A Brief History of Instructional Design

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Instructional Design has come a long way. A 2015 research by ATD , titled ‘Instructional Design Now’, which is based on a survey of 1,120 instructional designers provides a current snapshot of ID in organizations and the challenges that they typically face.

22 Books For Beginner Instructional Designers

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A couple of month back I had shared a list of top 30 online resources for instructional designers to keep up with. Recently I came across this discussion on LinkedIn – best book for beginning instructional designers. The discussion has thrown up a great list of books for instructional designers worth sharing with our readers too. e- Learning and the Science of Instruction by Ruth Colvin Clark & Richard E.

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Is this instructional design?

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A reader named Michaela recently emailed to ask what an instructional designer does. There are lots of debates online regarding the value of instructional designers. Sure, instructional designers need to get unstuck, grow and shift things around.

30 Top Online Resources For Instructional Designers To Keep Up With

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As an instructional designer, you start by learning a whole lot of theories and models. Not every qualified instructional designer is able to create great learning experiences. Here is a list of top 30 blogs and websites that Instructional Designers would be interested in.

Contemporary E-Learning: Delivering Knowledge Or Dishing Out Information

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Instructional Design Learning DesignWhere is the knowledge we have lost in information? — Eliot. That’s a pertinent question that we need to ask ourselves.

Why an Instructional Design Degree from Bloomsburg University ROCKS our Community!

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A while back I wrote an entry called Why an Instructional Design Degree from Bloomsburg University ROCKS! where I discussed all the neat things our students do in the program for the Department of Instructional Technology while earning a Master of Science in Instructional Technology in our program. These accomplishments show that the field of instructional design reaches beyond individuals into the community and touches lives in by helping others learn and understand.

Online courses must die!

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The SME is empowered to produce content, which frees you up to apply your own expertise: instructional design. While it’s convenient to wrap up some content and a quiz into a single package, I just don’t see the point from an instructional design perspective.

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Top 75 eLearning Posts - May 2010

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May 2010. ID - Instructional Design or Interactivity Design in an interconnected world? Performance Learning Productivity , May 28, 2010 Instructional design is not only seen as a core competency for learning and development/training specialists, but it’s a huge industry, too. Most learning vendors tout their ‘expertise in instructional design’ as a key reason as to why we should engage them to produce learning content. May 4, 2010.

If Instructional Designers Ran The World

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Did you ever think about what it would be like if instructional designers ran the world? Imagine the contributions instructional designers would make to everyday life if they were in charge. In fact, imagine if training in Instructional Design were a prerequisite for any executive, legislative or leadership position. Post from: The eLearning Coach If Instructional Designers Ran The World.

Motivating The Instructional Designer

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Perhaps it hits you when you’re writing a storyboard to teach a poorly designed and uninspiring software program. But what about motivating instructional designers? When I was studying Instructional Design, a college professor once told the class that we were the learner’s advocates. Instructional Design is a selfless job in many ways, because it’s not about you, it’s about them—the learners.

Open source instructional design

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The book I chose was, to be fair, a short one, the intriguingly titled Open Source Instructional Design by Nathan Eckel (IntelliDesign, 2009). One reason I had time for the cup of tea is that the premise for this book is a simple one: Traditional instructional design sees the subject expert produce some sort of draft, which the designer then has to critique from an instructional perspective. Tags: reviews instructional design

eLearning Conferences 2011

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Past years eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. December 2010 November 30-December 3, 2010 International Workshop on Cloud Privacy, Security, Risk and Trust (CPSRT), Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

Is Content Curation the Future of Instructional Design?


Even if you’re in a large Fortune 500 enterprise with the luxury of a Learning and Development department, do you really see content curation as part of curriculum design, management leadership development, onboarding, sales training, etc.? Curation and The Instructional Designer.

How to revamp your learning model

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However, if I were to consider (read “fantasise&# ) a greenfield opportunity (read “pipedream&# ), what would I design? Essentially I would base my design on three core components, as illustrated in Figure 1. In my articles Online courses must die!

Formal Learning All the Way.Baby

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Sales people have procedures for overcoming objections, managers have procedures for dealing with a crisis or an upset customer, insurance agents have procedures for handling claims, instructional designers have procedures for creating role-plays or teaching concepts vs. facts. Do we really expect a person to effectively sell product in a retail environment without authentic formal instruction?

Beginner Instructional Designers – In Pursuit Of Awareness

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I joined Upside Learning as an Instructional Designer in April 2010. I had four years of training delivery experience, but Instructional Design was a completely new ball game! Learning about Instructional Design basics was easier said than done.

Open Source eLearning Tools

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Probably one of the better sources on this is Jane Hart’s Instructional Tools Directory. Open Source LMS Other Open Source LMS Solutions - eLearning 24-7 , April 14, 2010 Open Source life, LMSs beyond Moodle - Learning Rocks , December 18, 2008 Open Source LMS - eLearning Technology , December 10, 2009 The Real Cost of a Free (Open Source) LMS! Upside Learning Blog , April 29, 2010 The Corporate Moodle: A Tipping Point?

eLearning Development Is An Iterative Process

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He opines ISD or ADDIE are flawed waterfall process models that assume each stage output to be complete and perfect –impossible with eLearning. Earlier this month, Tom Kuhlmann talked about 10 things to do before your eLearning course goes live.

3 Barriers to adoption of Serious Games/Immersive Learning Simulations

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Most people making decisions about how to craft instruction in a corporate or academic environment have never learned formally via a game or simulation. They then hold “classroom instruction” up as the single best model for instruction because they learned that way and because it is so common.

