Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

Tony Karrer

Before I start with any of my actual predictions, let me throw in an overall prediction that the year is going to start off slow for most people, but by the end of the year, we will all be thinking: “Wow, 2010 was a crazy year!” For example, Harold Jarche tells us 2010: Year of the CM.

Online courses must die!

E-Learning Provocateur

Even when L&D professionals consciously integrate interactivity into their online courseware, I usually don’t think it’s all that engaging anyway. A touch dramatic, isn’t it? Now that I have your attention, please bear with me.

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How Apple Killed Flash for eLearning (and What to do with All That Non-Compatible Courseware)


In 2010, Steve Jobs singlehandedly started one of the biggest–OK, maybe the only–software feuds by stating that Apple products wouldn’t support Flash, citing reasons like a high fail rate, lag time, and the overall unnecessary nature of the platform.

Free e-Learning books


Members could submit tips in any or all of the following five categories: 1) Courseware authoring and e-Learning development tools, 2) Rapid e-Learning tools, 3) Simulation tools, 4) Media tools, and 5) Combining and deploying authoring tools. November 16, 2010 6:10 AM Miriam said.

Three Reasons To Focus On Media Design In Learning

Upside Learning

We’ve always focused on instructional design being essential to the design of courseware. Yes, I’ve not been blogging as regularly as I might have liked to. I’ve been busy with projects – bread and butter. That’s certainly true, it’s the first step to make a learning solution instructionally sound. The next in line is to make it interesting, engaging, interactive. Too many solutions fail at that crucial stage.

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Developing the Business Case for a Major e-Learning Courseware or Infrastructure Project by Saul Carliner

Learning Solutions Magazine

Preparing a complete and persuasive effective business case increases the likelihood that decision makers will accept your proposals for learning projects. Here is a complete guide and template for this critical process.

Custom eLearning Development Costs – Results From Chapman Alliance Study

Upside Learning

Highly interactive, possibly simulation or serious game based, use of avatars, custom interactions, award winning caliber courseware. 2010).

Cost 40

Digital Instructional Media Design 101- The Design Of Interaction

Upside Learning

I’d recommended that all IDs play the game for a few hours to understand how different ‘gamey’ elements are from the conventional ‘interaction’ we use in conventional courseware. Last month our ID team got their feet wet with the learning campaigns in the Age of Empires II – Age of Kings.

3 Essential Tools to Add Pizzazz to Your eLearning Courseware

SHIFT eLearning

Environments that make effective use of communication technologies to connect learners in meaningful ways and include relevant and authentic learning activities are the most likely to succeed (Herrington, Reeves, & Oliver, 2010). T ry them to see if they can add pizzazz to your courseware.

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Mobile Learning Solutions – Infographic

Upside Learning

Game-based learning applications are also emerging on mobile platforms and provide a more engaging experience than typical courseware pushed to mobile devices. Recently, Upside Learning updated its website to reflect the evolution of our brand and services.

ADDIE Backwards Planning Model

Big Dog, Little Dog

Develop Instruction — the courseware, such as the activities, performance aids, content, context, etc. I have been working on this model for some time, so I wanted to present my latest version. The ADDIE Backwards Model is quite similar to most other ADDIE type models.


Role of a Learning Consultant: Insightful discussion imported from LinkedIn

ID Reflections

Among others, a learning consultant may need to analyze performance issues, conduct training needs analyses, create a course catalog, create technical/managerial learning paths, select tools, select vendors (courseware, technology, processes etc.), select custom-built courseware, provide post-training support, measure learning effectiveness, create mentoring/coaching frameworks, create frameworks that enable community-driven learning, and create and sustain Communities of Practice.

Rapid Prototyping for Mobile Learning Applications – I

Upside Learning

As we move more and more into the mobile space, we’ve found that there are several things very different from conventional courseware. One of the things that come to my mind right away is that in mobile, we are doing away with storyboards. Content is viewed differently, it’s data that has to be managed and rendered within the limitations placed by a variety of mobile devices. Storyboards were (are) ideal for serving as references for development of multimedia content.

5 Trends to Watch 4 n 2011

eLearning 24-7

With the exception of some custom courseware shops, Dreamweaver and you need the HTML5 expansion pack or perhaps a few open source content authoring tools – and you would have to create the code, no other RCAT offers the capability to build courses in 100% HTML5. 13th, 2010 , I will be launching my own business, E-Learn Info. 13th, 2010 (Monday PT).

Digital Instructional Media Design 101- Basic Usability

Upside Learning

The courseware we design need to be logical, intuitive, and clear to the learners who take the course. Some days ago, I wrote about some basic design principles pertinent to the presentation of information. Taking that forward, this post specifically addresses the issue of ‘ Usability ’. In eLearning, usability is simply about designing interfaces to the content that learners find convenient and practical to use.

Mobile Learning (mLearning) Applications - An Example

Upside Learning

What’s clear to me is that the future of mobile learning is not in courseware/content that’s rendered on a mobile device, let’s forget about that.

The LMS and SNS – A Fine Balance

Upside Learning

It goes beyond the conventional view of courseware, assignments and assessment, but is fundamental to an Enterprise and its employees’ success.

mLearning Content Types - Level 5: Courseware

mLearning Trends

Level 5: Content and Courseware NOTE: This is part 6 of 7 in a continuing series; please see earlier posts for more background information.

Cognitive Psychology Anyone?

