PowerPoint 2010: Converting Presentations to Movies

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

In previous versions of PowerPoint, converting presentations to movies  could be a bit of a laborious task. PowerPoint 2010 has a new feature allowing presentations to quickly and easily be saved directly to.wmv (Windows Media Video) format. Open the presentation within PowerPoint 2010. You won't be clicking your mouse to continue the presentation once it is a movie and you may find that the default transition time goes too fast (or not fast enough) for your liking.

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PowerPoint 2007: Converting Presentations to Movies

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

I am frequently asked if it is possible to convert PowerPoint presentations into movies that can be shared on websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.   The following steps show how to convert a presentation into a movie.   Open Windows Movie Maker.

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Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

Tony Karrer

Before I start with any of my actual predictions, let me throw in an overall prediction that the year is going to start off slow for most people, but by the end of the year, we will all be thinking: “Wow, 2010 was a crazy year!” For example, Harold Jarche tells us 2010: Year of the CM.

Army Discovers the Weapon to Kill PowerPoint Briefings…Video Games

Kapp Notes

Recently, there has been a lot of calls for the death of PowerPoint especially from the US Army. From We’ve Met the Enemy and He is PowerPoint where the article discusses perhaps the worlds most challenging PowerPoint slide. Complicated slide explaining inter-relationships, hard to read.

Filtering, Crowdsourcing and Information Overload

Tony Karrer

Anyone (hopefully everyone) could submit their script / movie. The other part of this thought process is that the feedback on my Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010 was that I should have Information Overload and Information Filtering as my user chosen prediction number 10.

Rapid Content Authoring Tools 2010 – Innovators, Winners and Updated Trends

eLearning 24-7

In 2010, the RCAT market continued its upswing and nothing indicates to me it will be changing anytime soon. 2010 E-Learning 24/7 Awards (No official icon logo handed out to winners, rather just a “WHOO-HOO&# – uh, you can make that sound to yourself.thank you). Create SD and HD movies. Market Trends Update 2010. Support for Office 2010.

Tools 10

It's YOUR Privacy: Own It


I'm reminded of the time years ago when Ted Turner, blasted for announcing that he would be colorizing old Hollywood classics, reportedly replied, "The last time I checked, I owned those movies." We're lucky to live near the fabulous Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

PowerPoint 2007: Insert YouTube Videos

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by AJ George I am often asked how to get YouTube videos into a PowerPoint presentation, and, unless you're using the latest version (PowerPoint 2010), it's an understandable question. Locate Movie and paste in the URL for the video you would like to use.

PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac: Inserting YouTube Videos

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

From the Standard toolbar, select the Media tool and choose Insert Movie (if you do not see this toolbar, from the Menu bar, choose View > Toolbars > Standard ). The Insert Movie dialog box appears.

Evaluation Ethics: Going to the Movies

The Peformance Improvement

She asks her students to think critically about Truman Capote’s behavior in the movie and how that relates to their work as evaluators.

7 Safety Training Videos That Hurt to Watch


This cheesy animated training movie focuses on safety when driving equipment trucks and forklifts. The main character of the movie looks incredibly hungover as he stumbles about carelessly with his chainsaw, but strangely enough, it isn’t even this behavior that leads to his demise.

Train 18

Learning from The King's Speech | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

This movie should be required viewing for anyone in the learning industry – it demonstrates all the ingredients for effective learning. In her article* 10 Brainpowered Wonders in the King’s Speech , Dr. Ellen Weber nicely summarizes a few of the lessons this movie teaches us about learning.

The two types of augmented reality

E-Learning Provocateur

It’s just like adding cartoons to a movie set like they did in Who Framed Roger Rabbit , using CGI like they did in Star Wars , or even scribbling a moustache and devil horns onto someone’s photo.

Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

Best of eLearning Learning in September 2010. Examples and Samples of Game Design Documents - Kapp Notes , September 15, 2010 Here is a collection of several game design documents and information about game design documents. 10 Unusual Sources Of Inspiration for eLearning - The eLearning Coach , September 29, 2010 We all need inspiration at times. Presentation: “Twitter in Education, what next?” - Dont Waste Your Time , September 10, 2010 As a follow-up to my (successful?)

Five Tips for Creating Graphics for Mobile Devices

Upside Learning

At Upside Learning we’ve been creating various learning applications for mobile devices including apps for iPhone, Blackberry, & Android; browser based courses; short movies/animations etc.

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Questioning the Questioner

CLO Magazine

Sure, it’s on the decline but traditional, classroom-based instructor-led training is still the primary learning delivery method employed by 41 percent of executives who took part in a 2010 survey of the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board. We download or stream movies and television shows through services like Netflix, Hulu and iTunes. On my way to work the other day, I walked by a large ad for the local NBC news affiliate here in Chicago on the side of a bus stop.

Over 75 Free Rapid E-Learning Resources

Rapid eLearning

Windows Live Movie Maker : free and simple-to-use video editor. PowerPoint Color Swatch : quickly create custom color themes in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. The other day this guy asked me how to develop color schemes for his rapid elearning courses.

Arnold says "Violence in Movies-Good, Violence in Video Games-Bad"

Kapp Notes

But the cynical side of me can't help but think that Schwarzenegger, a darling of the movie industry, and a person who never ran from a violent movie may have a slightly different agenda. Are video games any less art than movies, should they not be protected by our freedom of speech?

