Meet Kate Sumbler - Technical Support Specialist

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Meet Kate Sumbler, one of our seven Technical Support Specialists. Kelly Rush and I have been wandering the halls of TechSmith for our behind the scenes interviews. Cathy Nagle-Ervin left a comment on one of our recent videos requesting an interview with someone from Tech Support.

Want a cushy little number? Why not be a training specialist?

Clive on Learning

According to US News , Training Specialist (note the old-fashioned but nevertheless still largely accurate job title) is one of the to best careers for 2011, at least in the US. That's good news for all of you out there who fell foul of the recession. Here are some other interesting snippets from the article: Prospects (US figures): Employment is expected to jump by 50,500 jobs, or more than 23 per cent, to 267,000 jobs by 2018, the Labor Department reports. Activity level: Average.

Top 75 eLearning Posts - May 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

May 2010. Performance Learning Productivity , May 28, 2010 Instructional design is not only seen as a core competency for learning and development/training specialists, but it’s a huge industry, too. A Defense of the LMS (and a case for the future of Social Learning) - Social Enterprise Blog , May 12, 2010 For some time now, I’ve seen a growing negativity toward LMS solutions by a pretty wide group folks in our space. platform coming sometime in Q3 2010.

Online courses must die!

E-Learning Provocateur

Just like a typical online course, without the fancy software or specialist skills. A touch dramatic, isn’t it? Now that I have your attention, please bear with me. There’s method in my madness… The myth of rapid authoring.

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Snagit is my.

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Kathy Jacobs , a social media specialist and OneNote MVP, shared her entry for "Snagit is my." Snagit is. my life, my secret weapon, my digital memory. and so much more. What's Snagit to you? With the new Snagit on Mac release this week, we wanted to celebrate.

24 Screencasts About Camtasia in 24 Hours. Starts Now!

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6:00 pm: System audio - it's finally here - Mike Curtis, Information Developer and Justin Carpenter, Senior Support Specialist. 10:00 pm: Direct upload to - Justin Carpenter, Senior Support Specialist. Here we go!

Top 70 eLearning Posts for June and Hot Topics including iPad and Mobile Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

June 2010. Real learning – let’s not confuse it with completing templated exercises - Performance Learning Productivity , June 18, 2010 I read a piece written by Kate Graham of e2train on Thursday and it started me thinking about the ‘real learning versus managed learning’ debate. 20 Facts You Must Know About Working Memory - The eLearning Coach , June 2, 2010 Without adapting learning experiences to the learner’s cognitive architecture, instructional design is hit or miss.

What Agile Means to Me

ID Reflections

In a world and world economy where situations throw us into unpredictable circumstances and poses unknown problems, being a specialist with crystallized intelligence can be a bit of a hindrance. I complete exactly 3 months at ThoughtWorks today. While this has been a momentous career shift for me, I may not have written a blog post on it except for the learning.

Agile 25

21st Century L&D Skills

Performance Learning Productivity

It got me thinking about a piece I’d written for TrainingZone a few months ago titled “What does your ideal L&D team look like in 2010?”. L&D Capabilities for 2010 and beyond So, how does all this impact what the L&D department of 2010 and beyond looks like?

24 Screencasts About Snagit in 24 Hours. Starts Now!

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Here we go! It's time to kick off our marathon of 24 Screencasts about Snagit in 24 hours! Tune in live here. And, we will also have a chat room going in there as well. And, you can follow us on Twitter as well @techsmith and @betsyweber. We'll be giving some fun prizes throughout the day too!

Effective Web Conferences – 41 Resources

Tony Karrer

Moderating for development - I collaborate, e-collaborate, we collaborate , July 15, 2008 It’s a process of several months which started in May and includes two live conferences (in a cinema, close to Ede), papers written by specialists on development issues and an online discussion via the website [link]. How to Run a Conference That Makes Us Say “WOW!” - Engaged Learning , June 22, 2010 Attending conferences is always a mixed bag.

