Mobile Learning Survey Results Summary

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by Rosie Hausler.   A few weeks ago I created a survey about Mobile Learning. Thanks to everyone that took time out to answer. The results are summarized below. 79% of respondents are interested in learning more about Mobile Learning. 50% currently neither create nor consume Mobile Learning. 86% think Mobile Learning can enhance the learning experience. 29% have used a mobile device as part of a blended learning experience.

Top 35 Articles on eLearning Strategy

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Strategy Strategies for learning and performance support: a summary Twitter in learning strategies: Yes or No? I’ve been recently working on lots of eLearning strategy consulting engagements and one of my colleagues asked me to provide a set of resources around this topic.

Survey Request: Take some time and help the industry

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If you would like a summary of the results, please e-mail us. A colleague of mine, Dan Bliton asked me to help promote this survey, I think it is a worthwhile endeavor and would invite you to take a few moments and participate. Here are the details. Please complete the survey on Effective Approaches for e-Learning and share it with others. link] elearning. We need at least 100 survey responses from e-Learning developers for an I/ITSEC conference paper.

Three Ways to Use Mobile Devices in Workplace Learning

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Regardless of whether it’s a pre-class micro-course (5 -10 min) or a post class follow-up in the form of summaries, scenarios that help learner apply some of what they learnt; quizzes (you can even track scores if you wish), mobile devices work perfectly well.

Low-Cost Test and Quiz Tool Comparison

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Best Features Free and easy to use Data can be sent right to a Google docs spreadsheet or basic summary page Good variety of question types Weaknesses No ‘grading’ can be done on quizzes No cheating deterrents Not designed for quizzes Google docs is not included in table below since it is not designed for quizzes Quibblo Quibblo is a quiz and survey system that is a bit limited in terms of question types which makes it a bit harder to create a typical quiz or test.

How long does it take to create e-learning?

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I've summarised the findings below: Type Rapid Average High-end Internal cost ILT 22:1 43:1 82:1 $5934 Level 1 49:1 79:1 125:1 $10054 Level 2 127:1 184:1 267:1 $18583 Level 3 217:1 490:1 716:1 $50371 You'll find a fuller summary of the results on SlideShare I often get asked how long it takes to create a piece of e-learning.

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Wikis and Learning – 60 Resources

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October 23, 2008 Using Toolkits to Aggregate Learning Resources , February 6, 2009 Enterprise Wiki as Intranet - a success story , September 20, 2007 Lurking and loafing , March 9, 2010 Activities, Workflows and Structured Wikis (Augmented Social Cognition) , February 9, 2009 Wikis for Improving Productivity - Experiencing eLearning , June 10, 2008 Wiki's For Professional Development - Learnadoodledastic , September 26, 2007 One more time: what's the difference between a blog and a wiki?

Wiki 22

Effective Web Conferences – 41 Resources

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How to Run a Conference That Makes Us Say “WOW!” - Engaged Learning , June 22, 2010 Attending conferences is always a mixed bag. Online Facilitation, Twitter, Backchannel and Keynotes - Full Circle , February 24, 2010 The topic was “ Online Facilitation: 14 years on. References on Lurking | Full Circle Associates - Full Circle , March 28, 2010 First, is an old discussion summary from the Online Facilitation list from 2003, compiled by Chris Lang which still has value to me.

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My Top 10 'Learning' books from 2010

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Below you'll find my top recommendations for the year along with a short summary of what I got out of reading each book. Another year comes towards to an end and its been another year of great reading for anyone with an interest in learning.

Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

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Best of eLearning Learning in September 2010. Examples and Samples of Game Design Documents - Kapp Notes , September 15, 2010 Here is a collection of several game design documents and information about game design documents. 10 Unusual Sources Of Inspiration for eLearning - The eLearning Coach , September 29, 2010 We all need inspiration at times. Presentation: “Twitter in Education, what next?” - Dont Waste Your Time , September 10, 2010 As a follow-up to my (successful?)

