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eLearning Cyclops: Deconstructing My #DemoFest Course ? Part 2.

eLearning Cyclops

Privacy Policy. In my last post I gave an overview of my DemoFest course, Intro to Office 2010. I also was provided a second work PC with Windows 7 and Office 2010 loaded on it. Keep in mind it did not reference much regarding social media. ► 2010. (35).

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Presentation of the Self on the Web

Web Tools for Learners

I have been, as they say, “active on the web” since the late nineties, and have really enjoyed the social aspects of it since at least 2005, earlier if you count social bookmarking. I mused about this for quite a while and consulted various books, and ended up with these notes as part of my class plan. Joan Vinall-Cox, PhD Social Media & Learning

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eLearning Cyclops: Introducing Right Click Rick

eLearning Cyclops

Privacy Policy. caption id="attachment_3136" align="alignleft" width="96" caption=""] [/caption] For quite a while I have been teaching a computer basics class in addition to developing online courses. Labels: e-Learning , e-Learning Courses , Social Media , Twitter.

eLearning Cyclops: Cool Tools to Liven Up The Classroom

eLearning Cyclops

Privacy Policy. Cartoons (also suggested by Green) - A funny cartoon can liven up the class. Screen-o-Matic Screenr Social Bookmarking - Make sure they have all your online resources by giving them one link to all your bookmarks. Social Media - Get a back channel going in the classroom and keep it posted on the screen. Plus, what a great way to continue supporting learners by interacting via social media after the class ends. ► 2010.