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Ways to Tell a Story (Alan Levine) - ZaidLearn , December 16, 2007 The power of Voice in online classrooms - eLearning Acupuncture , May 31, 2010 The Secret Recipe to Delivering World Class Lectures - ZaidLearn , August 29, 2009 E-teaching personality is good for e-learning - Electronic Papyrus , January 5, 2010 Online Discussions Face-to-Face Versus Threaded Discussions: The Role of Time and Higher Order Thinking Dr. Katrina A.

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eLearning Conferences 2010

Tony Karrer

link] January 2010 January 3-4, 2010 New Presidents Program , sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges, Marco Island, Florida, USA. link] January 3-6, 2010 International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDC), Kolkata, India. link] February 22-23, 2010.

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Under her guidance, the association was able to offer its first asynchronous Web-delivered course, and its first synchronous Webinar. November 21, 2010 12:19 PM Christoforos Online said. Have a wonderful day, @cpappas November 21, 2010 12:22 PM Connie Malamed said. Best, Connie November 21, 2010 12:28 PM Christoforos Online said. Have a wonderful day, @cpappas November 22, 2010 12:02 AM Vics said. November 22, 2010 3:26 PM Jeff said.

From e-Learning to iPad: How to adjust the user interface by Dr. Carmen Taran

Learning Solutions Magazine

Asynchronous Design Strategies Future Trends Getting Started Instructional Design Mobile LearningWhen we move learning from one medium to another, it is tempting to do it the easy way: scrape the. old content and dump it into the new format. Unfortunately, this creates more problems than it. solves, especially in the interface. Here are the five questions to ask, with illustrated answers.

SkillSoft To Be Acquired By Private Firm by Anne Derryberry

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What will emerge from the mayhem?

Clive on Learning

The Towards Maturity 2010 Benchmark Report has confirmed what you would have expected to come out of a severe recession in terms of e-learning. It is unlikely to be obvious to the decision makers that they are actually bundling a whole load of decisions together: synchronous to asynchronous, collaborative to individual, face-to-face to online.

The Advent of Mobile Learning Technology

Upside Learning

It seems the younger members of the workforce prefer synchronous (real-time) collaboration tools over asynchronous tools. Perhaps 2010 will be the year when it really explodes on the scene and forces us to really think about what mobile technology can do for learning.

IM 16

Ad-hoc Social Learning Environment - How a Blog Drives Learning

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

The program, dubbed BaseCamp 2010, addressed 40 participants drawn from the senior and mid-level ranks of the company. The discussions were asynchronous and mediated. Asynchronous interaction works great There may be some value to bringing everyone online at the same time and conducing a class using a web meeting platform. The whole of BaseCamp 2010 was delivered in asynchronous mode, and that did not stop us from interacting in meaningful ways.

Captivate Twitter Widget- download it now on Captivate Exchange!

Adobe Captivate

The twitter widget allows the users to collaborate with their fellow students even in an asynchronous elearning setting; and also catalyzes teacher-learner interaction. The Captivate twitter widget is now live on Captivate exchange !

Create Mobile Learning with Lectora & Lectora Online by Tanya Seidel

Learning Solutions Magazine

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Rapid Training Development the Agile Way

Integrated Learnings

Teirney spoke about the process they followed in her session 'Agile Instructional Design & Development' at the recent Lectora User Conference 2010. Over the course of the full project, they added podcasts, coaching cards, asynchronous eLearning modules, and classroom-style workshops led by subject matter experts (SMEs). By Jay Lambert.

Tool Overview: Questionmark Perception by Joe Ganci

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Nuts and Bolts: Getting Management Support for Training by Jane Bozarth

Learning Solutions Magazine

“When developing and launching a new training initiative – traditional classroom, virtual classroom, asynchronous, or a mix – or suggesting a training solution for an individual worker or group, it’s vital to gain management commitment. As with so many issues in training and development, this is another of those “easier said than done” challenges.

Theory-informed design tips

E-Learning Provocateur

The forum may be synchronous or asynchronous, or both. In my previous article , I proposed a Taxonomy of Learning Theories to organise a few of the myriad of theories into some semblance of order, and to assist instructional designers in using theory to inform their work.

Lurking and loafing

Learning with e's

Online learners who 'lurk' during a discussion event, whether synchronous or asynchronous, could be said to be loafing.

Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 4

Upside Learning

Video infuses asynchronous e-Learning with human interaction and visual demonstrations that can be lost outside of live instruction.


Seeing is Believing: Simple Graphic Design Tips To Improve Online Courses by Jessi Nokes and Erin Sappington

Learning Solutions Magazine

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Opensesame™ Unlocks an Open Marketplace for e-Learning at DevLearn 2010 by Learning Solutions Staff

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Learning Delivery: E-Learning and Mobile Gaining Ground

CLO Magazine

Last year, CLOs reported using slightly less synchronous and asynchronous e-learning than classroom based training, consistent with several years of slow gains and small retreats for both forms of e-learning.

ILT 39

From e-Learning to the iPad: Don't Just Move Bones from One Graveyard to Another by Dr. Carmen Taran

Learning Solutions Magazine

Asynchronous Design Strategies Future Trends Getting Started Instructional Design Mobile LearningWhen we move learning from one medium to another, it is tempting to do it the easy way: scrape the old content and dump it into the new format. Unfortunately, this creates more problems than it solves, especially in the interface. Here are the five questions to ask, with illustrated answers.

