Major Ed-Tech Trends for 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]


and is ready for mass adoption as well, which will open up an entire world of learning devices, new products and services. The infographic below details some of’s ideas as to what we can expect for the remainder of 2013.

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Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


Each of the market research reports that we analyzed highlights the impact that these key trends are going to create in the e-learning space. APIs are useful for extending the data or functionalities of one application and create other applications or mashups.

ScreencastCamp 2013 Session Content

TechSmith Camtasia

Creating Re-usable Templates in Camtasia. Troy presents how to create re-usable templates in Camtasia. In the presentation you’ll find out about cost, security and service involved with Wistia. Creating Good Audio Kari & Rob & Shannon. Creating interactive books.

Creating Impactful Learning: Experiences in the BFSI


The Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFSI) has been a forerunner in adopting the newer ways of imparting training for its ever-increasing and ever-changing training needs. The introductory frames were created in 3D and the learners were provided special glasses for the same.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

organizations: • Value personal development among their teams • Create curated learning experiences • Use learning technologies to achieve their goals As leading analysts Fosway Group point out, learning technology deserves a much more strategic. tool should give you the versatility to create.

Instructional Design Hourly Rates and Salary

Experiencing eLearning

The 2013 calculator puts the average salary for instructional designers in the US at $74,324. Jeffrey Rhodes’ presentation on how to price consulting work explains how to determine your hourly rate as a consultant and how to estimate and price services.

3 emerging services of the L&D Department

Jane Hart

As I prepare myself for an upcoming meeting on the Future of Workplace Learning, I have put together a simple slide to show what I see as 3 emerging services of the future L&D department. Content Production Service - creating courses and resources Learning Concierge Service – identifying one-size-fits-one solutions for ad hoc performance problems [.].

Creating Games for Learning: Strategies for Learning in a ‘Different’ Way


Games are exciting and create a lasting impact. The engaging element can be introduced through the narrative, a vivid storyline or even creating a context for the learner – which the learner can relate to. Create multiple layers of challenges that lead to the ultimate prize/goal.

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Applications of online training: customer service


Customer service training is in fact the blueprint for a company’s entire support process. A solid training program ensures that a team operates to consistently deliver good service to customers, with or without a game plan.

Resolve to Try Something New in eLearning in 2013

Integrated Learnings

Gable In perusing the blogosphere, Twitter , and Facebook at the turn of the new year, I noticed several expressions of relief that the world has not ended and resolutions to make 2013 the best year yet. While an attractive visual design and eye-catching interactions can help create a positive first impression of a lesson, its ability to teach learners to perform is what matters most. What are your professional development goals for 2013? Integrated Learning Services, Inc.

State of the Front-Line Manager

customer service group, shift managers in your retail. To create effective front-line. effective front-line managers create. passion to create greater impact. managers create concrete goals for. xxiii “The WhatWorks® Awards 2013 Lessons from the Best.”

eLearning Conferences 2013

Tony Karrer

link] December 12-14, 2012 Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems (MOBIQUITOUS): Computing, Networking and Services, 9 th , annual, Beijing, China. link] December 16-19, 2012 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS): Digital Innovation in the Service Economy, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Customer Satisfaction: Gaming the System

The Performance Improvement Blog

An executive in a central office or a hired survey company might be collecting this data and drawing conclusions about customer service in a location that they may or may not have visited and probably know little. Customer Service Run Amok.

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The Future of E-Learning in 2013


But what is in store for our industry in 2013, or even the medium to long term? Instructional designers have made their living creating training that is effective, engaging, and enjoyable. Better yet, take some proactive steps to position yourself as a service provider to MOOCs.

Joy to the World of Work

The Performance Improvement Blog

By explaining how Menlo works with clients, estimates costs, organizes work assignments, develops teams and leaders, and ensures quality, Sheridan provides a guidebook for creating joy in any organization. . . It’s fitting, in this holiday season, to be talking about "joy".

Culture Change and Leadership

The Performance Improvement Blog

This alignment is evident in customer service and quality of the products that Whitmer reviewed. However, there is no doubt that the company is trying to create a culture consistent with the values of its leader. .

Using Game Design To Create Accomplishment Based Learning, Julie Dirksen #astdtk13 @usablelearning

Learning Visions

I'm at the ASTD Tech Knowledge 2013 Conference in San Jose, California. We are creates of urgency. She mentions a good slide share that talks about how they created that game). Teaching remedial math in the context of creating a new coffee shop. Kineo. Normal. false.

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Ecommerce: One Size Does Not Fit All

The Performance Improvement Blog

It’s as if companies forget everything they know about customer service when they build a Web site. After 25 years and many mistakes and successes, the company has figured out how to create a great customer experience. Why do online shopping experiences have to be so difficult?

