eLearning Trends for 2018

Association eLearning

These are the eLearning trends for 2018. Flexible LMS. The LMS is dead! Now the LMS is only one piece in the puzzle of platforms designed to give learners and administrators the best experience possible. Therefore, an LMS needs to integrate with those systems, whether it’s an AMS or a webinar platform. For example, a learner can start a course in the LMS, continue on a mobile app, and then finish it on a tablet.

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LMS Selection: 7 Features Associations Need

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Association members grow and change over time, and their needs grow and change with them. Unless the association addresses these changes, members won’t see the value of their membership. But how do associations accomplish this? Through a learning management system (LMS). Learning management systems have taken over how associations distribute and generate revenue from their professional development materials.


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2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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Here it is: Our 2018 eLearning predictions set in terms of Gartner’s hype cycle. Less abstractly, the CE business of non-profit associations is threatened by for-profit CE providers that undercut the associations’ prices. What should bother us is the possibility of lower educational value being associated with the flood of cheap CE “products” into the market. An example would be getting your high-fidelity medical simulator to talk to your LMS and LRS.

5 Benefits of an LMS for Associations


The best professional associations offer member benefits that directly improve their members': opportunities for networking, education, scholarships and certifications that support members and help to advance the industry as a whole. Many professional associations offer training for members, in a traditional or classroom setting, or through the distribution of study materials used to prepare for certification exams. LMS Learning Management System LMS for Associations

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

to associate that content with the pre-existing schema in their brains, helping them to. Skillsoft (2018), ‘Storytelling in Video–based Leadership Training and Development’ 4. LMS wrapper. Read more about the LMS. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

When and How to Select an LMS for Your Association

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Successful education programs within an association entail harmonizing a diverse array of software systems. Associations must be familiar with the tools at their disposal. A Learning Management System (LMS) can be a crucial asset for managing education programs. Because every association’s learning mission is unique, there is no single strategy for success. The post When and How to Select an LMS for Your Association appeared first on Web Courseworks.

What Differentiates an Association LMS from the Other Online Learning Platforms?


Like other types of organizations, associations are making the switch from traditional learning to online learning. Out of 360,000 trade associations across the country, 7,000 were affected by a shift in training priorities to eLearning, according to Learning Solutions Magazine. Association Training LMS for Associations

What Factors Are Shaping the LMS Market? 2018 Learning Systems FAQ

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As an independent learning systems consultant , I’m often asked to share my opinion about what’s happening in the LMS market. At that time, I promised to share additional thoughts about what these trends mean for LMS buyers and sellers. Keep in mind that I view the LMS landscape through an extended enterprise lens. Regardless of whether you’re an LMS buyer, seller or user, I hope you’ll find this Q&A helpful.

How Do Associations Drive Lifelong Learning? It Depends

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According to the most recent IRS reports, nearly 64,000 professional and trade associations are based in the U.S. I found out several months ago, when I hosted a roundtable with leaders from two prominent member-based organizations – Kevin Pierce , Manager of Digital Learning at The American Academy of Dermatology and Jake Gold , Director of Education at The Community Associations Institute. Rely heavily on an LMS as a foundation for their learning technology stack.

Association Learning Systems: Why and How to Invest in a Specialized LMS

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Way back in 1953, when the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) first reported industry financial benchmarks, membership dues represented a whopping 96% of the typical organization’s revenues. In fact, by 2016, subscription income averaged only 45% for trade associations and 30% for professional associations. Currently, learning programs contribute nearly 25% of average non-dues association revenue, according to a 2017 Association Adviser poll.

3 Types of Association Software that Help Small Teams Do More With Less


If there’s one thing an association needs more of, its resources - funding, staff, and tools - so they can deliver more value to members. Association software can help, providing multi-purpose tools that both ease the burden on staff members and provide value that brings in new members and convinces current members to renew. LMS for Associations Association Training

Association LMS eCommerce: How to Lift Online Learning Sales

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I genuinely love helping associations select learning management systems (LMS). Here’s why: As non-profit entities with a mission, associations aim to improve the world in countless ways by advancing ideas, people and professions. Once the only place to go for continuing education , associations now face serious competition from for-profit learning providers. This new landscape affects the status and influence of every association in its respective profession.

18 Top Learning Systems Trends to Watch in 2018

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Welcome to our 4th annual LMS and learning systems “Trends” post! So we invite you to join us as we outline 18 key factors that are influencing today’s learning landscape: 18 Top Learning Systems Trends for 2018. #18 Among the more than 700 vendors participating in today’s LMS marketplace, we continue to see a wave of learning solutions designed to solve “niche” business challenges. 6 Associations Prioritize Professional Development.

Choosing an LMS: Navigating the Process

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How do you navigate the LMS selection process ? Which LMS features should you prioritize? Web Courseworks has partnered with Tagoras for their upcoming webinar on January 24 th about LMS selection, titled Selecting an LMS: Mastering the Process, Avoiding the Pitfalls. The post Choosing an LMS: Navigating the Process appeared first on Web Courseworks. Managing eLearning Blog Webinars association learning elearning learning management system LMS Tagoras webinars

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Social Learning for Associations: What to Expect in a Modern LMS

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It is essential for any association learning management system (LMS). As LMS consultants , we’ve helped many different types of associations define their learning technology requirements. Almost always, we find association leaders who are unsure about precisely where social functionality should fit into their learning strategies, and which social features are best for their members’ needs. What Is Social Learning for Associations?

