Game Based Learning 2010 – Recap: Day 1

Upside Learning

Each clue is a piece of data or metric related to social media. Each clue is a piece of data or metric related to social media. I certainly have many ideas from Matt and others to carry back to my workplace & business.

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Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

Tony Karrer

Before I start with any of my actual predictions, let me throw in an overall prediction that the year is going to start off slow for most people, but by the end of the year, we will all be thinking: “Wow, 2010 was a crazy year!” For example, Harold Jarche tells us 2010: Year of the CM.

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Podcast 36: How to Deploy B2B2B Certification Rapidly – With Ha Nguyen McNeill

Talented Learning

Join us as we discuss the thorough yet rapid selection and deployment of a complex, business-to-business-to-business (B2B2B) LMS to drive BSA’s new online “ SAM ” certification for enterprise software professionals. Lessons from real-world business cases.

Decisions, decisions. Business decisions.

Jay Cross

MAKING BUSINESS DECISIONS: THE HEART AND THE HEAD. Jay Cross examines decision making on learning at work, and gives the lie to some myths about the use of business metrics. To “earn a seat at the table” where the business managers sit, you must: Speak the language of business.

Future of Learning Technology – 2015

Upside Learning

The ability to measure informal learning may be done through the system itself, and constant tracking of some metrics will help learning designers monitor the ‘learning/performance health’ of the system and its users.

An Introduction to Running Learning Like a Business

CLO Magazine

Several veteran staff approached me and all told me something like this: “Learning is not like other aspects of the business and it cannot be run like other parts of the business. That was my introduction to the challenges I would encounter as I attempted to run learning like a business. I had come to Caterpillar as an economist, and my previous position was chief economist for and head of the Business Intelligence Group.

Making business decisions: the hand and the heart

Jay Cross

For the current issue, I wrote an article entitled Making Business Decision: the Hand and the Heart. This is the sequel to last month’s Speaking the Language of Business. Tags: Making sound decisions Metrics of organizational learning Inside Learning Technologies is an important magazine in the U.K. Isn’t it odd that while the net spans the globe, learning magazines remain confined to their home countries?).

eLearn Magazine’s 2010 Predictions

Jay Cross

Four members of Internet Time Alliance submitted their thoughts to eLearn Magazine’s 2010 Predictions. Time-to-performance will become the dominant metric for learning. Businesses in 2010 will become faster-paced and more unpredictable. Wave Crests.

HPT and Social Learning: David Wilkins via Skype #ISPI -Sharing some key points.

ID Reflections

What business metrics are the most important? I just attended an #ISPI session hosted by the Massachusetts ISPI chapter (@ MASS_ISPI ). The session was on HPT and Social Learning: Organizational Performance in the Cloud b y David Wilkins, VP of Product Marketing at

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10 pieces of advice on the web, workflow, & learning

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

The Centre’s Articles and Papers section contains these ten articles I wrote when Internet Time Group was affiliated with Learning Light: Experience and best practices of businesses using Web 2.0 ROI – Flaws in the Metrics System.

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Jay Cross

He has challenged conventional wisdom about how adults learn since designing the first business degree program offered by the University of Phoenix. Cross mashes up his considerable experience in training, business consulting and web 2.0

Bob Mosher on Informal Learning and Performance Support

Learning Visions

But we don’t usually have the $ to do that… “For far too long, training has used the smile sheet as the metric.” Informal Learning: Are We Missing a HUGE Opportunity? with Bob Mosher of Learning Guide Solutions, presented by Massachusetts Chapter of ISPI and sponsored by Kineo.

Harnessing Magic

Clark Quinn

When we consider how many have a mobile device of some sort, and that these devices are increasingly powerful, we have a big opportunity to have a business impact. Which brings us to the business impact of mobile tools. The key to business impact from mobile devices is to think performance; what small tweaks will change our key business metrics in big ways.

eLearning as Part of a Change Management Effort

Integrated Learnings

They shared data on the rate of repeat business from customers who have complained and explained the benefits of improving that rate. Since employees were evaluated on their handling of customer complaints, supervisors also explained how having a consistent flow would improve those metrics (tapping into the “What’s In It For Me” factor) and make these conversations feel easier. By Shelley A. Gable.

Change 136

Learning on the Holodeck

Jay Cross

Conservative organizations and schools are more likely to adopt environments developed specifically for business and academic applications. Tags: Metrics of organizational learning The process of Innovation


Value Networks

Jay Cross

More puzzling to me is why businesses are not permitted to account for social capital (such as know-how, relationships, and talent) which makes up more than half of their value. Tags: Making sound decisions Management Innovation Metrics of organizational learning

Sales eLearning – 21 Great Resources

Tony Karrer

Of course, it’s such a big topic that I decided to cheat and quickly point the person to eLearning Learning and particular to eLearning Sales , eLearning Sales Metrics , Sales eLearning Case Studies , and Sales Performance Support. Understanding this model is important in order to be able to apply it within different situations in order to help drive behavior change that ultimately leads to improvement in metrics. The Business Case for Social Learning.

Looking to the Future

Bottom-Line Performance

New Media Consortium and Educase recently released the 2010 Horizon Report , which describes technologies likely to be adopted near, medium and long term for learning and teaching. Learning Circuits Blog big question for January is around Predictions and Plans for 2010. Performance metrics become more important than ever. What predictions do you have about the future of technology in our business?

