Can’t be at the ATD ICE 2016 Conference? Join Virtually

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ATD ICE 2016 Conference! So ATD ICE 2016 (Association for Talent Development International Conference and Expo) is upon us. You can also find information on ATD ICE 2016 on the ATD Facebook page). Not able to attend ATD ICE 2016 this year? Anticipation!

April 2016 #Obsidianchat Summary

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New post April 2016 #Obsidianchat Summary on Obsidian Learning. April 2016 #obsidianchat Summary. It’s no wonder that many times conversations about gamification often include heavy doses of xAPI. What privacy concerns are there with xAPI?

The EDEN Interviews: Yves Punie

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It was a distinct pleasure to sit down in conversation with Yves Punie at the 25th EDEN Conference in Budapest in June. collaboration competencies content creation Digital education learning literacies privacy problem solving safety skills Technology work Yves Punie

Scenario-Based Learning in Higher Ed

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Scenario prompts for discussions often generate deeper conversations than simple questions. For example, in one of my older courses for teachers, each group had a different scenario problem to solve related to privacy and social media.

Host Your Corporate Training Videos on Your LMS – Why & How

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Ensure the privacy and confidentiality of organizational information. If you have videos of heavy size in one format, you have many online conversion tools to change them to a convenient format. There are many sites you can host your corporate videos on – for free.

David Rose: Enchanted Objects -- Opening Keynote #ATDTK

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These are my live blogged notes from the opening keynote at ATD TechKnowledge 2016, happening this week in Las Vegas. Anoto pen/Livescribe – in the form factor of a pen, a microphone to record the conversation/lecture, time-stamps everything you write – you tap your notes at a particular spot and it will play the audio recording from that point on. We do need to think carefully about privacy and data flow.

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Fantastic Five: Know Your E-learning Development Tools

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Here is a screenshot of a scenario created using this tool for a course on data privacy. . Features include seamless conversion of PowerPoint to e-learning. This tool can add voiceover to a character’s lines in dialogue simulations, infusing conversations with a realistic touch.

LMS Decision Making Criteria B4 U Buy

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Ask the person running technical/security if they keep up with the latest security/privacy issues and/or solutions. If a vendor can’t tell me or pulls the “Well it depends ” angle, then I’d say thank you and end the conversation.

Wearing out our welcome

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On another occasion, while wearing his Apple Watch , and in conversation with his wife, she gradually became more irritated with him and eventually asked him 'do you need to be somewhere else?' Issues of responsibility, privacy and social cues were raised.

The Digital(K): Friend or Foe?

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Proximity, privacy, and permission. In her research, Professor Fayard considered the three factors of proximity, privacy and permission. Environments that balance the proximity, privacy, and permission enable interaction. Communication.

How Technology Partners Help Associations Comply with GDPR

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Since the EU approved GDPR on April 14, 2016, association technology firms have had lots of time to prepare for GDPR. Complying with GDPR isn’t only about developing a new privacy statement and opt-in forms. Many privacy experts believe the US and other nations will adopt similar regulations given the ongoing complaints about Facebook and Google data practices. Privacy must become an integral part of your business. Time’s up!

Tips for Adding Visuals to Your Social Media

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In 2016, Facebook announced a company-wide push to become “video first”. Go to Privacy Shortcuts > More Settings > Ads > Ads Settings > Manage preferences > Visit Ad Preferences > Top Interests, go to “More” > Lifestyle and Culture > Scroll down to US Politics.

eLearning Conferences 2013

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link] January 23-25, 2013 Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) International Conference: Reloading Data Protection, 6 th , Brussels, Belgium. link] January 25-27, 2013 Educon 2.4 , EduCon is both a conversation and a conference about education and technology. Clayton R.