Technology Adoption by Instructors to Impart Learning: Factors and Utilizations


As we move rapidly into the technology age, awareness is growing that many of the developing technologies may benefit teaching and learning – including mobile devices, internet and social media.

eLearning Adoption at NRMA

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Top 5 Learning Technology Trends for 2016

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Nowadays, I have been observing that various new online learning solutions are popping every month and conventional classroom settings are getting even keener than ever to integrate new technologies into their content and strategies. Copyright 2015 Bryant Nielson.

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Increasing LMS adoption: Does the User Interface make a difference?


With changing technology and more importantly, changing learner needs, LMSs too are now evolving to increase their scope and impact on workplace learning. As users get exposed to the best in technology in every other aspect of their work, they expect the same from the LMS as well.

Technology-Enabled Learning: What Will 2015 Bring?

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So, what will 2015 look like for corporate training and technology-enabled learning? This is going to be a big year for technology-enabled learning. Here are my seven predictions for workforce education and learning technologies in 2015.

Four Emerging Technologies that L&D Leaders Need to Consider

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I attended the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show two weeks ago with an eye to seeing what technologies have potential application within the L&D industry. Some are “near-term” ones that I think merit 2015 focus; others extend out a few years. Sensor Technology.

Fears about Technology Enabled Learning

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Although we see a strong push for incorporation of technology in educational and training settings, and availability in the hands of students and teachers, many fears regarding its implementation are still evident. Technology needs more time to understand. Copyright 2015 Bryant Nielson.

eLearning Adoption at NRMA

B Online Learning

Articulate eLearning Design eLearning Development eLearning News eLearning Strategy authoring tools design elearning eLearning content eLearning course design elearning development instructional design rapid authoring tools storyline technologyOne of the great joys of my role here at B Online Learning, is when I get to work with individuals, groups or companies who are starting an eLearning journey and my role is to help them start.

Timing Tempo Technology

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In my previous posts, the aspect of technology in training and education has radically been highlighted. Many of you might be unaware of the next two factors this technology comes along. billion in 2013, and is now going to be doubled by the end of 2015 [1].

Learning Portals: Why You Should Be An Early Adopter


That’s why my first iPhone was the 3GS, meaning I waited 3 whole years after the first iPhone before adopting. My friends and family didn’t get it – they were used to me having the latest and greatest technology before anyone else.

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Hospitality Industry and E-Learning Technologies – Some Experiences and Insights


Adoption of e-learning technologies provides a definite competitive advantage for businesses today in all the leading industries of the world.

Seven Technology-Enabled Tools that Empower the Modern Corporate Trainer


Technology has made training and learning more accessible and learner-friendly. Technology can provide a vehicle for continuing conversations beyond the time and space constraints of the classroom and conflicting schedules.

How Effective is Tin Can API in Measuring Learning Effectiveness of Technology-aided Learning?


Technology-aided learning is now a reality for most organizations. It can enable you to measure the effectiveness of organizational learning and further sell the case for technology-aided learning.

“We’ve Always Done It This Way” and Technology-Enabled Learning

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Here, we take a step back to tackle a more fundamental objection—the objection to using technology at all. Our entire training program is based on face-to-face interaction, and I don’t think learning technologies can offer us much of an advantage. Copyright 2015 Bryant Nielson.

Technology Enabled Learning: Complimentary Training Patterns

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Copyright 2015 Bryant Nielson. Being a big believer in Technology Enabled Learning, Bryant seeks to create awareness, motivate adoption and engage organizations and people in the changing business of education.

Technology Enabled Learning: Accelerated Learning

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Technology, as the term suggests, is another name of acceleration. I have discussed in quite a number of posts that how technology leads to accelerated learning, however, here I would discuss it from some newer perspectives. Copyright 2015 Bryant Nielson. Technology.

2015 the Year of “Technology Enabled Learning”

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All of them are being amplified, accelerated and enabled with technology. It is our intent to provide you the reader with a host of perspectives that will entertain, delight and whet your appetite for knowing more about how Technology is Enabling Learning for the corporate environment.

Discursive or recursive? The fractal nature of education


" What would it take for us to leave the safe and mundane world of product based, recursive education behind and adopt new pedagogies that promote self discovery, digression from prescribed pathways and learning by a process of serendipity?".

