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Hiring Design Agency VS Hiring Freelance Graphic Designer: What Should You Choose

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Experts define globalization as the trend of increasing interaction between people or companies on a worldwide scale due to advances in transportation and communication technology. No man can learn everything about everything. In this case, a graphic designer’s professional limitations could become a big obstacle. Once you figure it out, it will be much easier to answer the big question – should I choose a graphic design freelancer or an agency?

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Free L&D webinars for January 2018

Limestone Learning

2018 is standing by, with a full payload of resources to help you tackle a multiplicity of resolutions. Just check out this list of January offerings and get your 2018 off to a roaring start. Monday, January 8, 2018, 10AM – 11AM PT: 4 Keys to Enhancing Your Healthcare Culture (Free for ATD members) A healthcare company’s culture has a tremendous effect on the patient experience, and ultimately your survey scores. In 2018, it’s time to get off this hopeless merry-go-round.

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Choosing Mobile Learning Solutions Using Standards

JCA Solutions

Using Standards Separately or Together for Effective Mobile Learning. For many years, mobile learning was one of those promises. Once mobile devices started to become popular the promise of being able to have everything on our devices, including learning programs, was right on the heels. Now, thanks to new learning standards, and new ways of using older ones, that promise may be here. The Big Question. Standards to Advance Mobile Learning.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Pros and Cons for Schools and Students


General trends towards the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are increasing rapidly, creating new learning opportunities for pupils. Apart from making learning exciting, this concept allows content to be accessible to learners all the times. It is the philosophy of bringing your own tech device to school which can be developed into a learning procedure under teacher’s supervision. And the big question, does BYOD actually improve learning outcomes?

The Dos and Don’ts of Upskilling Employees


And while these new developments can be exciting, the big question is how do they impact jobs? Fortunately, the same research shows that 74% of employees say they are ready to learn new skills or re-train to remain employable in the future. This way they can start applying their learning as soon as possible. Design case studies and simulations that can be leveraged for social learning activities, like webinars or team workshops.

State of the E-Learning Industry 2017

eLearning 24-7

A time to reflect back to see where e-learning as a whole is at, and where it is heading for the coming year. I’m all about now and where the industry is heading (based on trends). . Any who hah, the e-learning market is made up of various segments or as I prefer spaces. Learning Engagement Platforms (Degreed). Web conferencing tools (aka virtual learning classrooms, webinars). Social learning tools (not the same as a Social Learning Platform).

Learning to Play by Ear

CLO Magazine

The Future of Learning. Over the years, he learned the intricacies of HR in a financial services environment. But today Citi is thriving again, and when Hedrick was appointed CLO in 2016, he set in motion long-term plans to transform Citi’s learning organization to accommodate the future of work. He’s also an avid learner and his enthusiasm for learning and the potential impact it will have on the business is infectious, Engholm said. “He’s

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Two Simple Ways to Feel Happy at Work in 2018

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Below I explore the two factors needed to make 2018 your best year yet! So my big question for you is: What do you want from 2018 ? The Gallup World Poll monitors and analyses key global trends on subjects including leadership, performance, employment and wellbeing. Analysis of the poll results reveals the factors needed for happiness at work, which include: Learned something new yesterday. Learning Something New Every Day. I’m learning kickboxing!