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The Real Truth about ROI – the Learning Performance Model

Learning Wire

The most consistent challenge for L&D leaders throughout the past 20 years has been the need to prove the ROI of learning investments and thus prove their contribution to strategic business goals. BV: Academic proof for the value and business contributions of L&D has been found by the new CrossKnowledge powered research initiative the CrossKnowledge Learning Institute (CLI), in collaboration with the Maastricht University. 2002; Saks, 2006).

Breakthrough eLearning: We Need More Talented Jugglers

Breakthrough eLearning

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Let's stop pretending

The Learning Circuits

I think I like it so much because we are living in an age of unprecedented access to data and potential analysis. Let's stop pretending that what you're collecting with your LMS has a lot to show in terms of learning analytics, ROI, or business intelligence. Let's stop pretending that bowing to business pressures from stakeholders is helping anyone, in the long run. At the same time, let's stop pretending that we are not in a business of production.

CLO Competencies: The Path for Future Learning Leaders

CLO Magazine

This From the Vault article was originally published on in July 2006. That very question was asked in a recent survey by Chief Learning Officer magazine of executives who are members of its Business Intelligence Board. Although many general management activities are tactical in nature (short-term and limited scope), the ability to see these “tactics” as part of a larger business strategy was an indication of executive readiness.

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E-Learning Q&A November Issue

eLearning 24-7

In this riveting issue we will be covering the international e-learning scene, my State of the Industry LMS Report – specifically the Top 50, LMS ROI, e-learning costs and web conferencing. around 2006, although some companies still use them today. Before we can purchase a LMS, my boss wants to know what is the ROI? A: Rule #1 There is no such thing as ROI when it comes to training (despite our best efforts). Sales drive business.

Issue 64

Learning During Times of Growth

CLO Magazine

This From the Vault article was originally published on in April 2006. . Although financial scrutiny remains, an executive mindset focused on both operational rigor in learning and ROI is part of the “new normal,” and many learning executives are reinvigorated about their jobs and the contribution their learning organizations can make to their companies’ efforts to increase market share and shareholder value.

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