E-Learning conferences in Australia in 2015

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• When: 16-17 February 2015. • When: 17-19 February 2015. • When: 18 February 2015. Intranets Strategy and Design Australia 2015. • When: 4-5 March 2015. • When: 11-12 March 2015. • When: 11-12 March 2015.

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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2015 will only make it better – as learning departments find a way to circumvent or solve the existing challenges posed by it. According to M2 Research, by 2015, 40 percent of Global 1000 organizations will use gamification as the primary mechanism to transform business operations.

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30 Days To Go Until ATD International Conference & Exposition 2015 Comes Alive!

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Association for Talent Development, ATD’s International Conference and Exposition (ICE) is a much awaited event for learning professionals across the globe. The 3 day event will have concurrently running sessions on a range of topics.

Learning by Watching: Social Cognitive Theory and Vicarious Learning

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Rather, we have stated this example to prove a point: that observation is an intrinsic human technique to learn unfamiliar tasks or behaviors – something that has been theorized by the psychologist Albert Bandura as what he called the ‘Social Cognitive Theory’. What is Social Cognitive Theory?

Marketing Your Association to Millennials: Make it Social

Association eLearning

Years ago, while interning for a social media marketer, I was taught the value of social media to engage and attract business. So here are the facts, if you want to market your association to millennials, make it social. Have questions about other social media sites?

A Brief History of Instructional Design

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A 2015 research by ATD , titled ‘Instructional Design Now’, which is based on a survey of 1,120 instructional designers provides a current snapshot of ID in organizations and the challenges that they typically face. Instructional Design has come a long way.

Recap ATD China Summit 2015

Kapp Notes

Selfie of Kimo Kippen and Karl Kapp at ATD China Summit 2015. First up Stella Chang of DDI introduced the conference and got everyone excited about the two day event. Karl Kapp presenting at ATD China Summit 2015.

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Autonomy and Value in Social and Workplace Learning

Performance Learning Productivity

Initially from courses to resources and then further out to the exploitation of social collaboration and personal learning (and personal knowledge mastery ). Perhaps this is why social learning is being resisted or put into a formal training box in many organizations.

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Citrix Session Recap - 5 Steps to Making Your Virtual Classroom Mobile and Social

InSync Training

Citrix GoToTraining kindly invited InSync Training President Jennifer Hofmann to share her five steps for making the virtual classroom mobile and social with their audience on November 3, 2015. Determine why and when you should choose mobile and/or social learning for your program.

Session Recap - Integrating Social Media into the Virtual Classroom

InSync Training

Training Magazine Network invited me to present my virtual session, Integrating Social Media into the Virtual Classroom, as part of their “Provocative Ideas Webinar Series.” I began the session by defining social learning as “learning that happens between peers.”

Social Media: Creating a LinkedIn Summary That Gets You Noticed

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

It was long ago, but that one event on my resume or LinkedIn profile is a conversation starter, more than any other. LinkedIn Social Media by Sally Cox    There is an art to creating a strong LinkedIn profile.

Coming to Devlearn 2015?


Coming to DevLearn 2015? As a presenter at many of their events I love the conversations about how to put a new twist on a popular theme like social learning. I do hope "Ukulele Learning" grabs hold of a few new players for us to join up with at future Guild events.

How Freelance Clients Find Me

Experiencing eLearning

When I say “networking,” don’t picture handing out business cards at so-called networking events where everyone is trying to get something from everyone else. Social Media and Online Communities.

The Twitter Chat Conundrum (Part One)

Learning Rebels

We could learn from social media managers and build an events calendar. This goes beyond the normal chat etiquette, but as self-directed, socially minded gatherers of knowledge, what is our role? My name is Shannon and I used to be a twitter chat addict.

RIP Jay Cross

Jane Hart

Jay was always full of life and this is how I want to remember him: after our presentations at the L&SG event in London in 2009 […]. Social learningJay was my hero, my colleague and a good friend.

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What it is to be a “learning worker” (an interview)

Jane Hart

Earlier today I was interviewed by Gina and Taylor for the June 2015 event of the iSpring Solutions Leadership Series, on the topic of From “knowledge worker” to “learning worker”. Social learningHere are the questions they asked me, and my answers – which I thought were worth sharing on my blog. Q1 – You recently wrote a post titled, […].

Future Highlights: 2015 Lectora User Conference Recap


The Find the Future 2015 Lectora® User Conference last week was full of inspiring ideas and exciting news. Thanks to all the CourseMill users who attended this first-ever event—we were so glad to have you join us in Nashville! The LUC 2015 included two networking events.

It’s AFTER training, when the real learning happens

Jane Hart

Training events – whether face-to-face or online are primarily focused on knowledge transfer or skill development. Social learningLearning is usually measured in terms of the % of people who have completed the training or passed the tests.

