Pick of the month: October 2012

Jane Hart

So this roundup of my favourite articles from last month is shorter than usual – just the links, no commentary, but the quotes should give you a taste of why I enjoyed the articles. 1 - Defining social learning – Marcia Conner, 4 October 2012.

Pick of the Month: September 2012

Jane Hart

With the release of the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 on 1 October, my Pick of the Month for September is coming a little later than normal. The lessons learned in school can become outdated long before student loans are paid off.”

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Best articles on Working Smarter, April 2012

Jay Cross

APRIL 19, 2012. APRIL 24, 2012. APRIL 13, 2012. APRIL 19, 2012. JAY CROSS | TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 2012. JANE HART | MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2012. CLARK QUINN | MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2012. DAVID WEINBERGER | SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 2012.

PKM 66

Three Great Takeaways from ASTD 2012


When I registered for the ASTD International Conference & Expo 2012 over a month ago, I planned to write a recap post for two reasons: First, it’s a chance to share what I learned so people who couldn’t attend might learn something from my experience.


Ruth Clark Claims “Games Don’t Teach”

Experiencing eLearning

Ruth Clark posted at ASTD an article titled “ Why Games Don’t Teach.” Students who played the Crystal Island game learned less and rated the lesson more difficult than students who viewed a slide presentation without any game narrative or hands on activities. 2012). Without seeing the full article, I can’t tell. ” James Paul Gee has published a number of articles on games and learning.

Teach 327

A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links

Upside Learning

Do note some of these link up to dated articles. Marys City Schools, Links To Other Case Studies, And News Articles. 2012 Horizon Report. Lessons on mLearning.

Can Learnist Hold the Key to Enterprise Social Learning?

Dashe & Thomson

It separates learning lessons or topics into columns (called Learn Boards), almost identically to Pinterest. Click on one of these lessons and you can read the article or watch the video, as well as related items that anyone can add.

Two personal development resolutions for 2012

Good To Great

Towards the end of last year, a couple of people inspired me in various ways and I started making a mental list of the things I wanted to do in 2012. I’ve got a few other goals for the year – related to my Greek lessons, house-buying and the usual health and fitness things – but these two resolutions require daily or weekly commitment and lend themselves to online tracking of my progress.

Collaboration and community skills are the new workplace skills

Jane Hart

Yesterday, I read an article that offered some lessons for a big rollout of social and collaborative tools for Virgin Media, and their experience was the same.

Skills 226

eLearning: How to Incorporate Gamification Elements

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by AJ George  If you happened to catch my earlier article on the  gamification of learning , then you know that I have been dubious about its effectiveness. Short of setting up levels and leader boards and the number of "lives" you get in this lesson, here are some game-like concepts you can use to punch up your lessons.

13 Attributes of Leaders

The Performance Improvement Blog

An article in the June issue of Inc. No-Excuse - No Excuse Leadership: Lessons From the U.S. magazine, edited by Leigh Buchanan, identifies 13 “types of leaders.” I think “attribute” is a better label of the 13 given that an effective leader can have more than one of these qualities.

Lesson 191

Adobe Captivate 6: Best Practices for Working with Screen Readers

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

I'd like to follow up that article with information about screen readers. Screen readers are programs designed to allow visually impaired learners to navigate through a website or eLearning lesson by reading the content out loud. For instance, if you're someone who is in the market for a screen reader, there's a section in the article that deals with compatible applications, something that is often overlooked.

eLearning: Is This Learning, Winning, or Just Cheating?

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by AJ George  To elaborate on my previous gamification articles, I'd like to touch on the related issue of false achievement--learning how to play the system, or even cheat, in a game or learning environment to acquire the best game outcome (i.e., Online or in-person, maybe there will always be those people who want to "win," regardless of what they actually get out of a class or a lesson.

This Week on #TalkTech: Microsoft’s Nightmare, Training at Facebook and Google Shortens Attention Spans

Bottom-Line Performance

Mashable: Facebook Hacks Its Employees to Teach Lessons on Cyber Attacks. He noted his own struggles focusing on reading books and lengthy articles in favor of skimming headlines and scanning blog posts for key points.

Sharing Failure

Clark Quinn

In an article in Macrumors (obviously, an Apple info site), they detail part of Adam Lashinsky’s new Inside Apple book that reports on Apple executive development program. Many years ago now, at the event that led to Conner’s & Clawson’s Creating a Learning Culture , one small company shared their approach: they ring a bell not when the mistake is made, but when the lesson’s learned.

Apple 156

Writing & Grammar: Hyphenating Adjectives (And Answers to Last Week's Challenge)

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

A quick, easy lesson (or "and"). If you love Jennie's articles, you'll love her classes. by Jennie Ruby    Answers to last week's  comma challenge , as presented by Jing Ping Fan  (Correct answers were also sent in by  Susan Benson ): The tall and hollow trunk (or The tall, hollow trunk). The upper right corner. My blue suede shoes. The small down arrow. A loud and overcrowded stadium (or comma). A small yellow icon.

Juice 151

Writing & Grammar: Adjectives Versus Adverbs

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

A quick easy lesson. A wordy uninteresting paragraph   If you love Jennie's articles, you'll love her classes. by Jennie Ruby    Last week's challenge was a tough one. Several readers correctly punctuated the sentences but did not correctly identify which commas were optional. Sadly, only a minority of respondents got everything right. Here are the answers as presented by  Larena Jackson.