Opensesame™ Unlocks an Open Marketplace for e-Learning at DevLearn 2010, November 3-4 by Learning Solutions Staff

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DemoMate: An e-Learning Alternative (Sometimes) by Joe Fournier

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Captivate 5 for University Educators

Adobe Captivate

This one hour session hosted by Dr. Allen Partridge, Adobe eLearning Evangelist, will focus on making the transition to asynchronous and synchronous online education & distance learning for university faculty and instructional design support personnel. This week’s eSeminar was chock full of solutions as we discussed ‘how to’ start developing eLearning based on the kind of face to face classroom content educators already have prepared for the courses they teach.

Cliff Atkinson’s Beyond Bullet Points

Learning Visions

the sales presentation, the keynote, a lawyer’s opening arguments at a trial), there’s a lot to apply towards self-paced, asynchronous eLearning programs.


How to keep up? Follow what sparks your interest…

Spark Your Interest

learn – methods and tools for learning on my own/in a group/with an instructor – these tend to be more traditional course based – synchronous and asynchronous. This month’s Big Question is simple: How do we keep up?

Online learning is more efficient than face to face training – discuss

Clive on Learning

These can be categorised as: The use of online content, in its many forms, typically asynchronously (self-paced). Asynchronous collaborative activities, using email, forums, social networks, blogs, wikis, etc. Face-to-face learning’ is also a versatile medium, although it does not, almost by definition, support asynchronous methods of delivery. If we look at the first form of online learning – asynchronous online content – then the answer is a definite ‘yes’.

No Lecture Webinars

Experiencing eLearning

Is the forum the way to handle that, with asynchronous responses? These are my live blogged notes from the webinar How to Create No Lecture Webinars by Ray Jimenez , presented through Training Magazine Network. Awkward phrasing, grammar errors, and typos are mine errors, not Ray’s.

Learning in 3D: a stop on the world blog book tour

Clive on Learning

Back in 2007, in 3D e-learning is as diverse as 2D , I set out how I felt the applications of 3D worlds could be mapped as synchronous and asynchronous or individual and collaborative, just like 2D e-learning: So what about Karl’s and Tony’s book? I have been asked by Karl M.

Key Steps to Preparing Great Synchronous Interactions

Experiencing eLearning

Practice exercise–can be asynchronous. These are my live blogged notes from Karen Hyder’s webinar, Key Steps to Preparing Great Synchronous Interactions from the Training Magazine Network. My side comments in italics.

Sales eLearning – 21 Great Resources

Tony Karrer

A Formula for Storytelling in eLearning - Integrated Learnings , April 6, 2010 When a client asked our team to develop a sales skills enhancement course, we opted to base the training on the methods of the most successful sales person in the department. Work Context: The New Classroom - Living in Learning , March 22, 2010 Fifteen of those years were spent living out of a suitcase as a roving sale trainer and then as a manager. It is asynchronous.

Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 6

Upside Learning

This article focuses primarily on asynchronous learning, specifically constructing self-paced e-learning courses, though these strategies could be applied to a variety of learning design and development situations. 2010 in Review Part 1: Top 10 C4LPT resources.

Skype, Zorap and Stixy

Spark Your Interest

One that I think I might try out is Stixy , which is a more asynchronous option – upload stuff and people can comment on it, kind of like Voicethread meets Google Docs. I was watching Jay Cross talk about Good Practice (thanks to this brilliant online community) and Jay mentioned a service called Zorap , which I immediately – after watching the online video interviews – surfed to and checked out.

What's New in Captivate 5? Twitter, That's What!

eLearning Cyclops

I think this is good news and a good start for incorporating social media in asynchronous courses. During #LrnChat it was mentioned that Captivate 5 will include integration with Twitter. Yes, I do think using social media tools directly for informal learning is a better option in many, if not most situations, but if a "blended" solution is needed then incorporating Twitter into Captivate is now an option.

Two more fun tools for elearning

Spark Your Interest

This has great application for education, and business, too – kind of like an asynchronous focus group. There are always too many tools to track, but I have a compulsion to track ‘em down, so I might as well just share. Imagination cubed , this fun little one from GE allows you to draw on an online whiteboard, invite friends to join you and replays your drawing movements.

Money’s tight, let’s do some e-learning

Clive on Learning

Try mixing self-study with virtual classrooms and collaborative activities using forums and other asynchronous tools. It's that time of year again. We're due an update from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development on the state of play in learning and talent development (the 'talent' bit being a recent insertion) as seen by the CIPD's primarily UK-based membership.

Reflective Learning in Virtual Worlds

Kapp Notes

Keep in mind that the debriefing process can be important for both a synchronous learning experience as well as an asynchronous experience. A critical element in virtual world learning is the opportunity for the learner to reflect upon his or her experience. As a designer of a 3D virtual learning experience, you need to design part of the learning experience to include time for the learners to re-envision what they experienced and add meaning to that experience.

May's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

Asynchronous e-learning will incorporate social media into courses allowing for more collaborative learning and formative evaluation by the course designer. Learning Circuits' Big Question for May is "So what can, should, or will, we offer the digital generation by 2015?" Five years is not very far into future, but in terms of technology things can change immensely in that amount of time. Just think of how learning technology has changed in the past five years.