Business of eLearning – Trends for 2014


I’m sure by now you’ve seen all kinds of predictions on what elearning is going to look like in 2014. So I have tried to put together how the business of elearning might behave in 2014. Prediction: Localization of content will be a strong business driver for elearning companies in 2014.

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The Cost of an Ineffective Training Program

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According to a study by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), the average cost of losing an employee is six months of their base salary. The average employee salary is $53,000, so the average cost of losing an employee would be $26,500.

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2014: The Year of the Corporate MOOC?

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Faced with these challenges, a few pioneer companies started to turn to MOOCs as a way to train large numbers of learners in a short time and at a relatively low cost. Companies are using digital learning environments to expand the reach of their training programs.

10 Reasons to Convert Your Credentialing and Certification Programs to eLearning

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Need a reason to convert your existing instructor-led credentialing and certification programs to eLearning? 10 years ago, the idea of offering online certification and credentialing programs at your association would have been crazy. Less costly for the association.

Living up to the Promise of eLearning: Closing the Learning-Doing Gap

And a 2014 McKinsey survey amplified this. programs as “somewhat effective” or better. like cost of client acquisition, net promoter score, and conversion rates. training programs that take outcomes into. As you read, think about your own blended programs.

Fundamentals of Designing and Developing Cost-Effective eLearning

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When: September 22-25 Where: McCormick Place, Chicago (Part of the Online Learning Conference Certification program). What's the real cost for your effort? Are there hidden costs? There are multiple tools available that will let you create compelling eLearning content including Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, TechSmith Camtasia Studio, and Adobe Presenter. But which tool is the best, most affordable option for your needs?

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Crowdsourcing Curriculum Development – The Low-Cost Option for Building Content within Organizations

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Crowdsourcing capitalizes on this basic functionality of the internet so beautifully to tap into the knowledge and experience at a fraction of the cost that would be incurred otherwise. Organizations can benefit from crowdsourcing at two levels: To outline the goal of a learning program.

E-Learning = Innovation = Science

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Rather than see it as something to be ashamed of, avoided at all costs, and certainly not to be aired in public, innovators embrace failure, they actively seek it out – and most importantly of all, they learn from it.

September 30, 2014 - How to Create an Effective eLearning Course Without Extra Effort?


More and more companies realize the need of investing money, time and effort into staff training, however, the number of businesses that can allocate a considerable part of their budgets to employee training programs is extremely small. The rest looks for alternative means of creating cost effective training courses and today’s post highlights such techniques. How to Create an Effective eLearning Course Without Extra Effort?

Is Your Training Program Costing You Money?


However, it’s not enough to throw money at a training plan and expect it to work–you should invest wisely and avoid making costly mistakes. The cost of ineffective training. Some symptoms of unfocused training programs include: High turnover. For a mid-range employee, it costs 20% of their annual salary to find and train a replacement. It’s speculated that the low productivity in the workplace costs U.S. Get your training program back on track.

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Move Beyond Learning to Applying: A Modern Management Development Program

And a 2014 McKinsey survey amplified this. programs as “somewhat effective” or better. like cost of client acquisition, net promoter score, and conversion rates. training programs that take outcomes into. As you read, think about your own blended programs.

Time Estimates for E-Learning Development

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For example, let’s say a client asks me to convert an existing full day training program to self-paced e-learning. Authoring/Programming: 18%. Authoring/Programming is 18% or 69 hours.

DevCorner: A TechSmithie’s View of Google I/O 2014

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Like previous Google I/O events, the 7th Annual took place at Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA, June 25-26, 2014. What They Said : In an effort to bring more connectivity in emerging markets, such as Africa and India, this high-powered, low cost device will be launched this fall for $99.

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U.S. News & World Report Announces the 2014 Best Online Programs

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The 2014 rankings evaluate information and data from nearly 1,000 online degree programs, up from 860 programs the previous year. Only degree-granting programs offering classes entirely online were considered. News & World Report on Wednesday released its 2014 Best Online Programs rankings. The rankings, now in their third year, are a resource for students who are seeking online education programs for degree completion and career advancement.

Online Educa Berlin 2014 Conference Review #OEB14

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OEB 2014 Review. Able to talk into the computer and thus program and have it tie into the correct pronunciations. Option to have one on one coaching/tutor sessions via the product (this is an extra cost). Online Educa Berlin 2014 Product of the Show. Speaking.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Google AI Blog (2014), ‘A picture is worth a thousand (coherent) words: building a natural description of images’ 4 Give Your Video. training data, you’d have had to pay a variable fee, with the potential for spiraling costs as your business. sound complex and potentially costly but.

Measuring Your Association’s eLearning ROI

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Likewise, it’s always important to know whether your programs are working and how they can be improved – to lower costs, drive member recruitment and retention, and ultimately add value to your association.