Talented Learning Greatest Hits – 2018 Edition

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So as you prepare for what’s ahead, join me as I reflect on topics that mattered most to the extended enterprise learning community in 2018. Top 3 Podcasts of 2018. How do associations develop profitable learner-centered online education programs? Top 3 Webinars of 2018. To sample our webinars, try three of this year’s most popular sessions: #3 Franchise Performance and the Modern LMS. Top 3 Blog Posts of 2018.

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How to Choose an LMS That’s Right for Your Association


According to Community Brands 2018 Member Education and Career Development Report , 85 percent of members want organizations to provide continuing education opportunities. However, implementing a learning program with a corresponding learning management system (LMS) is easier said than done. Associations may struggle to find the technology that’s right for them, in part because they’re unsure about what they need in an LMS.

eLearning Trends for 2018

Association eLearning

THESE ARE THE ELEARNING TRENDS FOR 2018. FLEXIBLE LMS. The LMS is dead! Now the LMS is only one piece in the puzzle of platforms designed to give learners and administrators the best experience possible. Therefore, an LMS needs to integrate with those systems, whether it’s an AMS or a webinar platform. For example, a learner can start a course in the LMS, continue on a mobile app, and then finish it on a tablet.

Usability Tips for a Seamless LMS

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Michael Hartman leads the development team, information architects, user research, and usability studies at Sandstorm Design and is excited to share his expertise on the topic of usability in the association space. Answer: Through five case studies, Michael will discuss lessons learned from over 3000 hours of usability studies and research in association website usability. Question: What is distinctive about association websites when it comes to UI and UX design?

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LMS Trends: 2018 Mid-Year Learning Systems Market Update

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In January, I outlined “ 18 LMS trends to watch in 2018.” Although the list isn’t exhaustive, it is based on my experience with hundreds of LMS solutions I track and dozens of recent purchasing opportunities I’ve managed. Here’s my latest snapshot from the front lines of the learning technology space: LMS Trends Update. UPDATE: Some people say the LMS is dead. I say the LMS is not just alive but thriving.

LMS: Further Due Diligence

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You can probably take a deep breath after your selection of LMS vendors has been made. During the time period between the selection and the signing of contracts, start moving forward on conducting some final due diligence in relation to the LMS, its functionality, its specifications, and the vendor. When you begin your own contract review, look for the general specifications of your organization’s LMS setup, as well as the functions you plan to purchase and use.

Upcoming: 7/31 @ 11:30 CTeLearning Myth Busters

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Webinars AMS associations elearning eLearning myths LMSDate: 7/31 at 11:30 CT. Register Here. Our profession requires us to be practicing in alignment with what science tells us about learning and more. What we don’t need is to be continually in the sway of myths, superstitions, and misconceptions about how our brains think, work, and learn. Yet, the evidence is strong that these problematic beliefs persist! We need to do better.

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Podcast 9: Association LMS Trends – With Linda Bowers of WBT Systems

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EPISODE 9 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: Associations everywhere are reinventing the way they engage and educate their members, thanks to ecommerce and LMS advances that help them drive new revenue streams from these strategies. Linda is Chief Technology Officer at WBT Systems , a Dublin-based software company that focuses exclusively on association learning and certification solutions. My background is in LMS implementation.

Xperience ’18: Repurposing Your Association’s Educational Content


Associations often resist repurposing their content, fearing prohibitive costs, lack of interest, or the dreaded boogie man that haunts every strategic discussion around taking annual meetings online: cannibalization. I’ve encouraged many associations to challenge these concerns , because not only do they rarely manifest themselves, the benefits of a diverse educational offering far outweigh the risks.

4 Ways to Increase Non-Dues Revenue

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Do you currently manage an eLearning department at an association? Association content and development can vary. If you are part of a medical association, the way you obtain and develop that content is going to look very different from an association focused within the trade industry. If you are purchasing a learning management system, do you have an LMS administrator? Generally, organizations need an LMS when they must track members’ credits and certificates.

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Xperience 2018: Must-Dos for Continuing Education Professionals


Xperience 2018 is just a few weeks away, and around here we’re gearing up for four days’ full of learning, networking, innovation, and fun! Roadmap Sessions: Join us on day one of the conference for the Crowd Wisdom LMS and Freestone LMS Roadmap sessions. Do you want to learn more about the benefits of a powerful LMS? This makes your learning management system (LMS) and your career center a killer combo for meeting your members’ needs.

Custom Tech Trends in 2018


In 2017, we saw various learning technologies evolve, which have paved way for better, effective, and valuable L&D technology applications in 2018. So, what are the trends that can be expected in 2018? 2018 will be the year of bite-sized learning. The priorities of the L&D industry are now shifting towards building a learning library that can be distributed to learners through an LMS. An LMS that is mobile-first and responsive will have an edge in 2018.