Role of a Learning Consultant: Insightful discussion imported from LinkedIn

ID Reflections

What are some of the primary and secondary functions that a business expects from a learning consultant? Lock down and establish the scope, resources, timeframe, deliverables and success metrics, as well as a plan for maintaining the program (if needed) after the project concludes. Those are the high-level steps - specific skills one might need depends on the project and business needs.

Answering Some Virtual World Questions

Kapp Notes

Metrics are key, love to hear more about that. The metrics or measurements we need to use in 3D virtual immersive environments must be the same we use in physical environments. What is the biggest barriers to offering virtual training in business world? How can bots be used in the context of business in virtual worlds? Below are some interview questions I was asked the other day. I ran out of time and promised to post them on my blog.

Intangibles matter

Jay Cross

“Articles are included from the likes of the Harvard Business Review, Henry Mintzberg, HR Magazine, Jeffrey Pfeffer, MIT Sloan Review, Nokia, SuccessFactors and the Wall Street Journal.&# (I am proud to be among such company.). Cross then goes on to make the point about the way outcomes are measured; “First, the metrics that people have been using for the past 30 years— using accounting measures—are totally ridiculous. Tags: Metrics of organizational learning

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ASTD Keynote: “People Lie” Richard Hilleman Electronic Arts #tk10

Learning Visions

This are my liveblogged notes from Thursday, January 28 Keynote at ASTD TechKnowledge 2010 in Las Vegas, NV. In the business of making video games. EA University Knowledge Changes Everything Producers and designers – at EA – the business is so unique. Built an exercise around Lego Mindstorms objectives metrics rules In his classes – need to learn about leadership and teamwork. Updates metrics on your scoring spreadsheet. Find metrics to measure.

ASTD 122

Skillsoft Goes Private

Kapp Notes

SkillSoft (Nasdaq: SKIL) a provider of e-learning and performance support solutions for global enterprises, government, education and small to medium-sized businesses with a huge catalog of "off-the-shelf" courses in a variety of subjects from IT to business skills announced today that it will no longer be publicly held.

BE a businessperson

Jay Cross

Speak the Language of Business. Jay Cross explains why it is vital for learning and Development to speak so that others in the business particularly executives – will understand. Metrics are measurements that matter. It might be a committee of business people.

Time Is Money

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Chief Learning Officer, April 2010. This makes time-to-performance, the amount of time required to begin performing at target levels, a vital metric. At the end of the last century, Sun Microsystems was a high-flier in the workstation business. Time Matters.

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Building organizational capabilities

Jay Cross

Yet only a third of companies actually focus their training programs on building the capability that adds the most value to their companies’ business performance. We defined a capability as anything an organization does well that drives meaningful business results.

Go straight to the finish line

Jay Cross

Thomson Reuters’ Andy Jones described the journey from eLearning to knowledge-sharing, saying “Thomson Reuters Technology Operations has taken business-focused learning to a new level. Business is operating to an ever-faster metronome.

Charles Schulz Museum

Jay Cross

Albert Atlanta Business Wealth Network July 28, 2009 at 9:44 am What an incredibly cool place! Mohamed Adam Jr February 14, 2010 at 5:46 am Quiet and nice atmosphere.

Top five tips for measuring the value of learning

Saffron Interactive

Are you trying to reduce the number of security breaches or are you attempting to improve performance relating to targets or sales metrics? Align the metrics to the business needs. Make sure you know what the business needs are, and how the training is intended to address those needs, and align the measures of success to this. Then turn this on its head and ask how the business would be performing without the training.

5 Ways to Determine Which Online Course is Best


Let’s say you want to learn a business skill like online marketing. In many ways it is a vanity metric. This metric becomes more relevant when you consider how many years the course provider has been in business. If they have had 5,000 students and have been in business for two years then that is pretty impressive! However, if they have been in business for six years then that figure is less impressive and may raise additional questions.

Laura Overton – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Her work is based on 25+ years of practical experience in implementing technology enabled learning strategies for business advantage and is backed by her independent research. Success comes down to how L&D professionals apply these tools to the business problem of learning.

Performitiv – Come See Us!


Contact us at if you want to discuss how metrics can improve your programs, people and business results. Our CEO launched CTR in 2010, we’ll be on-hand and ready to mingle. Come over to Booth #1145 or join our session on modernizing metrics. At Performitiv we’re making plans for 2019 to spread our message about modernizing measurement, showing evidence of impact and acting on your L&D data to improve performance.

Using Virtual Learning Tools to Create Training Experiences


These are individuals born between approximately 1995 and 2010 and are only now beginning to impact the workforce. Measurable – without quality metrics you won’t know whether you are on the right track.

Using Reality-Based Tools for Better Results


You’ve probably already guessed that technology is clearly winning the hearts and minds of younger employees, especially Generation Z , defined as those born between approximately 1995 and 2010 and now beginning to impact the workforce.

How to Build Executive Alliances

CLO Magazine

In my mind, while this had optimized the various organizations — internal departments — it may not have optimized the overall business; all we had was optimized silos. At FedEx it’s a comprehensive look at the people, service and profit side of the business.”.