#mLearnCon Edition of #TalkTech: Microsoft Surface, NearPod, Clark Quinn’s 5 Phrases to Make Mobile Work

Bottom-Line Performance

Article: 5 Ways Microsoft’s Surface May be Better Than an iPad. Article: Microsoft Surface to cost more than US$599? Article: RJ Jacquez’s review of Nearpod. Today is a special edition of our weekly #TalkTech chat.

#mLearnCon Edition of #TalkTech: Microsoft Surface, NearPod, Clark Quinn’s 5 Phrases to Make Mobile Work

Bottom-Line Performance

Article: 5 Ways Microsoft’s Surface May be Better Than an iPad. Article: Microsoft Surface to cost more than US$599? Article: RJ Jacquez’s review of Nearpod. Today is a special edition of our weekly #TalkTech chat.

What Stinks about Webinars?

Allison Rossett

An article from Chief Learning Officer magazine. This article reports the experiences and lessons of Colleen Cunningham and Antonia Chan, two webinar addicts, now recovering. View full article: [link]. Articles Publications Analysis WebinarTweet What stinks about webinars?

Lesson 100

Classroom in context– taking leader development beyond the classroom

Allison Rossett

Tweet This is an article about how leader development is changing. The focus is on moving beyond leader development events to lessons, support, guidance and community available in the context of work, which is where leaders serve. Articles instructional design leader development New media Performance SupportHere is the piece, co-authored with Deb Pettry, published in Talent Management: [link].

Social Learning: Key resources from January

Jane Hart

Here is my pick of 10 articles about social learning since my last posting just before Christmas. If you want to read further articles you will find many more that I have saved in my 2012 Reading List. ” 6 - Modeling, not shaping , Harold Jarche, 19 January 2012.

Brain science meets social media

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

The solution of Paul Howard Jones is to make the lessons more engaging, for instance by using mobile phones and other technologies. Brain learning is currently a hot topic in the Netherlands amongst learning professionals. I read the book Brein@work van Ria van Dinteren en Nina Lazeron.

Why Blended Learning Is Really Just Blended Training


The blended learning model allows for some lessons to be delivered online instead of in a classroom lecture. For more Daily Mindflash articles on Learning and Development, click here.

eLearning Design

eLearning Brothers

In the article Ethan focuses on a story from his youth about a night-blooming cactus. He compares the lessons learned from that cactus to how we can create effective learning events with the elearning courses we design and build. I read a great blog recently by Ethan Edward of Allen Interactions, Improving Your e-Learning Designs: What I Learned from a Flower.

Twitter for Trainers: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Ideas


” Whether you’re a fan of the doctors of Seattle Grace or have no idea who Bailey and the Chief are, the underlying lesson for L&D pros is the same. How do you know an idea has gone thoroughly mainstream? It appears in melodramatic primetime television.

Study Finds Benefits in Use of iPad as an Educational Tool


The following is an excerpt from an article published on Emerging Tech. 60% of faculty thought that students were more motivated by lessons that incorporate the iPad than those that did not. The study looks at the use of iPads at the Longfield Academy , where a large scale 1 to 1 iPad program was implemented last year.

iPad 85

Training Managers? Teach Leaders It’s Not About Them Anymore


This is a lesson we need to drill into the minds of our leaders. For more Daily Mindflash articles on Management Training, click here. Over the past three weeks, we’ve been interviewing people in my office for leadership positions on our internal teams.

Teach 92

Flipping Corporate Learning

Jay Cross

Instructors, freed of the need to mouth the words of lessons, focus on helping learners understand things and coaching individuals. What if instead, educators spent class time doing and homework time for the watching of lessons/lectures. Flipping learning is big in education.

Two Easy Ways to Make Training Webinars More Personal


By gauging an assessing the impact of a lesson, the instructor is able to connect with students and guide them toward meaningful and successful results. For more articles on online training, click here.]. I’ll admit it: When it comes to teaching, classroom programs are my favorite.

#TrainChat Wrapup: What Trainers Can Learn From Angry Birds


On Friday the Daily Mindflash once again hosted a Twitter chat with contributor David Kelly, in which we discussed his latest article, “ What Angry Birds Can Teach Us About Instructional Design.” The Daily Mindflash : What lessons can trainers take away from a successful game like #AngryBirds?

What the ‘Draw Something’ App Can Teach Training Designers


Here are three specific lessons I’ve learned: 1. Lesson learned: Too much focus on economy may result in a loss of clarity. A friend of mine introduced me to “ Draw Something ” last month and I must admit — I’m addicted.

Teach 80

Rapid Scenario Building and More FREE Templates and Images


I suggest you read Tom’s article on the 3C model to learn more. I hope you found the lessons and free downloads useful. Last week I blogged about creating a rapid eLearning course mockup to get stakeholder feedback early in the development process.

Defining Social Learning

Marcia Conner

” Excerpt from Where Social Learning Thrives (an article I wrote with Steve LeBlanc originally posted on Fast Company’s site).

Changes in language learning for busy adults

Good To Great

So I was really interested to see a ‘changes in language learning’ session on the programme for Learning 2012 , facilitated by Jenny Zhu and Hank Horkoff. I’ve been learning foreign languages since primary school.