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Instructional Design and E-Learning Blogs

Experiencing eLearning

Since then, I’ve discovered a wealth of blogs by instructional designers, e-learning developers, and workplace learning specialists. Back when I wrote my instructional design careers series in 2007, I was only aware of a few blogs by instructional designers. These categories are somewhat loose; some people could be in multiple categories. Instructional Designers. Dave’s Whiteboard by Dave Ferguson is a place to explore learning, training, and performance improvement.

Motivating The Instructional Designer

The eLearning Coach

I’ve never experienced friendlier and more helpful communities than those that built around learning specialists, instructional designers and developers. Perhaps it hits you when you’re writing a storyboard to teach a poorly designed and uninspiring software program. Or maybe you just received a fax from a course sponsor and revisions are scribbled on every page. Suddenly your de-motivation button is triggered and you can’t seem to shake it off.

Role of a Learning Consultant: Insightful discussion imported from LinkedIn

ID Reflections

Chad Thomas Creative Learning Developer, E-Learning Specialist, Multimedia Content Designer and Developer thank you for this insightful discussion. I am copying a discussion we have been having on LinkedIn as a part of the Training&Development group. I started this discussion to understand the roles (tacit and explicit) that a learning consultant plays.

The most updated and informative e-Learning community on Twitter


elearningcoach Karyn Romeis Independent L&D consultancy at Learning Anorak @learninganorak Sathish Narayanan Instructional Designer and Budding e-Learning Specialist @elearningtyro Brent Schlenker New Media and Emerging Technology Analyst. November 28, 2010 6:40 AM Ed said. concepts in eLearning November 28, 2010 6:56 AM Christoforos Online said. November 28, 2010 7:12 AM Christoforos Online said. November 30, 2010 12:35 AM RJ Jacquez said.

Questioning the Questioner

CLO Magazine

Sure, it’s on the decline but traditional, classroom-based instructor-led training is still the primary learning delivery method employed by 41 percent of executives who took part in a 2010 survey of the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board. It’s not a new trend but more senior level L&D practitioners seem to be acting like talent management generalists rather than development specialists.

ID - Instructional Design or Interactivity Design in an interconnected world?

Performance Learning Productivity

Instructional design is not only seen as a core competency for learning and development/training specialists, but it’s a huge industry, too. Most learning vendors tout their ‘expertise in instructional design’ as a key reason as to why we should engage them to produce learning content.

A new vision for IT customer training

Clive on Learning

Specialist topics can be covered by webinars. A month back I had the fortune of being asked to present to CEdMA, an association of senior training managers in large IT companies who have the responsibility for training up their organisations’ customers in their various products. It was clear from their discussion that the market was changing: Customers are demanding shorter courses. Customers are demanding more online delivery.

A Great Start to 2010

Upside Learning

Together, these results reflect our success in building a specialist position for ourselves in the Learning Solutions and Services domain. We’re looking forward to more challenging projects in 2010 to provide us the impetus to continue growing and innovating! We are happy to share that Upside Learning has again won global recognition from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and Red Herring.

Five Barriers to Effective Learning in Organisations

Performance Learning Productivity

Think like a business person, not like an L&D specialist. Very few of us would argue with the proposition that a lot of organisational learning and development activity is sub-optimal to the extent that it provides little value to participants and their organisations.

Top 70 eLearning Articles - Hot Topics: iPad Adobe Captivate - July 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

July 2010. Educational Games for the Classroom - Kapp Notes , July 19, 2010 Here is a list of educational games that can be used to teach kids during the school year or over the summer break. Education As We Know It Is Finished - Lars is Learning , July 14, 2010 So says Clayton M.

Live Camtasia Training with the Customer Success Team

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She’s been with TechSmith since 2010, and her previous roles have included Customer Service Specialist, Inside Sales Specialist, and Inside Sales Manager.

Why Gowalla should merge with Foursquare

E-Learning Provocateur

But more importantly, I think Gowalla and Foursquare trump Facebook in one key area: they are specialist geolocation platforms.

A Seat at the Table: The Specialist's Dilemma by Fred Nickols

Learning Solutions Magazine

Many professional specialists would like “a seat at the table” – that is, have a bigger say in important. business decisions. But are they really prepared to sit at the table? And maybe, just maybe, if they. knew what sitting at that table involved and what would be required of them, they really wouldn’t. want such a seat. You be the judge.

