Designing distance learning courses

Rob Hubbard

Firstly I should clarify what I mean by a ‘distance learning course’. A distance learning course is something that: Is undertaken remotely. I’m not talking about elearning tutorials or online webinars, though these may form a part of a distance learning course. With the prevalence of freely available learning material there has never been a better time to create a distance learning course. Design Distance Learning MOOCs

The moot point of MOOCs

E-Learning Provocateur

Perhaps we need to look at learning differently. Perhaps we need to look at learning differently indeed. The proponents of informal learning don’t care. Nor do the proponents of constructivist learning. Nor, dare I suggest, do the proponents of social, mobile and blended learning. The only people who seem to care are the MOOC providers themselves (naturally), the proponents of formal learning, and the ever-present killjoys.


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The History of Distance Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]


Most people probably do not know this, but distance learning has actually been around for quite some time. In the United States, the earliest recorded distance learning program was in 1728 when Caleb Phillips advertised a private correspondence courses in the Boston Gazette newspaper! Fast forward to today, and we have one of the highest degrees of distance learning technology in use. distance learning MOOCs

10 hot tips for moocers

E-Learning Provocateur

By that I don’t mean so much the knowledge acquired from the instructors, but (on the contrary) the skills developed in learning how to learn for myself. So if you actually want to learn something rather than skate through each subject, it’s up to you to do your prescribed readings, seek more from blogs and journals to enhance your understanding, reach out to your network to ask questions and gather feedback, and generally drive your own education.

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eLearning Conferences 2013

Tony Karrer

link] December 1-5, 2012 Learning Forward Conference, (Learning Forward is the new name for the National Staff Development Council, NSDC), Boston, Massachusetts, USA. link] December 3-14, 2012 Open Content Licensing for Educators (#OCL4Ed), organized by the OER Foundation, offered online. link] December 4-6, 2012 International Symposium on Open, Distance, and e-Learning (ISODEL), Bali, Indonesia. link] January 27-28, 2013 Health 2.0 Clayton R.

The Importance of Interactivity in electronic distance learning programs - Technology meets Education

In distance learning, feedback is categorized into feedback among the learner towards the content, the trainer/educator towards the learner, and finally the learners (Chou, Peng & Chang; 2010). Regular interaction among the teachers, the students, and the content is a vital factor in achieving learning objectives (Wei, Peng & Chou, 2014). . Thus the student will overcome the fear of insecurity due to the distance barrier.

ProProfs Wins 2013 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award For Mind-Building Excellence


ProProfs Training Maker recently won the Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award 2013 for excellence in online education and training. This website takes distance learning to the next level! An online learning management system (LMS), which allows instructors to manage virtual classrooms. Learn tracking and managements features such as compliance reports, remind buttons etc. Availability of open online courses of a variety of topics.

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Steve Wozniak #eli3 Keynote Mindmap

Clark Quinn

The legendary Steve “The Woz” Wozniak was the opening keynote at the 3rd International Conference of e-Learning and Distance Learning. In a wide-ranging, engaging, and personal speech, Steve made a powerful plea for the value of the thoughtful learner and intrinsic motivation, project-based learning, social, and self-paced learning. design meta-learning social strategy

What Can You Expect in 2013?

CLO Magazine

Apps, videos and more sophisticated blended learning and collaboration schemes are just a few of the learning trends to watch and implement in the next year. Several trends will drive performance and development in 2013, and learning leaders will need to strategize for mobility. With mobility, learning and work are not conducted in isolation. ” Other organizations may look to QR codes to enable geo-specific learning.

Advantages of GreenLearning

Association eLearning

In comparison, a study by Britain’s Open University discovered that providing distance learning “consumes an average of 90% less energy and produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than conventional face-to-face courses,” which helps immensely. For learners, implementing good online learning can improve learner retention and overall happiness by giving them more control over their experience; however, there might be another reason your learners are so pleased.

Learner Engagement – Are Games the Answer?

Association eLearning

Everyone is talking about increasing engagement, and many are turning to gamification, social learning networks, and anything else they think will work to increase learner engagement. So they ask us to “convert” their learning into a game. As a game-based learning developer, we often look at increasing learner engagement by using leaderboards, status posts, and badges, but true engagement comes from something even more basic. Learning should create opportunity.

