Welcome Camtasia Relay 3.

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In addition to Snagit on Mac being released, Camtasia Relay 3 is also ready for primetime! Easy lecture capture gets easy captioning with Camtasia Relay 3. Full editing capability offered through a free license of Camtasia Studio 7.1 and Camtasia for Mac 1.2

Camtasia Studio 7 - Updates

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I've heard a few questions from people asking about upcoming release of Camtasia Studio 7 and new purchases. Because we are so close to the release date, anyone from now on who purchases Camtasia Studio 6, will be getting a free upgrade to version 7.

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Time Saver Tuesday - Camtasia Studio Hot Keys

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We had a request during our recent Camtasia 24 Screencasts in 24 Hours about publishing all the hotkeys in one place (they're listed in a various sections of our Online Documentation here ). I'll start with Camtasia Studio's shortcut keys this week. Camtasia Recorder.

Camtasia Studio 7 - Sneak Peek, Cursor Effects

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Coming in Camtasia Studio 7 are editable cursor effects! A nice, new feature in Camtasia Studio 7 is that you'll be able to help viewers follow along by enlarging the mouse pointer, making it a spotlight, or visualizing clicks. I hope you like what you see in Camtasia Studio v7 so far!

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Camtasia Studio 7 - Sneak Peek, Keystroke Callouts

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A new feature coming in Camtasia Studio 7 is the option of making your keystrokes visible to viewers! Camtasia Studio 7 automatically takes note of any keyboard shortcuts used during recording and can show the keys as a graphic overlay in your video.

24 Screencasts About Camtasia in 24 Hours. Starts Now!

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It's time to kick off our marathon of 24 Screencasts about Camtasia in 24 hours! Here's the schedule for the day: 8:00 am: Welcome, Meet Shane Lovellette, Camtasia Product Manager. 9:00 am: 11 years of Camtasia and counting. Dave O'Rourke, Lead Camtasia Studio Developer.

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Live Camtasia Training with the Customer Success Team

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To get things started, we want to share with you a couple of live, online Camtasia training sessions that we are hosting. We are here to help your introduction (or refresher) to Camtasia be an outstanding experience! Getting Started with TechSmith Camtasia Studio (Windows).

Camtasia Studio 7 - Meet Shane Lovellette Plus What's Coming Soon?

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As you know, we're getting ready to release Camtasia Studio 7. Over the next few days, I'll be sharing with you several sneak peek screencasts of the new features so you can see Camtasia Studio 7 in action! As you know, we're getting ready to release Camtasia Studio 7.

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Time Saver Tuesday - Batch Processing with Camtasia Studio

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Say you were working on a series of Camtasia Studio screencasts for a big project at work. Camtasia Studio has a batch processing option that saves you time by allowing you easily produce multiple Camtasia Studio projects at the same time using production presets.

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Transform your PowerPoint into a PowerCast using Camtasia!

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Michael wrote a fantastic book on communication and learning through screencasts called PowerCasts – Creating Dynamic PowerPoint Screencasts with Camtasia Studio. If you haven’t tried creating a PowerCast using Camtasia, take the plunge and give it a try. 2010).

Designing a PowerPoint Screencast Using Camtasia

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Screencasting is increasingly used to record PowerPoint presentations using preeminent software such as Camtasia Studio , which can enable an add-in to run the program from within PowerPoint. Camtasia built in quiz maker. Quiz feature in Camtasia 8. Quiz Feature in Camtasia 8.

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Camtasia Relay Allowing For Uninterrupted Education

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Although the campus was closed, learning did not stop for the Bobcats; students stayed on track using Blackboard and Camtasia Relay. She recorded her voice as she went through her PowerPoint using Camtasia and uploaded it to Blackboard for her students to access.

Screencast of the Week - Speed Painting

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Whenever I have a few minutes to take a break, I'll poke around YouTube to see what people are creating with Camtasia. Oh, and if you'd like to make speed up the playback speed on one of your screencasts, you can do that with Camtasia Studio. I always want to learn and be inspired.

