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Top 20 female career coaches to follow right now


Today, when we’re talking about entrepreneurship, career coaches, and success, we’re talking about people – not pronouns. For this post, we picked 20 women whose career-coaching work, over the years, has stood out. As a result, her coaching approach is somehow different.

Surprising Course Failure Case Study Transforms into Monetized Content Expert Business with WordPress Ecommerce and WooCommerce Pro BobWP


Within the WordPress community, there are a lot of do-it-yourselfers, and a few hours of coaching with someone who knows a tool inside and out can be of great value to them. Well, I guess, can you tell us why coaching? That’s coaching. This was back in 2011.

How WooCommerce Plus a WordPress LMS Plugin Can Create a Great Learning Management System


It was founded by a company called WooThemes out of South Africa in 2011. So, about maybe eight months ago of this recording, we introduced a more formal Beta testing program where people can opt in to participate in Beta versions of our various products.

LMS 60