LearnX Asia Pacific 2009 - Day 1

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Ben categorises the limitations of m‑learning under three major banners: hardware (screen size, usability, information security), software (multiple operating systems, unsupported file formats, SCORM compliance) and culture (work/life balance and the digital divide).

Seven Tips for an Easy and Effective LMS Switch

Upside Learning

A recent survey on customers’ happiness with their LMS (conducted in Jan 2009, published in Mar 2009) by Bersin & Associates observed: “The study found that a significant proportion of LMS customers – fully one-quarter of customers – are dissatisfied with their systems and say they are likely to switch vendors within the next year.” A vendor who implemented LMS replacements similar to yours in scale will be able to drive your switch-over faster and in an effective manner.

Synchronous vs. Asychronous E-learning

Bottom-Line Performance

A review of more than 350 comparative studies found e-learning modes of delivery every bit as effective as traditional modes of delivery. For one thing, the fact that you’re not physically in front of a classroom tends to provide a false sense of security for new or nervous facilitators. The E-Learning Guild has put together a list of best practices and tips on using synchronous e-learning effectively.

Is Social Media Making You Think

Integrated Learnings

It is having a transforming effect on the way we learn and use the web in general. A lesson I thought was particularly interesting from this video is that a 2009 US Department of Education study reveals that students studying online often outperform their face-to-face peers.

70 years on and still relevant: The Sabre-Toothed Future

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The adults worked for the security and enrichment of their lives. New-Fist thought “if only I could get these children to do the things that will give more and better food, shelter, clothing and security I would be helping the tribe have a better life”. This first post is a long one.

eLearning Conferences 2010

Tony Karrer

December 2009 December 1-4, 2009 New Zealand Association for Research in Education , Distinction Hotel, Rotorua, New Zealand. www.online-educa.com December 2-4, 2009 eAsia , Colombo, Sri Lanka. link] December 3-4, 2009 Worldwide Forum on Education and Culture , Rome, Italy.

AlliedBarton’s Bill Whitmore: A Higher Calling for Security

CLO Magazine

Bill Whitmore, AlliedBarton’s president and CEO, sees it as his duty to prepare the company’s security officers, most of whom have only a high school education, for lifelong careers. It’s not often that you hear a CEO refer to employee training and development as “a higher calling,” but that’s how Bill Whitmore, the head of AlliedBarton Security Services, sees his company’s mission to produce top-flight security officers.

10 Social Media Tools For Learning

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Key features include recording through a microphone or mixer, digitizing recordings from tapes, audio editing, importing and exporting audio files, effects and quality adjustments. One way to learn and solve problems more effectively is by visualizing information.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Editing and Producing Podcasts

The E-Learning Curve

You can also drop in new files, split audio, modify the volume (or amplitude), “top and tail” the recording, and add effects, before generating a rendered file which contains all of the modifications you made to your audio.

Notes from DevLearn and the Adobe Learning Summit

Steve Howard

During the week of November 9th, 2009 I attended two conferences in San Jose. interaction behind the company firewall – safe, secure conversations not visible to the public. Use sparingly for effect. • @rebecka7: I keep hearing over & over again…get your course/training RIGHT ENOUGH for your deadline and then improve. • [link] Articulate showcases. Advanced permissions (ACLs) not yet included so no tiered security features. what is more effective learning?

Content Organization Cheat Sheet

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Assuming that you’ve sufficiently wrapped your mind around the content, use the list below to find the most effective strategy for organizing it. Cause and Effect. When the content presents problems and solutions, then a cause and effect structure is appropriate.

Learning = getting the job done

Jay Cross

Designed for industrial efficiency, not learning effectiveness, they’re unengaging and ineffective – yet they persist. DevLearn marked a significant shift in the field of corporate learning. Content and planning have become secondary to getting the job done.

Job 54

Selection in Agile Learning Design

Big Dog, Little Dog

Now that does not mean "lectures" are finished because they can be quite an effective and efficient means to deliver information, ideas, stories, etc. 2009). Web-Based Instruction: Design and Technical Issues which Influence Training Effectiveness. Retrieved Nov, 2, 2009: [link].

Agile 41

Digital tribal identity

Learning with e's

Thus the shared symbolism of the slang or dialect tacitly protects the tribal culture and secures its social exclusivity for its members. Memes carry no specific rules, but in effect are adopted and shared around by the tribe as a means of perpetuating that culture.

Ten years after

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

customer obsession. · Effective training focuses on the learner, is learner-centric, and obsesses on learners. Network bandwidth growth will be multiplied, in effect, by sophisticated compression algorithms and hardware that will make rich media streams fit into available channels. Progress has brought us longer hours, less security, more stress, shorter vacations, and unhappy lives on the job. Bionic ID and virtual private networks will make the net secure.

Humannet at Cisco

Jay Cross

Yesterday I spent the day at Cisco talking with old friends and new about what Fast Company recently described as an “unprecedented forward-looking strategy to unleash what it’s calling a ‘ human network effect ’ both on and off the Cisco campus.”

Training vs. Learning and the Role of Mobile Devices | Social.

Dashe & Thomson

What more would you need to learn effectively on your mobile device?

Roles 130

Training vs. Learning and the Role of Mobile Devices

Dashe & Thomson

What more would you need to learn effectively on your mobile device?

