office. But I don't think the scheduling tools that Microsoft and Lotus are building are it.

30 years of personal computing

Clive on Learning

This forms the basis of DOS for the IBM PC. 1981: First IBM PC hits the shelves, with 16K memory and mono display. IBM announces the PC AT with 286 processor and 20MB hard drive. IBM launches PS/2 range, with 16 colours. 1992: IBM reports $4.87 Apple, IBM and Motorola announce PowerPC. 1995: IBM buys Lotus. IBM PC celebrates 20th birthday. 2005: First dual-core chips.