L&D in 2015: Too Much Content, Too Little Time

Bottom-Line Performance

Have you seen the latest list of learning trends for 2015, yet? Lack of organizational buy-in, gaps in process and management support. (29%). Before you launch your next training initiative in 2015, take some time to identify the issues you are facing, or the problems you need to solve.

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

Origin Learning

2015 will only make it better – as learning departments find a way to circumvent or solve the existing challenges posed by it. Bite sized learning for performance support.

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Origin Learning at mLearnCon 2015

Origin Learning

mLearnCon 2015 is all about mobile learning– the much awaited conference and expo is here to take mLearning to the next level. The event will be held in Austin, Texas on 10-12 th June, 2015. Performance support. This is an exciting time for mobile learning.

Adobe RoboHelp 2015: First Look

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Adobe released RoboHelp 2015 last week, a major upgrade sporting several enhancements. RoboHelp 2015 includes new WebHelp skins and Responsive HTML5 layouts. Both WebHelp and Responsive HTML5 support Right-to-Left languages. by Willam van Weelden.

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TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – September 2015


Chat Support in User Guide. Lock in the 2015 annual subscription rate today and get an additional month for free (together, a $7,300 value)! If it has been awhile since you reviewed what TOPYX LMS has to offer, now is the perfect time to act.

TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – October 2015


It may be hard to believe, but 2015 is close to coming to an end. If you decided to subscribe to TOPYX LMS before the end of the year, you will lock in 2015 pricing and get one month free. Chat Support in User Guide.

Supporting Your ELearning Clients


If you are selling courses, then the support you provide for your customers is perhaps different than the support you would provide if you are designing custom elearning solutions. Community forums are also a nice option for providing support.

#LSCON performance support panel

Challenge to Learn

Panel about performance support. They were in agreement most of the time. it is about changing behavior, in the workplace, by using context and without interfering in the work. Here is my mindmap. e-Learning

Trending in Workplace Learning 2015….

Allison Rossett

Many colleagues have asked what I think will emerge in workplace learning in 2015, “What’s important for 2015, in your view?” ” Or they put it this way, “Have you read anything worthwhile that summarizes trends for 2015?” Got a bumper sticker on trends, 2015?” Here is where I think workplace learning will trend in 2015. My focus here has been on what distinguishes 2015 to me.

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Welcome to 2015! Blended Learning & Virtual Learning 2014 Top Topics

InSync Training

Welcome to 2015 - a year when blended and virtual learning is going to continue to evolve. We are excited about the new content we are planning to explore and share.

Twitter can Support and Enhance the Impact of Instructor-led Learning: 3 Popular Ways


There are three main ways that the microblogging site can be utilized to support social learning and instructor-led learning: Pedagogical usage, Social usage and Management usage.

2015 Year End Review

Association eLearning

In 2015 we released the Knowledge Direct 7 Beta. 1-800 telephone and email admin support. What a year it’s been! At Digitec Interactive we’ve been busy forming new partnerships, enhancing our technology, offering new solutions, and winning awards.

5 Reasons to Use Mobile Learning for Performance Support

Origin Learning

We are in the age of mobile devices and every business avenue is now thinking of innovative methods to train its workforce and ways to support them on the field. Now isn’t this reason enough to bank on mobile devices to impart performance support?

Strategies for Corporate Online Learning Success: Improving Learners’ Attitude and Organizational Support


More often than not, the two main culprits are: Learners’ apathy towards learning and lack of organizational support. Improving Organizational Support.

Report – LMS Trends 2015: Is it time for something different?


The 2015 LMS Trends report from Brandon Hall Group paints a picture of widespread dissatisfaction (and high turnover) among organizations that use an LMS. System reliability has had the highest satisfaction scores in each of the previous surveys, but for 2015 even this measurement is down from 2014. Perceived deficiencies with learning technology runs far and wide, including ease of use and vendor support.

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Performance Support & “The Art of War”

Living in Learning

Continuous Learning Agile design business impact change management design methods moments of need performance consulting performance support point of work time to competency workforce capability Training tactics are slowly changing. Events are shrinking in size. MOOCs are unhooking linearity as a design concept. Learning is being “bursted” and “microed” in more granular chunks. More video is being embedded.

Call It Anything But Performance Support

Living in Learning

This is the challenge in front of us when we are trying to successfully position the added value and positive business impacts of Performance Support to an organization comfortably fed by a Training paradigm. 70:20:10 EPSS Learning @ the Point of Work Performer Support Sustained Capability EPS moment of need point of work

2015 Year End Review

Association eLearning

This is our 2015 year end review. In 2015 we released the Knowledge Direct 7 Beta. 1-800 telephone and email admin support. The post 2015 Year End Review appeared first on Knowledge Direct. What a year it’s been!

Extended Learning Networks can be supported by E-Learning – An Effective Case


All modern organizations strive to create innovative avenues to provide training, which educates, enables and inspires its people. But training initiatives have to often extend beyond the confines of the organization and create an effective, relevant and uniform way of learning.