Roles 130

Information Skills Needed


The seven information skills highlighted are: (1) retrieving information; (2) evaluating information; (3) organizing information; (4) collaborating around information; (5) analyzing information; (6) presenting information; and (7) securing information. For each information skill, there is a discussion of its significance, the logical skills required for its effective use, and its technological components I've been doing a good deal of research/work lately with knowledge management.

Cloud service and deployment models

Janet Clarey

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in their effort to “promote the effective and secure use of the technology within government and industry by providing technical guidance and promoting standards,&# has defined SaaS, as: The capability provided to the consumer is to use the provider’s applications running on a cloud infrastructure. mission, security requirements, policy, and compliance considerations).

SMBs and Social Learning Technologies

Janet Clarey

Challenges to SMBs: resources, culture, loss of control of information, fear of loss of productivity/abuse, security. For services outside the firewall, blockage continues to be an issue driven by such barriers as organizational culture, bandwidth limitations, security issues, IT resistance, and lack of resources. Building Effective Blended Learning Programs. Here are slides from the presentation I did yesterday. The session was hosted by SumTotal Systems.

Wikis and Learning – 60 Resources

Tony Karrer

So, of course, I went to eLearning Learning and I looked at Wiki , Collaborative Learning with Wikis , Wikis and eLearning 2.0 , Wikis Corporate eLearning , Social Learning with Wikis , Wiki Security and a few others. Experiencing eLearning , July 27, 2009 Wikis at Work - eLearning Technology , February 25, 2007 Control and Community: A Case Study of Enterprise Wiki Usage , May 4, 2009 Blog or Wiki?

Wiki 161

Temps Need Training and Development

The Performance Improvement Blog

A 2009 article in BusinessWeek makes this point: Workers hired for temporary or contract work face a higher risk of developing mental health problems like depression, according to research presented in 2009 by Amélie Quesnel-Vallée of McGill University.

Digital tribes

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Photo by Bruce Warrington Ten years ago, in 2009, I published an edited volume entitled 'Connected Minds, Emerging Cultures' which was a compendium of papers written by leading theorists and practitioners in the field of learning technology.

The Benefits of Switching to Virtual Training Software for EMR Training


One of the main reasons for this transition is the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009, which is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Meet 50 Northwestern alumni behind some of Chicago’s top startups


Founder and CEO Marcy Capron picked up a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Communication back in 2009 before heading to Miami Ad School for an MA in Advertising. Brad Morehead: LiveWatch Security. Recap from: Built In Chicago News Article.

Three Benefits of Quizzes in e-Learning


In a third study in 2009 , by giving learners a way to see their deficits, they will be more motivated to work on those deficits. And there are three themes I find in the research that can help LX designers use the Mindflash Quiz Editor to create effective quizzes.

I Believe in the Value of Working out Loud

Tom Spiglanin

In many other subjects, term papers were effectively show-your-work products that described a train of thought, taking the reader from preliminary premises to the conclusion. They are incentivized by a sense of importance and job security.

PKM 204

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Pros and Cons for Schools and Students


Originally when BYOD was introduced in 2009, the intent was to reduce the technology cost in the schools and at workplace. Cost-effectiveness : Since schools don’t have to invest in devices, BYOD proves to be an economically viable option. BYOD is a cost-effective option since it eases the demand imposed on schools by having students replace the technology integral to e-Learning.

Office 365 Video: Your Corporate YouTube

TechSmith Camtasia

Jack, also known as SharePointJack ( Follow @SharePointJack ) is a technology enthusiast, IT SharePoint administrator for a fortune 500 company, and a Camtasia user since 2009 who loves sharing and teaching others. Office 365 Video addresses the gap left by YouTube’s wide open security.

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

Talented Learning

Founded in 2009 to deliver efficient on-the-go learning, BenchPrep quickly established itself as an innovation leader in the certification and test preparation industry.

Friday Finds: Tips to Keep You Focused and Productive!


An Ohio State University study in 2009 found that sitting up straight reinforced confidence. Easily organize your pages, annotations and secure your works with a password. Plus, all your documents are stored in the cloud, so that you can access your files securely anywhere.

Standard Options Apply


Once the request is made and approved by IEEE’s New Standards Committee, we begin the last leg of a journey that started with friends riding roller coasters in Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, OH back in 2009. Some in the LTSC are very familiar with the European Union’s policies on privacy, security, data ownership and the rights of individuals in digital spaces.

The DevLearn eLearning Rockstar Stage Reveal

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Games deliver lots of actionable data to measure effectiveness, both individually and through group learning, showing gaps and areas to optimize for a continuous cycle of improvement. How using templates can increase your effectiveness. How to write effective RFPs.

Why Hospitals are Switching to Virtual Training Software to Deliver EMR Training


In 2009, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was signed into law to promote the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology.

The Renewed Importance of EHR Training – Meaningful Use Incentives.

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Up until now the effects of these failed implementations have amounted to little more than lost opportunities.

Developing a High Performing IT Organization

Training Industry

I have seen amazing things accomplished when the team works effectively, and on the flip side, spectacular failures when the team is dysfunctional. While we all struggle to some degree with a lack of technical talent in an IT organization, more damaging is negative, disruptive or obstructive behaviors that get in the way of effective collaboration, communication and teamwork, creating conflict, low morale and poor productivity.