The big mistake in elearning

Making Change

To see a bigger version on YouTube, click the movie when it’s playing. Here’s a short presentation that includes: The one powerful change that will make our elearning a lot more effective. A quick demo of action mapping.

Social media: It’s not about the technology!

E-Learning Provocateur

Field Of Dreams was just a movie. As an enterprise, Acme Corporation is “dipping its toes&# into social media. It might be said it’s adopting a cautious, almost experimental approach to the concept.

The Advent of Mobile Learning Technology

Upside Learning

The idea of a single portable device that can make phone calls, take pictures, record audio and video, store data, music, and movies, and interact with the Internet — all of it — has become so interwoven into our lifestyles that it is now surprising to learn that someone does not carry one.

How Will the iPad Change Interactive Learning?

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

inch multi-touch screen, the iPad is supposed to revolutionize the way we surf the internet, watch television and movies, read books and newspapers. One of the things that has always bothered me about m-learning is the small form factor of a smartphone device.

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Ted Nelson’s Unbook

Jay Cross

Last night I attended a celebration of the publication of Ted Nelson’s autobiographical unbook , Possiplex: Movies, Intellect, and Creative Control. A new unbook.

Learning Technologies 2010 – Recap

Upside Learning

That’s the message I’ve been hearing loud & clear from Learning Technologies 2010. Lord David Puttnam is the producer of movies like Chariots of Fire & The Killing Fields, chairman of FutureLab and Chancellor of OpenUniversity.

Buying a phone

Spark Your Interest

But, after awhile I found myself wondering “do I really want to watch movies/play games, etc on my phone?&# I have agonized (teeth gnashing and fretting) about getting a new phone. I am probably one of the last people on the planet still using a “dumbphone&#. It has taken me months to finally decide and buy. Here’s how it went down… In general. There is a lot of freaking ads on tv, radio, newspaper inserts about mobile phones.

In response to: Why “Talk” Culture Ruins Everything

ID Reflections

Words that can jolt me out of my dreamstate are typically social media, training, books, collaboration, instructional design, marketing, movies, Pink Floyd, Phil Collins, Jazz, Elvis, etc. I was reading Why “Talk” Culture Ruins Everything by Hugh McGuire this morning. And the scary part of "cherry picking" ideas and creating mash-ups from these were driven home once again. We do it all the time.in

Using Computer Programming to Develop Thinking Skills

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Now I know computer is not just for games and movies. Children deserve to have fun when learning computers. SPARK Institute of Technology promises just that: a series of innovative and "full-of-fun" courses and class activities. Recently I talked to Abhay Joshi, their founder, who is a technology entrepreneur and educator. Abhay has two passions: getting computer programs to work flawlessly, and educating children.


Jay Cross

You want more than the paltry selection of free movies? Ornate limestone gothic buildings of the oldest university in the English-speaking world are flashing by my window on the bus from Oxford to Heathrow. I am trying to recap the past week on my iPad.

Are Learning Games More Like Movies or Like Sports?

Usable Learning

So are educational games movies or sports? By that, I mean: everybody likes movies (except for a tiny fringe that I am not going to worry about designing for). They may like different types of movies, but everybody has a movie of some kind that they like.

BBC ‘Making movies on a shoestring’

Spicy Learning

The workshop took place on Friday April 30, 2010. The ability to communicate effectively with video in the mix is a highly desirable skill, one for which demand will only increase. Almost everyone carries a digital camera these days, making the idea of creating video for e-Learning more accessible than ever. Devised and presented by the BBC, this workshop will show you how to create a great video.

Why I entered the 2010 Articulate Guru Awards | LearnNuggets


Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter LearnNuggets Nuggets of Learning Stuff Home About Resources Tags articulate , eLearning Why I entered the 2010 Articulate Guru Awards by Kevin on August 16th, 2010 Entering the 2010 Articulate Guru Awards this year was not in my sights initially.

The end of publishing as we know it

E-Learning Provocateur

Sure, we still tell stories in the form of books and movies – in fact we’re inundated with them – but I’m not alone in feeling that the big publishing houses and film studios of the world have hijacked the art of storytelling for the sake of pure entertainment.

Introducing effects in Captivate.

Adobe Captivate

Live preview: Live preview helps you configure the parameters of the effects easily without having to preview the movie to see your changes. This is really cool as you can see all the other active objects interact with you animation just as it would in your final movie.

BBC ‘Making movies on a shoestring’

Spicy Learning

The ability to communicate effectively with video in the mix is a highly desirable skill, one for which demand will only increase. Almost everyone carries a digital camera these days, Blog

The Truth About Rapid E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

When you publish your course, that PowerPoint slide becomes a Flash movie. Do you build the Flash movie in Flash? Or do you build the Flash movie in PowerPoint? Rapid elearning tools generally fall into one of two groups: freeform and form-based authoring.

PowerPoint 2007: Insert YouTube Videos, Part 2

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

On the Insert tab choose Movie > Movie from File. When asked how you would like the movie to start in PowerPoint, click When Clicked (unless you would like the video to begin playing automatically).

How to Navigate Social Media (and Avoid Information Overload)

Rapid eLearning

But with the many resources available today, the “tapping into” experience is more like this scene from the movie, Small Time Crooks. I’ll be in San Diego at the Training 2010 Training & Expo on February 1-2. There’s a lot of conversation about social media. And for good reason.