Audio for eLearning: What's that Popping Sound?

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by Rick Zanotti Have you ever listened to an eLearning lesson and heard annoying popping sounds as the narrator spoke? The popping sounds are called plosives , as in "explosives," or P-pops. The air causes the microphone to create the "popping" sound, which can be distracting to learners. I'm betting that you're nodding your head right about now.

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Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

Tony Karrer

Before I start with any of my actual predictions, let me throw in an overall prediction that the year is going to start off slow for most people, but by the end of the year, we will all be thinking: “Wow, 2010 was a crazy year!” For example, Harold Jarche tells us 2010: Year of the CM.

Audio for eLearning: Do You Want to Sound Like a DJ?

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by Rick Zanotti One question I get asked a lot is "How can I get my eLearning audio to the point so that I sound like a DJ?" " The most sure-fire way to sound like a DJ is to have been born with great pipes (i.e. Here's some simple techniques to make your voice sound deeper. Getting closer will engage what's called the "proximity effect," lower the sound of your voice, and make it sound fuller.

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PowerPoint 2007 & 2010: How to Extract Audio & Images from a Presentation

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Note: In this scenario, your working file must have a PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 file extension (.pptx,ppsx,pptm,ppsm All of the sound and image files used in the presentation will be inside this folder. by AJ George.

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June 2010 Monthly Roundup: 10 Most Popular Posts

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Instructional design is the first step in making a learning solution instructionally sound. Related posts: April 2010 Monthly Roundup: 10 Most Popular Posts SCORM Cloud- Will It Really Change The Game?

Why I entered the 2010 Articulate Guru Awards | LearnNuggets


Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter LearnNuggets Nuggets of Learning Stuff Home About Resources Tags articulate , eLearning Why I entered the 2010 Articulate Guru Awards by Kevin on August 16th, 2010 Entering the 2010 Articulate Guru Awards this year was not in my sights initially.

My Top 10 'Learning' books from 2010

Sticky Learning

Now these might sound a little unusual, but the model is interesting and as learning is essentially about change, from what we know and do now to what we could do be, this book and it's model for change provides some new ways of thinking about things!

The Sound of Silence | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

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Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

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Best of eLearning Learning in September 2010. Examples and Samples of Game Design Documents - Kapp Notes , September 15, 2010 Here is a collection of several game design documents and information about game design documents. 10 Unusual Sources Of Inspiration for eLearning - The eLearning Coach , September 29, 2010 We all need inspiration at times. Presentation: “Twitter in Education, what next?” - Dont Waste Your Time , September 10, 2010 As a follow-up to my (successful?)

PowerPoint 2010: Working with Audio

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  Adding audio to a PowerPoint 2010 slide is simple.     In a perfect world, you would be able to make adjustments to an audio clip by either right-clicking a slide's sound icon, or by using the Audio Tools. Select the icon for the sound file on your slide. If you would like the sound to play by clicking anywhere on the screen, say after a title appears, then select Animate as part of click sequence. by AJ George.

Top 75 eLearning Posts - May 2010

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May 2010. Performance Learning Productivity , May 28, 2010 Instructional design is not only seen as a core competency for learning and development/training specialists, but it’s a huge industry, too. A Defense of the LMS (and a case for the future of Social Learning) - Social Enterprise Blog , May 12, 2010 For some time now, I’ve seen a growing negativity toward LMS solutions by a pretty wide group folks in our space. LMS Resources - aLearning , May 8, 2010 I know, I know.

Top 70 eLearning Articles - Hot Topics: iPad Adobe Captivate - July 2010

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July 2010. Educational Games for the Classroom - Kapp Notes , July 19, 2010 Here is a list of educational games that can be used to teach kids during the school year or over the summer break. Education As We Know It Is Finished - Lars is Learning , July 14, 2010 So says Clayton M.

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PowerPoint 2010: Perfecting the Motion Path

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Does this scenario sound familiar? by AJ George. Using motion paths in PowerPoint is fun, but also kind of complicated. Probably the most complicated aspect of using motion paths is continuing the motion from slide-to-slide. You want an image on your slide to move using a custom motion path.

eLearning Conferences 2011

Tony Karrer

Past years eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. December 2010 November 30-December 3, 2010 International Workshop on Cloud Privacy, Security, Risk and Trust (CPSRT), Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

On the Road with Internet Time Alliance, December 2010

Jay Cross

Over the course of 18 days in December 2010, I took part in learning events in seven countries. She stomped me ten to nothing, slamming the ball into the goal so hard it sounded like rifle shots.

Taxonomy of Learning Theories

E-Learning Provocateur

This concept was demonstrated in the early 1900s by Ivan Pavlov, who reported that after a period of conditioning, a dog will associate the sound of a beating metronome (neutral stimulus) with food, and respond to it in the same manner (salivate). . Academia is teeming with learning theories.

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Teaching Online Courses – 60 Great Resources

Tony Karrer

About five minutes into the presentation, with me alone in my office, and everyone muted (literally there is zero sound coming back through) and no prepared stopping points for interaction. I received an inquiry about resources that would help instructors who are about to move into teaching online courses. It made me immediately think back to my first experience with an online session.

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Converting Instructor-Led Training to E-learning or Distance Learning: Keys to success

Bottom-Line Performance

Sometimes the course needs to be almost completely redesigned, especially if the ILT version wasn’t instructionally sound. Bottom-Line Performance, Inc. Promote Your Page Too. We receive frequent requests to convert ILT courses to e-learning or distance learning.