3 Associations Share Their AMS-LMS Integration Lessons

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3 Associations Share Their AMS-LMS Integration Lessons. Read more about 3 Associations Share Their AMS-LMS Integration Lessons

How Can Associations Improve Member Education? Ask a Learning Tech Analyst

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In this environment, you’d think associations would be bursting at the seams with participants in member education programs. Not surprisingly, a 2018 survey of more than 1000 association members confirmed that career development is now the primary reason why most people join associations. However, only 53% relied on their association for those educational experiences. How can associations reverse this trend? What does this mean for associations?

3 Ways an LMS Promotes Employee Retention


Kimmel and Associations reported that replacing an employee who makes $100,000 per year could potentially cost organizations $50,000.³. LMS Employee Based lms Learning Management SystemIn 2017, Fortune reported that 87 percent of employers said improving employee retention was a critical priority for their organizations.¹ The leaders of these organizations are obviously aware that high turnover has become a major problem.

Is Your Cloud-based LMS the Ideal Platform to Train Employees?

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The best way to provide this opportunity is through integrating a Learning Management System (LMS) within the organization. However, organizations often find themselves with the dilemma of choosing between a cloud-based LMS or an installed solution. With majority of companies shifting towards cloud-based LMS, the question of whether this is the ideal platform to train employees becomes essential. Cloud-based SaaS LMS Explained. Benefits of Cloud-based SaaS LMS.

Learning Management System Basics (LMS)

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A Learning Management System (LMS) can provide tremendous benefits both for the training department and for the organization in general. There are numerous choices for LMS providers, as well as functionalities, so an LMS implementation project can become quite confusing. Just what are the LMS basics and how can a system help your organization? To start with, let’s discuss what an LMS really is. The LMS consists of a few separate parts.

LMS Awards Just Got Better: A New Way to Celebrate Learning Systems Excellence

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As 2018 draws to a close, the technology awards season is in full swing. So I’m not surprised when Talented Learning fans ask me when we’ll announce our annual LMS Awards. Well, if you’ve followed the market in recent years, you know the LMS landscape has changed dramatically. But before I share details about what’s ahead, let’s take a quick look back: Setting the Stage for Extended Enterprise LMS Recognition.

Podcast 11: Top Association Technology Trends ? With Tamer Ali of Community Brands

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With two decades of proven success in developing and delivering continuing education solutions, Tamer is my go-to source for insight into cutting-edge association technology trends. These are the drivers for association technology trends in 2018. Successful associations are gaining significant leverage from integrating traditionally disparate assets – systems, data and content. What are the biggest challenges associations face in 2018?

The 2018 Gamification At Work Survey


So in June 2018, we surveyed 400 U.S. Essential facts about the computer and video game industry, Entertainment Software Association, [link] , 2015. But they don’t seem to particularly care for badges or LMS links to existing social media, like Facebook and Twitter. The post The 2018 Gamification At Work Survey appeared first on TalentLMS Blog. In 2014, we ran a gamification survey among our users to get a picture of the use of gamification in eLearning.

Learning Solutions 2018 Recap

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I had the privilege of joining the ISD community at Learning Solutions 2018 in Orlando, FL this past March. The workshop is on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the Society for Critical Care Medicine in Mt. The post Learning Solutions 2018 Recap appeared first on Web Courseworks. Managing eLearning Blog associations Branching Scenarios elearning Learning Solutions Conference LMS

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Unleashing The 7 Essential Features Of A New-Age LMS


Evolution of New-age LMS- The Need is Now. The new age LMS is a digital platform, considering technology has set a strong niche for training workforce in diverse industry verticals. Also, it is associated with learning, because learning brings both educator and learners on the same platform. Although the new-generation LMS comprises of a traditional component , it is no more be a single application. Exploring 7 Essential Features of New-age LMS. eBook LMS

How to Write an RFP for LMS Vendors

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Since the RFP allows you to review LMS presentations and proposals quickly and easily, with all needed information included, it can streamline the decision-making process and help you quickly identify the products or vendors that best match your needs, budget and program. Begin by gathering your own team and discussing what you need from your LMS vendor, what features are needed and what features would be a plus for future online learning business goals.

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How does an LMS save your time so that you can train better?

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Among many benefits of using a LMS software , one that stands out is of saving time. This is also done to prepare for specific mandatory training, and this is where an LMS may help in saving much time for the L&D department. So how does the LMS save your time so that you can train your employees better? How to Save Time by using the LMS? LMS typically have course guidelines or frameworks in place so that the trainers may create their courses in a particular format.

Software Demo Tips: What Works? Ask an LMS Selection Consultant

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If you subscribe to this blog , or listen to our podcasts , or attend our webinars , you probably think of Talented Learning as a free source of fiercely indeperndent information for LMS buyers and sellers – but that’s only part of our story. For nearly 5 years, our consultants have been on a mission to help extended enterprise LMS buyers make better purchasing decisions. First, buyers can be ruthlessly subjective in choosing an LMS partner.