6 Steps to Printing Money at Your Association with eLearning

Association eLearning

Their innovative approach to online education for associations outlines a 6-step process to creating successful education programs, designed to maximize member satisfaction and generate cash for the association. How to successfully market their programs. •

5 Creative Ways to Market Your eLearning on a Budget

Association eLearning

Now, the really fun part begins – sharing the good news with your members and getting them excited about your association’s eLearning programs. Here are 5 creative ways to market your eLearning on a budget: 1. Tips for using gamification to market your eLearning – Create a contest of sorts; it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate and if you don’t have the budget, actual “prizes” are not even necessary. The ISTH and Digitec Partner on CME Portal - May 30, 2013.

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High Impact Blended Learning on a Tight Budget: How We Did It

Bottom-Line Performance

Large companies may be able to devote resources to a dedicated on-boarding program that spans weeks… but small companies don’t have this luxury. Getting new employees ramped up quickly is the challenge and goal of every company.

Long Live Your Education Sessions: How To Repurpose, Repackage and Reuse your Training Materials

Association eLearning

This program sat dormant for 2 years with none sold. What if we also gave an option for members to take the course online and call it the Qualified Furnace Operator Program?

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

large budgets. reason why 80 percent of all IT budgets. world • Huge savings on IT resources (freeing up budget. The Guardian (2013), ‘How is cloud computing enhancing our ability to work anywhere?’ Where learning and development programs used to be seen as.

EDUCAUSE 2013 Presenter Profiles: Cory Pavicich

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If you want to know more about, EDUCAUSE 2013 check out or EDUCAUSE Presenter Profile archives ! Expand Your Classroom: In a time of dwindling budgets, how can you manage to teach more students, better? I haven’t even opened the program yet.

ICS Learning Group Wins Three 2013 Omni Intermedia Awards

ICS Learning

ICS Learning Group Wins Three 2013 Omni Intermedia Awards. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – JUNE, 2013. ICS Learning Group, a leading provider of custom eLearning training solutions, has been awarded three Omni Intermedia Awards for 2013, marking the fifth consecutive win for the company’s Courseware Development team. “Medical Practice Management 101″: Even with a limited budget, effective training can be produced. Omni Intermedia Awards.

How to MOOC: Designing Effective MOOC Training Programs

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How do we design effective training programs for such an eclectic creature? In a presentation given at the 2013 Sloan-C conference, Jason Mock, instructional designer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, noted that MOOCs do not require completely new models of instructional design, but that problems in MOOCs are by nature much, much bigger than problems in traditional courses. Copyright 2013 Bryant Nielson.

Infographics and Learning


Programming Skills. Here is a wonderful infographic that captures the entire US federal budget in a single graphic. Infographics can help us design better learning programs! “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” ” ~ Leonardo da Vinci.

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New Association LMS Selection White Paper Available

Association eLearning

As a follow up to our recent webinar with association eLearning experts, Celisa Steele and Jeff Cobb with Tagoras , we’ve published a new white paper for associations beginning or in the midst of selecting a new learning management system (LMS) for their online membership education programs.

State of the Front-Line Manager

program, then chances are you will have. their leadership programs provided. development program, it may well be. xxiii “The WhatWorks® Awards 2013 Lessons from the Best.” State of the. Front-Line Manager Management and Supervisory Skills Development Contents 2 Contents.

By the Numbers: Learning from MOOCs

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Now, in 2013, massive open online courses (MOOCs) are bringing big data to education. In implementing MOOCs as part of corporate training programs, organizations must consider these factors and ensure that their employees are receiving adequate instructional support.

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10 Advantages Of Leveraging LMS For Blended Learning

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So here are the 10 advantages of leveraging an LMS for blended learning, justifiably segregated for administrators and learners – both who will be a part of your blended learning program. And blended learning program carried out via an LMS enables you to do just that.

2013 LearningElite Top 10

CLO Magazine

Chief Learning Officer magazine''s LearningElite program honors the best organizations for learning and development. Defense Acquisition University remains flexible and adaptable by focusing on learning despite looming budget cuts. To view the full list of the 2013 LearningElite, click here Meet this year''s top 10. AT&T: The Marriage of Business and Learning. Deanna Hartley.

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Boiling the backchannel

E-Learning Provocateur

Unfortunately I don’t attend as many as I’d like because so many of them are prohibitively expensive, are beyond my travel budget, or demand too much time out of the office. Put it on the first slide instead, and in the official program too. I enjoy attending conferences.

Lights, Camera, eLearning: What Project Managers and Hollywood Directors Have in Common

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Setting up a standard project folder structure with sub-folders for project documents, assets, and programming files along with setting up file naming conventions are just two examples of good organization techniques that can make managing a project easier and more efficient. Budget.

Education and Marketing – Why the Two Must Team for Success in eLearning

Association eLearning

This is generally a good thing and ensures expertise in a particular area, whether it is marketing your association’s conferences and membership or designing certification programs and managing your association’s learning management system (LMS).

