5 Reasons Facilitators Keep Virtual Training Class Size Small

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I recently posted a blog concerning the optimal class size for virtual training. I wanted to share more than my personal opinion, so I asked members of our Facebook Virtual Classroom Community of Practice what they thought.

Welcome OpenSesame's Intern Class of 2014!


We''re so excited to welcome our 2014 marketing interns! I spent the spring of 2014 studying in Italy and exploring some of what Southern Europe and Northern Africa had to teach me. These seven will be assisting the marketing team and working on projects company-wide.

20 World-Class Experts Share Their Top Presentation Tips

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The post 20 World-Class Experts Share Their Top Presentation Tips appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Original Article published on Forbes.com. Written by Mark Fidelman. All rights researved by Mark Fidelman and Forbes.com. Click on the Forbes.com to see the article. .

Knowledge Guru Platform Wins 2014 Brandon Hall Award

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BLP and ExactTarget’s win was announced on September 10th, 2014. They are a best-in-class example of how games can be integrated into a broader product launch training effort. The post Knowledge Guru Platform Wins 2014 Brandon Hall Award appeared first on.

BLP Named a Top 10 Content Development Company for 2014 by eLearningIndustry

Bottom-Line Performance

Bottom-Line Performance (BLP) was recently included in eLearningIndustry’s “Top 10 eLearning Content Development Companies for 2014″ list. See the full “Top 10 Content Development Companies for 2014″ list here.

E-Learning = Innovation = Science

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Consider the teacher who allows her students to bring their mobile devices into class; or the trainer who delivers part of her program online; or the manager who sets up a team site on SharePoint; or the L&D consultant who supports a group of employees through a MOOC.

Insight Into Your Classes: Reporting in eFrontPro


Both examples are the kind of actionable information that will help you improve your classes. In the first case for example, you could consider investing more on this suddenly popular class and perhaps offer similar ones.

Does it matter if you are late to class in a MOOC? Thousands a week still register for MOOCs even after they are completed…

Coffee and Design

Her research grant is innovative in that it is looking at students who are late to class when taking a MOOC. Is this closed MOOC meeting the needs of students who were late to class? Is there more to attending class to the end in a live MOOC than a statement of accomplishment?

A Primer for 2014 ASTD International Conference and Expo eLearning Attendees

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Tips for the 2014 ASTD-ICE and a Peek at WCW’s Design Manifesto Session. Now that spring has finally sprung, my excitement for the 2014 American Society of Training and Development International Conference and Exposition (ASTD-ICE) on May 4–7 in Washington D.C

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Online Educa Berlin 2014 Conference Review #OEB14

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OEB 2014 Review. Online Educa Berlin 2014 Product of the Show. I took this to mean SPOCS (Small Private Online Classes), and I concur. Speaking. The Final Frontier of E-learning. These are the voyages of me.

Event Recap: DevLearn 2014

E-learning Uncovered

Diane Elkins, Tim Slade, and I all attended the DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo this past week in Las Vegas. Many of the checklists and templates they used in class are available to anyone on the companion website.

Reserve Your Spot for the 2014 Lectora User Conference!


Reserve your space now to get the best prices on the 2014 Lectora® User Conference, held in Los Angeles on April 1 – April 3. This rate expires January 31, 2014. These special rates end January 31, 2014—don’t wait any longer! Early Bird Registration rates are expiring soon!

Successful Online Learning: How One Professor Uses Camtasia for Her Online Classes

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Danielle has been a Camtasia user for years, using it in her in-person classes. But, she truly put it to the test when she began teaching an online class for New York University (NYU). Further, faculty who teach blended classes could use Camtasia to post and share materials.

Train with the Experts at the 2014 Lectora User Conference


You can sign up to attend Lectora® training before or after the 2014 Lectora User Conference. Training is a hands-on way to learn from our expert Lectora trainers for only $595* per class—plus, all sessions include continental breakfast and lunch.

Register for the 2014 Lectora User Conference and Get an Appreciation Pack Worth Thousands!


When you register for the 2014 Lectora® User Conference , you’ll get a thank you from Your Everything for e-Learning Place: the 2014 Appreciation Pack full of FREE gifts and worth thousands! Register before March 14, 2014 to take advantage of the Early Bird Registration rate!

ASAE Tech Conference 2014: A Recap

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Last month, I attended ASAE’s Technology Conference and Expo 2014 , held outside of Washington. Peter concluded by talking about his book, Implementing World Class IT Strategy , in which he explains his 5-point pyramid strategy.

Size DOES Matter. in the Virtual Classroom

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Imagine you are about to teach a class on conducting effective performance reviews to new hire supervisors. You’ve taught this class at least a dozen times before with great results. Size DOES matter. In the virtual classroom, how many is too many?

