PowerPoint 2007: Adding Voiceover Narration to Presentations Converted to Movies

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Last week I detailed how to turn a PowerPoint 2007 presentation into a movie that could be uploaded to popular video sharing sites like YouTube.  by AJ George.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Learning Styles as Fortune Telling

Learning Visions

Monday, May 21, 2007 Learning Styles as Fortune Telling My research into understanding the role of learning styles in e-Learning continues. Program control gave better results during initial learning, while learner control was more effective at alter stages." (p.

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Informal Learning Blog » Don’t Call Them Trainees

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Messy Learning OK. Messy Training Not OK.

Learning Visions

Thursday, September 27, 2007 Messy Learning OK. Sure experience is a great teacher but organizations are about efficiency and effectiveness. Sure experience is a great teacher but organizations are about efficiency and effectiveness.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Instructional Designers: Do You Have a Degree in ID?

Learning Visions

Friday, November 02, 2007 Instructional Designers: Do You Have a Degree in ID? research methods, history of education, etc.). Together, we could be a very interesting and effective team. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Clive Shepherd posted today about a dinner conversation he had with Cathy Moore.

Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Learning to Spell

Kapp Notes

A web-site named Spelling Time has developed a fun an interactive method to teach kids in grades 1-5 spelling in an engaging manner. The application has built in repetition designed to teach facts which is an effective learning strategy.

Games 130

Consider Generational Learning Styles and Tools

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The ripple effect of this is down into the high schools was that the educational system began to incorporate test preparation as part of the educational experience of the students. Teaching styles and methods become almost invisible to the teacher, trainer or educator who adopts those methods almost without thinking. Applying those same methods and approaches to subsequent generations of kids (like the gamers) just doesn't work.

Enterprise 2.0 Has Arrived

Tony Karrer

Lesson #2: Effective Enterprise 2.0 And my firm conclusion is that there are many new methods, skills, tools, knowledge around how to accomplish our work and learning (see Needed Skills for New Media ). Great article by Dion Hinchcliffe - The State of Enterprise 2.0. Increasing evidence abounds that Enterprise 2.0 adoption has begun in earnest with a typical example being Wells Fargo taking the plunge , having rolled out Enterprise 2.0 platforms to 160,000 workers.

Digital native or digital immigrant?

From the Coleface

As the people providing them with learning, we need to challenge our assumptions about how learners use technology – which methods need updating and which are constantly effective. Prensky’s metaphor of people being digital natives (intuitively understanding how recent technology works) or digital immigrants (needing support/ training in order to grasp new technology) seems wonderfully rich to me. Here’s an example from recent life.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Debunking the Learning Styles Myth

Learning Visions

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 Debunking the Learning Styles Myth As you may know, Ive been on a focused mission to better understand so-called learning styles and their place -- or not -- in e-Learning. It is probably more accurate that such instruction is effective because the multiple illustrations induce learners to devote more time to these concepts. Theres an important distinction to make between "learning style" and "instructional method."

Presentation Tip: Highlighting a Small Piece of a Model in PowerPoint 2007

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Here is one method that I use. Then click on the image you created and go to “Add Effect,” “Entrance,” “Faded Zoom.”

Definition: Mnemonic

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They also involve chunking and organizing of content (also effective techniques.) PERT is a method of project management using a project network diagram. They are effective. I am not sure why they aren't used but I do know from research and anecdotal evidence that they are effective. You will aid your learners in recalling key information using a simple, low cost technique that is shown to be effective for recall.


Accidental Learning and the Power of Stories

Kapp Notes

The article describes how psychologists are starting to research how people tell their life stories as a method of gaining insight into the personalities of people. I think this also helps make an arguement that third-person simulations or game environments might be a more effective learning tools than first-person envrionments. So today I am all ready to write a blog entry based on an article," Why is Work Looking More Like a Video Game?"

Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Build Dangerous 3D Environments

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One effective method of using 3D worlds like Second Life , Active Worlds , ProtoSphere and others for education is to build environments and 3D models for the students to learn about places they could not otherwise visit or inhabit. Build a dangerous or deadly environment and let them freely explore to learn in a realistic manner just how dangerous the particular environment can be.

Activity in Last Six Months

Tony Karrer

Tools to Make Reading & Research More Effective Incredibly Cool! Now using the same crude approximation method, I would estimate 800 subscribers. I just updated my First Time Visitor Guide and I wanted to see what pages had been most visited over the past six months. I found some interesting things (at least to me). Here are the 25 most visited pages. What is eLearning 2.0?

Value of Instructional Designers

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It is effective regardless of the technology. As Tom Haskins once wrote in a comment: As long as there are factories and bureaucracies, there will be a need for instructional design methods and practitioners. Lately there has been some talk about what exactly instructional designers do and what value they add to the process. Brent Schlenker in his response to the ASTD Big Question asks , Well, I think the biggest question is STILL, "Why US?".

Definition: Massively Multi-learner Online Learning Environment (MMOLE)

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A method of tracking leaner progress for the formal elements of the learning environment. Research shows that the more similar the learning environment to the work environment, the more effective the transfer of learning. Massively Multi-learner Online Learning Environment: MMOLE is a genre of computer generated learning environments in which large numbers of learners interact with each other in a virtual three-dimensional (3D) world with the goal of learning.

The Ceiling Effect: How the Height of Your Ceiling Affects Brain Performance


I’ve written previously about the influence of other disciplines on the science of learning, such as looking at desire paths , an architectural concept, to help design effective informal learning experiences. The Effect of Priming on the Type of Processing That People Use.

