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In 2015, we believe experimentation with analytics-driven performance improvement will lead to more “intelligent recommendations” and personalized professional development in Continuing Medical Education and beyond. Watch for the rise of the extended LMS in 2015.

Tips for designing serious games in learning

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Sometimes, even simple or analytical feedback motivates them to play the game once again. There is a reason why people give up on learning more quickly than they would on a good game. This is because, simply put, games are fun. This is why games are used as an important study aid in learning.

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Knowledge Guru Adds Smartphone App in 2015 Fall Release

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The Fall 2015 release of Knowledge Guru is so small, it fits in your pocket. Seamless Authoring and Analytics. Achievements and analytics will sync for all players, no matter what device they access. Quick Tip

Report – LMS Trends 2015: Is it time for something different?


The 2015 LMS Trends report from Brandon Hall Group paints a picture of widespread dissatisfaction (and high turnover) among organizations that use an LMS. Organizations that responded to the firm’s survey say they’re paying far too much for systems that are difficult to use, out of date and that don’t provide the data and analytics the organizations need the most. Read Brandon Hall’s tips for overcoming these LMS shortfalls by downloading the full report.

5 Ways to Improve Knowledge Retention With Games and Mobile

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No matter what tool or technology you use to reinforce knowledge, here are five tips for getting the most out of a mobile delivery method: 1. Use analytics to spot problem areas and adjust. This means that a wider variety of analytics are available! Quick Tip

Talk Shop with Aaron at ATD ICE


Virtual Sessions Gone Bad: Tips for Troubleshooting in the Virtual Classroom – Cindy Huggett. Mastering Mobile Learning: Tips and Techniques for Success – Chad Udell. The ATD International Conference and Expo is an event so huge that it has its own gravitational pull.

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The Importance of Implementing a Marcom Strategy for Continuing Education

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For example, will you use your blog to reach analytic types to show that you’re a thought leader in your industry? Marcom or marketing communications, is the branch of marketing that decides what messaging you’ll use, directed at whom, and on what channels you’ll place those messages.

Chad Riddersen’s 7 Tips for Creating High-Converting Sales Proposals

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Today Chad is giving his top 7 tips for creating high-converting sales proposals; a perfect followup to the first installment where he explained how he uses Snagit to boost sales. Then come back and read on for his top tips on how to make sales proposal screencasts really work for you: 1.

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YouTube vs. Vimeo, What’s the Difference?

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Cannot replace a video with a new version and maintain analytics. Analytics. On the plus side, both sites offer a wide array of analytics for your video that can be extremely helpful when determining who is watching your video and how they are viewing it.

Sahana Chattopadhyay – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


The learning has been tremendous; and it’s a process of continuous learning for me as I see the impact of digital transformation – ubiquitous connectivity, mobility, social and analytics – transform how we work, learn, interact and lead our lives at multiple levels.

Laura Overton – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


In 2014 she was voted number 1 in the Top Ten’ most influential people in the corporate e-learning in the UK and in 2015 she retained the top position in the UK and was also voted 5 in the Global List and 6th in the European list. ABOUT LAURA OVERTON (MD, Towards Maturity).

This Week in MakingBetter: Our Presentation on Adaptive Learning, LEGO and Caricatures


And yeah, that includes using xAPI to collect analytics on how content is used in context. Speaking of experience design and phenomenology, Austin Govella has some really insightful tips on how to even schedule client workshops.

5 Keys to Streamlining Learning


Here are 5 tips: 1. Provide comprehensive reporting and analytics to allow you to identify the value of learning and link it directly to business outcomes. It’s time to streamline.

Performance Assessment in eLearning: What eLearning Professionals Should Know


Each task must require higher-order thinking , such as critical thinking and analytic reasoning skills, to solve the problem or overcome the challenge. 4 Tips to Use Performance Assessment in eLearning.

eLearning for Call Centers


These are tuned for advanced analytics that gauge performance in several metrics like agent performance, customer satisfaction rates, quality adherence factors, trainings completed, training performance, call handling improvement rates and much more. Tips call center training

Go Mobile or Go Home

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According to Statista.com , “As of 2013, worldwide mobile phone internet user penetration was 73.4%. In 2017, figures suggest that more than 90% of internet users will access online content through their phones.”

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5 Tech Tips to Teach Reading in a Blended Learning Classroom

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Use these tips to ensure that your technology-based lessons are as successful as the traditional ones. However, not all tools come with built-in analytics, making this an important item to look for when choosing which ones you want to use. Some programs with built-in analytics include: Whooo’s Reading. Fluency Tutor for Google app (Premium version has analytics). The post 5 Tech Tips to Teach Reading in a Blended Learning Classroom appeared first on.

Bob Little – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Analytics and learning record stores (LRS), along with the increasing influence of ‘big data’. It also deals with tips and techniques relating to, for example, marketing issues, such as how to get both the senior executives and learners to be enthusiastic about what you’re doing. ABOUT BOB LITTLE (Senior Partner, Bob Little Press & PR). Bob Little is a writer , commentator and publicist who works globally, specializing in the corporate online learning industry.

Interview with Corinne Sowar: Effective Employee Onboarding


I work in an IT department, EBI, that’s in charge of developing business intelligence / reporting and analytics / ad hoc solutions (and corresponding applications) at the enterprise level. Tips eLearning interview onboarding Today for the first time we have an interview for you.