Analysis of ProtoSphere/Lync Integration

Kapp Notes

Last week, ProtonMedia made a formal announcement about a project I first reported on in September of this year that ProtoSphere, the 3D enterprise collaboration and learning tool, is now fully integrated with Microsoft’s Lync Server 2010. as ProtoSphere Lync Edition 2010. Event.

Five Barriers to Effective Learning in Organisations

Performance Learning Productivity

This sounds simple enough, but requires many L&D professionals to adopt a new mindset and new approaches to the way they do their jobs.

Augmented Reality and M-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Images, text, sound can be seen and heard immediately as they are looking at you or anywhere in the classroom or conference room. Let me pose this scenario: Every day, you walk down the same street. You walk past the buildings, see the crowds and yawn.

I Have Seen the Future of Conferences.and it is 3D!

Kapp Notes

For our presentation, Tony and I met up in the "green room" or speaker ready room for some instructions, a sound check and to meet with our moderator. Terrence Linden discussing the new Second Life browser at VWBPE conference.

ID - Instructional Design or Interactivity Design in an interconnected world?

Performance Learning Productivity

If we do so, then almost invariably their approach is around developing content in an ‘instructionally-sound way’ to produce a set of ‘learning interventions’.

Automation is out; Innovation is in! How will L&D address this?

ID Reflections

Sounds stupid to say the least!! Sounds idealistic? Preamble Dan Pink, Harold Jarche, Dave Snowden, Jay Cross, Jane Hart, Shawn Callahan, Howard Gardner, et al. have been talking about it, writing about it, warning folks to take heed. Giving organizations the wake up call!

Adobe Captivate 5: Two-Bits for the Best Rate

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    If you decide to use a higher quality bitrate than FM Bitrate, you should spend time experimenting with the options to see which selection sounds best to you. As by Kevin Siegel. You can easily record audio from within Captivate by choosing Audio > Record to.

Using Text-to-Speech in an eLearning Course

Tony Karrer

Several of the voice vendors offer on-demand TTS voice web services which accept text and produce sound files. Virtual Speaker works with input text files (the narration scripts) and output sound files organized into directories. It sounds really easy and it is.

Army Discovers the Weapon to Kill PowerPoint Briefings…Video Games

Kapp Notes

sound familar?). So, the cries to get rid of PowerPoint sound all well and good but what is the alternative? And the problems they are solving with video game technology sounds like the problems of almost every organization I’ve encountered.

The Learning Professional’s toolkit – what’s essential?

Spark Your Interest

Sounds like a trainer’s version of I SPY books, doesn’t it?!). . June’s BQ is… “what tools should we learn?&#. Tony’s question is fairly specific, but anchored in the “what did I learn that I’m glad I did&# vein.

Using Punctuation and Mark-Up Language to Increase Text-to-Speech Quality

Tony Karrer

Authors know what the voice should sound like, they use punctuation and mark-up language to makes the TTS voice achieve the intended meaning and clarity as well as enlivening it. This post is part of the series on Text-to-Speech (TTS) for eLearning written by Dr. Joel Harband and edited by me.

Adobe Captivate 5: The Cure For the Jittery Mouse Pointer

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  With a demonstration, there is typically little interactivity (at the most, maybe some buttons) but include such visual aids as the mouse pointer, click sounds and visuals and highlight boxes. by Kevin Siegel.

Welcome aboard! Onboarding Model

Lars is Learning

Here’s one of my articles published last month (May 2010) in Training Journal. First impressions Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? "On You can also get a PDF to download if you prefer to read it in all its published glory on your shiny new iPad. Comments very welcome. On my first day I arrived and was immediately drowning in rules and.

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Writing & Grammar: Tiny Questions that Drive Writers to Distraction

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You can choose whichever one sounds best to you in your particular sentence. My personal opinion as to why this disparity in usage occurs is that everyone and anyone sound more sophisticated and smooth, whereas everybody and anybody sound more choppy and casual. by Jennie Ruby Do I use a or an before the word historic ? Do I use everybody or everyone ? Do I use toward or towards ?

Who are Instructional Designers? The existential dilemma.

ID Reflections

Probably yes; Instructional Designs are sets of theories that are applied to create sound learning experiences. Apologies for a long post but it is one of those where I was internally debating and had to resolve this conflict with myself… 1. Post objectives: a.

Creating a good elearning or ILT course: Getting SMEs to think about outcomes

Bottom-Line Performance

This sounds amazingly simple, yet you wouldn’t believe how many times people say they need training and yet they cannot articulate a simple goal or outcome this training should achieve. So…anyone can create a course, right?

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11 Free Game Creation Software Programs (At least for 30 Days)

Kapp Notes

It allows you to make games with backgrounds, animated graphics, music and sound effects, and even 3D games. Game Maker comes preloaded with a collection of freeware images and sounds to get you started.

Text-to-Speech eLearning Tools - Integrated Products

Tony Karrer

Sound file operations should be transparent to the user. Any note line can be associated with a TTS voice and a narration sound file generated from it. In case you need to coordinate the voice sound with screen animation, a time-line editor is provided.

Adobe Captivate: Analyze and Chart Quiz Data Without an LMS, Part II

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Setting up a server and using the reporting script isn't as difficult as it sounds.

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