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Tony Karrer

Top 100 eLearning Items - eLearning Technology , April 7, 2009 Interesting that my own post got the top spot. My top ten tips for getting started with eLearning: - Ignatia Webs , April 6, 2009 It ain’t always easy to dive into eLearning. Building Better Learning Games - Learning Visions , April 9, 2009 Interested in building casual games for your learners? I've reproduced the text of the article here. Is the Future of Education , April 3, 2009 web2.0

Games lessons

Clive on Learning

This week's Economist carried an interesting article about the use of video games at school.

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Do You Learn More From Your Successes Than From Your Failures? (Please Opine)

Upside Learning

Last week I read this article on Science Daily that challenges this popular perception. Related posts: eLearning On The Rise Innovation in eLearning | Upside Learning eLearning Development: Instructional Design Lessons from a Sales Trainer. When new employees join at Upside Learning, I tell them – “Making mistakes is ok because you learn from them and that’s the real value of a mistake as it gets you ready for success.

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What Sports Teach Our Kids and Why Video Games are Better.

Kapp Notes

The implication is that kids learn far more positive lessons in organized kids sports than playing video games. Lessons Taught via Organized Kids Sports Here are some of the lessons: Humiliation builds character. I believe in the lessons that sports teach us. The lesson?

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How to Learn From Your Best-Failures?

Upside Learning

I could find just this link to a July 2006 article in Business Week How Failure Breeds Success which has some examples mentioned– IBM, Intuit, GE, Coring, Virgin, & JetBlue. Please Opine) Creating Board Games: An Upside Exercise eLearning Development: Instructional Design Lessons from a Sales Trainer. Bhaskar Chatterjee, the chief guest at the CLO Summit India earlier this month, spoke that mistakes should be part of a learning organization’s culture.

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Observe the Supreme Court, Become President, Negotiate Peace with Online Games

Kapp Notes

Read an article about the project. O'Connor touts civics lessons via online games Presidential Elections Each party (including a computer-generated third-party) has its own mascot.

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In Response to "The fewer the competitors, the harder they try" from

ID Reflections

I was reading a post by Clive Shepherd called Sometimes Smaller is Better, where he disucsses an interesting article from the called The fewer the competitors, the harder they try. The articles discusses the "n"-effect where "n" represents any numerical value in mathematics and the outcome of several experiments conducted to understand the relationship between the number of participants in a competition and the motivational level of the competitors.

10 Social Media Tools For Learning

The eLearning Coach

In terms of promoting learning, employees could use blogs to write first-hand accounts of case studies, lessons learned, project debriefings, travel tips and cultural customs. RECENT ARTICLES eLEARNING 2.0

Virtual Hospitals Protocol

Kapp Notes

In an article titled Can Second Life help teach doctors to treat patients? According to the article: After the avatars enter the computer-generated hospital, they check in at a reception desk, put on an access badge, and then stop by professor Martyn Partridge's office to get their assignment.

More than words

Clark Quinn

I have had some subsequent experience in writing more generally: for articles, for online learning, and even some marketing material. And that’s the lesson. Monday was the US celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday, and on Tuesday was the inauguration of the first African American president of the United States. That’s an awesome juxtaposition; that’s change , baby! I not only found it wonderful, but informative.

Best e-Learning Blog that isn’t an e-Learning Blog « The Usable Learning Blog

Usable Learning

Few, if any, of those articles are actually about e-Learning (and, according to Patrick Dunn, they are on the other side from e-Learning, separated by a huge and uncrossable chasm.&# ). I follow a whole lot of e-Learning blogs, and they typically cover topics like web 2.0,

eLearning Around The Web

The eLearning Coach

Here is an end-of-the-year roundup of eLearning and related articles you might find helpful, interesting or enjoyable. These eight articles by Donald Clark extrapolate describe an approach for agile learning and training design. Review of 2009: 100 great resources.

Convert ILT to eLearning - Estimating

Tony Karrer

How should we estimate the e-learning course duration for this lesson? Quite a good article when you are thinking about this conversion. I received an inquiry from a reader and I'm hoping that people can chime in on their thoughts. It relates to my post about eLearning Costs , which bases cost estimates on seat time of the eLearning course. So, the basic question is: We current provide a two day (16 hour) classroom training course for our employees.

ILT 103 Online Training Library Review

The eLearning Coach

Even though many courses are several hours long, they are organized into short lesson segments. A particular lesson might only last five minutes. You can usually test drive a few lessons for free. Tags: RECENT ARTICLES REVIEWS SOFTWARE REVIEWS

Training - Performance Support - Learning - Best of eLearning Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

July 10, 2009 to July 17, 2009. From World of Warcraft to Second Life – Teaching Science with Immersion and Excursion - eLearning Acupuncture , July 16, 2009. How To Add Realism To eLearning - The eLearning Coach , July 17, 2009. In the previous article, Reality eLearning , you can find some ways to get a sense of your audience’s workplace reality through interviews and observations.&#. Network Skills - eLearning Technology , July 16, 2009. July 10, 2009.

Why Story Lessons Are the Most Engaging Learning for Millennials - Tip #174

Vignettes Learning

You’ve probably shared a cool pic or an interesting article recently. These study results tell us that the lessons we share in training and development must not only align with company vision but also with the millennials’ personal values. August 2, 2009 Deloitte.

Chunking Information

The eLearning Coach

As you determine how modules, lessons and topics will be organized into a logical and progressive order, start with large chunks of conceptually related content and use these as your modules. Divide modules into smaller related chunks and these will become your lessons. Related Articles: Less Is More. Reference: Link to George Miller's milestone article from 1956: The Magical Number Seven.].