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Scaling My Certification Program

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What does it mean to you when you say you need to make your program scalable? By this definition then, most certification programs are not designed to be scalable as many are not able to withstand much strain. So what are the variables that cause strain on a program? What works best for scaling your certification program and what advice would you give others

Advantages of GreenLearning

Association eLearning

Here at Digitec, we have a recycling program for all those lunch time soup cans and plastic bottles. But how does that affect your budget? Advantages of GreenLearning - April 22, 2013. Effective Interface Designs for eLearning - February 25, 2013.

9 Essential Instructional Designer Skills


Project Manager: Larger training implementations require careful budget and time management. Editor: Removing your emotional ties to a course you created, and putting your non-bias editor hat on, will go a long way in creating winning training programs.

7 Key Steps to Successful ELearning Implementations


Implementing any type of elearning program can appear daunting, no matter what the size of the organization. I have worked on a variety of implementations, ranging from international programs to very centralized, but each still came with their unique a set of challenges.

8 Easy Steps for ELearning Storyboards


Before you jump into creating any elearning program, it is important to first create a storyboard for the course. Each course should have objectives, and those objectives should relate back to the overall goal of the elearning program as defined in #1.

The 70:20:10 L&D Model for Developing a High-Performing Workforce


Despite knowing about these statistics, many organizations spend their training time, effort, and budget in inverse proportion! However, only around 10% time, effort, and budget is devoted to enabling social learning, and another 10% is spent on workplace learning.

If Not ADDIE, Then What with Michael Allen #astdtk13

Learning Visions

I'm at the ASTD Tech Knowledge 2013 Conference kicking off today January 29, 2013 in San Jose, California. But we’re pressed to produce a product that changes behavior and creates organizational impact – and do it on time and budget. Extreme programming, Agile, etc. Kineo.


How to Be Ready for Your Big Budget Increase


You are in your CEO’s office and she says to you, “I am happy to increase your training budget next year. First, CEOs are indicating that they plan to invest more in training in 2013 than they did in 2012. Target Your Budget to CEO Priorities.

Elearning or Live Training – Which Should You Use?


If you are responsible for creating a training program, take a look at the complexity of the content, duration of training, and your allotted budget. If your budget doesn’t allow for classroom based training, consider supplementing the elearning modules with webinars instead.

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FREE Alternative to Camtasia Studio


Many programs have this feature build in (i.e. Adobe Captivate and the new Articulate Storyline), but some prefer a third party program – and for years the standard bearer has been Camtasia Studio.

5 Simple and Effective eLearning Interactions

Bottom-Line Performance

It’s simple and effective to ask people this, and no fancy graphics or programming skill is required to use this interaction. We kept the course within a tight budget by limiting how far each branch could go; incorrect responses only continued for two more choices before ending.

2013 Trailblazer — Division 2

CLO Magazine

Without a platform for learning and employee development — along with challenges such as an aging workforce, staff reductions, budget cuts and a large percentage of employees unable to read, write or speak English — the organization needed a change. The corporate university was designed to integrate various levels of employee learning under one comprehensive program. The Internet-based program is available to all employees.

UNINETT Spreads New Technologies Across Norway With eCampus Program

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The eCampus program within UNINETT was officially launched in 2012 due to demand from institutions and as an effort to better manage resources for both the Ministry of Education and the schools it supported. The program was influenced by demand from Norwegian institutions.

2013 Strategy — Division 1

CLO Magazine

Kouba developed a learning program to rebuild the unit’s culture with a focus on common goals, metrics and outcomes; a measurable process based on data to identify capability gaps and align leadership; a standardized learning approach, with a curriculum that was scalable and transferable across Merck’s manufacturing division; and a basis for knowledge transfer to increase employee engagement. The company sought a learning program that was scalable and customizable to its needs.

2013 Global Learning — Division 2

CLO Magazine

Music and dance also were important training tools, yet in a move that seems like a nonglobal stance, Ellersgaard was adamant the program be delivered worldwide in English. LEO Powerhouse, as Ellersgaard’s program is known, provides a comprehensive vision to globally energize the company. With a global marketing learning program that exceeded all expectations during its inaugural year of 2012, San Diego-based biosciences company Life Technologies expanded the program for 2013.

What’s Your Certification Program’s Shelf Life?

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What’s the shelf life of your certification program? See which instigate certification renewal for your program and when. Can organizations provide a reason for the update based on the competency requirements, is it a comfortable default or is it for administrative and budget reasons?

FREE Alternative to Microsoft Project


Sure, it’s not as sexy as the other programs out there, but it is by far one of the best solutions available for work planning a major project with various dependencies. For those of you who have used, or actively use, Microsoft Project, you know how awesome it is.

Stupidly Simple Strategy to Demonstrate Training Effectiveness


Since many elearning programs allow you to create quizzes and surveys, this is an opportune time to get baseline data on your users. If you’re on tight budget though, then I suggest you take a look at LimeSurvey – a free open-source surveying tool similar to SurveyMonkey.