Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

Tony Karrer

Before I start with any of my actual predictions, let me throw in an overall prediction that the year is going to start off slow for most people, but by the end of the year, we will all be thinking: “Wow, 2010 was a crazy year!” For example, Harold Jarche tells us 2010: Year of the CM.

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The guide contains the course model, week-by-week learning activities, general guidance to the course leader on how to implement and customize the course and specific guidelines on each learning activity. I follow you on Twitter @cpappas November 16, 2010 2:05 AM Carlton said.

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Top 75 eLearning Posts - May 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

May 2010. Performance Learning Productivity , May 28, 2010 Instructional design is not only seen as a core competency for learning and development/training specialists, but it’s a huge industry, too. A Defense of the LMS (and a case for the future of Social Learning) - Social Enterprise Blog , May 12, 2010 For some time now, I’ve seen a growing negativity toward LMS solutions by a pretty wide group folks in our space. LMS Resources - aLearning , May 8, 2010 I know, I know.

Teaching Online Courses – 60 Great Resources

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Ways to Tell a Story (Alan Levine) - ZaidLearn , December 16, 2007 The power of Voice in online classrooms - eLearning Acupuncture , May 31, 2010 The Secret Recipe to Delivering World Class Lectures - ZaidLearn , August 29, 2009 E-teaching personality is good for e-learning - Electronic Papyrus , January 5, 2010 Online Discussions Face-to-Face Versus Threaded Discussions: The Role of Time and Higher Order Thinking Dr. Katrina A.

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More Random Web 2.0 Statistics

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Facebook has more than 400 million active users and 50% of those active users log in every day and 35 million of those users update their status daily. In January 2010, over 75,000,000 people visited representing 1,100% growth over January 2009.

Taxonomy of Learning Theories

E-Learning Provocateur

Clearly, adaptation is complementary to Schema Theory; however, the constructivist perspective emphasises the learner centredness of the activity. . Academia is teeming with learning theories. Some of them are old, some of them are new.

How to revamp your learning model

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Apart from profiling, I’m not convinced that friending, status updating and other Facebook-like activities add much value – especially when a discussion forum that accommodates groups is already in place. In my articles Online courses must die!

"Hey ya'll": Informal Language is the way to go in E-Learning

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Engaging Students in Active Learning: The Case for Personalized Multimedia Messages. There is research evidence to indicate that informal language in an e-learning module is more effective than formal language.

In Good Company: Thanks Zaid Learn and Everyone Create a Personnel Learning Network

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In fact, Christy Tucker in a posting Instructional Design and E-Learning Blogs has listed over a dozen but the point is not to merely copy or mimic what others are doing, instead, create your own Personal Learning List and actively use it to learn!

Army Discovers the Weapon to Kill PowerPoint Briefings…Video Games

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The geographies are accurate and, more importantly, the activity is accurate.”. Recently, there has been a lot of calls for the death of PowerPoint especially from the US Army.

Class Meeting in 3D World of VirtualU

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Last night the class ventured into VirtualU for a tour hosted by Jim and Steve Parker who have created a virtual platform build on Active Worlds.

3D Virtual Immersive Environment: Conceptual Orienteering

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Conceptual Orienteering is a learning archetype where learners are given activities or situations in which they are presented with examples and non-examples of environmental or situational conditions for the purpose of discrimination and creating an understanding of key concepts.

2 More Game Mechanics To Include In Learning Games

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Game play activity tends to rise towards the time a reward is expected. If you’re interested in ‘gamification’ of day to day activities or creating games for varied purposes, please do contribute to this.

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Why we need conferences

Clive on Learning

But having spent some time now immersed in The Power of Pull by John Hagel III, John Seely Brown and Lang Davison (2010), I'm convinced that conferences will have an important role to play for years to come. True, chance encounters can also come through links in blogs, forums and tweets which take you to unexpected places and people, but still much depends on who's already in your network - and remember that not everyone that might be important to you is that active or visible online.

eLearning Conferences 2010

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link] December 29-31, 2009 e-Activities (e-Learning, e-Communities, e-Commerce, e-Management, e-Marketing, e-Governance, Tele-Working), 8th, World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS) International Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa. link] February 22-23, 2010.

The Real Cost of a Free (Open Source) LMS!

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The cost of spending your time on such an activity is extremely high as it affects various other things you may not be able to look after which are a part of your job.

Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning

eFront Create free educational games, quizzes, activities and diagrams in seconds! LAMS LAMS is a revolutionary new tool for designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities.

Adding Social To Learning Games

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How do I get learning games to activate the dopamine centers in the brain and encourage neuroplasticity, very important for adult learners. As our services in game design and development advance, we’re often asked how ‘social gaming’ paradigms can be used in learning games.

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Augmented Reality and M-Learning

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In this day and age, people want to be informed, engaged, immediate, pro-active, social and entertained. Let me pose this scenario: Every day, you walk down the same street. You walk past the buildings, see the crowds and yawn.