The eLearning Coach

Although the Cognitive Daily stopped publishing new articles in January 2010, it has 5 years worth of archives that are worth browsing. MIT Open Courseware: Brain and Cognitive Sciences. You may be familiar with MITs Online Courseware as it’s been mentioned in the press for years. Somewhat Related Articles: 10 Ways to Learn in 2010. As a learning professional, it’s important to stay fresh and current.

mLearning Feature Sets: Possibilities Wide & Deep

mLearning Trends

I thought it would be good to offer a series of new posts around some of the messaging we'll be sharing with the gathered mobile learning community at DevLearn 2010 in San Francisco, California which starts later this week.

8 questions to ask before engaging an e-learning provider

e-Learning Academy

Here are eight questions to ask when choosing an external provider to build e-learning courseware for your organisation: Have you built e-learning for my subject matter before? If so, can you explain the learning design approach you took? Can you provide an example of your course for me to review? this may not be possible due to client [.]. Development Project Management E-Learning development

Top 60 eLearning Posts for October 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

October 2010 did not disappoint! 4 Free Tools to Help Get Your PowerPoint from Good to Great , October 21, 2010 Continuing the recent trend of PowerPoint in the news , I stumbled upon an article in USA Today that provided some tips and advice for designing more engaging presentations. Open Source eLearning Tools , October 13, 2010 I was just asked about trends in open source for eLearning and particularly open source eLearning tools. October 25, 2010 Open for use?

Deliver the Exceptional Global Training Your International Employees Deserve! by Adam Eling

Learning Solutions Magazine

Here are eight tips that will ensure your courseware is as effective overseas as it is at home! Localization of your courses to permit their use internationally may be an excellent way to save time and money, but you must plan and design content carefully.

E-Learning – The Fast Food of Organisational Learning?

Connect Thinking

I recently reviewed a 2010 Ted Talk by Sir Ken Robinson where he argues for change in education. Are we creating a ‘fast food’ standardisation mentality with e-learning courseware?

Training vs. Learning and the Role of Mobile Devices | Social.

Dashe & Thomson

What kinds of courseware can we offer on mobile devices?

Training vs. Learning and the Role of Mobile Devices

Dashe & Thomson

What kinds of courseware can we offer on mobile devices?

The Big Question: how can we leverage open content in workplace learning?

Clive on Learning

The March Big Question on the Learning Circuits Blog asks why it is that open content initiatives such as the OER Commons and the Open Courseware Consortium haven't had a bigger impact.


E-Learning Development Project Lifecycle 1: Introduction

The E-Learning Curve

In my first series of articles in 2010, I will focus on creating courseware in an open environment. Tags: e-learning courseware Development instructional design introduction open source Project Lifecycle six principles E-Learning Development Project Lifecycle 1: Introduction is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog.

Picking the Right LMS Logo and Design

eLearning Brothers

Here is an article that I found interesting: Design a Successful and Memorable Logo For Your LMS E-Learning Courseware. A logo quickly sets apart your e-learning courseware from the rest. It will also facilitate in viewer recognition as your courseware increases in popularity.

Sales eLearning – 21 Great Resources

Tony Karrer

A Formula for Storytelling in eLearning - Integrated Learnings , April 6, 2010 When a client asked our team to develop a sales skills enhancement course, we opted to base the training on the methods of the most successful sales person in the department. Work Context: The New Classroom - Living in Learning , March 22, 2010 Fifteen of those years were spent living out of a suitcase as a roving sale trainer and then as a manager.

Reusing e-learning content (E-Learning Development Part 10)

The E-Learning Curve

Before I discuss the process of developing courseware in an open environment, I want you to consider the materials already in your possession. Tags: e-learning content development courseware development process e-learning content ILT methodology powerpoint in e-learning refactor reuse training manual Reusing e-learning content (E-Learning Development Part 10) is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog.

Open Content and the Workplace

There Is No Chalk

Tony Karrer gives a couple examples of open content stores for adult education, such as the OER Commons and the Open Courseware Consortium. Tags: courses college adult education univsersity open courseware content This month's Learning Circuits Big Q is about open content and the workplace:How do we leverage Open Content in Workplace Learning? The Big Q is a search for answers as to why open content appears not to be on the uptake as much as the sheer access to the.


Why Open Content is Not Yet Adopted in the Workplace

Kapp Notes

One of the best known is MIT's Open Courseware project. A quick definition from the article: The term "open educational resources" was first adopted at UNESCO's 2002 Forum on the Impact of Open Courseware for Higher Education in Developing Countries funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. This is not the case but is an impediment to the adoption of an open courseware within the organization.


Something is Going on Down there in the LMS Market

eLearning 24-7

The latest projected number of just iPads to be sold by the end of 2010 is 19 million units. As part of my presentation, I will be showing a course built in 100% HTML5, courtesty of ej4, a custom courseware shop out of Kansas City. My next new blog post will appear on November 17th, 2010. In the movie Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room , one of the opening shots shows the skyline of Houston from above.

Simulations Games Social and Trends

Tony Karrer

This is a case where I look back at what I’ve written: Course and Courseware Fading - The Future of eLearning Shift in Blended Learning - Example of Melding of Training and Support and now I find that I probably should back step a little. But people continue to need core development opportunities and eLearning courseware continues to be an important part of the mix.

Something is Going on Down there in the LMS Market

eLearning 24-7

The latest projected number of iPads and other tablets to be sold by the end of 2010 is 19.5 As part of my presentation, I will be showing a course built in 100% HTML5, courtesty of ej4, a custom courseware shop out of Kansas City. My next new blog post will appear on November 17th, 2010. In the movie Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room , one of the opening shots shows the skyline of Houston from above.

UpsideLMS Is One Of The Five Emerging Learning Managements To Watch!

Upside Learning

It goes beyond the conventional view of courseware, assignments and assessment, to become a system fundamental to an enterprise and its employees’ success.