E-learning course development: How to balance between size, cost and time? Pt. 2


In the previous post we discussed how e-learning course creators can plan and manage their costs (or budget, if you prefer the fancier term). However, cost itself, is just one element of the cost-size-time triad, and when one changes, the other two change as well (e.g.

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Key Takeaways from ATD's 2014 State of the Industry Report


According to ATD’s 2014 State of the Industry Report, online training accounted for more than a third of the total employee learning hours documented in the last year. Last year, a quarter of training hours were completed online with many preferring to use a self-paced program.

Digital Badges for Educational Achievement

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Since then, adoption of “badging,” as it has come to be known, has been steadily increasing: Mozilla put on a grant-funded competition to help a variety of organizations develop their own badge programs. Is my badging program needed? Is Your Organization Ready?

Successful Gamification Case Studies


Companies like Nike and Starbucks are reaping the rewards of a well implemented gamification program. If done incorrectly, or with half an effort, the program will flounder. Ever since gamification started to grow in popularity , there have been many who have questioned its utility.

Using MOOCs: Finding and Onboarding New Employees

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Companies can sponsor MOOCs or even full programs. For example, company-sponsored MOOCs are available for learning both SAP and MongoDB, and AT&T is sponsoring Georgia Tech’s $6,600 Computer Science MOOC Master’s program. The costs of onboarding can be significant.

Implementation of LMS in a large organization: Critical factors for acceptance


These reports can be further customized to suit domains and smaller groups within an organization to drive incentive programs and so on. The overall cost and impact of education can be then be automatically tracked and quantified– a mammoth task in a large organization.

Still Too Much Reliance on Instructor-Led, Event-Based Employee Training

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According to the 2013 State of the Industry report from ASTD , instructor-led programs continue to be the primary method for training and developing employees. The content of these programs runs the gamut from basic skills to executive development. .

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Advantages of Online Certification


While that is certainly one possibility, your immediate job prospects might be better served by enrolling in a certificate program online instead. Online Certificate Programs Are Cost Effective. Have you been considering going back to school to finish your education?

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Blended Learning: Different combinations that work


A blended learning program is one that utilizes more than one mode of learning delivery –for a personalized and impactful learning experience. In addition to being cost and time effective, a blend of custom and off-the-shelf courses provides a well-rounded learning experience for the learner.

10 Benefits of Using ELearning


Elearning can reduce the costs of education. By taking classes online, people can reduce that cost to nothing – or close to it. Large and small corporations can save money when they use elearning programs.

Tips for a technology-aided approach to induction trainings: An e-learning perspective


Induction programs are an integral part of the training calendar of any organization. By creating an induction course with novel and interactive elements, it is possible to not only cut the training costs but also ensure that learners are able to utilize the learning opportunity effectively.

Excellence in Customer Training: A Roche Case Study

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Is your training a cost center or a competitive advantage? Our own Director of Instructional Design, Jennifer Bertram , will partner with Lori Goddard , Centralized Diagnostics Training Developer, to present the ®cobas 8000 customer training as a case study at the 2014 SPBT Conference.

How MOOCs Can Solve Common Training Problems

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Probably the number one thing keeping corporate training programs from producing results is that employees aren’t engaged. For whatever reason, although employees want more specialized job training , traditional programs just aren’t doing it for them. Copyright 2014 Bryant Nielson.

6 Modern ELearning Trends


It is estimated that roughly 75% of corporations believe that Bring Your Own Device programs can help their employees be more productive – which in turn helps the bottom line of the company. Just like any industry, the elearning world goes through a variety of trends over a year.

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The Good (and Bad) of ELearning


It is giving people the opportunity to learn from anywhere at anytime, and all at a reasonable cost. To combat this, many elearning programs have developed slick functionality that makes it easy to include hot-spots, sliders, and other dynamic elements to courses with just a few clicks.

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning

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You don''t program Watson; you work with Watson". 3D-printed, low cost prosthetic limbs will bring the smile back on many faces. While Watson and Siri may seem far removed from our task of designing learning programs, the reality is they are not.

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Online Education Facts and Figures


In fact, if an online program was not available, 45% of the students said they would not have pursued the degree in the first place. Lower costs. Online degrees and certifications are becoming extremely popular for a variety of reasons.

4 Ways to Fight Cheating in ELearning


However, just like any formal learning program, there are unfortunately cases where some learners will try to cheat the system rather than learn the content. Keystroke Recognition - A bit more costly than the other options, but worth it depending on the stakes of your course.

Benefit from Mobile Learning


Without question, you can improve your organization’s training outcomes while at the same time lowering the overall training cost by leveraging mobile learning as a core strategy for employee development.

Megatrends in MOOCS: #5 Lifelong Learning

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In other words, people who already have a degree and are already in the workforce are taking charge of their own professional development and participating in courses on their own time and outside of their company’s training programs. Copyright 2014 Bryant Nielson.

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