Learning's Blindspot

The Peformance Improvement

Given this blindspot, Clark Quinn asks the critical question that all trainers and learning specialists should be asking themselves. Company executives have a “blindspot” for the language of learning. They don’t see the point.

In Response to Collaboration Provides Autonomy

ID Reflections

The guys I'm working with are the technical sales folk and as we were working out their strategic story they mentioned that the passion that was once there for their products seemed to be waning among some of their technical specialists.

Who writes web content?

Clive on Learning

In the past ten years I have spent a great deal of time looking at the skills and competencies required to create good quality web content, including four years participating in European projects and defining role profiles, competency frameworks and curricula for a mysterious new profession that we called 'web content specialist'. Throughout these projects we never really came to terms with what a web content specialist did and the career path that might possibly lead them to this role.

Learning Old Skool

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Here in Canada, we tend to have a lot of regionalized business (hey, it’s a big country and we are spread out a lot), so most of my clients don’t have a huge operation, nor a huge “training&# department, but may have a specialist that reports in through HR. I’m heading to a conference this week. Not on elearning or learning at all for that matter. This is an HR conference. With HR practitioners.

MEDIC: Five benefits we’d all like to experience

Clive on Learning

John is a specialist in specifying and tracking the benefits from new IT systems (a role that's particularly important given the poor track record of major IT projects in the UK public sector). Last week I attended a very enjoyable meeting of the NHS Wales E-Learning Network.One of the presentations was by John Hallam of the NHS Wales Informatics Service.

Mobile Learning Innovation: Lookup To Healthcare For Inspiration

Upside Learning

The Guardian while reporting on the same app mentions “experts say the software, a major advance in medical technology, has saved lives and enabled doctors in remote areas to access specialist expertise” Isn’t that fantastic?

What blogging has become

Clive on Learning

Blogging is a specialist form of journalism, typically but not always aimed at a niche audience, and usually a voluntary, unpaid additon to the day job. A recent article in The Economist, The evolving blogosphere , clarified for me how blogs have changed over the past five years and where they now sit amongst the panoply of social media applications.

Save the dates

Janet Clarey

Thursday, September 30, 2010. Mike Alcock, Product Specialist, Kaplan IT Learning’s Atlantic Link. (I’m Wednesday, September 29, 2010. PLENK 2010. PLENK 2010 is a MOOG (Massive Open Online Course) about thinking facilitated by George Siemens, Stephen Downes, Dave Cormier, and Rita Kop. Wednesday, October 6, 2010. November 4, 2010 6:00 am – 2:00 pm PT. Summit 2010 (online). Summit 2010 PLENK2010 Web events

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Shift represents a new commercial model for authoring software

Clive on Learning

" Ecosystem or not, the tool is one of a number of web-based authoring solutions allowing authors to work on their projects anywhere they can obtain an internet connection and in collaboration with any number of other specialists and stakeholders. Sandra Arnold of Mercer UK alerted me to a new authoring tool that they are using called Shift. Here's how the vendors describe the tool on their website : "Shift by MindMuze is more than an eLearning Authoring Tool.

Why managers matter

Clive on Learning

In a rare training-related article in People Management magazine, Evaluating Performance Gain from Training , my attention was drawn to an interesting study conducted by training outsourcing specialists KnowledgePool , with input from more than 10,000 learners and their managers over a three year period.

Shifting from content experts to process experts

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These HR folks are going to transform from specialist functional workers to more versatile consultants. I’m working with a client right now, helping them develop their talent strategy and one of the shifts we’ve identified that their HR department has to make is from that of a group of content experts, to a group of process experts. What does that mean?

Games To Gamification


The term ‘gamify’ or ‘gamification’ was first used in the digital media industry in the year 2008, but it gained popularity only in the second half of 2010. All of us are gamification specialists in a way. Imagine yourself living some two million years ago.

Start with the 70. Plan for the 100.

Performance Learning Productivity

Full explanations of how the 70:20:10 approach can be used to help overcome the ‘training bubble’ Descriptions of five new performance-focused roles to support the use of 70:2010 The detailed tasks that need to be executed in each of these roles.

IBM 74