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Here a Hashtag, There a Hashtag, Everywhere a Hashtag

Learning Rebels

As part of our 2015 commitment to Kaizen and incremental improvements, it’s time to shift the gaze toward improving the “Learning Toolbox for the 21st Century”. But numbers are great for recurring events when used at the end of the hashtag message such as #conference2012 or #SXSW12.

Live event blog from Learning Technologies 2015 (stand 95)

Unicorn Training

How do ensure senior leaders are digital/social savvy - encourage upward mentoring? Updates, what's the buzz and all the happenings as they happen from Learning Technologies over next two days. So here we go stands set up show's about to open and we're back!

CDSM Enjoyed World of Learning 2015


Rich Hart (@RichCDSM) September 30, 2015. Andy gave us some insightful statistics, including: “95% of learning professionals say social media is important to learning…but only 15% claim to know how to use it.” Business CDSM Events News WOL15 World of Learning

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Learning Technologies UK 2015 Review

eLearning 24-7

As with any e-learning conference and event, the show wasn’t 100% awesome, that is to say, it had some areas for improvement, but overall I give it was quite strong. They called it a social knowledge center on their web site, but it appeared to many folks as a LMS (I say that because a couple of people said take a look at Fuse, a LMS). . Especially in 2015? . 2015 trade shows e-learning learning technologies conference LTUK15 I’m back.

Workplace Learning is not the same as Education

Jane Hart

“ Continuous learning and performance improvement lies at the heart of any business – not packaged training courses, programmes or events. Social learning “The business of Education is education; the business of Business is business.“

Where is L&D heading?

E-Learning Provocateur

What about online social education and Communities of Practice? Beyond the technology, the success of social learning is predicated on the culture of the organisation. Last week I was invited by David Swaddle to be a panellist at the Sydney eLearning and Instructional Design meetup.

Social Learning Facts You Should Know


The concept of social learning can be somewhat unclear. Isn’t all learning “social” in some respect? If we overthink the semantics then I agree that social learning can seem somewhat redundant. Social learning ROI can also be established, as pointed out below.

The Twitter Chat Conundrum (Part Two)

Learning Rebels

” Which will be the first “Learning” chats to create a cross over event and connect their participants? You all KILLED IT! Last week our conversation centered around the twitter chat. How twitter chats, in general, may be improved and I have to say the response was great.

Best of Elearning! 2015 Finalists Revealed


Awards 2015 Finalists. All ballots were cast between August 1 and October 15, 2015. See who made the cut in 2015. magazines’ December 2015 editions. This industry event offers executives the opportunity to network, share and learn about the best learning options and dialogue directly with technologists and learning leaders, all in one place. events, contact sales@2elearning.com or visit www.2elearning.com/events. Social Learning. Events.

70:20:10 - Beyond the Blend

Performance Learning Productivity

The learning experience is designed by others and usually packaged into a coherent event or set of events by instructional experts and ‘delivered’. Experiential and social learning are becoming more critical day-by-day as agents of development.

Twitter can Support and Enhance the Impact of Instructor-led Learning: 3 Popular Ways


It is evident that web-based tools, such as Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts, Videocasts and Media sharing sites and social messaging sites like Twitter, can create collaborative knowledge with the concerted efforts of all learners.

Lesson from Edutech Australia? Planned Failure.

Learning Rebels

and Amy Sioux (Social learning can happen in large organizations!) But on the main event. Conferences Culture Personal Learning Network Social Learning #EdutechAU Alec Couros Australia EduTech Failure Harold Jarche Rube Goldberg Ryan Tracey tetrad of the network

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#ATD2015 It’s a Wrap, Part Four: Will Constantine

Learning Rebels

When you “do” social media right, when you present your authentic self – well, you get lots of jazz hands and happy dances. Was ATD 2015 the Happiest Place on Earth? #ATD2015 It’s an Explosion? What can I say about Will?

Create a Collaborative Company Culture with an LMS


If not, a social learning management system (LMS) can move things in this direction. Just as its name suggests, a social learning management system has the power to connect employees who are separated either geographically or relationally. Social learning tools.

#ATD2015 It’s a Wrap, Part Two: Jean Marrapodi

Learning Rebels

The past week I attended ATD 2015 in Orlando, FL, and left with a head full of new ideas and inspiration for things to try out back in the office. #ATD2015 It’s a Wrap: Serendipitous Learning.

xAPI Shifting to 3rd Gear


This wasn’t merely a great event. The participants, including the speakers and our partners — this event really couldn’t have come out more epic than it did. The format for the event worked, it really worked. It’s not just events, it’s not just fancy new adopters.

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Reconciling two worlds

Clark Quinn

She characterized each, admittedly in somewhat stark contrast, representing the past with a straw man portrait of an industrial era, and a similar version of a new and modern approach much more flexible and focused on outcomes, not on the learning event. That using some sort of enterprise social platform can be a powerful source for learning, with facilitation and the right culture, but isn’t necessarily a substitute when formal learning is required. social strategy