LMS and Gamification


Think about your analytical tools. Follow these simple tips: Identify key performance goals of your business Gamification is only effective when it is placed for certain goals and behaviors within a system. Tips gamification LMS

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2015


Look for this service to expand quickly in 2015, as it just raised more than $100 million in funding. Plus, we''ve got a blog post with some simple tips to get you started! SlideRocket also provides analytic tools to see how your presentation is performing.

How to Choose the Right Course-Authoring Tool


In this article we uncover the tips to help you choose the perfect course authoring tool. Do you need course performance and evaluation analytics? Business intelligence, big data and data analytical tools have found their way into educational technology tools.

How Social Learning is Powering Up Today’s Workplaces


Through 2015, 80% of social business efforts will not achieve the intended benefits due to inadequate leadership and over emphasis on technology.” – Gartner . It also includes some interesting tips for using Facebook and Twitter effectively in formal programs. THE QUOTE.

Getting Social with Lectora Development


Analytics. Subscribe to the Everything eLearning Blog for more guest posts from industry insiders, free resources, and eLearning tips. What were you doing five, ten, or sixty minutes ago?

How To Create a Course Using a Blog


If you have Google analytics or something similar installed on your site, you’ll be able to see which articles generate the most interest. LearnDash Tips If you have a blog, then you know how much work is required to continually write useful articles.

Learning Goals: The Why and the How


critical thinking, analytical reasoning, synthesis, application to work context etc.). Tips Learning goals Have you ever participated in a marathon? A cross-country marathon? Maybe a walk for a cause? You register for this event and arrive at the designated time and place.

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4 Tips to Develop Fabulous Leadership Style

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Here are four tips that can help you develop great leaders at all levels of your organization: Set clear expectations for behaviors and activities. As the workforce shifts and technology influences how, where, and how fast we work, the leader’s role is undergoing a transformation as well.

Tips: LMS and Analytics, Game Design, Mobile Performance Support, Interactive Webinars! by Bill Brandon

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Do you get full value from your Guild membership? The eLearning Guild event archives, the Research Library, and other. curated information is loaded with useful professional information you won’t find anywhere else. Come take a look at four. examples! Games & Learning Learning Systems Performance Support Training Strategies Virtual Classrooms

Learning goes small, social, savvy

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SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud – is in! A tip of spending just 5 minutes to research a product before a call is known to have boost a sale success by 40%! The landscape of learning is rapidly changing. The push era is gone.

Becoming a CPTM Application and Networking in Dallas

Training Industry

My fellow cohort members did not fail to impress me with their creative ideas and methodical application of the analytic tools we learned. I benefitted from their go-to strategies and the tips they offered. The first of my three-part blog series discussed the beginning steps on my journey toward becoming a Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM). As part of the next step on my road to certification, I participated in a three-day applied practicum experience.

How Technology is Changing the Future of Learning – Resources Shared at #eACH2015

David Kelly

On July 10, I had the pleasure of delivering a keynote at the 2015 eACH Conference. 5 BYOD & Responsive E-Learning tips by Ian Budden. Data and Analytics. Data Changes Everything: Delivering on the Promise of Learning Analytics in Higher Education by Ellen Wagner and Phil Ice. 8 Realities Learning Professionals Need to Know About Analytics by Ellen Wagner. Five Steps for Achieving Learning Analytics Success slides by Ellen Wagner.

Andrew Scivally – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Over time they learn our tips and tricks. Learnnovators: How encouraging is the new learning landscape with the kind of possibilities thrown open by new learning technologies (such as mobile learning, wearable techs, and learning analytics)? ABOUT ANDREW SCIVALLY (Co-Founder, eLearning Brothers). Andrew Scivally is one of the co-founders of eLearning Brothers, the other being Shawn Scivally, his brother.

LMS and Gamification


Think about your analytical tools. Follow these simple tips: Identify key performance goals of your business Gamification is only effective when it is placed for certain goals and behaviors within a system. Tips gamification LMSDo you have a learning management system in place but cannot figure out how to use gamification? Let’s rephrase: do you have a learning management system that is hardly churning out the desired number of learners per quarter?

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Ring in the New Year by Making your eLearning Mobile


Look at your analytics – which mobile devices are being used the most to access your site by your customers? The following tips will help in reducing strain and increasing usability of your mLearning.

How To Design Effective eLearning Scenarios


In this article, I will further explain why designing effective eLearning scenarios is important, what are the elements you should focus on while developing them, and 7 tips on how to create fully engaging and immersive scenarios for eLearning. Improving analytical thinking skills.

Using Video to Reach the Distracted Millennial Man

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A June 2014 study by Mitek and Zogby Analytics found that nearly 90% of millennial smartphone users said their phones never left their side. Want more tips on how to engage through video? Millennial males spend 2 hours and 15 minutes a week watching videos online, according to Nielsen, which is more than any other demographic. If you’re marketing to younger men, a robust online video strategy should definitely be part of the plan.

6 Factors to consider in choosing an authoring tool for your elearning courses


Here are some helpful tips. Analytics. An authoring tool allows you to use a wide range of information to make interactive and effective training courses.