Top 50 eLearning Posts For 2010

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So we thought it would be interesting to look back upon the Upside Learning blog for some of the most popular and noteworthy posts of 2010. Here are Upside Learning’s Top 50 eLearning Posts of 2010. 10 Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design.

Taxonomy of Learning Theories

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I hope that this taxonomy, along with the corresponding notes below, will assist you in using learning theory to inform your instructional design decisions. Reigeluth maintains that instruction should be organised in increasing order of complexity.

Finding Your Place In Instructional Design

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Whether you choose to follow a career in Instructional Design or just happen to fall into it, there’s no reason to be a square peg in a round hole. Post from: The eLearning Coach Finding Your Place In Instructional Design. Tags: DESIGN INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN You’ll discover there are numerous paths you can follow in this field. The roles and responsibilities can be so diverse and varied, that you might not even [.]

Instructional Design and E-Learning Blogs

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Back when I wrote my instructional design careers series in 2007, I was only aware of a few blogs by instructional designers. Since then, I’ve discovered a wealth of blogs by instructional designers, e-learning developers, and workplace learning specialists. Instructional Designers. Design for Learning is written by Natalie Laderas-Kilkenny, a former coworker of mine who blogs on education and technology.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Instructional Designers

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I was thinking about the book the other day, and I also started thinking about how those habits might translate for instructional design specifically. As instructional designers, we can be proactive by observing business trends and building relationships with our clients. This is what we should do as instructional designers as well. This habit seems to capture the spirit of teamwork that is critical to instructional design. By Shelley A.

Class Meeting in 3D World of Second Life

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As instructional designers, one of our "missions" is to help learners overcome the scary and daunting aspects so learning occurs. One of my beliefs is that designers need to be made to feel like learners again so they can empathize with the people for whom they are building instruction.

In Good Company: Thanks Zaid Learn and Everyone Create a Personnel Learning Network

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In fact, Christy Tucker in a posting Instructional Design and E-Learning Blogs has listed over a dozen but the point is not to merely copy or mimic what others are doing, instead, create your own Personal Learning List and actively use it to learn!

2010: My blogging year recapped

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As 2010 draws to a close, I thought I’d take a moment to recap my blog posts during the year. Learning theory & instructional design. • Theory-informed instructional design tips. • My 1-liners from LearnX 2010.

Free e-Learning books


Designing Successful e-Learning by Michael Allen ( Only Chapter 7: Designing Outside The Box) "While its target audience is instructional designers, this book should also be required reading for all training managers seeking guidelines on implementing world-class training.

ADDIE Backwards Planning Model

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The ADDIE Backwards Model is quite similar to most other ADDIE type models. Note that the Learning Platform (Implement) rests on the Analysis, Design, Development, and Evaluation Phases. Design Phase.


Digital Instructional Media Design 101- Storyboarding

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As designers of electronic learning and information, we often find ourselves confronted by the purpose of the learning. Electronic Learning is about performance and content; in a sense instructional design is not purely creative; it is design with intent.

Top 25 Rapid eLearning Blog Posts

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Are you playing the role of the Subject Matter Expert instead of the Instructional Designer? Hey You Rapid e-Learning Peeps, Slooow Down & Take a Little Drive on ISD Side of Town. How to Create a Visual Design for Your E-Learning Scenario.

Appearing "Live and in Person" on EdTechTalk Friday--Today

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Today at Noon Eastern Standard Time (EST), I will be chatting with Cammy Bean and Robert Squires about Instructional Design at EdTechTalk. Specifically, I will be on the Instructional Design Live show. Instructional Design Live is an opportunity for instructional designers and professionals engaged in similar work to discuss effective online teaching and learning practices.

Digital Instructional Media Design 101 – Principles Of Gestalt Psychology

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This week I focus on how a basic understanding of the Gestalt principles can help create harmonious design and improve the odds that the intended message is conveyed to the learners we design for. Have you observed how most logos tend to be designed with some symmetry in view?

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Three Reasons To Focus On Media Design In Learning

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We’ve always focused on instructional design being essential to the design of courseware. That’s certainly true, it’s the first step to make a learning solution instructionally sound. I see just three reasons why eLearning should focus some more on the media design. When designers think of presentations in space and time, interactions, graphics, they don’t think of those as part of the media but as a elements in a learning solution.

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Nuts and Bolts: When Training Works by Jane Bozarth

Learning Solutions Magazine

One of the most-discussed sessions at Learning Solutions 2010 was “The Great ADDIE Debate,” a conversation about the 21st-century relevance of the ADDIE process model (Analyze-Design-Develop-Implement-Evaluate), so often employed in instructional design. Rather than declare ADDIE dead, wouldn’t it make more sense to be sure that we are using it properly?


Interview with Cammy Bean at Kineo

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As part of the extended Blog Book Tour, Cammy Bean of Learning Visions and I had a discussion about learning in 3D, its impact on instructional designers and how organizations can get started. Check out the interview called Karl Kapp on Learning in 3D. Cammy has great audio in the interview but mine is a little scratch (sorry about that).

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Survey Request: Take some time and help the industry

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The goal of this survey is to gather information about how instructional designers use both text and audio in their design approaches and to identify the approaches that are considered the most effective. A colleague of mine, Dan Bliton asked me to help promote this survey, I think it is a worthwhile endeavor and would invite you to take a few moments and participate. Here are the details.