A powerful virtual classroom: Adobe Connect 8

Janet Clarey

Adobe in not an elearning company. This might be why you’re likely to see more reviews of Adobe Connect 8 for web conferencing/meetings than for its use as a virtual classroom. Adobe, of course, is no stranger to corporate e-learning.


Two leaders in the e-learning space (Saba Live, Adobe Connect 8)

Janet Clarey

The second, Adobe Connect 8. Tags: Uncategorized adobe connect 8 saba live Two things I got very excited about last week. The first, Saba Live (formerly Saba Social).


Product Review: Adobe Connect 8 by Jacqueline Beck

Learning Solutions Magazine

Adobe has released the latest version of its Connect product. This review covers the new features, the. improvements, and other details you will want to know about if you are using virtual classrooms.


Live Training on Your Phone? A Closer Look at Adobe Connect Pro Mobile by Paul Clothier

Learning Solutions Magazine

Adobe’s announcement, on February 24, 2010, of the release of Connect Pro Mobile, a synchronous conferencing application for the iPhone, was one more development elevating interest in mobile e-Learning. Here is the latest hands-on information about the new app, and an interview with Randah McKinnie, Senior Product Manager for Connect Pro Mobile and eLearning Solutions at Adobe.


The E-Learning Foundations Intensive: Day 1


Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter LearnNuggets Nuggets of Learning Stuff Home About Resources Tags eLearning , ls2010 The E-Learning Foundations Intensive: Day 1 by Kevin on March 22nd, 2010 Today is Monday; the end of the day on Monday. Search Copyright © 2010 LearnNuggets.


Keeping Up - April's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

I also like to make occasional visits to Google Labs and Adobe Labs to "keep up" with the tech tools they are working on and to test drive any beta versions available. April's Big Question from Learning Circuits is "How to Keep up?" This is in reference the immense and rapidly expanding technology tools. It is tough to stay on top of all the emerging tools. However, being involved in an e-learning community is a big help.


Movements for change

Learning with e's

I gave my responses to these and many other questions during a 30 minute interview today with Alistair Creelman ( Linneuniversitet , Sweden) on Adobe Connect. The learning technology landscape is changing and many questions are being asked.


Adobe Releases Connect Pro Mobile for iPhone by Anne Derryberry

Learning Solutions Magazine

The Adobe® Connect Pro® Mobile for iPhone app is available for download from the Apple® iTunes® App StoreSM. The free application enables iPhone® users to join and participate in live meetings running in Adobe Connect Pro, Adobe’s Web conferencing software.


Crossing the divide

Learning with e's

When I give a presentation live and face to face, it is qualitatively different for me and my audience to a presentation I give through Elluminate or Adobe Connect. Transliteracy can be defined as being literate across a number of platforms.


What Tools Should We Learn?


by Kevin on June 7th, 2010 The Big Question at the Learning Circuit’s Blog for June is “What Tools Should We Learn?” For video, Movie Maker , Adobe Premiere Elements , and iMovie (Mac) are favorites. Get connected! Search Copyright © 2010 LearnNuggets.


Poor man’s way to host a six-way simulcast with Skype

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

We pulled in six simultaneous feeds by running Skype video conversations within a session of Adobe Connect Pro. You’ll hear some echoes, for we were improvising the connections as we went along.


One-way conferencing in a two-way world

Jay Cross

Yesterday I gave a presentation to a couple of dozen people using Adobe Connect Pro. I couldn’t see them. I might as well have been blindfolded. Most web conferencing software is set up for one-way lectures. I’m more into conversations.


Ideas Favor the Connected Mind

Big Dog, Little Dog

Connecting. And the means that we get to see various ideas is often accomplished by connecting with others. These meeting places where we connect are often called “common environments.&# Adobe Connect & Elluminate), social sites (e.g.


eLearning vs ILT stats?

Marcia Conner

Adobe connects running in next office all day, actually. I received a call this afternoon from two strangers who found my name and number on the web, who were looking for some fast stats to use in a presentation for their department about the cost of elearning development as compared to instructor led training. Caller ID said they were Florida based, and they refered to their department as the “Impact Learning Group.”


Resolve to Try Something New in eLearning in 2013

Integrated Learnings

Using Variable Flags to Provide Feedback in Adobe Captivate. Developer's Perspective of Adobe Captivate 6. Discovering Adobe InDesign for eLearning. 3 Ways to Use Adobe Connect. For more resources, you could also take a peek at the year in review posts for 2011 and 2010. By Shelley A.


Adobe Captivate 6 Tutorials

Adobe Captivate

Learn about Adobe Captivate from Experts. Below are links to videos that will guide you through the extraordinary features of Adobe Captivate. Adobe Captivate 2017 – Tutorials. Adobe Captivate 6. Upload HTML5 courses to Adobe Connect.


Cammy Beans Learning Visions: eLearning Authoring Tools Review -- Help!

Learning Visions

Do you know of another tool besides adobe connect for creating an on demand module that has the webcam/video locked in the upper corner while having a ppt. eLearning Guild’s 2010 Salary Report ID Live with John Graves ► April (5) Audio Interview with Tom Kuhlmann of Articulate Book Review: Love is the Killer App Kineo Insights Webinar: Aligning eLearning with B. Moodle in 2010 Kineo Insights Webinar: Challenges and Best Practi.


Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Google Desktop, Sidebar and Dual Monitors

Learning Visions

2) Watch an online Adobe Connect presentation in one screen and blog about it in the other. Moodle in 2010 Kineo Insights Webinar: Challenges and Best Practi. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.


Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Adobe/Bersin Overview of the eLearning Industry

Learning Visions

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 Adobe/Bersin Overview of the eLearning Industry I listened in this afternoon to the Adobe seminar: Overview of the eLearning Industry. Overview of the eLearning Industry The evolving state of the industry Host: Ellen Wagner, Adobe Guest Speaker: Chris Howard, Principal Analyst at Bersin Associates (research and advisory firm in corporate training and performance management) Research done by Bersin in the last several months.


Cammy Beans Learning Visions: e-Learning Guild Synchronous Learning Systems

Learning Visions

cross all industries) WebEx 19% Adobe Acrobat Connect (Pro/Breeze) 10.5% Cost Per Learner: Saba Centra Live was the highest followed by Adobe Acrobat Connect GoToMeeting comes in at the low end Do you believe you got a good ROI?


There is no one ‘right’ online platform to support learning

Janet Clarey

For Guild Academy courses we use one of two of our virtual classroom platforms – either Adobe Connect 9 or Cisco WebEx Training Center (sometimes both for our train-the-trainer virtual classroom courses ). They are based in Austin, Texas and have been around since 2010.