Customer Satisfaction: Gaming the System

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When it comes to measuring customer satisfaction, managers are gaming the system. They are advising customers to answer survey questions in a way that makes the manager look good, i.e., a rating of 5 on a 5-point scale. Customer Service Run Amok.

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Listen to Your Customer

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I heard Patrick Doyle , CEO of Domino’s Pizza, speak at a meeting of the Washtenaw Economic Club on Thursday (February 21, 2013). In 2009, at a time of declining revenue and store closings, Domino’s changed its product entirely. Now, everyone says that they listen to their customers.

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Knowledge Guru and BLP head to Training 2013 for Speaking and Expo

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We’re heading to Orlando next week for the Training 2013 Conference and Expo in Orlando. Invitation to attend a post-Training 2013 webinar on how to use games for learning.

Screenchamp Awards 2013 – UPDATE

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We received 239 submissions for this year’s 2013 Screenchamp Awards. 2013 Screenchamp Awards Screening Team. Kevin Carter, Video Production Intern. Sam Curcuruto, Product Marketing Manager. Matt Pierce, Customer Engagement Manager. Wow—what an incredible turnout!

Internet Time Alliance Predictions for 2013

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Jay Cross 2013 will be a great year. Smart companies will adopt radical management, putting the customer in charge and reorganizing work in small teams. Happy workers are more engaged, more productive, and more fulfilled.

BLP Named a Finalist in 2013 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge

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BLP) specializes in custom eLearning, game-based learning and mobile solutions. The game is just one example of the custom learning games we create for our clients. “Formulation type has a major impact on a product’s performance,” said Fisher.

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ITA Predictions 2013

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A confluence of technology and improved connectivity, increasing pressures for rapid solutions and better customer service, and demands for higher performance, will force the hands of many HRDs and CLOs to refocus from models of ‘extended formal training’ to place technology-enabled, workplace-focused and leader-led development approaches at the core of their provision. 2013 will be a great year. Happy workers are more engaged, more productive, and more fulfilled.

Using Games to Improve Product Knowledge

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Product knowledge training is one of the most common types of training in many organizations. Some companies release multiple new products every month, whereas others have so many different products that getting new hires up to speed can turn into a nightmare. Customer Examples.

ScreencastCamp 2013 Session Content

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Kyle Wilson discusses shooting video for production. Tips on engaging customers and telling a story in your screencast. The post ScreencastCamp 2013 Session Content appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. What is ScreencastCamp?

Top 5 Game-Based Learning Posts on Our Blog in 2013

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What a year it has been for the Knowledge Guru product! We first launched the game engine in October 2012, added the Game Creation Wizard in 2013, and are now humming along with happy customers and a wide range of feature enhancements planned for the coming year.

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Internet Time Alliance Predictions for 2013

Jane Hart

2013 will be a great year. Smart companies will adopt radical management, putting the customer in charge and reorganizing work in small teams. Happy workers are more engaged, more productive, and more fulfilled.

Top 10 LMSs for 2013

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Back again to bring this first in a series of rankings for the top ten learning management systems for 2013. That said, just as a reminder: Here is how these new rankings will work throughout 2013: Debut this month, update in July, final top 25 in Dec. Anyway, not sure how that played out when they had some clients who moved from Absorb to SmartLab and then ended up going back to Absorb – not an ideal customer service move IMO. Feature wise this product is fantastic.

This Week on #TalkTech: Games for Customer Education, Learn to Code and Samsung Partners With Visa

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We’re shaking things up in 2013 here at #TalkTech! Topic 1: How can mobile apps and games be used to educate customers about a company? If you want to educate customers, you have to do it in a medium they enjoy. #TalkTech is the “flipped” approach to Twitter chats.

ScreencastCamper Profiles 2013: Dave Buell

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Whoa – ScreencastCamp 2013 is this weekend ! Dave and the rest of our Champs respond to customer questions, requests, feedback and more on a daily basis. Alright, and a follow up: how did you get so handy with TechSmith products?!

Unlocking Cool: Jeremy Gutsche, 2013 #DevLearn opening keynote

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You are not selling a product. Perspective, intentional destruction (destroy what worked in the past to try something new), be tolerant with experimental failure, be obsessed with your customers. Don’t look at your competitors to see what you should do and what people want…look to your customers. Customer obsession: Functional (tell). They’ll endorse you, your team, your product, they’ll share it. In all industries, innovation starts by observing CUSTOMERS.

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Our 2013 Mantra for #mLearning: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify [Lessons from LinkedIn]

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May 2013 be the year each one of us creates a dent in our own Universe! Virtually every process and every product is being “ reimagined ” because of mobile. via 8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning | The mLearning Revolution Blog.

Custom Captivate Player Skins

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A great way of doing this is creating a custom Captivate player skin. If you’re looking to have something more custom, just for you, give us a shout. eLearning Featured Products/Reviews Skins captivate skin captivate widget

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Geenio at DevLearn 2013 Late in October 2013 we visited the.


Geenio at DevLearn 2013. Late in October 2013 we visited the fabulous Las Vegas for DevLearn 2013. We didn’t go there to sell our product; instead, we wanted to talk to people. Long story short, DevLearn 2013 helped us to realize we were moving in the right direction.