Top 113 eLearning Posts and 28 Hottest Topics for 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

Here it is - the very best posts and the hottest topics for 2010. Twitter for Learning – 55 Great Articles - eLearning Technology , March 24, 2010. 10 Ways To Learn In 2010 - The eLearning Coach , January 3, 2010. 5 Must-See PowerPoint Tutorials for Creating Better Training - Mindflash , September 29, 2010. Social Learning Strategies Checklist - Social Enterprise Blog , January 11, 2010. Educational Games for the Classroom - Kapp Notes , July 19, 2010.

63 Great eLearning Posts and Hottest Topics for November 2010

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Past years eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. e-Clippings (blogoehlert) , November 8, 2010**Please use W-A-S-D keys to move through this post, mouse to look around, space bar to jump and left-click to fire. Why Games Make Great Learning Solutions - Bottom-Line Performance , November 4, 2010Finally – I have time to write a blog post about some of the wonderful stuff I’m immersed in at DevLearn 2010. The New Features in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

Learning Technologies 2010 – Day 2 Recap

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After having a great first day at the Learning Technologies 2010 I was looking forward to an exciting second day. Here’s a summary of the sessions I attended on Day 2: 1. Key Note by Josh Bersin. Source: Predictions for Corporate Learning & Training 2010 by Bersin.

How To Create Successful M-Learning Strategy: mLearnCon – Part I

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I’ve presented a short summary of the first session (Judy’s) which mainly covered planning part: The mobile is a unique device with following devices rolled into one: phone.

NuggetHead Summary of Learning Solutions 2010


Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2010 held in Orlando, FL the week of Mar 24-26 was by far the BEST yet! Leave a Reply Feed Recent Why I entered the 2010 Articulate Guru Awards Lesson II, Part I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player What Tools Should We Learn?

IPhone- User Interface Guidelines- Part I

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Utility applications: primarily deals with checking quick summary of information or performing quick task. The iPhone’s revolutionary user interface has changed the way we look at mobile devices. The iPhone SDK let’s you create native applications for the device.

April 2010 Monthly Roundup: 10 Most Popular Posts

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And we do realize that some of you would want to get a quick summary post at the end of the month that lists which ones were hot. Related posts: eLearning: Top Posts of 2009 – Upside Learning Blog Top 25 Rapid eLearning Blog Posts Game Based Learning 2010 – Recap: Day 1.

Social media: It’s not about the technology!

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In summary, the potential of social media is not about the technology. As an enterprise, Acme Corporation is “dipping its toes&# into social media. It might be said it’s adopting a cautious, almost experimental approach to the concept.

Why The iPad Is a Learning Tool by Sesh Kumar

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Here is a summary of its specific benefits for education. The iPad continues to draw attention and to drive change in mobile computing.

Holiday Giveaway from E-Learning 24/7

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3rd, 2010 and runs until Dec. 14th, 2010. On December 15th, 2010, drawing will be conducted, and one person will be randomly selected for each prize. This past day, a summary of the discussion was sent to participants of the event. I stated 19 million units of the iPad by the end of 2010, which you could infer to mean 19 million users, but I equally stated that there was over 30 tablets besides the iPad already in the market.

June 2010 Monthly Roundup: 10 Most Popular Posts

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A short summary of an mLearning strategy workshop (from mLearnCon) listing elements that one should consider when creating mLearning strategy. Related posts: April 2010 Monthly Roundup: 10 Most Popular Posts SCORM Cloud- Will It Really Change The Game?

BE a businessperson

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In summary, to ‘earn a seat at the table’ where the business managers sit, you must: Speak the language of business. Speak the Language of Business.

Autonomous Learning - is it the same as informal learning?

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I'll 'borrow' the 'Twitter Summary' of the book to give you an idea of it's main premise: "Carrots & sticks are so last century, Drive says for 21st century work, we need to upgrade to autonomy, mastery and purpose". Formal learning and informal learning. I get the idea here, there is learning that is structured and there is learning that happens outside of structured environments.

