A Brief History of Instructional Design

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A 2015 research by ATD , titled ‘Instructional Design Now’, which is based on a survey of 1,120 instructional designers provides a current snapshot of ID in organizations and the challenges that they typically face. Many modern concepts in multi-user computing such as forums,e-mail, chat rooms, message boards, online testing, picture languages, remote screen sharing, multiplayer games and instant messaging were developed on PLATO.

Strategies for Corporate Online Learning Success: Improving Learners’ Attitude and Organizational Support


Encourage peer learning: Learning is a social process and the best results are reaped when there are ample opportunities for peer interaction. But with technology-aided online learning platforms, learners can be given the opportunity to interact with fellow learners through instant messaging, discussion boards or even virtual classrooms. There are many benefits of training and online learning in the corporate sector and no one can question the need for training initiatives.

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Explore, Experiment and Experience the power of mobile learning

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Are you curious about the use of social media apps at work? Do you believe that ‘Instant Messaging’ is the rage? Mobile Learning mobile learning myths top mobile learning blog posts top mobile learning blogs use of social media apps at work way to integrate the mobile platform into the existing learning architecture WhatsApp be a mode of learning why mobile devices are so popular with peopleOur Top 5 Posts on Mobile Learning.

Popular ID Principles For Mobile Learning: 5 Trends That Spell Success


Community support for learning should be facilitated through the development of groups and support from mobile-enabled social tools. Instructors or learning managers should encourage multiple methods of communication like SMS, e-mail, instant messaging, social media groups and voice communication in developing relationships with and support for one another.

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What is social learning and how can you use it to foster collaborative learning

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What is social learning and how can you use it to foster collaborative learning. It is no surprise that today more and more companies are using some form of social learning that enables employees to learn from each other. In this article, I will touch upon the concept of social learning, its benefits and how can it be used meaningfully in an organisation to enhance collaborative learning. What is social learning? How can social learning help people learn?

What is social learning and how can you use it to foster collaborative learning

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It is no surprise that today more and more companies are using some form of social learning that enables employees to learn from each other. In this article, I will touch upon the concept of social learning, its benefits and how can it be used meaningfully in an organisation to enhance collaborative learning. What is social learning? In simple terms, social learning is learning with and from others. What is the relationship between social media and social learning?

Using social media for eLearning (a look at the top 6 social platforms)


Social media have become an indispensable part of modern life. A huge part of our social lives already happens online rather than in the “real world” And while individual social media networks might rise and fall (remember MySpace?), social networking itself is not going anywhere. But how about using social media as vehicles for eLearning? Facebook is the Godzilla of social networks. Uncategorized elearning social media

The Work-Life Balance Myth

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At the peak of the influx, it added facile access to social media. This may be said of the social Web, the semantic Web, and the mobile technologies that provide facile access to them and their services. Social media, web-based applications, cloud-based document stores, and online collaboration tools are just a few examples. Today a quick instant message gets answers in near-real time, resolving questions from wherever we happen to be.

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Learning not in excess but in nexus!

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Instant messaging, video conferencing and the social media have changed the way we interact and hunt or scout for information. Remember the famous ‘Hare and Turtle’ story? The moral ‘slow and steady wins the race’ of this story has stood the test of time. But in an era where technology advancements are happening at the wink of an eye, there is a twist in the age-old tale that one should not miss! Lest one wants to be left behind in the rat race! Image Credit – rdfteam.

Emoji: Now Appropriate at Work?


Emoji, once reserved for text messages between teenagers, are now seen globally -- even in the workplace. One flaw of digital communication, whether through email, instant message, or text, is the lack of emotion and facial expression. Depending on your company, emoji can be used in office communication or in your brand’s social media. Shutterstock released data on 2015 design and emotion trends showing the top emoji or emoticon in each country.

5 Ways to Boost Productivity With Internal Video

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Furthermore, 75 percent of respondents of a video enterprise survey conducted by Kaltura said they felt that the integration of video into a company’s tools (email, social business, instant messaging, etc.) Social Video Management Platform. Such a portal for contributing, sharing of, and consuming video encourages social interaction and networking. How can businesses leverage the power of video internally?

How to Design Addiction from “FOMO” into eLearning


Social media sites use specific updating tactics and strategies that keep you checking in often. Giving Instant Feedback. When you send a text message and get one in return, it floods your brain with dopamine. It’s the satisfaction of instant gratification, and it’s hard to get more instant than instant messaging. Whether or not FOMO is a good thing in social media is up to you; but in eLearning, FOMO is a definite motivator.

Top 10 eLearning Bloggers For 2015 [Infographic]


Teenagers have SnapChat to exchange self-destructing instant messages. This is where we come in, to hand you our definitive list of the top 10 eLearning bloggers for 2015. Who are the most influential eLearning bloggers to follow in 2015? He is also an EduTechpreneur, eLearning Analyst, Speaker and Social Media Addict. He has been named the most influential person in the world for eLearning (2015). Parents have Facebook to post photos of their kids.

Summarizing Learn for Yourself

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Sharing is an act of learning and can be considered your responsibility for the greater social learning contract. Know-who (social networking skills, locating the key people and communities where competencies, knowledge, and practice reside and who can add the greatest value to one’s learning and work) Two students working on one computer learn more than both would learn if working individually.

Can Micro-Learning Help Stressed, Unmotivated Learners?

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If we don’t discipline ourselves to ignore email, disconnect from instant messaging, or mute our phones, we can be distracted every few minutes all day long every day. We see these squirrels when we consume content on social media – checking out links sent via tweets, perusing Zite, monitoring our Feed.ly I’ve published two posts on micro-learning in recent months. One was on this site; one was done for ATD.

3 Reasons Curatr Doesn’t Have A Discussion Forum

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Curatr is our Social learning platform and it specializes in getting people talking. As more organisations click on to the idea of taking a more social approach to digital learning, so we get more requests from potential users of our software to fill out feature check-lists that come alongside a Request For Proposal (RFP). This seems like a bit on an odd omission; we are a social learning platform but we don’t have a discussion forum?

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How to Teach Online and Earn Money? Tips You Should Know


Be an active user of Social Media platforms: Your prospects are dedicated netizens. You find them on any or all of the popular Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. Clarify their doubts through instant messaging, or even better, set up discussion communities to foster communication among co-learners. Today, the smartest of people are making the web work for them.

Employee Training Software: 18 Keys to Finding the Best Product for You


And some help you guide and manage social or informal learning. Do they actively use chat rooms and instant message or not? In a 2015 survey of U.S. Can it help you manage informal and social learning? Will you be looking for software to guide and manage social or informal learning? Selecting the right employee training software takes some consideration.

10 Tools for Remote Work To Get People Collaborating


In 2015, 3.9 Some of the key features include sending messages to various team members either individually or among a team within a company, incorporating feeds from social media and the ability to share files. Zoom, as one of the tools for remote work also offers an ability to create groups and send these team members messages and also files. Whether you need to write documents, share files, sent instant messages or perform conference calls, G Suite offers a solution.

The Academy LMS Awards!

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Most Social Academy. Bringing learners together is one of the secrets to learner engagement, which is why we’ve packed our Academy LMS full of social functionality. There’s a social newsfeed, discussion groups for specific topics, instant messaging across the platform, and more! GAME’s learners treat their platform as their own company-wide social network, and they’ve formed a fantastic learning community.