Applications of online training: customer service


Customer service training is in fact the blueprint for a company’s entire support process. A solid training program ensures that a team operates to consistently deliver good service to customers, with or without a game plan.

Product Review: Microsoft Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint 2013

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Some products including Articulate Studio and Storyline use the Microsoft SDK PowerPoint ribbon as their main ribbon. Use products such as Adobe Presenter or iSpring Presenter and in just a few short seconds you will be in PowerPoint and you can start building courses. The product?

Customer Support – Making it simpler and better


Good customer support complements a great product or service and enhances the overall experience. But lately, with the paucity of time, customers have [.]. Emails have been one of the most popular support mechanisms and have long been in the scene. raptivity chat email Query Resolution Support

Caring about customers


Throughout this process I have discovered that being super-good at support is important for getting and keeping customers and is an essential path to prosperity. It is one thing what the customer asks for and another thing what he really wants. Opinion customer support

Product Review: Lectora Snap! Empower

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interfaces directly with the product (ribbon? is not the only product which has an issue with a 64 bit Windows computer but in combination with PPT 2010, I’m unaware of any other. When I looked at the product, I immediately thought on the song by Snap – called Power!

Experience (Tin Can) API: What to Expect from Your LMS Provider

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These are currently stand-alone products, but ADL predicts they will eventually be integrated right into LMS’s. in May 2013. Sure, one potential advantage would be allowing you to record the completion of a mobile app or game created by a custom provider like us. Tin Can.

The Top 10 Best eLearning Game Templates in 2013

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The stats are in and we have the top eLearning game templates of 2013. Customers loved eLearning games in 2013, and loved them 3.26x more in Q4 than they did in Q1 (Dr. Here are the Top 10 Best eLearning Game Templates in 2013: #1 Gameshow. #2

Internet Time Alliance Predictions for 2013

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Here is what the Principals of the Internet Time Alliance see ahead in 2013: Harold Jarche. 2013 will be a great year. Smart companies will adopt radical management, putting the customer in charge and reorganizing work in small teams.

Camtasia Studio 8 Boot Camp in March/April 2013 – Sign up now!

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Former TechSmith employee, Daniel Park, is holding several boot camp classes to help users learn about Camtasia, along with loads of useful information about screencasting productivity. Camtasia for Mac (New course!): March 28-29, 2013 in Romulus, MI.

ICS Learning Group Wins Three 2013 Omni Intermedia Awards

ICS Learning

ICS Learning Group Wins Three 2013 Omni Intermedia Awards. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – JUNE, 2013. ICS Learning Group, a leading provider of custom eLearning training solutions, has been awarded three Omni Intermedia Awards for 2013, marking the fifth consecutive win for the company’s Courseware Development team. The Omni Awards endeavor “to recognize outstanding media productions that engage, empower and enlighten.”. Omni Intermedia Awards.

Customer story: Mentor Graphics


We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Epignosis eFront customer Mentor Graphics. Located in Oregon, Mentor Graphics Corporation is a world leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, providing products, consulting services and award-winning support for the world’s most successful electronic, semiconductor and systems companies. ” Read the customer case study here: Mentor Graphics Customer Story from eFrontLearning.

Culture Change and Leadership

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The experience of Andrea Whitmer , a customer of Vocalocity who happens to be a blogger, suggests that the actions of the company are aligned with Kellum’s values. This alignment is evident in customer service and quality of the products that Whitmer reviewed.

Fewer Full-Sized Courses. More learning snacks, ePubs, Videos, and Reference Tools

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Finally, there’s the increasing acknowledgement that often our customers aren’t really trying to teach someone to DO something– they need a way to push out content. ePubs and web-based reference tools offer a terrific alternative – at a fraction of the cost of eLearning course production.

Learning In Practice Awards 2013

CLO Magazine

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina outsourced 36 percent of its training development in 2012 and expects to be above 40 percent in 2013, resulting in savings of $450,000 over two years. This resulted in billions of dollars in discarded products and lost revenue. BRONZE: William Magagna, Director of Global Product Education, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.

Scheduled Maintenance on September 20th, 2013 from 10pm to 11pm EST – for 1 hour


We are conducting scheduled maintenance on September 20th, 2013 from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm EST – for 1 hour. The maintenance session is being undertaken to add 5 new custom result types and upgrade our internal server. Products Impacted: Quiz & Training.

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Microsoft Office: 2013 Open for Preview

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by AJ George  Last week  Microsoft announced its latest version of Microsoft Office  and opened it for  customer preview.   Office 2013 is still being offered as traditional desktop software with a perpetual license, like its previous versions.

10 Random ELearning Facts You Should Know


Every $1 spent in elearning results in $30 of productivity! Articulate, the popular rapid elearning development platform, boasts 28,000+ customers.

Numbers Don’t Lie: ROI of Corporate Training


Customer service. Even a simple, yet comprehensive training program for custom service reps resulted in an improved customer satisfaction rating of 9.5%, and happy customers are reported to be 33% more likely to do more business.

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ASTD TechKnowledge 2013, Day 2

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The product comes in two flavors – a simple and a more robust. Comes with App store and gadget store , where you can download and install into your product – the apps are like objects created by them and others, and gadgets are widget like things – them and end users; oh the majority are free, but if as an end user created one and wanted to sell it – you could. SSO for Google and (you have to have the product).