Our Top 5 Training & Development Webinars from 2015

Bottom-Line Performance

2015 was the year of the webinar for us. Many of the webinars also have a supporting resource, such as a white paper, project sample, or lookbook, to go along with them. The post Our Top 5 Training & Development Webinars from 2015 appeared first on Bottom-Line Performance.

2015 Year End Review

Association eLearning

In 2015 we released the Knowledge Direct 7 Beta. 1-800 telephone and email admin support. What a year it’s been! At Digitec Interactive we’ve been busy forming new partnerships, enhancing our technology, offering new solutions, and winning awards.

Supporting Social Learning in the Organisation

Jane Hart

My first tweet was … Mostly, just get out of the way #exploresocial — Jane Hart (C4LPT) (@C4LPT) February 25, 2015 I said […]. Yesterday, I participated in an #exploresocial Twitter chat.



Learnnovators, a leading provider of innovative learning solutions, has won the DevLearn 2015 Hyperdrive contest, for its Mobile Performance Support System (MPSS) solution. MPSS is a mobile app-based performance support solution that Learnnovators designed and developed for their client MTAB. It is made up of byte-sized video tutorials and PDF-based Quick Reference Guides, and leverages the power of QR codes to provide support to learners in their moment of need.

The 2015 Performance Support Symposium Backchannel: Curated Resources #PSSymp

David Kelly

This post curates resources shared via the backchannel of the 2015 Performance Support Symposium being held June 10-12 in Austin, Texas. Official 2015 Performance Support Symposium Resources. Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Performance Support Symposium This June.

Top 10 LMSs of 2015

eLearning 24-7

On Saturday, I published my report, the Top 50 LMSs of 2015 , which is available for purchase. Support played a key role in here as it does every year. Roadmap for 2015. How many support agents do you have? Do you offer support in another language besides English?(and Wherer are your support agents based? Is support included at no charge? Top 10 for 2015. They offer support for learners (prem. Support is elite.

Designing Mobile Learning Content: Getting Started

Origin Learning

As an L&D professional, you’ll have to carefully select which of those goals can be best supported with mobile learning and translate them into goals from a mobile learning perspective.

2015 GOLD LearnX Impact Award for Best Online Facilitator!

The eLearning Nomad

I am so excited to be awarded the 2015 GOLD LearnX Impact Award for Best Online Facilitator. Many past participants of my e-facilitation workshop (as well as my eWorkshop design course) have written testimonials in support of this award.

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2015 Top Tools for Learning

Performance Learning Productivity

Jane Hart’s 9th Annual ‘Top Tools for Learning’ Survey closes on Friday 19th September 2015 and will be published the following Monday. My list of top tools for learning in 2015 : Google Search : ‘Professor Google’ is he is known in my house. YouTube is my ‘20’ support to help me learn through the ‘70’. If you haven’t already voted, please take a visit here and do so if you’re reading this before the close date.

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How To Help Employees Balance Work and Learning: 3 Tips To Support Learners


Examining barriers to success in online learning, studies have found that the main issues that stand in the way of successful e-learning are social isolation, followed by administrative issues or lack of instructor support, learner motivation, and time management issues.

2015 Reflections

Clark Quinn

The data supports the principled observation. And so we’re similarly seeing that other business units are taking on the needs for performance support, social media, and ongoing learning. I’m keen to think what tags are necessary to support the ability to leverage open educational resources as part of such systems. In the meantime, I hope you had a great 2015, and that your 2016 is your best year yet.

Kern Kelley & Michael Ruffini: ISTE 2015 Presenter Profiles

TechSmith Camtasia

Both of these educators will also be presenting in our booth, 2500, at ISTE 2015 this year. As we look forward to ISTE 2015 this upcoming week, join us as we chat with educators Kern Kelley and Michael Ruffini ( jump ). ISTE 2015 Presentation: Let Students do the Tech Support.

xAPI Camp – DevLearn 2015 is ONE DAY AWAY


The Guild helped us launch xAPI at mLearnCon back in 2012 and they have been a steadfast supporter of xAPI. We have had so much incredible support from the community, I’d like to take a moment to let you know who’s really helping make xAPI Camp possible. Riptide Software has been a big supporter of every xAPI Camp with really compelling cases studies and incredible enthusiasm over the mission of getting people into the conversations they need to have around xAPI.

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Learning Technologies UK 2015 Review

eLearning 24-7

For those wondering, it does not support SCORM. . Especially in 2015? . 2015 trade shows e-learning learning technologies conference LTUK15 I’m back. Well, back from being sick that is (hence the one week delay). And with that delay, came my delay of the LTUK15 review. So, with out any further notice, let’s dive right in. Overall Impressions. Generally speaking, I really came away quite impressed with the show.

Future of Learning Technology – 2015

Upside Learning

The Learning Circuits Big Question this month asks – “ What will the workplace learning technology look like in 2015 ”. The question is inspired from a post by Derek Morrsion – Technology to Enhance Learning in 2015 , quite an interesting post, a must read. Tablets as support devices.

There’s More to Support than Technology

B Online Learning

“Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference.” Robert Griffin III This is a great quote and it can transcend the world of sport, finding application in most any team situation. But since I am writing from the world of education based on eLearning, especially from […].