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What Is eLearning? The Good, Bad, and The Ugly

Association eLearning

You might also notice eLearning being referred to as online learning, web-based learning, or distance learning. Not surprisingly, research has shown that there are distinct advantages to this style of learning. At its best, eLearning is a great way for learners to learn at their own pace, processing material without being held back or hurried by peers. Our brains have been wired over the last 2,500 years to learn through stories.

Customer story: An International Maritime University & eFront for education


Lacson Foundation Maritime University -DEOL Office conducted a study on different open-source LMS solutions to deliver education to a wide range of students around the globe – eFront came out on top. They decided that in terms of cost savings and ease of use and control, eFront was the best tool to use in engaging online distance learning. Instructors are now more adept at developing digital course content and have learned how to set, mark and record student progress online.”

Learning and the Changing Workplace – Part 1

Tom Spiglanin

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of workplace Learning and Development* (L&D) or, more specifically, about the evolution of the workplace and the changing role of L&D in it. blog ), along with several others, write often about how the globally connected workplace is changing the nature of both work and learning. Jay notes in The principles of learning that Henschel’s lessons are still valid today.

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14 Articles on MOOCs

Jay Cross

Online Learning – The Chronicle of Higher Education. An inside look at the latest phenomenon in online learning. Massive Open Online Courses Views & Research – The Conversation. Perhaps most importantly, however, a MOOC builds on the active engagement of several hundred to several thousand “students” who self-organize their participation according to learning goals, prior knowledge and skills, and common interests. Nathan Harden (January/February 2013).

IMD Business School Launches Two New Programs in Business Leadership

CLO Magazine

14 IMD business school recently added two new open enrollment programs for managers aspiring to move into business leadership positions and for managers who are transitioning into leadership roles. The program includes pre-program, inter-module and post-program distance learning. Both programs aim to provide an intensive opportunity to develop an essential set of cross-functional skills and capabilities required to be successful in business leadership.

Rollins Inc.: Learning From a Distance

CLO Magazine

needed to migrate its satellite network and deploy an interactive distance-learning platform capable of reaching new international locations and 10,000 employees around the globe. needed to migrate its satellite network and deploy an interactive distance-learning platform capable of reaching new international locations and 10,000 employees around the globe. Employees learning and working only from their desks is no longer a reality or desired outcome.

MOOCs: Threat or Opportunity? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) continue to gain momentum and prominence among the mainstream. What’s great about MOOCs, or distance learning for that matter, is that it makes continual education more accessible. This means that the MOOC distance learning experiment is proving to be all that more interesting! I think I even recently saw someone list a MOOC course under their educational experience on their LinkedIN profile!

Discussion on LinkedIn's Technology Integration in Education

eLearning Evangelist

A few posts though responded to the opening question. One response, I took as positive was this one: To your earlier point Raymond, while not strictly "virtual worlds" a few years ago I was involved in a project to provide distance learning (shared learning) to a severely disabled student in a remote rural area, as opposed to having to "bus" him in great discomfort for a couple of hours a day.

Selecting the Best From the Rest

CLO Magazine

To ensure employees have the learning they need to be successful, choosing the right learning delivery method is essential. There are many ways to deliver learning. When the goal is top performance, what method learning leaders choose to deliver that learning can be as important as the content. Executive education programs also are being influenced by the available range of learning modalities. Learning Investments 1. Choose a learning modality.

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Beneath the facade.

Learning with 'e's

Personalised tools lead to personalised learning, and the impact of this should not be underestimated. For many in today''s technology rich, rapidly changing, networked society, personalised learning has acquired more value than anything that can be offered by organisations. Will we now see a decline in the Ivory Tower mentality that for centuries has held sway on learning for higher education? Online Learning and Distance Learning Resources (Online publication) Guy, T.

Online Classes vs Traditional Classes – Find the Best for You


Since the emergence of online learning, there has been a discussion on whether online classes are better than traditional classes. In the case of distance learning, it may be most appropriate at colleges and universities. What is Online Learning? What is Online Learning?

eLearning Conferences 2012

Tony Karrer

The list focuses primarily on the use of eLearning, technology in educational settings and on teaching, learning, and educational administration. link] November 27-December 1, 2011 Learning in Higher Education : Transforming University Teaching into Learning via Simulations and Games , 6 th international symposium, sponsored by the International Academic Association for the Enhancement of Learning in Higher Education, Sydney, Australia. Clayton R.