The Importance of On-the-Job Education

Take an e-Learning Break

Interesting article about online learning and budgets - for example, according to the ASTD's latest Learning Executives Confidence Index , released in July, nearly 60 percent of professionals within the learning industry expect an increased shift toward online learning and virtual delivery of lessons in the near future.


The eLearning Coach » Blog Archive » User Interface Design For eLearning

The eLearning Coach

Because there is no standard icon set in the world of eLearning, our audiences have seen numerous and diverse icons for “Menu&# “Lesson&# “Glossary&# and such. Tags: DESIGN RECENT ARTICLES

Brain Fitness

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

That’s why the lessons in my friend Alvaro Fernandez’s new book provide a pathway to increased profitability. The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness : 18 Interviews with Scientists, Practical Advice, and Product Reviews, to Keep Your Brain Sharp.

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Producing HD Video in an Education Setting: A Case Study by Megan R. Bell and Larissa Biggers

Learning Solutions Magazine

This article traces such a project. The authors cover the project from inception to delivery, including content development, production processes, and lessons learned. If you want to make educational video, read this article! Some e-Learning projects are more challenging than others. The target audience was nursing instructors in higher education. Production involved making HD video in a hospital.

Zip it, Block it, Flag it

Learning with e's

80% of children in the UK have encountered unsuitable or harmful content on the Internet (Byron, 2009 - see report link below) and it has usually been down to parents to educate their children about keeping safe on the web - that is until now.

Generations, Learning Space, eLearning, Energy, & Talent Management

Big Dog, Little Dog

T+D publishes an article, " One for the Ages " and Janet writes that it gives the, "wrong type of advice for dealing with multiple generations in the classroom." E-Lessons Learned - Patti Shank in Training Magazine. I don't know what title to give this post. UNCLE maybe?

Personal Learning Network 3

eLearning Blender

An assignment for my "Tech for Teaching" class at SDSU requires us to follow Ed Tech related blogs on our reader than write up a summary of what we learned from reading these posts and how these lessons apply to our professional goals. This is the third of 3 Personal Learning Network reports on some lessons I have learned lately through blogs I follow in Google Reader.

2018: This Year in Learning– 109 Curated L&D Articles from 2018

The Learning Dispatch

Below are our recommended learning and development articles from the past 12 months, including thought-provoking or simply fun articles related to the field.Did you have a favorite L&D post from 2017? Recommended Learning and Development Articles from Our Senior Learning Architect.

Cognitive Load vs. Load Time

eLearning Weekly

This article, by Eric Matas, is the first of a three part series on the Psychology of Elearning. The lesson? Eric is an Instructional Designer at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Thanks, Eric!! Designers love a little cognitive load theory. Any glimpse into the brains of learners sparks a trainer’s curiosity. It makes sense: if you want to influence brains with new knowledge, it helps to know how brains function best while learning.

Management 3.0, Cognitive Load, Prototyping, Objects, Audio, & Broken

Big Dog, Little Dog

Even if you do not use XHTML, this article provides some good pointers on prototyping, sketching, iteration, etc. This article presents a practical framework for designing and implementing audio-based content, such as podcasts. Management 3.0 - Here We Are. Now What?

Pushing at the boundaries

Learning with e's

I have in recent years gradually reduced the amount of handouts I have given out in lessons, so that almost all the courses I run are now delivered by a combination of lessons, discussions and digital spaces.

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New thoughts on getting started in e-learning

Clive on Learning

It's a much more realistic starting point than a major effort to develop a library of stand-alone, interactive lessons As you can see, I'm really having to rough it at the ITU Regional Human Capacity Development Forum for Africa here in Kampala.

How NOT to Design eLearning

eLearning Weekly

Mark Simon wrote a great article in the January 2009 edition of T+D Magazine titled, "E-Learning NO How: 7 disastrous decisions sure to sink any e-learning implementation." " The article begins like this… You finally did it. After researching and selecting all the e-learning development tools that you needed to author your first lesson, you’ve rolled up your sleeves and produced an excellent, captivating e-learning course.

Learner Personas for eLearning

The eLearning Coach

With a persona in mind, the designer might build more engaging lessons and discover new ways that learners can construct knowledge. Articles related to connecting with an audience: Reality eLearning. One thing we can learn from the field of User Experience design is how to create user personas , better known as learner personas in the world of eLearning. Personas are well-developed profiles of audience member groups for whom we are designing a course.

Writing Learning Objectives—Part 1

The eLearning Coach

Organize the content into chunks, topics, lessons, units, modules, etc. In the next article of this series, I’ll discuss ways to make sure your learning objectives are measurable. © Connie Malamed 2009. There are really TWO categories of learning objectives based on their purpose. One type of learning objective is for internal use—the design team, client and subject matter expert. The other type is for the audience members.

Journal of Learning Design

Sticky Learning

I have been reading articles lately from the Journal of Learning Design. One article in particular has appealed to me, Beyond Instructional Design: Making Learning Design a Reality, by Rod Sims. Here is a quote from the article that sums this up for me: ". I will continue to review articles from past journals that I believe help to alter how we see learning and to provide practical ideas that the average learning designer or facilitator can implement.

Writing Learning Objectives-Part 3

The eLearning Coach

In case you were asleep, the previous two articles in this series discussed how to write learning objectives for your internal eLearning team. And many more to come in future articles. This lesson will teach you how to be a better leader, by practicing how to analyze given information to make sound decisions.&#. © Connie Malamed 2009. Learning Objectives for the Audience.

3 Myths That Prevent You from Learning


Learning is not always a pleasure since it involves questioning what you thought you knew, coming up against your limits, making efforts to overcome them, repeating lessons or actions to master them, not necessarily understanding or succeeding the first time, etc. Articles Catherine Meilleur