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Unicorn and Amuzo Ask ‘Learning Games – You Cannot Be Serious!’ at LT15

Unicorn Training

Award-winning eLearning specialists Unicorn and chart-topping game studio Amuzo have joined forces to bring World Class mobile and cross-platform game experience to educational games for the corporate sector. Peter Phillips, Unicorn Training CEO, added: “We have always been committed to action learning. In 2013 Unicorn was named ‘Outstanding Learning Organisation’ at the eLearning Awards in its 25th anniversary year.

Why are there so few eLearning millionaires?

Unicorn Training

In this extract from a blog article, first published in Elearning Age in 2013, Peter Phillips looks at the commercial development of bespoke eLearning, and its growth from a small fragmented cottage industry into today’s much larger fragmented cottage industry.

“The average on-line learner is 34 years old”

Unicorn Training

In the latest in an occasional series on the use and misuse of statistics in e-learning, Unicorn CEOPeter Phillips examines Aurion Learning’s recent colourful infographic. Over 40% of global Fortune 500 companies now use some form of educational technology.” Magazine 2013. of global Fortune 500 companies used technology during formal learning hours last year.“Companies To quote Basil Fawlty “Specialist subject – the bleedin’ obvious”.12,

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