Screencast of the Week - GrowVeg.com

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I recently heard from GrowVeg.com about a series of screencasts they made with Camtasia for Mac. If you want to see how to use SmartFocus for Camtasia for Mac, here's a tutorial. Tags: Camtasia for Mac Screencast of the Week 475 48 Winters can be very long in Michigan.

Screencast of the Week - Google Earth Design

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I have to say one of my favorite parts about this screencast is not actually part of the video - at the end of Richard's blog post , he shares what he has learned and posted his Camtasia workflow. Tags: Camtasia Studio Screencast of the Week UK 26 48 203

The 12 Days of Screencasting - On the First Day.

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Jing Love" was written and performed by: Steve Elgas - Software Engineer, Camtasia Studio: guitars, vocals. Clint Hoagland - Software Test Specialist, Camtasia Relay: drum programming, engineering. What would you ever do if someone gave you a partridge in a pear tree?

Tune in to The Forge - Live Today at 2pm EST

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Camtasia Studio Camtasia for Mac The Forge 58 475 26 573Today is the day! You're in the right spot to tune in live for our December episode of The Forge. To watch the show live, just visit this blog post on the Visual Lounge at 2pm EST to join us! Note: you may need to refresh your browser at 2pm. What will we be talking about on The Forge today? Mostly music! You'll learn where you can find music that you can use for free and legally in your screencast.

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2010: mLearning Year in Review

mLearning Trends

How our January 2010 Predictions Played Out! As we reach the first anniversary of this blog’s introduction, we thought we’d take stock and figure out how things are going by revisiting our list of predictions for enterprise mobile learning in 2010. A.K.A.

Meet David Frazier, State of Alabama technology trainer

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Our newsletter Editor, Daniel Foster , caught up with a Camtasia Studio user, David Frazier. I went to the website, saw a free Camtasia download and started "playing" with it. Once I figured out what I could and couldn't do with Camtasia Studio, I really started experimenting.

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2010 LMS Products of the Year

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LMS Products of the Year 2010. Comes with Jackdraw authoring tool, and in the tool you can use Captivate, Articulate, Camtasia & PowerPoint content. Extended Enterprise 2010 System of the Year. A lot of great products out there this year, new updates and latest versions; new companies, new services and just some real innovation. These standout to me. I include Learning Portals, LCMSs, as part of the mix. Categories.

Screencast of the Week - Picture-in-Picture for Whiteboard Recordings!

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And, the Picture-In-Picture (PIP) option in Camtasia makes screencasts lively and shows off the presenter's personality. You can read a blog post on Peli's Farm blog all about how they create whiteboard screencasts with Camtasia Studio and an eBeam. Microsoft Research used the following setup: a camera plus a tripod to record the person at the whiteboard, the eBeam capture software running and Camtasia recording the computer screen.

Closed Captions in Online Videos

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In 2010, Netflix was presented with a class action lawsuit for failing to providing captions for their entire library of videos. You have a couple options: A good place to start would be adding closed captions with Camtasia.

The 12 Days of Screencasting - On the Sixth Day.

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For example, Camtasia:Mac offers different arrows you can bring into your project. We're half way through our "12 days of Screencasting. Have you found the tips useful? Today you're in for a tasty treat. Forget the Six Geese-a-Laying - who wants that?!

eLearning/mLearning: Easy Font Resources

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Tags: Adobe's Technical Communication Suite Camtasia Captivate eLearning mLearning

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Meet Kate Sumbler - Technical Support Specialist

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Kate references this tutorial in the screencast about sharing files between Camtasia Studio (PC) and Camtasia for Mac. Kelly Rush and I have been wandering the halls of TechSmith for our behind the scenes interviews.

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I Came, I Saw, I Learned by Kevin Siegel The content focuses on eLearning, mLearning, social media, and how-to articles for Captivate, Camtasia, FrameMaker, Acrobat, RoboHelp and PowerPoint. November 21, 2010 12:19 PM Christoforos Online said. Have a wonderful day, @cpappas November 21, 2010 12:22 PM Connie Malamed said. Best, Connie November 21, 2010 12:28 PM Christoforos Online said. Have a wonderful day, @cpappas November 22, 2010 12:02 AM Vics said.