Brain 211

Effective Learning – Musings from the UnConference

Learning Cafe

This blog post is a summary of the “ Effective Learning ” stream of the Learning Cafe UnConference which was led by Bob Spence. Bob argued that the accountability for learning effectiveness does not rest with the learning and development function solely. Frith, C (2007).

e-Learning Acupuncture: Learning objects that work!

E-Learning Acupuncture

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 Learning objects that work! We can vote to keep the current Past-the-Post method or we can choose to adopt a new method: Mixed member proportional. I could try to Google those two methods and read about them. link] September 12, 2007 7:42 AM rlubensky said. September 12, 2007 8:10 AM Ramprekash said. Thank You October 27, 2007 9:46 PM Eric said. November 26, 2007 1:41 PM Eric said.

Informal learning - less than a dollar a hit

Clive on Learning

Now I don't mean blending methods (discussion, games, reading, instruction, group activities, etc.) By applying realtively informal methods - blogs, wikis, communities of practice, coaching, webquests, etc.

The 3 Ps For Effective Courses!


Apart from this valuable trait, there are the famous 3 Ps that need to be implemented for an effective eLearning course. The trainer needs to utilize the desirable methods of connecting like-minded and similarly aspired learners together for a powerful sense of community.

Collecting Knowledge and Learning - 3/15/2007

Big Dog, Little Dog

On Design - Eyetracking points the way to effective news article design - AUSC Annenberg Online Journalism Review. On Mind - Scientific Method: Relationships Among Scientific Paradigms - Seed Magazine. What if you could engage users in a story for about half the time, yet have them remember about 34 percent more of the content? That's exactly what one test showed. A map constructed by sorting roughly 800,000 published papers into 776 different scientific paradigms.

JPG 32

Teach what you know

Clive on Learning

I've been browsing through a book called Teach what you know by Steve Trautman (Prentice Hall, 2007). It was effective there and is likely to do as well in any other organisation. According to the 2007 CIPD Learning and Development Survey , 41% of respondents regarded on-the-job training as the most effective way for people to learn (shockingly only 2% regarded e-learning this way - but then the respondents are from HR, and so disproportionately technophobic!).

Teach 40

How to Build the Best WordPress LMS Websites For Clients for Maximum Fun and Profit through Effective Visual Communication with Vito Peleg from WP FeedBack


Learn how to build the best WordPress LMS websites for clients for maximum fun and profit through effective visual communication with Vito Peleg from WP FeedBack in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett from LifterLMS. Vito Peleg: The Michael Jordan effect.

Second Life again

Learning with e's

The first course, focused on the ethnography of on-line games, used the game Everquest as a vehicle for teaching research methods to 36 students in an undergraduate communication course. Recommending that potential virtual environments be selected on the basis of genre, accessibility, and extensibility, it is suggested that game-based assignments are most effective when they build bridges between the domain of the game world and an overlapping domain of professional practice.

Finders keepers, losers weepers

Clive on Learning

In fact Peter wrote what was probably the definitive book on the subject, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web , which I vaguely recall reading some time back (I find that now I blog a review of any book I read, I remember much more, which for me is an invaluable side effect of blogging). Important as new informal and bottom-up approaches to learning are becoming, the reality is that top-down methods have a vital and enduring role.

Visual Thinking - Media literacy, appreciation, mastery, and learning

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Does it have to be attractive to be effective? Can you learn a new method for expressing your ideas? Do you write about the problem or simply edit it down to the critical 10mins that accurately, passionately, and effectively tell the story? I read this post from Tony Karrer a few weeks ago and was quite perplexed. I was so confused that I rambled on in a comment followed by many other comments from others I'm certain were equally confused.

Self-organized groups and the methods and ethics of accessing learning resources

The Learning Circuits

The place to begin, of course, is CoPs since what the HiW children effectively did was to build and run their own CoP. Jay Cross has posted some further reflections on the Hole in the Wall project that was presented in a keynote speech by Sugata Mitra at Online Educa Berlin two weeks ago.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Instructional Strategies?

Learning Visions

Im not just thinking about the gadgets and the gizmos that you use or the instructional design "method" behind the process (e.g., Things might get a bit silly with all that snapping, but I bet its effective.

PowerPoint 2010: Converting Presentations to Movies

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  Do a run-through of your presentation to make sure there is an adequate amount of time between slide transitions and any animation effects you may have added and make any necessary changes.   The good news: In PowerPoint 2007, not only did you need to go in to Windows Movie Maker to convert your presentations to movies, but in doing so you lost any transitions or animation effects you may have added. by AJ George.

Movie 164

Setting the Standard for eLearning Assessments

eLearning Brothers

Like the Quality Matters program, on the OLC website , you can find scorecards and rubrics to help guide you in establishing effective quality assessment processes. 2007).

PowerPoint 2010: Creating a Spinning Animation, Version 2.0

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Today I'd like to share his method. The previous method I shared involved duplicating the object you would like to spin, making it invisible, lining it up as a mirror image to the original image and then grouping the two images. by AJ George.

20+ More Books for Instructional Designers

Experiencing eLearning

Even though it was published in 2007, I still pull out the first volume sometimes when I’m stuck for ideas. Cammy also says it can be helpful for IDs who work with graphic designers so you can communicate with those team members more effectively.

CSU Resources

Kapp Notes

It’s effective from a learning perspective and really engages students. 1996) Intrinsic motivation and the process of learning: Beneficial effects of contextualization, personalization and choice. 2007) this is Your Life (and How You Tell it).