The Mobile eLearning Express: A Brief History of Distance Courses

eLearning Brothers

Distance education programs did get their start relying on mail correspondence and still do today, for example, in rural Alaska and Australia. The flexibility of accessing an entire course from a small and lightweight wireless device makes mobile learning the current education frontier. It is a very exciting time for online course developers as upgrades, new devices, new software, apps, and WiFi hotspots can now break course design out the legacy learning management system box.

eLearning Conferences 2012


The list focuses primarily on the use of technology in educational settings and on teaching, learning, and educational administration. January 2012 January2-4, 2012 College Teaching and Learning Conference, sponsored by the Clute Institute for Academic Research, Orlando,California, USA. link] January5-7, 2012 International Conference on e-Education,e-Business, e-Management and e-Learning (IC4E), 3 rd , Hong Kong, China. link] March 20-21, 2012 Enterprise Learning !

How will MOOCs and SPOCs effect the eLearning world?

Unicorn Training

A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course that allows unlimited access to distance learning via the web. How have they effected your learning experience? 6 Things We Foresee For The Next 25 Years in eLearning Unicorn Wins Outstanding Learning Company 2013

10 Great Moments in eLearning History

SHIFT eLearning

Commercial software companies were quick to develop computer-based educational materials and learning games as well. It''s important to note how the MPC relaxed the learning barrier for students. Others in the industry have already used the term "online learning," which basically points to the same concept. The term has always been used to refer to learning using the web or any other electronic medium. emphasizes on how we learn—how we interact with content online.

eLearning Conferences 2010

Tony Karrer

link] December 2, 2009 Security and Defence Learning : International Forum on Technology Assisted Learning and Training for Defence, Security and Emergency Services, 5 th , Hotel InterContinental Berlin, Berlin, Germany. link] December 2-4, 2009 Online Educa Berlin International Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training, 15 th , Hotel InterContinental, Berlin, Germany. link] January 12-14, 2010 Learning and Technology World Forum 2010, London, United Kingdom.

Cal State Online Plays Small Ball

Allison Rossett

Tweet The California State University (CSU), the largest state university system in the United States, has at long last settled on an online learning strategy for its 23 campuses. Ruth Claire Black, the new director of Cal State Online, in an open letter to the CSU presented 10 guiding principles. Cal State Online , which took years to conceive, is now scheduled to pilot in the Fall semester, 2012, and then to launch in Spring, 2013.

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21 top elearning communities

Sponge UK

Join thousands of other L&D professionals who are learning from each other in these elearning communities. Learning and Skills Group. Instructional Design & E-Learning Professionals’. Learning design. Work learn mobile. 3 Learning and Skills group. The Learning and Skills Group (LSG) is an international community of L&D professionals interested in organisational learning and learning technology with 9,000 members.”.

From Engineer to Executive: Bernard Fraenkel Shares His Journey


Since then – for the last 20 years – he has run engineering teams in venture-backed companies ranging from distance learning to e-commerce, large-scale document storage systems, education, as well as mobile banking and digital marketing. Through these experiences, Fraenkel has learned first-hand how to transition from being a technical specialist to a business leader. You started mentoring with Everwise in 2013. This way, the learning is genuine and deep.

Joe Ganci – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Joseph Ganci is President of eLearningJoe, LLC, a custom learning company located outside Washington. Since 1983, he has been involved in every aspect of multimedia and learning development. ABOUT THIS INTERVIEW SERIES: ‘ Crystal Balling with Learnnovators ’ is a thought-provoking interview series that attempts to gaze into the future of e-learning. It comprises stimulating discussions with industry experts and product evangelists on emerging trends in the learning landscape.



Joseph Ganci is President of eLearningJoe, LLC, a custom learning company located outside Washington. Since 1983, he has been involved in every aspect of multimedia and learning development. ABOUT THIS INTERVIEW SERIES: ‘ Crystal Balling with Learnnovators ’ is a thought-provoking interview series that attempts to gaze into the future of e-learning. It comprises stimulating discussions with industry experts and product evangelists on emerging trends in the learning landscape.

Hot List - April 1, 2009 to April 11, 2009

Tony Karrer

So, here's the hot list for April 1 - April 11 via eLearning Learning. Although everyone learns most from their mistakes, it does save a lot of money if you keep some tips in the back of your mind. Building Better Learning Games - Learning Visions , April 9, 2009 Interested in building casual games for your learners? Learning results in physical changes to the brain and these changes are unique to each individual. What is an online learning community?