Camtasia 6: Why Won't Some Gifs Work?

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Question: I'm using Camtasia Studio 6. According to TechSmith, the makers of Camtasia, the culprit is a recent Windows Security Update (KB975560). It seems that thanks to the update, some gif and jpeg images can no longer be added to the Camtasia Timeline. The issue was fixed in the new Camtasia Studio 7. Tags: Camtasia eLearning I received this email last week. Suddenly some of my gif images won't go to the Timeline.


24 Screencasts About Snagit in 24 Hours. Starts Now!

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The history of Snagit - Bill Hamilton, President * 10:00 am: Using Snagit with Camtasia - Scott Schmerer, Software Engineer * 11:00 am: Rick Astley, Bacon, Mustaches and Snagit. Here we go! It's time to kick off our marathon of 24 Screencasts about Snagit in 24 hours! Tune in live here. And, we will also have a chat room going in there as well. And, you can follow us on Twitter as well @techsmith and @betsyweber. We'll be giving some fun prizes throughout the day too!

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Top 100 Tools For Learning 2010 – C4LPT Survey

Upside Learning

The final list of top 100 tools for learning for 2010 is now out on Jane Hart’s website. Camtasia Studio, Adobe Captivate, Articulate still feature in top 50 – though all of them have dropped positions as compared to last year. Top100 Tools for Learning 2010.

News: Upgrades to the Camtasia Family

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I'm happy to share the good news that all products in the Camtasia family are getting upgrades! This includes Camtasia Studio (Windows), Camtasia for Mac and Camtasia Relay (server-based). Available today are upgrades to TechSmith Camtasia Studio 7.1

Meet Camtasia Studio 7 plus Camtasia for Mac 1.1!

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Not only do we have a new version of Camtasia Studio 7 available today, but we also have a new release for Camtasia for Mac 1.1 ! Over the past few days , I've shared with you some of the new features coming in Camtasia Studio 7. What's new in Camtasia Studio 7?

Camtasia Studio 7.0 - Hotkeys PDF

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After Tuesday's blog post , I've heard a few requests for a PDF of the list of Camtasia Studio's hotkeys. Tags: Camtasia Studio Time Saver Tuesday Tips and Tricks 26 59 63 You can download your own copy of all the hotkeys here. Enjoy! Any other requests for printouts?

Camtasia Studio 7 is Coming!

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I'm excited to share the news that Camtasia Studio 7 is coming soon! More updates, information, and of course more videos about Camtasia Studio 7 will be posted shortly. Tags: Camtasia Studio News TechSmith 26 157 261 The rumors are true!

24 Screencasts About Camtasia in 24 Hours!

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Well, really, I do, but we had so much fun pulling an all-nighter for Snagit that we're going to do it again for Camtasia! We will make 24 screencasts in 24 hours about Camtasia! You'll get loads of insider tips and tricks for Camtasia Studio, Camtasia for Mac and screencasting.

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Upcoming Camtasia Studio Classroom Training

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Ever wish you could go to class and learn all about Camtasia Studio? Camtasia Studio expert, Kevin Siegel, will be leading an online class all about Camtasia Studio on February 10 and March 10. I attended Stewart's Camtasia Studio training class last year and it was wonderful.

Time Saver Tuesday - Camtasia for Mac Hotkeys

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This week's tip is for Camtasia for Mac. In Camtasia for Mac, you can access keyboard shortcuts in the product by selecting Help>Keyboard shortcuts. Also, you can download a PDF for Camtasia for Mac 1.1 This week's tip is for Camtasia for Mac. In Camtasia for Mac, you can.


Screencast of the Week - Behind the Scenes of a Screencast

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I have to say the title of his blog post about his screencast caught my eye right away - " Camtasia Isn't Just For Screencasting ". Mel recorded his editing session and narrates over it to explain his workflow in Camtasia for Mac. This week's screencast is from Mel Aclaro.