We Teach as We are Taught

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As schools adapt to new technologies and hardware and software, curriculum changes need to reflect more than just the inclusion of technology; changes needs to impact methodology, approach and instructional activities. Yet, even today, instructional methodologies are heavily influenced by the instructional models and cultural influences of teachers and administrators, not the students.

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Why an Instructional Design Degree from Bloomsburg University ROCKS our Community!

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As well as active participation in grants to fund Technology Transfer efforts and providing interns and expertise as needed. Active programs develop strong, intelligent, flexible instructional designers who can "hit the ground running" when they graduate and continue to contribute to their company, organization, community and state. __ Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide.

Eight Tips for LMS Implementation

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Get top management buy-in : It is critical that the top management is well aware of all the ongoing activities with respect to the LMS; after all they are the ones controlling the buck.

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Why E-Learning is So Effective

Rapid eLearning

Throw in some good practice activities with feedback and you have a learning environment that’s going to help your learners retain the course content which will produce results. Tidbits: I’m in San Diego at the Training 2010 Training & Expo this week. E-learning is hot.

eLearning Predictions for 2011 and Beyond

Web Courseworks

This summer I attended the 2010 Distance Teaching and Learning Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.

2010: mLearning Year in Review

mLearning Trends

How our January 2010 Predictions Played Out! As we reach the first anniversary of this blog’s introduction, we thought we’d take stock and figure out how things are going by revisiting our list of predictions for enterprise mobile learning in 2010. A.K.A.

Ten Must-Have Features In A Mobile-LMS

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Even with the present challenges mobile learning of non-standard screens, operating systems, browser support there is no real doubt that mobile learning is fast becoming widely accepted to deliver and help manage activities around learning delivery. The future of elearning is mobile.

Get Your Audience Pumped: 30 Ways to Motivate Adult Learners

The eLearning Coach

Create active learning. As a general rule, most learners are motivated by engaging and active learning events over passive ones. You’ll find specific strategies for making learning active in this list. Provide real world practice activities.

Converting Instructor-Led Training to E-learning or Distance Learning: Keys to success

Bottom-Line Performance

Translating activities online is going to take longer than you think. Since I’m not a programmer by trade, it can be easy to look at an ILT worksheet or activity and say, “Yes, we can translate that into a great online activity by….” Bottom-Line Performance, Inc.

Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars.


BigBlueButton is an active open source project that focuses on usability, modularity, and clean design -- both for the user and the developer. More here - [link] November 1, 2010 11:33 AM Meri said. Have a wonderful day, @cpappas November 2, 2010 2:30 AM Meri said.

Our Favorite Game Design Blogs

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A Games Design Blog – Rob Hale’s blog is another that covers the entire gamut of game design and development activities. Over so often I get asked what fundamentals of game design apply to the design of learning games – a very difficult question to answer that.

2010 LMS Products of the Year

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LMS Products of the Year 2010. Extended Enterprise 2010 System of the Year. Ability to active your Facebook, MySpace and Linkedin accounts from within the LMS. A lot of great products out there this year, new updates and latest versions; new companies, new services and just some real innovation. These standout to me. I include Learning Portals, LCMSs, as part of the mix. Categories. Big Dog (Saba, SumTotal, Plateau, Cornerstone OnDemand,

Real learning – let’s not confuse it with completing templated exercises

Performance Learning Productivity

Although this activity is a necessary and sometimes important one (even if only to keep the CEO and Chairman out of the courts and prison) it has little to do with real learning. Regulators haven’t come up with a better way of measuring compliance than by measuring activity.

General Considerations for Mobile Learning (mLearning)

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What actions or activities will need to be tracked? We move on to actually asking about tracking learners, how will learning activities or content be administered and tracked?

Collaboration: A mantra that makes work play!

ID Reflections

Regular social activities to build trust among team members. “Collaboration is a process through which people who see different aspects of a problem can constructively explore their differences and search for solutions that go beyond their own limited vision of what is possible.”

Want a cushy little number? Why not be a training specialist?

Clive on Learning

Activity level: Average. According to US News , Training Specialist (note the old-fashioned but nevertheless still largely accurate job title) is one of the to best careers for 2011, at least in the US. That's good news for all of you out there who fell foul of the recession. Here are some other interesting snippets from the article: Prospects (US figures): Employment is expected to jump by 50,500 jobs, or more than 23 per cent, to 267,000 jobs by 2018, the Labor Department reports.

Low-Cost Test and Quiz Tool Comparison

Tony Karrer

For some of the more useful features, such as viewing score reports, an active paid account is required. I’ve recently been working with Sameer Bhatia the CEO of ProProfs as I was going through an evaluation of various online tools that support easy, fast, low-cost testing and quiz tools. He helped me pull together the following evaluation of a few different solutions: ClassMarker Quia ProProfs Google Docs Forms Creator, and Quibblo.

Digital Instructional Media Design 101- The Design Of Interaction

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For some of us, this was a first experience with AoE; for others, it was a revisit after a similar training activity about a year back. Last month our ID team got their feet wet with the learning campaigns in the Age of Empires II – Age of Kings.