How We Use Social Media for Informal Learning

Bottom-Line Performance

Since the topics are posted in our blog and we create a transcript of the chat afterwards, even people who prefer to absorb the content at a slower pace can access the information and benefit from the learning.

8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

mLearning Revolution

Instagram was not only a mobile-first success story, but until recently it was a mobile-only photo sharing service. With that said, here are 8 things I believe we must do in 2013 to leverage mobile and advance mobile learning: 1. Here’s to having an amazing 2013!

Learning In Practice Awards 2013

CLO Magazine

Awards were presented to the top three entrants — gold, silver and bronze — in more than a dozen categories, including Strategy, Technology, Trailblazer and Collaboration for practitioners and Vendor Partnership, Blended Technology and Community Service for vendors. Learning providers were recognized for their service in eight categories, including e-learning, academic partnerships and social learning. Excellence in Community Service.

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Enhance Your Mobile Learning Delivery with 7 Eye-openers.


mLearning has, slowly but surely, been creating a niche for itself in corporate training and learning. Even a decade ago mLearning was being created and utilized for learning – though sparingly. The good news is that all mLearning content need not be created from scratch.

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Camtasia Studio 8 Boot Camp in March/April 2013 – Sign up now!

TechSmith Camtasia

If you’re an enthusiastic beginner or intermediate-level learner who wants to create top-drawer tutorials and marketing spots, then these courses are for you! Camtasia for Mac (New course!): March 28-29, 2013 in Romulus, MI.

7 big opportunities that MOOCs offer corporates

E-Learning Provocateur

Instead, corporates should consider making their offerings “MOOC like” by creating an online space in which the content can be consumed and discussed by the employees (with SME support) over the course of several weeks.

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e-Learning budgets: Doing more with less


Therefore, despite fluctuations of the economy and limited training budgets, companies are always on the lookout for sustainable learning solutions that can be created and delivered within limited means – of time as well as money. Use audio and video to create impactful learning.

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Designing eLearning for iPads – Webinar Recording and Q&A

Upside Learning

A: The best way to get people acquainted with eLearning on tablets is by identifying any support opportunity that can be provided using tablets and then to create and deliver it via the devices. We have been helping our clients with HTML5 development services & solutions.

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44 Profitable Markets within the Training Industry


Find which one speaks to you the most and run with it, do research, and create your own value-added contribution. Customer Service Training. Food Service Training. International Translation Services.

The Emergence Of Mobile Learning For Higher Education In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Upside Learning

There is tremendous focus from Saudi Government to look beyond oil, aiming at creating a knowledge-based economy. Source: Ambient Insight’s 2010-2015 worldwide market forecast for Mobile Learning Products & Services).

Cultivate a Culture of Customer Service

CLO Magazine

When FMC Technologies experienced rapid growth in a business sector, its customer service performance suffered. They also realized they would have to provide training to facilitate continuous improvement in service, deadlines and a solid awareness of the customers’ value proposition.

Retiring Workforce? Use Your LMS To Capture Their Knowledge

Upside Learning

billion), highest wages and salaries per employee ($117,500), highest sales and service income per person employed ($1.06 CIPD HRD 2013 | Apr 24 – 25 | Olympia, London, UK | Stand #425. ASTD ICE 2013 | May 19 – 22 | Dallas, TX, USA | Stand #839.

eLearning surfs the cloud: how we got invited to VentureBeat’s CloudBeat 2013


In layman’s terms, cloud computing is the technology which allows people like you and I to access an online service or product which resides on the internet. Soon enough many more services would emphasize the use of the cloud later on.

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: opportunities and challenges for the L&D profession

Performance Learning Productivity

Respondents represented a range of sectors and organisation types – financial services, oil and gas, healthcare, business services, industry, government and third sector were all included. CONTENT CAPABILITIES In some cases content will be created by the L&D team.

Numbers Don’t Lie: ROI of Corporate Training


Customer service. Even focusing on creating a training program in just one of these areas can have dramatic impact on the company. Every company makes the majority of their decisions based on how it will impact their bottom line.

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eLearning: Want Learners to Retain Data? Reduce Anxiety

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Let's say you're designing eLearning to demonstrate to new employees how to create the best customer service. Should you tell a tale of customer service gone wrong that caused the company to lose business? by AJ Walther.

Education and Marketing – Why the Two Must Team for Success in eLearning

Association eLearning

Marketing should be a coordinated activity within an association and include a team of all the content and service areas.” – Cecilia Sepp, Vice President and Client Operations Officer, Association Laboratory.

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What Can You Expect in 2013?

CLO Magazine

Several trends will drive performance and development in 2013, and learning leaders will need to strategize for mobility. Imagine a baggage handler accessing a job aid on his or her bag tag scanner or a copy machine service technician connecting via the machine interface to a live, virtual mentor. That may be because while apps are easy to create, they are not easy for corporations to support.