5 Corporate Training Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Last week, we looked at seven predictions for how technology will affect training and development in 2015. This week, we’ll look more broadly at a handful of corporate training trends—still mostly technology driven—that organizations can no longer afford to ignore.

Change Management Strategy: Use Social Media

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If constant change is the new normal, what then is the strategy that you can adopt to cope within a world of rapid change? An open format to receive suggestions and feedback through social technologies provides a popular mechanism that has visibility throughout the organization. The answer is Change Management.

How our learning theories shape how we use technology for learning

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I read a paper called Perspectives on learning and technology: A review of theoretical perspectives "This paper provides a review of literature pertaining to theoretical references on educational practice and technology from perspectives of learning theories of the 20th and 21st centuries."

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What’s the Difference Between a MOOC and an LMS?

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As corporate training struggles to keep up with changing knowledge, changing technologies, and the changing demands of learners, this flexibility is key to developing training programs that are effective, engaging, and meet your company’s needs. Copyright 2015 Bryant Nielson.

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The Future of ELearning in 2015


Just like the year before, new advancements in technology have opened up new doors with online learning initiatives. MOOCs are still here (no surprise), Tin Can API is gaining in adoption, and new platforms (such as WordPress ) are being leveraged for online course creation.

MOOCs Aren’t Interactive, So There’s No Real Learning Taking Place

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In fact, in a study about interaction in MOOCs presented at the EdMedia2013 World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, 65% of MOOC students reported being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the level of interaction in their courses. Copyright 2015 Bryant Nielson.

The 4 Biggest Fears About Online Learning and How to Overcome Them

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While it’s true that many learners prefer technology-enabled learning and would rather take a MOOC than a traditional course, you may also encounter employees who fear online learning. Fear of the technology. Copyright 2015 Bryant Nielson.

The Value of Video Learning

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With the range of video technologies available, it would definitely have not been wise of him to just provide them with written guidelines and how-to-do manuals. Copyright 2015 Bryant Nielson.

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A technology angle to Christmas and the way we greet!

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Of course, there is an effort required to learn how to use and leverage technology! So, in a constantly changing technology-driven world, the immediacy factor comes to the fore as everything, including connectedness, is instant and borderless in a globalized world.

Sneak peak: what’s in store for eFrontPro in 2015


Sneak peak: what’s in store for eFrontPro in 2015. It’s a rethinking of eFront, created from scratch with modern technologies and with us pouring in all the experience and wisdom that supporting eFront users gave us over the years.

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Public Libraries Are Failures (and So Are MOOCs)

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Copyright 2015 Bryant Nielson. Being a big believer in Technology Enabled Learning, Bryant seeks to create awareness, motivate adoption and engage organizations and people in the changing business of education.

Organizational Blended Learning – Five Common Challenges and Solutions


Over the last decade, technology-aided learning is being adopted for corporate learning for different learning needs and varying audiences. But, just creating learning solutions with the latest technology doesn’t mean that your learners will be successful using it.

MOOCs and Brain-Based Learning: The Perfect Combination?

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Here, we’ll look at some of the research behind brain-based learning and discuss how technology-enabled learning, like massive open online courses (MOOCs), fits with this research. Technology and time. Select the appropriate technologies and give students time to do the work.

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6 Steps to Prepare Your Company for a MOOC

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Perform a technology assessment. What enables this anytime, anywhere learning is technology. Technology problems are one of the top causes of frustrations in a MOOC, and the best way to prevent them is to be prepared and head off problems before they happen.

Creating e-Learning Content That Aligns To The Habits Of The Learners – A Way To Deliver Impactful Learning


Similarly, for a group of learners who were experiencing technology-aided learning the first time, we created a scenario with a familiar background and known characters. These games can be built on ideas adopted from popular entertainment games like jeopardy.

TOPYX a Top LMS Solution for Associations


Talented Learning, led by CEO, John Leh, is a research and consulting organization dedicated to the advancement of enterprise learning technology solutions.

Corporate Learning & Development: Third of Ten Critical Talent Issues in 2015


The 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report from Bersin by Deloitte details the current top 10 HR trends and highlights what business leaders need versus what HR is delivering. Learning Technology Broadens Corporate L&D Capabilities.

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