Unlocked: The OpenSesame Blog's Greatest Hits of 2014


As we wrap up 2014, we’ve been spending time looking back on the year and how far we’ve come. We’ve grown our blog significantly in 2014, with this being the first full year of our commitment to posting five times per week! Are your favourite OpenSesame posts from 2014 included?

How Many Videos Do You Need To Effectively Flip Your Class? An Interview with Ashlie Smith

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Since flipping her class a year-and-a-half ago, Smith has amassed over seventy videos in her repertoire! I wanted to be able to tell them upfront that ‘this is how the class is going to be structured, so you train yourself to work with the videos.’”

Learn Adobe Captivate 7 from a World-Class Trainer

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Maximize your productivity in creating quality eLearning content and get up-to-speed faster with this Captivate 7 course. These step-by-step videos will quickly have you creating eLearning and mLearning lessons that include software simulations, demonstrations and soft-skills (compliance training).

10 Facts about E- Learning

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E Learning has proven to increase productivity as employees or even students no longer have to travel or rush to catch the bus or train to get to class. Today E-Learning has caused a revolution in the educational sector globally and remains high in demand.

8 Ways to Develop an E-Learning Mindset

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For example, for a class of 6 year olds, use of bright colors and cartoon designs maybe more effective while for a corporate training or induction, use of more subtle colors and a professional design may be more effective and appealing.

No Learning Professional Ever Got Fired for Bullet Points but…They Should

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In fact I’ve heard trainers tell tales of trainees (doctors even) reading newspapers during mandatory training sessions…of course now they can just check their Smartphones for an entire class.

My Adventure at Lynda.com

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On Friday we were going to do a classroom scene, filmed before a live class. Last week I had a chance to visit Lynda.com and work as an author creating a course for Lynda.com. It was a great adventure and I had a lot of fun. So here is the story of my five days at Lynda.com.

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7 Easy Ways to Integrate Learning Technologies Into Training

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Most classes didn’t need to skip a beat – it was a sunny day and electricity is not required for the instruction of algebra. But what to do in “Computer Class”?

Game Element: Strategy

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If you want to examine how strategy can be used in your own game, join us for our online class.

Creating interactivities in e-Learning: 10 ways to challenge and engage your Learner


You do not have an instructor talking to the class, cluing in when attention flounders and suitably interjecting relief from time to time. Lets be honest – Learning is not always an activity we look forward to.

My Own Online Content – MOOC Modified


It’s fantastic for someone to have unknown colleagues in your class, make new friends and get their views. So haven’t you heard of Indian Chinese cuisine? Or a Peppy Paneer Pizza or a McSpicy Aaloo Tikki! We Indians are into this uncanny habit of localizing everything to suit our palate.

Evolving role of Trainers in Corporate Learning


The trainer controlled what was taught in class as well as what was discussed as part of classroom interaction. The trainer also answers learner queries – in class as well on virtual platforms like chat-rooms and discussion boards.

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#DevLearn Keynote with Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson

Learning Visions

At MIT, you take over 80% of you classes in math, science, engineering. Half of his classes were in non-science/math subjects. These are my live blogged notes from the opening keynote at DevLearn 14, happening this week in Las Vegas. Forgive any incoherencies or typos.

Engagement: A Critical Element in Learning and Gamification

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This is the interface between the student and the gamification event, the input screen or the materials to support an in-class gamification experience.

Our eLearners desire something human. The best designs let something human look back at them.

Coffee and Design

May 2014. But yet, we cannot neglect that it could potentially save time, cut costs, and going to class in our pajamas is a plus! As much as we design our online experiences to be the same as a face-to-face class, without the human element their learning may not be successful.

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A Word from the OpenSesame Development Team: September 2014


Last month we said farewell to our summer interns and we welcomed our next class of fall development interns to the team (keep an eye out for a blog from them coming soon!). Quarter 3 is flying by for us! We had a beautiful summer in Portland and are enjoying our last few sunny weeks.

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Creating Secret Facebook Groups to Create Class Discussion

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When looking to find an effective method to create discussion for your class, training, or just group discussion, creating a Facebook group is a great way to do this. When teaching an online class having a discussion room and areas to ask questions will enhance the online learning environment for the student. Just like you would have a conversation in the face to face class an online classroom needs this discussion atmosphere as well.

Designing Blended Learning with Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

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For example: Do you believe that a two-day project management program can be delivered as a four-hour virtual training class? Can any ol’ content be taught using any ol’ technology? This seems to be the perception as the use of various learning technologies becomes commonplace in training departments. But, is it really true? Can a four-hour sales training session that is usually held face-to-face be delivered in a dozen 20-minute self-paced e-learning chunks? Me neither.