Learning to Speak the Language of Business

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In summary, the successful learning leader must be able to translate departmental requirements into the appropriate business language for upper management to win approval for budget and staff. One of the basic elements of running learning like a business is to speak the language of business.

Acrobat 9: Compare!

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

This special PDF document starts off with a summary report, naming the old and new document's file name, some basic facts (such as "No pages were deleted"), and a basic legend of indicator marks. by David R. Mankin You have two PDF files.

Acrobat: Summarizing Comments

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This summary is presented as a stand-alone PDF file and can be printed, attached, distributed, etc. by David R. Mankin. Acrobat files are extremely handy in a review cycle.

Cognitive Psychology Anyone?

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Although the Cognitive Daily stopped publishing new articles in January 2010, it has 5 years worth of archives that are worth browsing. He provides a short summary and a link to the original. Somewhat Related Articles: 10 Ways to Learn in 2010. As a learning professional, it’s important to stay fresh and current. You need to feel motivated and even fascinated with your work. One way to do this is to delve into how people learn and how the brain works.

PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac: Give a Presentation From Your iPod

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Select the Summary tab in iTunes and ensure Enable disk use is selected from the Options area. by AJ George You want to pitch a sale to the CEO of a large company, Billy Bigshot. Problem is, Mr. Bigshot is, well, a bigshot.

Informal Learning: An Interview With Jay Cross

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There’s a lengthy summary of this at Internet Time Wiki. 10 Ways To Learn In 2010. A funny thing happened while we were learning informally. A few astute people noticed it, wrote about it and brought it to the forefront of the learning arena.

5 great speakers from the AITD conference - a summary of ideas

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A couple of weeks ago I flew up to Sydney for a few days to attend the Australian Institute of Training and Development's 2010 conference. Summary, an excellent session!

Drive: Key Points Captured in a Video

ID Reflections

Wonderful summary and representation of Dan Pink's Drive.

Ten Skills for the Future Workforce

Marcia Conner

The related, Shape of Jobs to Come: Possible New Careers Emerging from Advances in Science and Technology (2010 – 2030) full study from FastFuture is also very insightful ( summary of study ).

Top 60 eLearning Posts for October 2010

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October 2010 did not disappoint! 4 Free Tools to Help Get Your PowerPoint from Good to Great , October 21, 2010 Continuing the recent trend of PowerPoint in the news , I stumbled upon an article in USA Today that provided some tips and advice for designing more engaging presentations. Open Source eLearning Tools , October 13, 2010 I was just asked about trends in open source for eLearning and particularly open source eLearning tools. October 25, 2010 Open for use?

Links of the Week

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In summary: Flash isn't always bad and HTML5 isn't always good. Flash isn't BAD and HTML5 isn't GOOD In the seemingly never ending Flash vs. HTML wars, Streaming Learning Center's Jan Ozer decided to run a simple test (using YouTube) to compare both players' CPU utilization. Click here for his findings.

Writing & Grammar Workshop: Mind Mapping

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You can take the notes from a brainstorming session or a client meeting in mind map form and then work from the map to create a summary, a plan, or an outline. by Jennie Ruby Circles, boxes, and lines on large paper have long been the tools of writers in search of an outline. Add colors, sketches, faces, and numbers, and you have a writing tool called mind mapping. Mind mapping is a way to get your thoughts, plans, and ideas from abstract and random to concrete and organized.

Top 70 eLearning Articles - Hot Topics: iPad Adobe Captivate - July 2010

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July 2010. Educational Games for the Classroom - Kapp Notes , July 19, 2010 Here is a list of educational games that can be used to teach kids during the school year or over the summer break. Education As We Know It Is Finished - Lars is Learning , July 14, 2010 So says Clayton M.

Worldwide Mobile Learning Market To Reach $9.1 Billion By 2015

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billion (2010) to about USD 9.1 You can download the executive summary and see for yourself. The latest report from Ambient Insight about mobile learning is out, and it comes up with some pretty surprising figures.